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CabanaCares Survey is the official Taco Cabana customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $1 Taco Cabana coupons of discount off. In this case, you just have to get the Taco Cabana receipt with CabanaCares Survey code. And, you can start to access and answer all CabanaCares Survey questions. At the end of CabanaCares Survey, you will get the Taco Cabana coupons that you can enjoy for the next visit to Taco Cabana stores. Enjoy your CabanaCares Survey rewards!

Hello Mexican people! We must know that Mexican foods are the best to treat our tongue. Here, we all agree that Taco Cabana can serve the best Mexican foods that will make our day. Now, this restaurant holds a CabanaCares Survey program. As good customers who love to eat, we can participate in this survey. It is because the Taco Cabana team offers the Cabana Survey participants to get $1 discount off. Yes, we can use this nice reward for the next visit. Is anyone with me?

About CabanaCares Survey

So, American people are welcomed to take the survey too. We do not have to worry as all customers of Taco Cabana are able to get the same chances. So that we know, CabanaCares Survey is an online survey program held by Taco Cabana Mexican Fast Food Restaurant. The process of participating in CabanaCares Guest Satisfaction Survey is easy and less than ten minutes. And also, we can do it at home as it is in the online form.

CabanaCares Survey Steps 2018 2019
CabanaCares Survey Steps Guides taken from

It will create some advantages whether for the customers or the restaurants. First, the customers are able to talk about their problem with Taco Cabana. Yes, we are able to say how the services are not proper. We can also give complement like saying that the foods are delicious and so on. For the restaurant, our feedback will be important. They can put it as a foundation for the next market plan. Also, it will give both benefits as the restaurant will improve the services and products.

This CabanaCares Feedback Survey is accessible at We do not have to pay for anything to enter the survey. By using CabanaCares Survey Entry Code, we can complete the survey and get $1 gift card for our next visit.

What Will We Need for CabanaCares Survey?

If we have decided to participate in the CabanaCares Survey, we should follow all Taco CabanaCares Survey instructions. We have to be sure that we do not miss any instructions such as CabanaCares Survey rules, CabanaCares Survey preparations, as well as CabanaCares Survey steps. Here are some kinds of stuff that we may need for the survey. They are:

  • First, we will need a recent Taco Cabana receipt that has CabanaCares Survey invitation Code
  • Second, we will need a set of PC, or laptop, or other electronic devices that are able to connect us to the internet
  • As we have mentioned earlier, it is obvious that we will need the internet connection
  • Fourth, we will need to be able to understand basic English or maybe Spanish, because, the languages that are available are only two and we have to choose

How to Take CabanaCares Survey Step by Step Guide?

If you are going to take CabanaCares Survey, you can start to follow some CabanaCares Survey steps. In this case, following the correct CabanaCares Survey steps will lead you to get the Taco Cabana coupons. And, here CabanaCares Survey steps:

  • Step 1:

At the first step, we have to open or turn on our electronic device, and then connect it to the internet access. After that, we can start launching an internet browser and at the address bar, we can type or It is the CabanaCares Survey official website that will direct us to the survey page. In case it is not able to load, we have to check the internet connection or the cookies. We can go to the internet browser setting and click the JavaScript.

  • Step #2:

The second step that we can take is to choose the language. As mentioned earlier, we have to choose between English and Spanish. In case we do not have any idea about those languages, we can use the help from Google Translate. We can convert the Cabana Cares Survey Page into the language that we want. But, it will be offline and we still have to fill the survey on the official website, instead of at the translated one.

  • Step #3:

The third step, we can see the survey homepage and we can find the Cabana Cares login portal. In this case, we should input the CabanaCares coupon code that has 16 digits. We need to also input the CabanaCares Pass Code that has five digits. All of these digits are available on our Taco Cabana restaurant receipt. Before going to the next step, we have to make sure that we input the correct code. Otherwise, we have to repeat inputting the digits one by one again. And, we need to take a note that the digits are not the CabanaCares Store Numbers. We can take a look at the picture provided by CabanaCares page.

  • Step #4:

This is the most important part of Taco Cabana Feedback Survey. Yes, we will find some questions and we have to answer those Cabana Cares Survey questions honestly. The answers that we give to CabanaCares Survey page will be a reflection. It will show whether we have a good experience or not at our Taco Cabana stores last visit. We do not have to be afraid of giving negative comments as long as they are helpful. The Taco Cabana team will be grateful for receiving our feedback. They will keep making an improvement on the Taco Cabana menu and the services.

  • Step #5:

After that, we can enter the CabanaCares Sweepstakes. In this section, it is a must for us to complete our personal information. They are like our full name, our home, and email address, as well as our phone numbers. Of course, it is important to complete the whole data. Taco Cabana Cares team may not contact us for CabanaCares Sweepstakes winners. It is because all participants are the winners. But, still, our valid contacts will be the company data.

  • Step #6:

The last step, we have to click the button with the title “Submit the survey”. Then, we will see a CabanaCares Validation Code. It will be better if we write it down on our Taco Cabana receipt. Then, we can bring the receipt to the staff member of Taco Cabana stores.

What Are the Cabana Cares Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules?

We have learned much about the CabanaCares steps that we should take. For the next, we have to follow the CabanaCares Survey rules that we must obey. Yes, we have to be %100 sure that we are eligible for the survey. Here CabanaCares Survey rules are:

  • After getting the Taco Cabana receipt, we have to take the survey within 30 days, otherwise, the receipt and the codes will not be valid anymore
  • Then, we should be 18 years old or maybe above when we are about to take CabanaCares Survey
  • We should be legal US residents or other counties that hold this CabanaCares Survey program
  • The maximum chance we can get from each receipt is twice, and if we want to take more CabanaCares Survey, we have to get more receipts

What Are the Cabana Cares Survey Sweepstakes’ Prizes?

As we can see, after completing the entire process of taking Taco Cabana Cares Feedback, we will get Cabana Cares Validation Code. After that, we will see some offers that we can choose. Not to mention, we can choose Taco Cabana promotions such as free foods, free drinks, and so on. And for the CabanaCares Survey Sweepstakes, we will get CabanaCares $1 Rebate for our next visit.

When does the CabanaCares Survey Period end?

So, we find that taking the survey is interesting and maybe challenging. But, it will be less fun if we are late as the promotions end. Before that bad thing happens, we have to know that the CabanaCares Period will end on December 31st, 2019. Therefore, we have to be fast before we live in regrets. And as we can take more than one survey, it will be awesome if we take more. We can also ask our friends to be with us and we can enjoy the $1 discount off for all items that we order together. Can we imagine how great the quality time will be?

About Taco Cabana Company Profile

We have learned much about CabanaCares and it is the right time to introduce the company. Just so we know, Taco Cabana is such a fast food restaurant that has the Mexican theme. Of course, most people love the restaurant because of its delicious foods. And it is because not all Mexican fast food restaurants are able to fulfill the desire of the customers. We can find the Taco Cabana Headquarter in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

At glance, we will see that most Taco Cabana stores are drive-thru and open for 24 hours each day. With the casual design, we will love the restaurants. There are some best Taco Cabana menus that we can try. Ranging from breakfast tacos, burritos, cabana plates, nachos, and so on, they all look awesome to eat. If it is our first time enjoying Mexican foods, we should not worry. It is because all menus have delicious tastes.

How to Find Nearest Taco Cabana Stores?

If we know about Fiesta Restaurant Group, it is the Taco Cabana parent. So far, this Mexican restaurant has over 160 franchise stores. For the first time, Taco Cabana has a pink signature. But, some of the stores have new designs. In case we want to visit the Taco Cabana stores, we can access it through the Taco Cabana locator. Easily, we can visit the Taco Cabana Official Website at Then, we can input the zip code or cities that we want to visit. After we click search, there are some Taco Cabana Nearest Locations that we can choose.

One of the easiest ways to find the Taco Cabana stores is by searching on Google using the keyword Taco Cabana Near Me. Without a doubt, we will be able to find some results such as Taco Cabana 24 hours, the address, as well as the map. Not to mention, we can also find the Taco Cabana Drive-In Stores. Indeed, whichever the stores we visit, the foods are still the best to order. We will feel like we are going home and meet our family while enjoying our best foods.

Ways to Contact Taco Cabana Customer Service

When we visit the Taco Cabana stores, it is fine if we get troubles. Somehow, we may find that the employees were not serving us well. Instead, they keep talking to each other and keep the customers in a long line. In case we have no courage to get mad and give direct complaints, we can do it at home. Just like homework’s in usual, we have to make it neat and proper. Here are the Taco Cabana Contact details that we can try. They are:

  • Taco Cabana Address

The first contact that we can try is writing a non-electronic letter to Taco Cabana Headquarter. We can send it using this address that is 8918 Tesoro Drive, Suite 200, San Antonio, Texas 78217, United States of America.

  • Taco Cabana Official Website

We can also visit the official website of Taco Cabana restaurant at There is rich information that we can get from this website. They are like Taco Cabana Careers, Taco Cabana Complaint online form, and so on. In case we want to find more information about the survey, it is best to visit or Both websites are just the same.

  • Taco Cabana Live Chat

If we love chatting so much, we may be glad to access Taco Cabana social media accounts. In this case, we can visit the Taco Cabana Facebook at In case we want to mention or send the direct message through Twitter, we can visit Taco Cabana Twitter at

  • Taco Cabana Corporate Office Phone Number

Of course, we can talk to the Taco Cabana representative and request to make an appointment. Easily, all that we should do is to call 210 804 0990.

  • Taco Cabana Fax Number

If we dislike our handwriting, we can send an electronic letter through the fax. And, we can send to this support number that is 210 804 1970.

So, those are the entire information about Taco Cabana restaurants as well as CabanaCares Survey that we can gain easily. Okay, guys! We have to be fast to take the survey as it is about to end. Enjoy visiting the Taco Cabana stores, the Mexican foods, as well as the $1 discount off. Best luck and never forget to be happy!

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