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GuestObsessed is the official Checkers and Rally’s customer satisfaction survey that will reward you a free Checkers and Rally’s chicken sandwich. Yes, you can enjoy the sandwich for free. Here, you just need to use your Checkers and Rallys receipt to participate in the GuestObsessed survey. You can go to survey and complete all steps including answering GuestObsessed questions. And then, you will get Checkers and Rallys coupon code for the free sandwich. Yes, you may feel free to redeem the coupon at any Checkers or Rally’s store. Enjoy completing Checkers and Rally’s GuestObsessed survey and enjoy the reward!

A grandma says that having a good breakfast will create a good day for us! Well, it seems like we have to agree on what we eat is what we are. But if we are too busy to cook, we can go to visit Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant that will serve extraordinary foods. We can try the awesome sandwich that makes people like falling in love at the first bite. Of course, we have to pay for the item, unless we take GuestObsessed. Yes, this Guest To Be Obsessed will reward us a free sandwich that people will go crazy for it. If we think it is interesting, we can start to access now. No one can wait for a free Checkers and Rally’s sandwich!

About GuestObsessed Customer Satisfaction Survey

As we can see, GuestObsessed is an online Checkers and Rally’s customer satisfaction survey with a goal to make an evaluation for the business. The reason why this restaurant offers this Checkers’ Survey is that they want to see how much people love the products and services. In this case, we can take this program and get the reward as it only takes our five minutes. Of course, it will be the best moment for us when we want to enjoy the sandwich but having no money. Or maybe, we can take this opportunity to complain everything about the lack of the services given. It can be about the cleanliness, services speeds, and so on.

GuestObsessed survey steps guides

The GuestObsessed Guest Satisfaction Survey is available on its official website that is At this online portal, we can share our dining in or drive-thru visit experience we got at Checkers and Rally’s. Starting from foods, we can rate how much we like them. If get disappointment, we can write in the opinion box at and explain why we feel so. It is okay to mention whether the bread is bitter, nor fresh, and so on. For the service, we can do the same such as how disappointed we are with the slow service.

How to take Guest Obsessed Survey at

Yup! We now understand how important the Rally’s survey for the customers and the restaurant. The only way to enter the survey is by going online and visit GuestObsessed.Com. In this case, we will need GuestObsessed entry code or what we can call as Checkers and Rally’s invitation survey code. We can get a free GuestObsessed.Com Code but it is a bit hard to do. It is so as not all people keep their survey code on their shelves. That is the reason why we need to own the recent GuestObsessed receipt that has the survey code.

The restaurant has designed the best survey form where we can share our thoughts about Checkers and Rally’s. For the overall glance, Guest Obsessed Survey is a survey that will ask the customers to give ratings for the overall customer satisfaction. It can be for the service as well as the foods products. Besides, the survey here can be the best way to know the loyalty, the retention, as well as the measure of the effectiveness of the sales marketing. GuestObsessed then will take part as the answers to all questions. As a result, Checkers team will know how to enhance the restaurant quality. Anyway, before starting to take the GuestObsessed survey, it is best to know the steps and things to prepare.

Things to Prepare for Checkers and Rally’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

First thing first, we will get that we need some kinds of stuff for the sake of GuestObsessed. In this case, we have to make sure that we can fulfill the needs of the things. Here are some things to prepare, such as:

  • The first thing we need is a valid recent Checkers and Rally’s receipt, it has the GuestObsessed entry code and Checkers 4 digit Store Numbers that we can use to take one survey
  • Second, we will find that a laptop, or a smartphone, or maybe a computer set is necessary
  • The last, GuestObsessed customer survey will need our capability of mastering English

What are the GuestObsessed Survey Rules?

We have understood everything we need for the survey and we can continue to understand the rules. Of course, it is necessary to obey all rules as it will help us to complete the survey well. As a result, we will get a free Checker’s sandwich. Alright, here are the GuestObsessed rules:

  • The first rule, we have to make sure that we are a customer of the Checkers Rally’s and the proof that we have to own is the recent receipt that is still valid
  • Second, we can use the receipt once and if we need to take more survey, we have to own more recent receipts
  • Third, the last rule is about the GuestObsessed privacy policy that we need to read at com

What are the GuestObsessed Steps by Steps Guide?

How is it going? If we have mastered what we are going to face about the GuestObsessed survey, now it is the time to learn how the steps should be. Here are some important steps we must follow, such as:

  • Step #1:

Now we are ready and we can start the GuestObsessed survey by opening an internet browser of our laptop, pc, or smartphone. If we find the browser goes slow, we can try to clear the cookies by clicking ctrl+shift+delete. Then, we can go to the GuestObsessed official website at Of course, we have to type the link address on the address bar.  If we are sure the link address we input is correct, we can click enter.

  • Step #2:

After the link directs us to the GuestObsessed homepage, we can start to input the Checkers and Rally’s store number. We can find that number on our receipt that is at the top part. Then, we can continue to choose the date when we visited Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. If we have done filling all blanks, we can click the red button entitled “start”.

  • Step #3:

The next step, the website will ask us to input some information. They are like the time when we visited the restaurant. We can click next and continue the survey process.

  • Step #4:

We will find that the survey page asks us some questions. Absolutely, we have to answer those questions and click next. We have to repeat this steps many times until we answered all questions. In this case, we can choose one of the best answers offered by each question. We can only choose one and therefore we have to consider the best one based on our experience when we visited the restaurant.

  • Step #5:

Now, we have to give rates to the overall aspects of Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. We will find some levels we will find starting from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied to disappointed ones. The aspects that we need to rate are such as the taste of the restaurant’s food products that we ordered. Besides, we need to give judgment towards the restaurant cleanliness, complete with the staff friendliness. We have to be fair in giving the score based on our experience. It is important as the score we gave will be a measurement for the Checker’s team to evaluate the lacks. That is how GuestObsessed works.

  • Step #6:

Then, we have to write down our thoughts about the restaurant. Yes, we have to give Checkers Rally’s feedback or comments. We should not make it too long as it has limitations and we should not make it more than what is available inside the box. If we think we do not need to give comments, we can skip this step by clicking the button entitled next. But if we have something to share, we can just do it. We can share our experience about the items we ordered and how we get satisfaction or disappointment. For the next, it is crucial to mention why we visited Checkers and Rally’s restaurant.

  • Step #7:

This is the last step that we are waiting for the whole process. After completing all steps, we will find a GuestObsessed validation code. It is such Checkers Rally’s coupon code that we can redeem for a free sandwich. We need to write down the coupon code on the receipt we use for the survey. it is best to write the code on the blank space instead of on the printed part. It is so as we have to submit the receipt to Rally’s team.

About Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant

Talking about the restaurant, Jim Mattei started the Checkers and Rally’s business since 1985 and 1986. If we wonder why it took two different years, it is because different areas took different years. Not to mention, 1985 became the year for Jim to open the restaurant in the South-east area that is Mobile, Alabama. And a year later, Jim Mattei opened Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant in the Mid-west area that is Louisville, Kentucky. Then, we can see that these two separated companies become one in 1999. The Checkers and Rally’s headquarters is available to find in Tampa, Florida, United States of America.

Today, Checkers and Rally’s restaurants expanded its business with over 800 franchises in 28 different areas of the US and Columbia. One of the best concepts offered by this restaurant is the drive-thru. Yes, Checkers and Rally’s team offers delicious well-made products with affordable prices special for customers. This drive-thru fast-food restaurant becomes American consumer likes who love to order via drive-thru. But, if we prefer to dine in, we can visit the store and feel the sensation of extraordinary dinner with our family.

Checkers and Rally’s Drive-Thru Restaurant Review

If we want to know what people say about Checkers and Rally’s, we may find out good news. If we think this restaurant only serves customers who bring their cars, we are wrong. It is so as the owner and managers add some concept varieties about making the restaurant indoor and outdoor. Without a doubt, we will fall in love as the locations of the places are eye-catching. With the bright red pillars, complete with the black and white checkerboard, we will find this place is amazing. More to enjoy, we will see some romantic neon flashing signs that add the beauty of the exterior. About the service, we do not have to worry as all of the staff are so kind and pleased to accept us. What a perfect sweet atmosphere, isn’t it?

What are Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant Best Menus?

It seems like we are hungry and cannot wait to go to Checkers and Rally’s Store. Well, we may first consider what kind of menus that we are going to order. These are the best menus that we can try, like:

  • Sandwich
  • Hot Dogs
  • Fried Chicken
  • Chicken Wings
  • 14 types of burgers
  • Fries
  • Desserts
  • Soft Drinks

Just to remind, we can get a free sandwich from Checkers and Rally’s. If we think it is a lovely offer, we can start reading all about the GuestObsessed now.

How to Contact Checkers and Rally’s Service Customer Care Service?

In some cases, we get to know that somehow we need to talk to Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service team. In this case, we should not get confused about how to reach them. There are some useful ways that we can take whether it is online or offline, paid or free ones. Here they are:

  • Checkers and Rally’s Online Contacts:

Alright, the easiest way to reach the customer service representatives is via online. We can visit the GuestObsessed survey official website at If we do not want to talk about the survey, we can visit the Checkers and Rally’s Official Website at Without a doubt, we will find some help related to our problems. Or maybe, we can give complaints without having to give our personal information such as our phone number and so on.

We can also reach the Checker’s team through its Checkers & Rally’s Facebook. We can visit them at Yes, we can have an online chat with the team and share our experience with our visit. Even if it is online and we can have a chit chat, we need to make it understandable and specific. If we think we need a more formal place, we can visit the Checkers and Rally’s Complaint Page at It is a page where we can share everything related to our Checkers and Rally’s visit.

  • Checkers and Rally’s Postal Mailing Address:

We can use the service of post mailing office by writing a letter to Checkers and Rally’s headquarters. Still, it is necessary to make the problem specific and readable. We have to mention the details like the time and date that the problems happened. Or maybe, we can mention what efforts we have given for the sake of solving the problems. Once we are ready, we can send it to Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Incorporation. The address for this restaurant is at 4300 West Cypress St. Suite 600, Tampa, Florida 33606.

  • Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service Phone Number:

The last way to contact the Checkers and Rally’s service center is through its phone number. We can dial at 1 800 800 8072 or at 813 283 7000. In dialing the customer service, we may listen to the voice that gives us some menus. All we should do is following the instructions.

GuestObsessed is one of the best ways to take when we have something to tell to Checkers and Rally’s team. We can redeem the rewards for the free sandwich. Enjoy the Checkers Survey Free Cheese Champ Survey, enjoy the free sandwich, and enjoy our beautiful life!

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