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GameStop Survey is the official Game Stop customers satisfaction survey sweepstakes that will reward you $100 Game Stop gift cards. In this case, you can use your Game Stop receipt with Tell GameStop survey code. And, you can access to take Tell GameStop survey. In the end, you will get a chance to enter Tell GameStop sweepstakes to win $100 GameStop gift cards. Enjoy being Tell GameStop sweepstakes winners!!

Playing games must be the best way to relax our mind when we get tired of our life. The games here can be the best mood booster when we do not know what to do to have fun. One of the best game stations is GameStop stores. Now, do we know that we can participate in Tell GameStop Survey? Of course, it is such a precious opportunity as we can get $100 GameStop Gift Cards. We must be the luckiest person on this planet if we become the GameStop Survey Sweepstakes winners. It is because we can enjoy buying any GameStop Video Games and play it with our friends. Isn’t it awesome?

About GameStop Survey

We can imagine how amazing it feels if we win the prizes from this survey program. But first thing first, we have to gain information about the survey. so that we know, GameStop Survey is such an online customer satisfaction held by GameStop Game Center. It is accessible at Survey. For information, we can finish completing the whole process of the survey within less than nine ten minutes. Yes, within ten minutes, we will get a chance to enter TellGameStop Sweepstakes to win $100 gift card. Awesome!

Tell GameStop Survey Sweepstakes for $100 GameStop Gift Cards
Tell GameStop Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides Accessed from

There are some purposes on why Game Stop station holds such this survey event. It is because the company wants to know how satisfied the customers when they visit the stores. Here customers are able to share their GameStop feedback. Like it or not, happy customers bring more money to the company. And for the sake of whether customers, GameStop team will develop the services, complete with the quality of the GameStop products.

What Will We Need for Tell GameStop Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Before we start taking the survey, it will be nice if we understand everything about TellGameStop Guest Feedback Survey preparation. Of course, we will need some kinds of staff that will help us enter the survey page and complete it. Here they are:

  • First, we must get a laptop or maybe a smartphone ready
  • Second, the electronic device that we have prepared must have an internet browser, it can be Mozilla, Chrome, or even Safari and so on
  • Third, of course, we will need an internet connection
  • Fourth, we should have an ID card and to get it, we must be at least 18 or older
  • Fifth, the last and the most important thing, we should have a recent GameStop receipt complete with the Tell GameStop Survey Code or what we can also as GameStop Invitation Survey Code and TellGameStop Entry Code

How to take Tell GameStop Guest Experience Survey?

Before we start using the TellGameStop Survey Code, it will be wise if we know every single step that we must take. Here are the TellGamestop Survey Step By Step Guides that we must follow. They are:

  • Step #1:

At first, we have to turn on our electronic device. Then, we should launch an internet browser. For the next, we have to access the Tell GameStop official website at For an alternative TellGameStop page, we can visit the link address that is

  • Step #2:

At the next, we can start to fill TellGameStop Survey Code once we reach Tell GameStop Survey homepage. Indeed, we can get the code printed on our GameStop Receipt. After we fill the blank with our Tell GameStop entry code, we can click start.

  • Step #3:

In case that our receipt does not have any Tell GameStop Survey Entry Code, we can try another way to pass TellGameStop login portal. And if we take a look at the screen, we can click the option of GameStop store number. Of course, we can check our receipt again, and we will find GameStop store number. As long as we put the right store number, we will be able to pass the TellGameStop Survey login portal.

  • Step #4:

When we passed the portly, we will see Tell GameStop Survey Sweepstakes Rules and Regulations link. And in case we want to know more about it, we can click the link first before we start the survey. The page then will show everything about Tell GameStop Survey Privacy Policy. We can click the button with the title “start” once we have understood the Tell GameStop instructions.

  • Step #5:

At the main part of the survey, we will need to answer all Tell GameStop survey questions. Yes, we need to remember the last time we visited the GameStop station. And from the memory, we will be able to see how the services and products at the store. If everything was all good, then, we can good GameStop comments. And if something bothered us, we can share the bad things through the survey.

  • Step #6:

Now, we will see the overall judgment page for the GameStop store that we visited recently. At the box, we can give an answer to the GameStop open question. It is okay if we skip this step as it is optional. To continue to the next step, we have to click the button entitled “next”.

  • Step #7:

At the last, we will enter the TellGameStop Sweepstakes and we will have to input our personal information. And at the end of the survey page, we will receive a unique Tell GameStop Validation Code. We can also call the code as GameStop Redemption Code. We can either print the code or write it down on our GameStop receipt. Congratulation! Now we have passed all steps for TellGameStop Survey Sweepstakes. All that we should do now is to wait for the Tell GameStop Winners’ Announcement.

Best Trick to Enter GameStop Sweepstakes without Taking the GameStop Survey?

Games are full of cheat and strategy and so with the survey. In case we do not want to spend our time completing the Tell GameStop Guest Satisfaction Survey, we can try some tricks. First thing first, we can make a visit at GameStop official site at or at to find out the tricks. Then, we can see some best ways on how to skip the survey and enter the sweepstakes directly. Here is the best one of the tricks that we can try:

The trick is cool as we can do it offline. But, we will need to use the service of the post man. If we are okay with that, here are the steps to follow for an offline Tell Game Stop Sweepstakes. They are:

  • Step #1:

First, we have to cut a paper or prepare a mini postcard as a place for us to write something. And for that reason, we have to choose the paper that has the bright color.

  • Step #2:

If we are ready, we can write down our personal information on the card that we have prepared before. We need to make sure that everything is clear, readable, and brief. The data that we have to write down is our name, home address, valid email address, and also phone number. As the sweepstakes require that the participants should be 18, we have to write the date of our birth.

  • Step #3:

The last, we can send Tell GameStop postcard to 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100 Rochester. It is in New York 14625 2437, United States.

When does the Tell GameStop Promotion Period End?

We are on New Year’s Eve and we have to hurry! It is because the Tell GameStop Survey Sweepstakes program will end on March 31st, 2019. Indeed, if you miss the chance, you can also join the next Tell GameStop period that ends in 2020. There will be GameStop 25 prizes that will surprise us. To increase the possibility to win the gift cards, we can ask our friends and family to join. And in case we take the online GameStop Survey, we have to make sure that we own more than one GameStop receipt.

What are the Tell GameStop Survey’s Prizes and Rewards?

For information, GameStop prepared up to 300 prizes of $100 gift cards. The company then will announce 25 Tell GameStop winners every month. We may think that winning the prizes is impossible as GameStop Video Game Station customers are uncountable. But, not all people want to sacrifice their precious ten minutes to take the survey. Even more, not all GameStop customers know this awesome news. Be in a rush!

What Are the Tell GameStop Sweepstakes Rules?

When we participate in GameStop Survey, there are some rules that we must obey. Here they are:

  • First, we must be a legal resident of America or any states that hold the survey program
  • Second, we must be 18 or older as entering the sweepstakes are for adult customers only
  • Third, we should not be a GameStop employee or even the family member
  • Fourth, there will be one chance for each customer can win one prize, and if we want tricks, we should ask our siblings or friends to join us
  • Fifth, we cannot redeem $100 GameStop gift cards for cash, and we can only use the balance before the expired date
  • Sixth, one GameStop receipt will only be valid for one GameStop survey

About GameStop Station Profile

For information, GameStop is such a big multichannel video games that we can find spread internationally. By 2017, there are over 6,000 GameStop stores that we can visit in more than 20 countries. GameStop for the first time opened in 1984 and today, we can play some best features served by this game station. The GameStop games and features are such as:

  • GameStop Micromania
  • MovieStop
  • GameStop Planet X
  • Game Exchange
  • FuncoLand
  • GameStop PS4
  • GameStop EB Games
  • Has Been Heroes
  • Game Store
  • GameStop Games and other Gamestop Videos

We can try to find the Nearest GameStop stores by using Google Map using the keyword GameStop Near Me. We can also find the GameStop Nearest Stores by accessing the GameStop official web at Try to access the GameStop locator and we will be able to find the Nearest GameStop locations. Or, we can try to register to be GameStop member. There will be best GameStop PowerUp rewards for all members. We can get the notification when the company has GameStop hottest promotions and we will be one step ahead of other customers. The real gamers cannot miss a single fun!

How to Contact GameStop Customer Service?

If we just visited GameStop store and we get something is annoying, we can start to talk to GameStop customer service. We should not get any hesitation as GameStop representatives will help us solve the problems. So, here are the contacts that we can save. They are:

  • GameStop Headquarter Postal Mailing Address

At first, we can try to write a GameStop complaint letter or any kind of GameStop feedback. Then, we should add our personal contacts just in case the representative wants to contact us. If we get everything ready, we can send it to GameStop at 625 Westport Parkway, Grapevine. It is in Texas 76051 United States.

  • GameStop Phone Numbers

If we do not want to spend a single dollar for post office service, then we can try to call GameStop support number. The hotline will be available if we dial +1 817 424 2000. Check the GameStop hours of operation first before we dial the number. It will prevent us from getting no response and wasting time.

  • GameStop Official Websites

As today is everything about internet, we can try to reach the GameStop online contact. There are two GameStop official websites that we can make a visit. First, it is GameStop official website that is available at All information related to the GameStop station is available to access for free. And if we want to know more about Tell GameStop Guest Satisfaction Survey, it will be best to visit

Alright! It is all about Tell GameStop Survey Sweepstakes that we should know. To win $100 GameStop gift cards just needs a single step to start. We will never know how cool it feels if we can win the prizes and play the games at GameStop store all day long. So, take the survey now and have fun enjoying the free GameStop Games!

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