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GCListens is the official Goldan Corral survey that will grant you $1,000 GCListens daily prizes and $1,500 GCListens weekly prizes. In this case, you just need to prepare your valid Golden Corral receipt. And then, you can take GCListens survey at GCListens.com. Yes, you will have to answer those GCListens survey questions to complete the steps. And then, after completing all GCListens steps, you can enter GCListens sweepstakes page to win GCListens prizes. Yes, you can either win $1,000 or $1,500 GCListens prizes. Nice, isn’t it?

So, hungry people! Having breakfast, lunch, and dinner maybe not enough for us. In this case, we need something more like heavy snacks that can make us full and satisfied. One of the best snacks, in this case, is grilled steak. We can visit Golden Corral Buffet and Grill restaurant and order some charming delicious menus. And today, this restaurant offers us GCListens survey. Of course, it is not interesting until we know that this promotion rewards us $1,000 daily and $1,500 weekly prizes. Wait, does it mean we can eat the steak, take the survey, and be rich?

What is GCListens Customer Satisfaction Survey?

We keep talking about GCListens at the first time but we do not know anything about it. Well, for our information, GCListens is such an online survey held by Golden Corral restaurant chain. The goal of this program is to know the feedbacks given by the customers. Through this GCListens survey, the Golden Corral team will know whether the services and food products are good or bad. The survey has aims to improve some products that are not perfect. Besides, the restaurant team wants to improve the hospitality so that the customer will be loyal.


Indeed, the prizes are not only thing we can get from this GCListens. Of course, we can take other advantages such as taking a lesson. A customer means a lot to every business and we can apply this theory once we run a business. Usually, big company used to underestimate the customers as they have gained brand awareness. But not with this restaurant, Golden keeps building the trust from customers. In this case, if we want to help the restaurant to grow and create more happiness, we can take GCListens feedback customer survey. we can access it at www.GCListens.com that will take our three to fifteen minutes to finish it.

There will be some questions about the restaurant’s products, services, and hospitality. We can answer the questions based on our experience visiting Golden Corral restaurant. In giving rates towards each part of the restaurant, we have to be true and fair. The questions have multiple choices and all we need to do is to click one as the answer.

What is Golden Corral Sweepstakes?

After understanding what GCListens survey is, we can try to get into the GCListens sweepstakes. The sweepstakes here is the platform that will give us fresh money. We can take the prize daily or weekly. There will be 10 GCListens Winners who can claim Golden Corral sweepstakes $1,000. It is a daily prize and if we want to get the weekly prize, we can take the Golden Corral sweepstakes $1,500 weekly. Indeed, we have to take the survey first if we want to enter sweepstakes. In this case, we will need a Golden Corral entry code for the survey. And for the sweepstakes, all we need is our personal information as the way for the restaurant team to contact us.

What Are the Golden Corral Sweepstakes’ Rewards?

We do not need to get confused to differentiate between the survey and the sweepstakes. In this case, we can differentiate them based on the rewards. If we take the GCListens survey, the reward is GCListens Sweepstakes. And the rewards for the sweepstakes are whether $1,000 as the daily prizes. Or we can choose $1,500 as the weekly prizes for lucky Golden Corral winners.

Both survey and the sweepstakes are available to access at GCListens.com. But in this case, they have some rules and legibility’s that we cannot avoid meeting. Not to mention, we have to be mature such as 18 years old, at the minimum. Besides, we have to be a legal resident of US. We need to pass all conditions if we want to win the prizes and be rich. If we are not old enough, we can lend our brother or parents data to take part. Once we joint the GCListens sweepstakes, we can search the winners through GCListens.com.

What to Prepare for Golden Corral Survey?

Before we start to enter the GCListens survey as well as the sweepstakes, here we need to know what stuff we are going to need. They are such as:

  • Preparation #1: Golden Corral Survey Code

First thing first, we have to own a recent GCListens entry code or what we call as Golden Corral receipt. We can get it by buying an item or a menu at this restaurant. Of course, it is forbidden to lose it as it is the key for the survey and sweepstakes. If we have no receipt, there will be no survey. And if we do not take the survey, we cannot enter the sweepstakes and get a chance to get the grand prizes. In short, the receipt here will decide whether we keep going on or not. For our information, the Golden Listens invitation survey code contains 14 digits.

  • Preparation #2: Internet Access

The second is a tool to access the GCListen or Golden Corral official website that is www.GCListens.com. of course, we need a mobile data or Wi-Fi or maybe tethering from friends. We can use any kind of internet access as long as it is fast and stable. Besides, we will have to prepare a laptop or notebook, or maybe smartphone or tablet. Inside the gadget, it has to own an internet browser that is able to access GCListens.com.

  • Preparation #3: English Understanding

we need to make sure that we are capable of understanding English as it is the best language that we can understand. If we have not that capability, we can ask a help from Google translate or our friends who master English well.

What are the GCListens Survey’s Steps?

Now, we have understood every single thing about the survey. it can be the time now to start taking the survey as well as the sweepstakes. If we want to win the cash daily and weekly, we have to follow all steps here. It is because they have some‏ tips and tricks that will help us much. Alright, here are the sequenced steps for GCListens:

  • Step #1:

At first, as usual, we have to connect our gadget to the internet access. Then, we can go to the GCListens survey official website at GCListens.com. if we want to start the survey by visiting the Golden Corral restaurant official website, we can open www.goldencorral.com. we will find a menu bar about the Golden Corral guest satisfaction survey. we can click it and it will direct us to the survey page.

  • Step #2:

Once we reach the homepage of the survey, we can continue by inputting the survey code. Besides, we will have to input some details such as the date of our visit to the restaurant and so on. We need to make sure that we input all data needed.

  • Step #4:

After that, we can continue by answering all questions spear on the screen of our laptop. We can only choose one and because of this reason, we need to choose the best one. If we are sure that we have completed the steps, we can click the button entitled “Submit”.

Congratulation! Now we have finished all steps for GCListens survey. we can continue to take the sweepstakes and here are the instructions we need to follow.

What Are the GCListens Sweepstakes’ Steps?

  • Step #1:

After finishing the steps, we can start to enter the GCListens sweepstakes. In this case, we need to input our personal data. They are like our complete name, as well as our home address. Besides, it is necessary to add our active email address. For our information, it will be the way the promotion team will contact us once we are the winner.

  • Step #2:

The second and the last step, we will see our laptop screen shows the GCListens coupon code. We can take a note on this code and save it. Once we become the winner, we will need this code as a proof.

About Golden Corral Buffet and Grill

Yes, as we can see, Golden Corral Buffet and Grill is such restaurant chain that serves all delicious foods we want. The main menu concept of this restaurant is buffet and grill. This Golden Corral Buffet and Grill restaurant has been running its business since 40 years ago.  Since 1973, Golden Corral has more than 480 franchises restaurant that we can find in the US. We can try to access the location of Golden Corral by visiting the Golden Corral official website at www.goldencorral.com. Or maybe, we can try to find it on Google by using the keyword of “Golden Corral Near Me” or “Golden Corral Store”. Without a doubt, it will show the Golden Corral nearest location to our place.

Brief Golden Corral Reviews

If we want to know more about the restaurant, Golden Corral basically sells pizza, roasted chicken, steaks, and other menus. In this case, the 50+ variation of the toppings are so delighting and fantastic in taste. It is because the ingredients are fresh such as the salad that is fresh and cold. The Golden Corral’s vision is to be the number one for the family restaurant. Yes, the concept and the atmosphere created by the restaurant are homey and make all customers comfortable. Without a doubt, the customers who visit this restaurant with family and friends will get their quality time.

Compared to other restaurants, Golden Corral is affordable as the prices are reasonable. For our information, the commitment of this restaurant is not only the food. Another important thing that this restaurant chain succeeds to build is the hospitality. We can say that this is such an America’s number one buffet and grill restaurant. If we want to know how the employees work and create such this awesome hospitality in the restaurant, we can access goldencorral.hodesiq.com/culture.asp?user_id. Without a doubt, we can have the best experience of Golden Corral culture.

How to Contact Golden Corral Customer Care Service?

Alright, we have taken all steps and the tips to win $1,000 or $1,500 prizes. But somehow, we get troubles that we cannot handle alone. Well, we do not need to worry as we can ask a help from Golden Corral team. We can call the Golden Corral support number, office address, as well as email and other contact details. Well, here are some options to get in touch with the Golden Corral restaurant representatives:

  • Golden Corral Headquarter:

We can write a letter contains the problems we face related to the service or products of the restaurants. Besides, we can share our problems about GCListens to the restaurant employees. In sharing our problems, it is a must to make is specific to help the reader understand what we mean. We need to add the time of the trouble happens, location, and the brief situation about it. After that, we can send to Golden Corral Corporation. The address is at 5151 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina, United States 27612

  • Golden Corral Franchise:

If we see, the restaurant grows fast and raising new customers each day. Sometimes, we may get that the business is interesting. Well, we can start to request to buy a restraint or build a new restaurant franchise. We can send an email to franchising staff at sales@goldencorral.net. Before sending the email, we have to recheck whether we put the address well or not. Once we miss a letter, it will go to spam and the restaurant staff will not read our email.

  • Golden Corral Email Support Address:

In case we want to send an email but we do not talk about franchising, we can send it to email goodasgoldclubsupport@fishbowl.com. The rule is the same as writing the letter. We have to make it brief, specific, understandable, as well as honest.

  • Golden Corral Customer Service Support Number

When we need to call and talk to the manager of the restaurant, we can dial +1-919-881-4465. If we listen to a voice talking in the first minutes, we have to listen to it carefully. It is the instruction that will lead us to representatives or manager hotline.

  • Golden Corral Online Supports

For customers who love the internet, we can access www.goldencorral.com for the official website of the restaurant. If we want to gain information without asking a question, we can go to the discussion page. It is a page that contains some questions and answers related to the restaurant.

Overall, it is the all detailed basic information that is necessary to know.  We can start to take the GCListens Survey, contact the Golden Corral customer services, as well as visit the Golden Corral stores. so, access GCListens.com now, and make it an awesome day!

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