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FootLockerSurvey is the official Foot Locker customer satisfaction survey that will reward you Foot Locker coupons for $10 discount off. In this case, you just have to get the valid Foot Locker receipt with FootLockerSurvey code. And, you can access to take Foot Locker Survey. Indeed, the process is easy because you just have to answer FootLockerSurvey quetions. If you have done, you will get the Foot Locker discount coupon that you can redeem at any Foot Locker store. Enjoy!

Dear sneakers lovers! We must know about Foot Locker Company that provides us with many kinds of shoes. Starting with women shoes, men shoes, kids’ shoes, complete with sporty shoes, we can find them in one place. Yes, it is Foot Locker that now offers us to participate in FootLockerSurvey. As the rewards for all survey participants, we will get Footlocker Coupon. Of course, we can use the coupon to get discounts $10 on $50 items we purchase. Now, we can choose any kind of shoes we want to buy and get the discount. Isn’t it interesting to be stylish?

About FootLockerSurvey

Before we start taking the survey program, we must know brief explanation about it. For our information, FootLockerSurvey is such an online customer satisfaction survey held by Foot Locker Company. And the goal of this survey program is to make a measurement of customer satisfaction level. Through this online survey, the Foot Locker team will know which customers are happy to complete the reasons. And, vice versa!

FootLockerSurvey offers you to take Foot Locker Survey at
FootLockerSurvey Steps Guides accessed from

To attract the customers to take part in the survey program, the company offers us to enter FootLockerSurvey Sweepstakes. It is the page that will give us FootLocker Validation Code that we can redeem for some discounts. Of course, it will only happen once we have completed the Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey. At this online platform, we can share our opinions about the Foot Locker stores. They can be negative comments or positive ones. We do not have to worry once we are telling the bad one as it will help the company to grow up. As a result, they will give us better services and Foot Locker sneakers products.

What to Prepare for Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey?

We are such a loyal customer of Foot Locker and we start to think that it will be worthy to spend our five minutes to take the Foot Locker Survey. And, as other surveys in general, there are some kinds of stuff that we have to prepare. Of course, we need to make sure that we have everything with us before we start taking the FootLocker Survey. Here are the things to prepare for FootLockerSurvey. They are:

  • First things first, a laptop or smartphone is always important to get to take the online survey
  • And as it is in the online form, we have to make %100 sure that we have fast and also stable internet connection
  • Third, we will need a recent Foot Locker receipt that has Foot Locker Transaction Number or what we call as Foot Locker Invitation Survey Code, or Foot Locker Online KeyCode
  • And the last, we should be able to understand whether it is Spanish or maybe English as the survey only provides those two languages

How to Take Foot Locker Survey Step by Step Guide?

We have got everything we need to enter the FootLockerSurvey. Now, we can follow the Foot Lockers Survey instructions based on its steps. Yes, we should not miss any step unless it has an optional mark on the page. So, here are the FootLockerSurvey steps:

  • Step #1:

At the very beginning, we should turn on our PC, laptop, or smartphone. Then, it is a must to connect our device to the internet access. Visit the survey site at There are two Foot Locker official websites that you can choose. First, we can visit if we are a legal US resident. And if we are UK resident, we can visit Both websites are just the same as they are official and verified.

  • Step #2:

The next step, we can start to select the language we are going to use for the Foot Locker Guest Satisfaction Survey. As there are only two choices, we need to make sure that we master English or Spanish. In case it is urgent, we can use the help of Google Translate and convert the page into our language.

  • Step #3:

The third step, we can input the Foot Locker invitation survey code. We can find the Foot Locker Survey Entry Code on the receipt we have prepared earlier. It is good to recheck whether the code we input is correct or wrong.

  • Step #4:

After that, we can continue to input Foot Locker transaction number. Again, we can find this code on our FootLocker receipt.

  • Step #5:

Once we have done with that data, we should set the date and time of our last visit at Foot Locker stores. For the easiest way, we can use the feature of a mini calendar on the Foot Locker Survey Page.

  • Step #6:

This section, we are going to face FootLockerSurvey Questions that we have to answer honestly. We can recollect our memories when we spent our time at FootLocker stores. there must be something satisfying or even disappointing about the store. This step is the main part of FootLocker Shopping Experience Survey.

  • Step #7:

Continue the same steps until we have finished answering the entire Foot Locker Survey questions. We can skip some questions as long as they have “optional “warning on the survey page.

  • Step #8:

Finally, we get FootLocker validation code that we can write down on the receipt. we will need the receipt and the Foot Locker redemption code to get the $10 discount off. Then, we can carry our receipt that has the Foot Locker discount coupon code when we visit Foot Locker stores next time. We will get the discount applied automatically to the items we purchase as long as we show the code to the Foot Locker staff member.

What Are the Foot Locker Shopping Experience Survey’s Rules?

Besides following the entire FootLockerSurvey Sweepstakes steps, we need to obey the rules set by the company.  In this case, we should make sure that we are eligible and on the right path. Here the FootLockerSurvey Rules are:

  • For our information, the Foot Locker Survey validation code will be no longer valid after six months, therefore, we need to pay attention to the date printed on the receipt and the survey date we take
  • We can use the Foot Locker $10 Gift Cards at all FootLocker Stores
  • There is a minimum amount of the purchase when we want to use the Foot Locker redemption code that is €50 or £35
  • Also, we have to be a legal resident of the United Kingdom or the United States
  • We have to make sure that we are 18 years old or older when we are about to take the sweepstakes
  • The whole process of taking the survey must finish at 5:00 PM PT and we should not be late
  • The last, we should make sure that we visited or to read the Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey Terms and Conditions

When does the FootLockerSurvey Promotion Period End?

As FootLocker company has so many customers who are eager to participate in the Foot Locker online survey, we have to be fast. For our information, the survey and Foot Locker Sweepstakes is available to take starting from January 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018. Only legal residents of the United States and the United Kingdom that has permission to take this Foot Locker survey program. You can enter the sweepstakes to win $25 Bizrate’s Daily Cash Giveaway. There will be FootLocker 20 winners who can win the fresh money. And if you join FootLockerSurvey 2019, you can check to get the details of the period.

What are the FootLocker Survey Sweepstakes Prizes?

The reasons we read this article is because we can get prizes from Foot Locker. For the details, we will get a chance not only to get $10 discount off. But, we will also be able to get Foot Locker @$25 fresh money for 20 winners. In this case, there is one condition when we are about to use the Foot Locker coupons. The total items that we buy must be $50 and we will get Foot Locker $10 Rebate. We can say that the prizes are Foot Locker Gift Cards $10 off a purchase of $50 at the minimum. We can also say that the Foot Locker prizes are to get €10.00 or £7.50 rebate of €50.00 or £35.00.

About Foot Locker Company Profile

We have gained enough information about FootLockerSurvey and we can dig more about Foot Locker company. For our information, Foot Locker Incorporation is one of the leading retail chains of footwear as well as sportswear.  We can find the Foot Locker headquarter in Midtown Manhattan. This company for the first time opened in 1988. Today, we can find Foot Locker stores in 20 different countries around the world.

As Foot Locker Company marries with F.W. Woolworth Company, we can find all kind of sports items. We can find the various items starting from the accessories for running, basketball, to training. There are more than 1,171 Foot Locker stores that we can find in the United States and other countries. To make it easier for us to find the stores, we can use the Foot Locker locator or Foot Locker Near Me. Whether through Google, Foot Locker Application, or visit the official website, we can get all results about the Nearest Foot Lockers Locations.

Foot Locker is all about sneaker. We can find the Lady Foot Locker, Foot Locker Kids, Foot Locker Sports, and of course Male Foot Locker. The variations of the Foot Locker shoes will make all customers who visit the stores happy. It is because all customers will be able to find any kind of shoes they want.

What Will We Get from Foot Locker Official Websites?

As the best choice to know more about Foot Locker is by visiting its official website. In this case, we can visit and gain rich information. They are such as:

  • Account And Order Details that will give us information about Foot Locker online account complete with the sign-up step by step guides
  • We can also access our Foot Locker Gift Card such as checking the balance and so on
  • In-Store Experience is about customers experience when we visited the Foot Locker stores
  • Also, there is rich information about Foot Locker Payment
  • In case we want to process the Foot Locker Shoes Returns And Refunds, we can do it at that official website
  • We can also explore or check our Foot Locker Shipping And Delivery Status
  • And the last, we can find the Foot Locker Nearest Store by using the city or zip code of our current place

How to Contact Foot Locker Customer Service?

In case we want to contact the Foot Locker customer care service, here we can use the Foot Locker contact details. Starting from the phone numbers, postal mailing address, to official websites, we can choose the best one based on our preference.

International Foot Locker Corporate Office Phone Numbers

At first, we can contact the Foot Locker offices based in the country we live. They are such as:

  • United Kingdom Foot Locker is available at 0800 3316 062
  • Denmark Foot Locker is available at 807 057 76
  • France Foot Locker is available at 0805 540 786
  • Belgium Foot Locker is available at 0800 811 77
  • Sweden Foot Locker is available at 020 012 3741
  • Luxemburg Foot Locker is available at 800 265 55
  • Norway Foot Locker is available at 4780 069 848
  • Netherlands Foot Locker is available at 0800 020 0269
  • Italy Foot Locker is available at 800 986 936
  • Spain Foot Locker is available at 800 600 931
  • Germany Foot Locker is available at 0800 588 8232

International Foot Locker Email Addresses

After knowing the Foot Locker international phone numbers, here are the Foot Locker email addresses based on the country we need. They are

  • English Foot Locker Email Address is
  • Italian Foot Locker Email Address is
  • Spanish Foot Locker Email Address is
  • German Foot Locker Email Address is
  • Sweden Foot Locker Email Address is (English only)
  • Denmark Foot Locker Email Address is (English only)
  • Norway Foot Locker Email Address is (English only)
  • French Foot Locker Email Address is
  • Dutch Foot Locker Email Address is

What Are the Foot Locker Hours of Operation?

The Foot Locker hours are Monday to Friday starting at 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (United Kingdom Time). On Saturday as well as Sunday, the Foot Locker will be starting at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (United Kingdom Time).

What is the Foot Locker Headquarter Address?

We can write a letter and send it to FootLocker Europe Boulevard, Ir.D.S. Tuijnmanweg 3-5, 4131 PN Vianen.

Overall, it is all about FootLockerSurvey that we should know. Start taking the Foot Locker Survey Sweepstakes before it is too late to get $10 discount off. So, best luck and enjoy shopping sneakers at Foot Locker stores!

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