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DollarTreeFeedback is the official Dollar Tree Feedback customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $1,000 daily or $1,500 weekly prize. In this case, you can use your Dollar Tree receipt and DollarTreeFeedback survey code. And then, you can access to take the survey. After that, you can enter DollarTreeFeedback sweepstakes to win the prize of $1,000 or $1,500 cash. Enjoy!

Do you ever enjoy Dollar Tree Shopping experience for some Dollar Stores Items? Here, you must have a recent Dollar Tree receipt. Well, you can start to participate in DollarTreeFeedback survey. It is a survey program that will allow you to enter DollarTreeFeedback sweepstakes page. For the next, you will receive a Dollar Tree validation code. From the survey, you can win $1,000 cash daily or $1,500 cash weekly. You just have to enter to complete the survey within five minutes. Interested?

About DollarTreeFeedback

First thing first, you need to gather information about the survey program. DollarTreeFeedback is such an official Dollar Tree survey sweepstakes program held for all Dollar Tree customers. In this case, you can participate in Dollar Tree Feedback survey. Here, you will need to own a recent Dollar Tree receipt to pass portal. Indeed, the goal of DollarTreeFeedback survey program is as a place for Dollar customers to share their opinion about Dollar Tree Stores they visited.

DollarTreeFeedback Dollar Tree for $1,000 and $1,500 cash
DollarTreeFeedback Survey Winners Tips taken from

You can start to access to enter and complete Dollar survey. By using DollarTreeFeedback survey invitation code, you can start answering some questions. After completing the whole DollarTreeFeedback survey process, you will get a chance to enter DollarTreeFeedback sweepstakes page. At the page, you will join DollarTreeFeedback draw to win $1,000 daily cash or $1,500 weekly cash. It will be one of your awesome days if you become DollarTreeFeedback winners. Are you guys ready for it?

What are Dollar Tree Customer Survey Benefits for Dollar Tree Customers?

You may still question the reasons why you have to join Dollar Tree survey sweepstakes program. Indeed, there are some inviting benefits for you if you complete the survey. They are such as:

  • Benefit #1: Send Dollar Tree Feedback

The first benefit that you can get from participating in DollarTreeFeedback survey sweepstakes is that you can send your feedback to Dollar Tree company. Somehow, when you visit Dollar Tree market, you may find something unpleasing. It may come from the atmosphere, the cleanliness, the products, or even the employees. Well, you do not have to be afraid as DollarTreeFeedback portal will give you a place to send your Dollar Tree feedback. Yes, you can send Dollar Tree complaints, Dollar Tree compliments, Dollar Tree suggestions, and other Dollar Tree comments.

  • Benefit #2: Better Dollar Tree Company

The second advantage that you will get from the existence of Dollar Tree survey is that you will get better service from Dollar Tree team. It is because the survey portal gathers all Dollar Tree customers’ critics about the company. As a result, Dollar Tree team knows the lack of the services and products. They will fix them for the sake of Dollar Tree customers. Yes, Dollar wants to give the best service for all customers.

  • Benefit #3: Get DollarTreeFeedback Prizes

To increase the customers’ passion in participating in DollarTreeFeedback survey, you will get a chance to enter Dollar Tree sweepstakes page. Yes, it will be possible for you to be Dollar Tree survey winner for $1,000 daily cash or $1,500 weekly cash.

What are the Best Ways to Enter Dollar Tree Sweepstakes Program?

Some of you must find that winning $1,000 daily cash or $1,500 weekly cash is inviting. In this case, you may need to complete Dollar Tree Customer Feedback survey sweepstakes. Indeed, there are three methods that you can take to enter DollarTreeFeedback sweepstakes. They are:

  • Method #1: DollarTreeFeedback via Mail

First, you can enter Dollar Tree sweepstakes by sending a mail to DollarTreeFeedback address. If you are going to take this method, you will not need to own a Dollar Tree receipt. Besides, you also do not need to complete Dollar Tree survey. You can directly join Dollar Tree sweepstakes program.

  • Method #2: Dollar Tree Sweepstakes via

The second method will be online as you have to visit DollarTreeFeedback official website. In this case, you will need to own a recent Dollar Tree receipt that has DollarTree Survey Invitation Code. If you take this way, you will have to complete Dollar Tree survey first. And then, you will get a chance to be Dollar Tree Survey Winners.

  • Method #3: Dollar Tree Sweepstakes via Phone

And, you can also join Dollar Tree Sweepstakes program by dialing a DollarTreeFeedback phone number. Here, you do not need to have DollarTreeFeedback Survey Code to participate in the sweepstakes. You just need to call +1 858 201 7079 and follow the instructions.

  • Method #4: DollarTreeFeedback via Dollar Tree App

The last, you can start entering Dollar Tree survey sweepstakes program by visiting Application. Or, you can also try to download Dollar Tree application on your smartphone. If you are going to take this method, you will need to own a recent Dollar Tree receipt. Yes, you should enter Dollar Tree survey code to pass DollarTreeFeedback portal.

What to Prepare to Enter an Online Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey?

If you want to enter an online Dollar Tree Stores Feedback Survey, you are going to need some kinds of stuff. They are:

  • A Device with Internet Access

First, you must prepare internet access as well as an electronic device such as a smartphone, a laptop, a computer, a tablet, and so on. And then, you have to own an internet browser in the latest version. Yes, you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari browser, and so on.

  • Recent Dollar Tree Receipt

The second stuff to prepare is a recent Dollar Tree receipt. In this case, you should be sure that the receipt you get has DollarTreeFeedback survey invitation code. No doubt, you will need the DollarTreeFeedback Survey Code to enter survey portal. And also, DollarTree survey code must be unique that you never use it before to enter Dollar Tree Stores Survey portal.

  • A Writing Utensil

The next, you are going to need a writing utensil that can be a pen, marker, or other permanent utensils. For information, the DollarTreeFeedback page will give you a DollarTreeFeedback validation code at the end of the process. Here, you will find it necessary to save the code by writing it down on your Dollar Tree receipt.

  • The capability of Mastering English or Spanish or French

If you visit DollarTreeFeedback homepage, you will get some offers in the term of language preference. Here, you have three options whether you want to use English, Spanish, or French. For the default setting, DollarTree Stores Survey page in the first place will be in English. And if you want to change the language, you may choose Espanola or François. Of course, the language here means a lot as you need to read DollarTreeFeedback privacy policy. Besides, the entire page from the beginning to the end will use the language you set. Yes, it will be hard if you cannot master one of the three languages.

How to Participate in an Online DollarTreeFeedback Steps Guide?

Fellas! You may start to enter Dollar Tree Customer Feedback Survey for the sake of Dollar Tree Survey rewards. At first, you may get interested in entering the survey by visiting DollarTreeFeedback official website. Here are Dollar Tree Feedback steps guide to follow:

  • Step #1: Visit Website

At the starting point, you should access survey. Here, you just have to turn on the device, connect it to the internet access, and launch an internet browser. In this case, you can click the address bar and type Yes, it is DollarTreeFeedback official website that will direct you to Dollar Tree survey.

  • Step #2: Choose a Language for DollarTreeFeedback Page

Once you reach DollarTree Stores Feedback homepage, you will find some languages offered. Yes, you can choose one based on your capability in mastering the language. You can choose English, Spanish, or French. DollarTreeFeedback survey page will be the same even if you use different language besides English. At the page, you will see a link offers you to check previous Dollar Tree winners. If you are curious, you may click the link to get the list of Dollar Tree survey winners.

  • Step #3: Read DollarTreeFeedback Privacy Policy

After choosing the best language you want, you can start to click the link at the bottom of Dollar Stores survey page. The link here says “Privacy Policy” that will show you all Dollar Tree Stores survey rules.

  • Step #4: Input DollarTreeFeedback Survey Code

And then, you can continue to input Dollar Tree Survey Code that you can find on your Dollar Tree Stores receipt. As you can see, Dollar Tree Survey code has the 16-digit code, and you have to input them properly. In order to avoid the mistakes and repeating the process, you should check twice whether is all correct.

  • Step #5: Answer DollarTreeFeedback Questions

Now, you just passed Dollar Tree Stores Feedback Survey login portal. The next thing to do is to answer all DollarTreeFeedback survey questions. Here, you will find some questions asking your experience during the visit to Dollar Tree Stores. In providing the answers, you need to be honest. It is because your Dollar Tree Stores feedback means a lot to Dollar Tree Stores team. Yours will lead the team to provide better service and products for the sake of customers.

  • Step #6: Send Dollar Tree Feedback

After completing the entire Dollar Tree Stores survey questions, you may continue to type your feedback for Dollar Tree Stores you visited. In this case, you may mention the good things as well as the bad ones. Not to mention, you can write Dollar Tree Stores complaints, Dollar Stores compliments, Dollar Tree Stores suggestions, and other Dollar Tree Stores comments.

  • Step #7: Enter DollarTreeFeedback Sweepstakes Page

Now, you will get DollarTreeFeedback validation code and you will get an offer to enter Dollar Tree Stores sweepstakes or not. If you agree, you will get a chance to win $1,000 Dollar Tree daily prize or $1,500 Dollar Tree weekly prize. But, first of all, you should write down your validation code on your Dollar Tree Stores receipt. Yes, you can use the writing utensil that you have prepared in the first place.

  • Step #8: Complete Personal Information

After agreeing to enter Dollar Tree Sweepstakes Page, you will need to follow the instructions. For information, you will see some blanks and you have to fill them with your personal information. They can be your full name, your age, birthdate, and so on. Besides, you will need to complete your personal contact such as your phone number, email address, as well as complete mailing address. By completing the sweepstakes form, it means that you agree with all Dollar Tree Stores sweepstakes privacy policy.

  • Step #9: Check Dollar Tree Sweepstakes Winners

And the last, you just have to wait for Dollar Tree Stores survey to get the end. You can then check to find the list of Dollar Tree survey winners. Here, you will find whether you are Dollar Tree Sweepstakes Winners. In case you find your name, Dollar Tree Stores team will give you a call, or an email. It is a Dollar Tree Survey announcement stating you as one of the Dollar Tree sweepstakes winners. It will be a must for you to give the fastest response. You will either win $1,000 Dollar Tree daily cash or $1,500 Dollar Tree weekly cash.

How to Take an Offline Dollar Tree Sweepstakes via Mail?

If you prefer to enter Dollar Tree sweepstakes program without completing the survey first, this method will be the best for you. Here, you do not need to prepare a recent Dollar Tree Stores receipt. Instead, you can follow these Dollar Tree Stores sweepstakes steps, such as:

  • Step #1: Prepare A Postcard, Pen, and An Envelope

Yes, those are the things that you must prepare if you are about to enter an offline sweepstakes program.

  • Step #2: Write Personal Information

The second step that you must take is writing down your personal data. They are such as your full name, age, birth date, and gender. Besides, you will also need to write down your contact details such as your valid email address, phone number, as well as postal mailing address. For the mailing address, you should mention the zip code, the street name, the city, the state, and so on.

  • Step #3: Send Dollar Tree Sweepstakes

You will need to send the sweepstakes to Dollar Tree Stores sweepstakes. For information, there will be three addresses based on your domicile.

USA: If you are such a legal United States of America resident, you will need to send it to American Empathica Daily/Weekly Sweepstakes. The address will be 511 Avenue of the Americas 40 New York 10011.

Canada: In case you are such a legal Canada resident, you will need to send it to Canadian Emphatica Daily/Weekly Sweepstakes. The address will be 2121 Argentina Rd. Suite 200 Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5N 2X4.

United Kingdom:  And the last, if you are such as a legal United Kingdom resident, you should send it to UK Emphatica Daily/Weekly Sweepstakes. The address will be One Victoria Square, Birmingham United Kingdom B1 1DB.

How to Enter an Offline Dollar Tree Store Sweepstakes via Phone Steps Guide?

As you can see, besides mail in, you can also take an offline Dollar Tree Stores Sweepstakes program through the phone. In this case, you do not need to enter Dollar Tree Feedback first to get a chance to enter the sweepstakes. Instead, you can just follow these Dollar Tree Sweepstakes steps guide:

  • Step #1: Prepare A Phone for the Balance

First of all, you should own a phone that will allow you to dial Dollar Tree Stores Sweepstakes phone number. Of course, you must fulfill your phone with some balances. It is because the phone number is not such a toll-free number.

  • Step #2: Dial Dollar Tree Sweepstakes Phone Number

The second step that you must take is dialing +1 858 201 7079. On this hotline, there will be no other languages provided except English. Therefore, you have to master the English language in order to complete the process of the sweepstakes.

  • Step #3: Follow the Instructions

And then, you will need to follow the instructions given to you. Not to mention, there will be a moment when you have to state your personal information. You do not need to worry as your personal information will be safe. Just like other methods, you will need to provide your name, email address, phone number, as well as postal mailing address.

What are DollarTreeFeedback Survey Rules for Dollar Tree Survey Takers?

You may feel free to choose whichever method you like to join Dollar Tree Store Sweepstakes. But, you will have to follow the same rules that are:

  • Rule #1: Dollar Tree Survey Participants’ Domicile

The first rule will be about your domicile. For information, Dollar Tree Sweepstakes program is not open for everyone. First, you have to be Dollar Tree Stores customers. And then, you must be a legal resident of certain areas such as United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Honduras, Germany, Puerto Rico, or Korea. If you think you are not a legal resident of the mentioned states or countries, you will not be able to join Dollar Tree Stores Sweepstakes, moreover become Dollar Tree Sweepstakes Winners.

  • Rule #2: About Age Limitation

And then, you have to make sure that you are eligible to join Dollar Tree Survey Sweepstakes program. For information, the minimum age required is 18 years old. It means that you must be 18 at least when you join the sweepstakes program.

  • Rule #3: Dollar Tree Feedback Survey Entrance Procedures

As you can see, there are some procedures that you need to take when you are about to participate in Dollar Tree Survey Sweepstakes. Here, you cannot participate in the program if you are Dollar Tree Stores employees as well as their family members. As there are three methods, you have no limitation in participating in the sweepstakes program. For the online one, you should have more than one Dollar Tree Stores receipt for the sake of more Dollar Tree Stores survey sweepstakes entrances. For the offline one, you cannot send some postcards within one envelope. Instead, you have to send them separately.

  • Rule #4: Dollar Tree Receipt

And the last, it will be about Dollar Tree Store receipt. As you can see, it has Dollar Tree Survey Code that you need to use before it meets the expired date. Once it meets the date, you will no longer be able to use the code to enter Dollar Tree sweepstakes. As a result, you will have to go to Dollar Tree Stores to get another receipt.

What are Dollar Tree Feedback Questions at

If you enter the sweepstakes program through Dollar Tree Stores official page, you will have to complete the survey first. Somehow, you may be curious about Dollar Tree Stores Survey Questions. Well, these are the big pictures of the questions asked in the survey, such as:

  • First, the question will be about the quality of Dollar Tree Products complete with the price lists
  • Second, the question will be about Dollar Tree Stores Location that you visited, complete with the cleanliness, and the security system at the store
  • Third, you will have to answer the questions about Dollar Tree Stores employee’s friendliness, as well as their attitude and the services given to you
  • Fourth, you will need to mention the reasons why you visit Dollar Tree Stores questions
  • And the last, Dollar Stores survey questions will be about your suggestions for a better Dollar Tree Stores Incorporation, and in this case, you can send your Dollar Tree Stores Feedback

About the Common Dollar Tree Stores Feedback Survey Sweepstakes Troubleshooting

When you are in the process of entering or completing the survey sweepstakes, somehow, you may find trouble. In this case, you do not need to give up. Instead, you would be better if you analyze the problem maker and solve it. Here are the common problems found when you enter the survey at

  • Problem Solver #1: Internet Cookies

First, you will need to check the cookies at your internet browser. You may go to the setting and check whether it disables or not. If you see the browser disabled it, you should turn it into enabled. And then, you can close and re-launch the internet browser. Yes, you will need to repeat the process of taking Dollar Tree Survey Sweepstakes form the beginning.

  • Problem Solver #2: Internet Connection

The next problem may come because of your connection. As you can see, the internet access has an important role in the process of the online survey. Here, if you fill the correct survey code but the connection is unstable, you will get a failed Dollar Tree Stores Survey page. As a result, you need to re-enter the survey code. But, as you have used it before, you will get your survey code is no longer valid. Hence, you will need to get another receipt or another code that is still valid. Such a wasting time!

  • Problem Solver #3: JavaScript

The third problem may occur because you have an outdated JavaScript version. In this case, it will be best if you explore Google and search for the latest version of the JavaScript. And then, once you get it installed, you can close the browser and re-launch it. Your browser then will work with a better performance.

  • Problem Solver #4: Dollar Tree Survey Code

The last problem may come because of the survey code. Sometimes, you may mistype the survey code. In this case, you may need to repeat entering the code. And, before you click “Start,” you should check the code you enter twice. It is to make sure that the code you enter is all correct.

What are Dollar Tree Survey Sweepstakes Prizes?

After completing Dollar Store survey sweepstakes, you will need to wait for Dollar Store Sweepstakes period to end. And then, you will have to check Dollar Tree Sweepstakes Winners announcement at In case you find your name as Dollar Tree Survey Winners, you need to check your email or phone. Somehow, Dollar Tree Survey Sweepstakes team may contact you. Hence, you should give them a response.

As you can see Dollar Tree Stores Sweepstakes prizes are $1,000 daily cash and Dollar Tree Sweepstakes grand prizes are $1,500 weekly cash. For information, there will be ten Dollar Tree Sweepstakes winners for $1,000 cash. And, there will be one Dollar Tree Sweepstakes winner for $1,500 weekly prize. In this case, you will only be able to be Dollar Tree Survey winners once. Therefore, it will be impossible for a participant to win both $1,000 cash and $1,500 cash.

What are Dollar Tree Survey Prizes Redemption Rules for Dollar Tree Survey Winners?

In case of Dollar Tree Stores team announces you to be one of Dollar Tree Survey winners, you can start to follow this instruction. Here, you will be able to get Dollar Tree survey prizes by following these tips, such as:

  • First, you have to check your email and inbox or miscalls on your mobile phone
  • Second, in case you find the announcement, you can start to give the response within ten days after you get the announcement
  • Third, you will get replaced with other Dollar Tree survey winner as Dollar Tree Management have full right to do so
  • Fourth, you need to complete the form given by Dollar Tree Store team that you must complete it to get your prizes
  • Fifth, you should submit the Dollar Tree Survey Winners form within 60 days or two months after receiving the form
  • Sixth, you will not need to pay anything for your status as being Dollar Tree sweepstakes winners
  • Seventh, in case you find a party asking you to pay certain money or ask your banking license, you have to report it to Dollar Tree Stores customer service team
  • And the last, you can only get the list of Dollar Tree sweepstakes winners at

About Dollar Tree Stores Company Profile

For information, Dollar Tree Stores is such a supermarket chain that is internationally known. In this case, Dollar Tree Stores can be the best place for you as a partner in fulfilling your daily needs. There are some best Dollar Tree Stores products that you can try. They are such as:

  • Food, Snack & Beverages
  • Household & Pet Supplies
  • Floral & Home Decorations
  • Party Supplies
  • Office & School Supplies
  • Business Item Appliances
  • Health & Beauty Aid
  • Kitchen & Dining Appliances
  • Toys, Books & Craft
  • Cleaning & Storage Necessities
  • And Holidays, Seasons, & Occasions Item

How to Find Dollar Tree Stores Locations Near Me?

Sometimes, you may need to purchase some products at Dollar Tree Stores. But, sometimes, it is hard for you to Dollar Tree Stores locations. Well, you may get interested in finding the nearest Dollar Tree Stores locations. These are the best ways to find Dollar Tree locations, such as:

  • Method #1: Dollar Tree Stores Locator

The first method which you can try is to visit the Dollar Tree Stores official website. Yes, you can go to www.DollarTree or Indeed, both websites are just the same as they will direct you to the same Dollar Tree Stores homepage. And then, you can find Dollar Tree locator, and you need to click it. Here, you need to input the street name, the city, the state, as well as the zip code. For the next, it will show a list of the nearest Dollar Tree Stores locations. Along with the results, you will find information of Dollar Tree hours.

  • Method #2: Dollar Tree Stores Near Me

The second method that you need try is to go online and search Dollar Tree Stores Near Me on Google. For information, you can also try other terms such as Dollar Tree Near Me, and Dollar Stores Near Me. No doubt, you will find the most accurate lists of Dollar Tree Stores nearest locations. On the results, you will also be able to find Dollar Tree hours.

  • Method #3: Dollar Tree Stores App

And, the last method that you may try is Dollar Tree Stores application. Of course, you can get the application on your smartphone. On the application, you will find a menu of Dollar Tree Stores locator. Yes, just like the previous one, you will get the list of Dollar Tree Stores. On the application, you do not need to enter the details of your current place. Instead, you just have to turn on the location, and it will automatically show the best results of Dollar Tree locations.

Indeed, there is more information that you can get when you visit or Dollar Tree Stores application. They are such as Dollar Stores Near Me, Dollar Tree Hours, Dollar Stores Online, Dollar Tree Stock, and Dollar Tree Webkinz. Besides, you can also find Dollar One Stores, Dollar Stores Items, and Dollar Tree Shopping at Application.

How to Contact Dollar Tree Stores Customer Service?

In some cases, you will find it better to contact Dollar Tree customer service team. indeed, you can approach some ways to get in touch with Dollar Tree Stores representatives. These are Dollar Tree Stores contact details:

  • Contact #1: Dollar Tree Stores Phone Number

For all customers who want the Dollar Tree Stores ordering occupations, as well as Dollar Tree Stores shipping returned, you can dial +1 877 530 8733 or 1 877 530 TREE. And if you want to dial Dollar Tree support center or Dollar Tree corporate office, you can dial 1 757 321 5000.

  • Contact #2: Dollar Tree Stores Headquarter Address

You may also give a try to write a letter and send it to Dollar Tree Headquarters. The address will be 500 Volvo Pkwy Chesapeake, Virginia 23320, United States.

  • Contact #3: Dollar Tree Stores Website

The last contact, you can reach Dollar Tree representatives by visiting Dollar Tree official website at or Both websites will give you the same information as they have the same Dollar Tree homepage. And, some of the information that you can get are:

  • First, Dollar Stores Near Me
  • Second, Dollar Tree Hours
  • Third, Dollar Tree Stores
  • Fourth, Dollar Stores Online
  • Fifth, Dollar Tree Stock
  • Sixth, Dollar Tree Webkinz
  • Seventh, Dollar One Stores
  • Eighth, Dollar Stores Items
  • Ninth, Dollar Tree Shopping
  • Tenth, Application

Overall, it is the whole information that you need to know in case you want to win Dollar Tree Stores $1,000 daily cash or Dollar Tree Stores $1,500 weekly cash. Enjoy taking Dollar Tree survey sweepstakes at and best luck in being Dollar Tree Survey winners!

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