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AlaskasWorld Login – Login Steps for AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Travel

How many of you love traveling using planes? Well, you must be lucky as the writer of this article never takes any flights. So, you to travel by planes, and one of the best airlines is Alaska Airlines. And now, you get enrolled to be Alaska employee. Well, it is such a great achievement as not all people get the same chance. And soon, you can start processing AlaskasWorld Login that will help you to be a good employee. There are so many advantages and benefits that you can get from this online portal. Are you ready?

About AlaskasWorld Login

Before you start to log in to AlaskaWorld, isn’t it best to know more about the portal? For information, AlaskasWorld is an online system of employee login portal created by Airlines Group. So, if you are the Alaska Airlines as well as Horizon Air employees, you can start to log in to this portal. It is accessible at www.AlaskaWorld.com. When you enter the website, you will have to input the AlaskasWorld username as well as AlaskasWorld password.

AlaskasWorld Login

So that you know, AlaskasWorld has a feature called AlaskasWorld PET is the abbreviation for Paperless Employee Travel. At this AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Travel feature, you can access all information about your job. There are some advantages that you can gain such as employee benefits, job duties, or other benefits. But first of all, you have to choose whether you are Alaska’s Employee or Horizon Employee. It is because both login portals will serve different contents.

What to Prepare for AlaskasWorld Employee Login?

When you are about to process the login portal, you will need to prepare the things rewired. Of course, it will be best if you start to prepare the things that you are going to need. They are such as:

  • AlaskasWorld Employee ID

The very first thing you need to prepare is the Alaska Airlines employee ID or Horizon Air employee ID. If in this case you are a legal Alaska employee, you must get the ID from Alaska HRD team. Without the employee ID, you cannot pass the AlaskasWorld login portal. Therefore, you have to approach the HRD team and ask your Alaska employee ID.

  • Electronic Device

The next thing to prepare is an electronic device such as a laptop, mobile phone, or computer. The device, in this case, must have an internet browser like Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, UCBrowser, and so on.

  • Internet Connection

AlaskasWorld employee login portal is an online system that can gather all information about Alaska employees. And as it is an online system, you will need internet access to visit the website. It does not matter whether you get it from free Wi-Fi or your mobile data.

How to Access AlaskasWorld Login Page Step by Step Guide?

It looks like you are ready to start processing the AlaskasWorld login. It will be best if you follow the AlaskasWorld Login Instructions here. No doubt, the instructions given will help you to understand what you are going to face and how to solve some problems at AlaskasWorld.com website. And, AlaskasWorld login steps are:

  • Step #1: Visit AlaskasWorld Official Website

To access the Alaska employment portal, it is a must to access www.AlaskasWorld.com or OnYourHorizon Login Portal. If you do not know how to do so, first of all, you have to turn on your device. Then, you can run an internet browser installed on your device. At the address bar, you should type AlaskaWorld.com that is the official website. Wait for your best internet connection to load the page to the AlaskasWorld login homepage.

  • Step #2: Click AlaskasWorld PET

The next step you can do is to find the menu of AlaskasWorld PET. Then, you can click the menu. It is the only menu that you must visit as you are about to do login.

  • Step #3: Choose the Alaska Airline Job

After that, you will reach the www.AlaskasWorld.com PET homepage. There will be some details that you have to complete. Most importantly, you need to mention the airline you work with, for example, is Alaska employee. Or maybe, you can choose Horizon employee. It is because Alaska Employee Login Portal will be different from Horizon Employee Login Portal.

  • Step #4: Input Your Employee ID or Arctic Number

In case you choose Alaska Airline login portal, you will need to input your legal Arctic number. Of course, you can find this unique code on your Alaska ID card. The Alaska Arctic Number, in this case, has five digits in the code and you should input it correctly. In inputting the unique number, you have to make sure that you do not input the zero number at the beginning of these numbers. In case you choose Horizon Air login portal, you can input your Horizon employee ID. And here, you can check the ID on your official Horizon ID card.

  • Step #5: Input AlaskasWorld PET Password

Now, it is your time to input your Alaska’s PET password or the other one that is Horizon PET password. In case you don’t get the password yet, it is possible for you to click the link with the title “Create the Password.” In case you forget the password, you can choose the link that says you forget your password.

  • Step #6: Check “Remember my User ID on this Computer.”

The next step is indeed an optional one whether you want to do so or skip it. At the website, you will get an offer of pop up whether you want your computer or phone to remember your password. If the answer is yes, you can continue to save this Alaska’s World ID. As a result, you will no need to input your Alaska’s Arctic number when you log in to AlaskasWorld Login Portal. This step will be forbidden to do if you handle the public computer. Here, it will lead to miss-usage or fraud in the future.

  • Step #7: Click “Login.”

Now, when you are sure that you input the correct password and username, you should click the button with the title “Login.” Congratulation! Now, you just passed the AlaskasWorld login portal, and now you can access anything some important information. After this, you can do many things such as updating your registered PET profile, as well as employee benefits. Even more, you can do your job via this online portal such as having a meeting with your coworkers, and so on.

How to Create Alaska PET Password or Horizon PET Password Step by Step Guide?

As you can see from the first place, PET password becomes a crucial thing in this online portal. You may be able to pass AlaskasWorld Sign In using AlaskasWorld password. But, you cannot do so once you are about to open your Alaska PET or Horizon PET account. To do so, you will have to set or create a PET password. And now, there are some steps that you can take to create PET password. Here the steps are:

  • Step #1: Visit www.AlaskasWorld.com

Just like usual, you will need to visit AlaskasWorld login official site at AlaskasWorld.com. You can also do the same by visiting OnYourHorizon Login Portal. The steps in creating the password here will be a look like the steps when you log in to your AlaskasWorld account.

  • Step #2: Click “PET”

Alright! At this step, you must click the menu entitled “PET.”  At this menu, you will see an option that offers you to create a password.

  • Step #3: Click “Don’t Have a Password?”

Yes, this step requires you to click the link with the title “Don’t Have a Password?”. It is the only link that will direct you to the process of creating AlaskasWorld password. For the alternative way, you can just go to Alaska’s HRD to do it for you.

  • Step #4: Click “Continue”

There will be a verification step to make sure that you are such an Alaska Airline staff member. And if it is yes, you can directly click the button on the title “Continue”. At this moment, you will need to start to log in to AlaskasWorld Employee Website Authentication.

  • Step #5: Log into AlaskaWorld Portal

After that, you can start So that to AlaskasWorld Portal. Simply, all you need to do is to input your Alaska password and the username. So that you know, Alaska Password here is different from the PET password. And therefore, you need to pay attention to this.

  • Step #6: Input Your SSN and Birth Date

And then, you will need to input your Social Security Number. Once you finish with SSN, you can continue to input your birth date. From this data, Alaska’s World website will find out whether you are a legal Alaska’s Airlines employee or not.

  • Step #7: Create the PET Password

Yeah! It is the main part of the process where you can start creating your password. Before you type your PET password, you need to be sure that it is easy to remember. Otherwise, you will have to deal with PET password recovery. It will be exhausting! If you are sure, you can type the password twice. It is to be sure that your password is correct and you do not miss spelling it. Now, you have the password, and you can start to lo into your Alaska’sWorld PET employee account.

How to Recover PET Password Step by Step Guide?

It is such a disaster if you forget your valid PET password as you can do nothing on AlaskasWorld site. But, you should not cry and give up as MabelAndZora has the answer. So that you know, you can reset the password and you can get your AlaskasWorld PET account back. These are Alaska’s PET recovery password steps:

  • Step #1:

Just the same as the previous steps, in recovering the password, you will need to visit AlaskasWorld website. Go to AlaskasWorld.com, and you will reach to Alaska’s Homepage.

  • Step #2:

After that, you should choose the menu with the title “PET.” Then, you can continue to click the link with the title “Can’t remember your PET Password?”.

  • Step #3:

At this step, you must input your Alaska’s username as well as the password. Again, it is a must for you to pass this AlaskasWorld Login portal for the sake of password recovery. And in this case, you need always to remember that PET password is different from the AlaskasWorld password.

  • Step #4:

After that, the page will ask you to input your valid Arctic number or what you can also as employee ID. Yes, it all depends on the name of the airlines you work with whether it is Alaska or Horizon.

  • Step #5:

Once you have done with that, you can get your PET password back. Now, you can enjoy exploring all information about Alaska Airlines Employee Travel Benefits and On Your Horizon. For the sake of security, you should make a change to your password in regular time. It will prevent anyone steal or hack your Alaska’s or Horizon PET account.

What are Alaska’s World Features?

When you succeed in passing Alaska’s World Login Portal, you will be able to access all information you want. Here are best Alaska’s World menus that you can find at AlaskasWorld.com. They are:

  • AlaskasWorld Feature #1: PET or Paperless Employee Travel

The first feature is the number one among AlaskasWorld users. At this Paperless Employee Travel menu, all Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines staff members can access information about the job. Not to mention, you can look for Alaska Airlines Employee Travel Benefits that will help you in boosting your career.

  • AlaskasWorld Feature #2: www.AlaskasWorld.com

The next menu is for Alaska’s employees as well as the authorized Alaska vendor. In case you are about to explore the menu, you have to own an Alaska’s user ID. Of course, you cannot leave the password as you need it to pass the login portal.

  • AlaskasWorld Feature #3: Jobs in Alaska

The third menu will be the best one for you who want to grow your career. At this Alaska Airlines Career Center, you can find better career opportunities. You can start to apply for some opportunities, and you are going to be a good employee.

  • AlaskasWorld Feature #4: M&E Vendor Site

This last menu will be only for Alaska’s World M&E vendors, and if you want to enter the menu, you must own M&E ID complete with the password.

How to Contact AlaskasWorld Technical Support Team?

As a good employee, you must create a connection with other staff members. No doubt, it will help you much in developing your career. Not to mention, when you face troubles in opening your AlaskasWorld account, you need to contact AlaskasWorld Technical support team. Here are the contact details:

  • Contact #1: AlaskasWorld Help Desk

The first contact, you can start to dial Alaska’sWorld Help Desk at 1 877 238 1077. In dialing the office, you need to pay attention to AlaskasWorld hours of operation. And, once you are ready, you can dial the number. Alaska team will help you to solve your problem related to Alaska’s World login issue.

  • Contact #2: AlaskasWorld Media relations

If you want to talk about Alaska Media, you can dial Alaska’s Media Relations at 206 304 0008. You can also try to send an email to newsroom@alaskaair.com. Just choose the best contact that makes you comfortable to talk to Alaska support team.

  • Contact #3: Corporate Headquarters Postal Mailing Address

And the last, you can also try to send a letter to Alaska Airline Corporate Headquarters. The address should be PO box 68900, Seattle, Washington 98168, United States. Or, the alternative address will be 19300 International Boulevard, Seattle Washington 98188, United States.

Overall, it is everything you need to know about Alaska’s World Employee Login Portal. Now, you can start to visit AlaskasWorld website to login to AlaskasWorld account. No doubt, you will get some benefits from your current job as being Alaska’s employees. They are such as the promotions, seminars, training programs, and other benefits. So, enjoy your job and best luck in growing your career!

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