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My BK Experience is the official Burger King customer satisfaction survey that will reward you Burger King free Whopper coupon. In this case, you can use your Burger King receipt with My BK Experience survey code. And, you can access to participate in My BK Experience survey. In the end, you will get the Burger King free Whopper coupon code. Of course, you can redeem the Burger King coupon at all Burger King locations. Enjoy the Burger King free Whopper!

Who does not know Burger King? It is as one of the popular global chains of hamburger fast food restaurant. The restaurant is popular among people almost all around the world. People start to talk about the best burger that has complete fresh vegetables and delicious meat. Today, Burger King offers you to take My BK Experience Survey. The survey will reward you free Burger King Whopper sandwich. You can participate and complete Burger King Survey and enjoy the best burger for free. Interesting, isn’t it?

About My BK Experience

My BK Experience is a customer satisfaction survey held by Burger King restaurant. If you are one of the customers, you can join Burger King survey. You can access My BK Experience Survey through At the website will welcome you to their survey homepage. Indeed, the process of completing the survey will be easy. It is because you can finish everything within seven minutes.

My BK Experience Survey for Burger King Free Whooper Coupon Code
My BK Experience Survey Guide Step by Step taken from

Indeed, the role of the MyBKExperience Survey is important as it is the place where the customers can share their Burger King complaints. In case you are such a loyal Burger King customer, you will find taking My Burger King Experience is a must. It is because you can get a free Burger King whopper that the taste is awesome.

What To Need for Burger King Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Before you are going to participate in My BK Experience Guest Satisfaction Survey, you must prepare the things that you will need. They are such as:

  • First, before you can complete the survey, you will need a device. They can be your phone or personal computer (pc) or maybe your laptop. Yes, you can use any kind of electronic device as long as it can connect to the internet and has an internet browser
  • Second, you will need an internet connection. Here, you can get from Wi-Fi area. Or maybe, use your own data from your cellular provider.
  • Third, it will be fundamental for you to own a recent Burger King receipt. The receipt here then must have My BK Experience Survey Invitation Code. Or maybe, you can call the code as My BK Experience Survey Entry Code.
  • Fourth, it is necessary to have five to fifteen minutes free time as completing My BK Experience Survey Sweepstakes need process.

How to Take Burger King Survey Step by Step Guides?

When you are going to take the survey, there are some steps that you must follow. Of course, you cannot skip a single step, unless it has an optional mark on the page. Without making it any longer, here the steps are:

  • Step #1:

First thing first, you must open the internet browser on your device. Then, you can go to or you can just type In case you cannot reach the homepage, you must check the internet connection. If there is no problem, you can try to check the setting of the JavaScript on your browser. Make it enabled for Survey.

  • Step #2:

Once you start to reach the Burger King survey official website homepage, you can choose the language that you want to take in the survey. The available language for the survey will be English, Española, and also François.

  • Step #3:

Now, you are going to enter the Burger King Store Number you last visited. In case you put the correct code, you can click the “next” button.

  • Step #4:

Then, enter your MyBKExperience Survey Codes. You can find it printed at the bottom of your receipt. Once you succeed passing the My BK Experience Survey login portal, you can continue to the next step.

  • Step #5:

When you think you are ready to share your opinion on My BK Experience Feedback survey, click start!

  • Step #6:

Then, you will face some My BK Experience questions that you have to answer. Indeed, the My BKExperience Survey Questions are easy to fill. It is like describing your last visit to Burger King store. In case you dislike the service, it is okay to give negative comments or low rates.

  • Step #7:

When you have answered the whole Burger King Survey questions, you will see an open question. It will be the overall judge that you can give to the Burger King store that you visited. There must be something that you dislike and want them to improve. You can write inside the box briefly and specific to the topic. As it is an optional step, you may skip this and go to the next step.

  • Step #8:

Now, you are going to get My BK Experience Free Whopper Coupon Code. Of course, you should save MyBKExperience Validation Code by writing it down on the receipt. it will be the proof that you have completed My Burger King Experience Survey.

What are the Burger King Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

Just like the customer satisfaction survey in general, Burger King has some rules that all participants must obey. They are such as:

  • Rule #1:

Without Burger King receipt it is impossible for you to complete or even enter Free Whopper. It will be necessary as the data to pass the Burger King Survey login portal. One receipt is for one survey. It means that if you only has one receipt, your chance to participate in the survey and gain the free whooper will also be one time only. In this case, you can always keep the receipt after buying Burger King products. It will be beneficial once you want to take more surveys. On your receipt, there are some MyBKExperience Surve codes that you have to enter the survey. They consist of legal Burger King store number and the poll codes.

  • Rule #2:

In participating in My BK Experience Survey, you will need around 5 minutes or more. It depends on your answer in the survey question. The time of your survey will also depend on your internet connection. It is because every answer and question is accessible online.

  • Rule #3:

All customers have permission to take My BK Experience survey and also claim the Burger King Free Whooper. Meanwhile, Burger King employees or family members have no permission to take part in the Burger King Survey.

  • Rule #4:

The next, My BK Experience survey does not put any limitation age for participating in the survey. At the same time, all customers can try to get their Burger King Free Sandwich Whooper. In case you have your children less than three years old want to take part, you should accompany them.

  • Rule #5:

The My BK Experience Survey Sweepstakes team will automatically receive the survey you fill. But, only the lucky one will get the whopper freely. Burger King will do polling only once in a month.  So, if you want to be the My BK Experience survey winner, you should take more surveys. It will increase your opportunity to get the free sandwich whooper.

  • Rule #5:

All My BK Experience survey questions are about Burger King Product and services. You can take Burger King survey anytime you want. It will help the restaurant to improve the services and also the foods and beverages. All that you have to do to win the whopper is by answering the questions. You do not have to pay for anything to be the Burger King Survey Winners.

About Burger King Profile Company

Burger King first name is actually InstaBurger King founded in 1953 by David Edgerton and James Mclamore. Then, David and James change the name to Burger King due to their financial problem. Up to 2002, the owner of the Burger King divided into 4 parts. They are TPG Capital, Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs capital partner, and 3G capitals.

Now in the hand of some owners, Burger King has proven the brand name become one of the most popular international fast food brand. Today, Burger King has more than 15,000 Burger King store outlets spread in the world. About the employees, the restaurant has 34,248 workers. Under Burger King four presidents, Burger King is running very well up to now.

How to Contact Burger King Customer Service Team?

Somehow, you may find problems that you get when you visit one of Burger King stores. In this case, you may be not the only one who is shy or afraid of giving direct Burger King complaints. For the best choice, you can try to contact Burger King Customer Care Service. Here they are:

  • Burger King Headquarter Address

You do not have to confuse about how to contact Burger King official company.  The restaurant may run under different Burger King CEOs and Presidents. They are Daniel Schwartz, Alexander Behring, Jose E. Cil, and Joshua Kobza as the. You can find Burger King corporate office at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami-Dade Country. It is in Florida, United States.

In case you have any question or problem, you can share your comment directly with Burger King team. Yes, you can make a visit to Burger King Headquarter. But, you have to arrange an appointment first. And, you need to make sure that you visit the office at Burger King hours of operation. Or, you can write a letter and send it to Burger King postal mailing address. If you want to find the Nearest Burger King office, you can search Burger King Office Near Me on a search engine. It is because a different country has different places for Burger King office.

  • Burger King Phone Number

You may have an immediate issue related to Burger King company or questions to ask to Burger King management. Here, you can dial Burger King phone number at 1 866 394 2493. Do not forget that the Burger King working hours will be available from 7 AM – 11 PM CST. Burger King also provides some other number for a call center in different countries. Of course, the goal is to give the customer easiest way to reach their company and store outlet. For example, Burger King Canada phone number is 1 844 576 0546. You can also find the official company in your area.

  • Burger King Email Address

Surely, Burger King management provides a direct response to the customer. They are such as company address and phone number. Now, you can also send an email to the restaurant. Or maybe, you can visit Burger King Facebook, Burger King twitter, and Burger King Instagram.

Just send your Burger King feedback to Then, Burger King management will try to improve their quality to serve you better. Burger King team will save your email and keep the privacy. The management will directly concern to give the best answer to solve your problem related to the restaurant.

  • Burger King Official Websites

Now, you can order more burger or hot dogs via online. You can also know more about Burger King menu complete with the detail of founder information. Not to mention, you can access the Nearest Burger King Outlet Location within one click. Yes, you can gain all information at In case you want to use Burger King locator, you can input the zip code, city, as well as the country you want. Then, it will show a list of Burger King Nearest Stores. You can also use a search engine to find Burger King stores Near Me. The results of the Nearest Burger King stores will cover the Burger King map and hours of operation.

The second website is There will be various information that you can get. They are such as the My BK Experience Survey Official Rules, MyBKExperience Sweepstakes Announcement, and so on. It will be great as you can access the My BK Experience Survey Winners at the website.

Overall, it is all about My BK Experience Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes program that you need to know. Other Burger King customers may ignore this precious program. And of course, you cannot miss the chance to win My BK Experience Free Whopper. Enjoy having a great meal with your friends at Burger King Restaurant!

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