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BigLotsSurvey is the official Big Lots customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes that will reward you $300 cash. In this case, you need your Big Lots receipt with BigLotsSurvey code. And then, you can answer all BigLotsSurvey questions. After that, you can enter Big Lots sweepstakes to win $300 cash. Enjoy being BigLotsSurvey winners!

Shopping for furniture can be fun if you know the best place to go. Here, you may visit Big Lots Store that will serve you all about furniture, patio, mattresses, and so on. And when you visit the store, you can save Big Lots receipt or Big Lots invoice. Believe it or not, you can use it to participate in BigLotsSurvey Sweepstakes to win $300 cash. Simply, you just have to visit to enter Big Lots Survey. Doesn’t it sound great to you, guys?

About BigLotsSurvey

Before you start taking the survey sweepstakes for the sake of getting $300 cash from Big Lots, you should know more about it. So that you know, BigLotsSurvey is such an online customer survey held by Big Lots Company. Just like other customer survey programs, Big Lots wants to find out customers’ level of satisfaction during the store visit. If you recently visited Big Lots store, you can participate in Big Lots Survey Sweepstakes to win $300 cash. Wow!

BigLotsSurvey and Big Lots Sweepstakes to Win $300 Step Guide
BigLotsSurvey Sweepstakes Steps Guides taken from

You may start to access website to enter Big Lots survey login portal. Of course, you cannot pass the portal unless you enter BigLotsSurvey credentials. They are such as BigLotsSurvey Invitation Code, BigLots store number, as well as date and time of the visit.

What to Prepare for Big Lots Survey?

And, when you are going to take Big Lots survey sweepstake, it will be great if you start to get the things you will need. They are such as:

  • You will need a recent Big Lots receipt that has BigLotsSurvey Invitation Code
  • And, you are going to need a set of PC or a laptop, or maybe a mobile phone
  • As it is online, you also need to own internet connection
  • And the last, you have to be able to understand English either Spanish

How to Participate in BigLots Customer Satisfaction Survey

You look like you are ready to win $300 cash from BigLotsSurvey. And now, you can start to take the survey and complete it. Once you do so, you will be able to enter BigLots Sweepstakes to win $300 cash. Here is the BigLotsSurvey steps guide:

  • Step #1: Access Website

First of all, you will have to visit BigLotsSurvey official website. Yes, you may open your electronic device, connect it to the internet, and launch an internet browser. For the next, you need to type at the address bar. This link address then will bring you to BigLotsSurvey form.

  • Step #2: Set the Language

Once you reach BigLotsSurvey homepage, you can start to set the language that you prefer for There will be two languages available that are in English or Spanish.

  • Step #3: Input BigLotsSurvey Code

The next step, you will need to input some details. The first BigLotsSurvey credentials are BigLotsSurvey transaction number or BigLots Survey Code that you can find on BigLots receipt.

  • Step #4: Input Big Lots Store Number

And then, you can start to input the next data that is Big Lots store number. Also, you can find the store number printed on Big Lots receipt. The number will be verified whether you visited a certain Big Lots store.

  • Step #5: Input Total Amount

For the next, you should complete the total amount you spent at Big Lots store. Of course, you can also find the amount of Big Lots receipt.

  • Step #6: Input the Time of Visit

After that, you have to input the time of your last visit to BigLots store.

  • Step #7: Input the Date of Visit

And the last data, you will need to enter the date of your BigLots visit.

  • Step #8: Click “Start”

After you make sure that all BigLotsSurvey login credentials that you input is all correct, you can click the button entitled “Start.”

  • Step #9: Answer All BigLotsSurvey Questions

Now, you are going to see BigLotsSurvey questions that you have to answer honestly. Of course, BigLots Survey questions will be about your experience when you visited Big Lots store. You answers are crucial for Big Lots Company as this BigLots feedback can help the company to be better.

  • Step #10: Give BigLotsSurvey Ratings

In giving the answers, you have to pick some ratings for the statements at BigLotsSurvey page. You should pick the ones that describe the situations you faced at Big Lots store. Here, the rates will be in some scales, starting from disappointed to satisfied ones.

  • Step #11: Click “Submit”

Finally, you can click the button entitled “submit”. Then, you are going to get directed to BigLotsSurvey Sweepstakes page. For the next, you should enter your personal information such as full name, email address, as well as phone number. And then, you will earn BigLotsSurvey Validation Code that the survey team will put into a draw. There will be a BigLotsSurvey winner for $300 cash.

What are the BigLotsSurvey Sweepstakes Prizes and Rewards?

When you have completed the survey sweepstakes process, you will need to wait for BigLotsSurvey winner’s announcement. In this case, you can access or There will be some BigLotsSurvey participants who win $300 BigLots Gift Card. The more you enter BigLots sweepstakes page and get a BigLotsSurvey coupon code, the more chances you will win.

For information, the prizes here can be in the form of Big Lots Gift Card or even cash. It all depends on the BigLotsSurvey policy that is different from a period to another. If you win, you will have to show your BigLotsSurvey validation code. And, you have to give a fast response. Otherwise, BigLotsSurvey team may substitute you with another winner who will win $300 gift card. If you win the card, you can use it at all Big Lots stores. But, you need to pay attention to the expired date as well as BigLots gift card balance.

What are Big Lots Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

Somehow, you may want to find out BigLotsSurvey rules. Of course, you have to understand the rules set before you enter the BigLotsSurvey page. And, here the rules are:

  • Rule #1: BigLotsSurvey Participants

For information, Big Lots survey is for all Big Lots customers who are 18 years old or older. Besides, if you are willing to participate, you must be a legal resident of 50 United States. Yes, it is including Columbia District. In case you are not eligible, you may ask your siblings to take part for you.

  • Rule #2: BigLots Receipt

You can use one Big Lots receipt one time and once you used it, you cannot reenter the survey page using the same receipt. In short, you need more receipts if you want to enter more surveys. When you enter the survey, you have to use a different email address. It is because one entry will require an email address. It will be best if you have more than one email address.

  • Rule #3: BigLotsSurvey Announcement

The announcement for those who win $300 cash will be through email. Therefore, you should check your email regularly. You can also find the announcement at or There will be Four BigLotsSurvey Grand Prizes who will win $300 Big Lots gift card for each BigLotsSurvey winner. Each quarter of the BigLotsSurvey period, the team will announce a winner. And the last, each participant only get one chance to be a BigLotsSurvey winner.

How to Get BigLots Rewards and Benefits?

You know, Big Lots Company offers you to be a Big Lots member. Here, you can start to register yourself for BigLots member card at Big Lots store. There will be some rewards that you can get and one of the best ones is BigLots Rewards program. All BigLots members will automatically become a participant in this Big Lots new program. Here are the things that you can get from Big Lots Reward Program, such as:

  • Reward #1: Big Lots $5 Reward

First, you can get Big Lots rewards of $5 for every 3 purchases you make at Big Lots store. You can combine Rewards with other offers too! Want to learn more? Click here for more details.

  • Reward #2: Big Lots $10 Reward

Second, you can also get $10 bonus reward whenever you spend $200 you spend at Big Lots store. You can spend the money for Big Lots furniture such as patio furniture, gazebos, as well as umbrellas.

  • Reward #3: Big Lots %20

And then, you will be able to get 20% off savings in the promotion days of Big Lots Friends and Family VIP shopping days.

  • Reward #4: Big Lots Birthday Surprise

One of the most interesting ones is Big Lots Birthday surprise. You will get a prize and it is a secret!

  • Reward#5: Big Lots Coupons

The last, you will get more chances to earn Big Lots coupons that you can use at all Big Lots stores.

What are the Big Lots Rewards Program Rules?

If you want to be a part of Big Lots Rewards program, you will need to be Big Lots members. Here, you can get Big Lots card by registering your phone number, email address, and an online Big Lots account. Here is a list of Big Lots Reward Rules that you may need, such as:

  • Big Lots Rewards Program Rule #1: Qualifying Purchases Period

For information, you can get the reward for every three Qualifying Purchases in a year. The qualifying purchase here can be in store transaction or maybe online purchase transactions. But, it will not cover the returns, gift cards purchase, as well as rentals or maybe donations. Big Lots Rewards program members will get a chance to get one purchase, per day, and per store.

  • Big Lots Rewards Program Rule #2: Furniture Qualifying Purchase

In case you have no idea about the qualifying purchase, the transaction will include the indoor and patio furniture, gazebos, and also the umbrellas. In this case, you need to spend $200 cash for the sake of getting $10 reward. The maximum transaction will be $1,000 and the maximum reward you will get is $50 reward.

  • Big Lots Rewards Program Rule #3: Birthday Surprise

And the last, if you have Big Lots member card, you will get a surprise on your birthday. For more information, you may start to visit

About Big Lots Company Profile

For information, Big Lots is such an American furniture housewares and toys properties. You can find Big Lots headquarter in Columbus, Ohio. Some of Big Lots products available at the store are such as:

  • Big Lots Merchandise
  • Beverages
  • Packaged Food
  • Big Lots Housewares
  • Big Lots Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • As Well As Electronics

Today, Big Lots has over than 1,400 Big Lots stores that you can find spread in the country. You should not hesitate to visit Big Lots stores as it provides the best quality of furniture, patio, mattresses, for the home & toys. No doubt, among Big Lots competitors, the company is able to give the best service. If you want to get special offers, you may start to register yourself for Big Lots member card.

How to Find Big Lots Nearest Stores?

Now, you may are willing to visit Big Lots nearest locations. But, you may have no idea about Big Lots locations and here, you need an assistant to help you. Well, here are some ways that you can try to find the nearest Big Lots locations, such as:

  • Big Lots Near Me

The first way is by going online and search Big Lots Near Me on a search engine. Besides, you can also use the other terms such as Big Lots Stores Near Me or maybe Big Lots Locations Near Me. As a result, you will see the list of Big Lots locations near to your place. Of course, you can also check Big Lots hours of operation that will help you to decide which stores are open. For more information, you can check Big Lots stores review that you can get from the results.

  • Big Lots Locator

And, you can also use Big Lots locator that is accessible at Big Lots official website. You can visit and find the menu of the locator. For the next, you may start to enter the details of your current place such as the city, zip code, street, and so on. it will show a list of nearest Big Lots stores that are open. In case you need to know Big Lots operating hours, you can also get the information from the locator. Isn’t it cool?

  • Big Lots Application

The last, but also the best, you can start to download Big Lots app that is available on Google PlayStore or Apple Store. After that, you can launch the application and open the locator. In this case, you do not need to input your current place details as you can turn on the location and it will directly search for the Big Lots nearest stores. There will be other features you can try such as Big Lots order online, Big Lots products and prices, and so on. You can also send Big Lots feedback through this application.

How to Get More Big Lots Specials Offers from Your Big Lots Membership?

Fellas! Do you know that you can also get more benefits by being one of Big Lots member? In this case, you can access Big Lots official website at and gain these rewards, such as:

  • First, you will get $5 welcome coupon that you can use for the next purchase at Big Lots store
  • Second, you can also earn a $5 reward for every 3 purchases you do at Big Lots store
  • Third, of course, you will get a Birthday Surprise from Big Lots company if you join to be the Big Lots member
  • Fourth, you can also get the free VIP Shopping that is for 20% Off Friends & Family
  • And the last, you can also get the Furniture Bonus Reward from your status as Big Lots member

If you want to gain those benefits, you can start accessing website. And then, you will see the pop-up menu that you can input your valid email address and your zip code. For the next, you can give a check on the box that says “email me weekly ads and exclusive promotions.” And the last, you can click “Sign Up” to register to be the Big Lots member. For information, some additional restrictions may apply. Enjoy registering for BIG Rewards member and enjoy the benefits!

How to Contact Big Lots Customer Service Team?

Among Big Lots Competitors, the company wants to give the best service to all customers. Here, you can start to send Big Lots feedback or even Big Lots complaints at Big Lots TellUsAboutUs. There are some Big Lots contact details that you can try, such as:

  • Big Lots Phone Number

The first contact that you can try is by dialing Big Lots Corporate office phone number at 1 866 BIG LOTS (244-5687). About Big Lots office hours of operation, Big Lots representative will be available on Monday to Friday at 8 AM to 10 PM ET. For weekends, Big Lots office is available on 8 AM to 8 PM ET.

  • Big Lots Official Websites

The last, you can also visit Big Lots websites at or From the websites, you can search all information about Big Lots company as well as Big Lots Survey. More to get, you can also find information of Big Lots careers, Big Lots hot promotion, Big Lots products, Big Lots price list, as well as Big Lots locator.

Yes, it is all about Big Lots company complete with Big Lots Shopping Experience Survey. You may start to use your Big Lots receipt and visit website to complete the survey and enter Big Lots sweepstakes. Best luck to win $300 Big Lots gift card!

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