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Anyone of you wants to get free $2,000 Gift Card that you can use to shop anything you want? Well, you may find it interesting to join GiantEagleListens sweepstakes program. You can complete this Giant Eagle Listens sweepstakes within five minutes and you can win $2,000 Giant Eagle Gift Card. Of course, you are able to use this gift card at any Giant Eagle stores you want. Cannot you wait for GiantEagleListens $2,000 prizes?

About GiantEagleListens

First thing first, you will need to know more about the program offered. For information, GiantEagleListens or GEPharmacyListens is an official Giant Eagle customer satisfaction survey for all Giant Eagle customers who have GiantEagleListens Survey Code. In this case, you can get the survey code on a recent Giant Eagle receipt. So that you know, you can access Giant Eagle Listens survey at or By using Giant Eagle Survey Code, you can pass GiantEagleListens survey portal.

GiantEagleListens Sweepstakes for $2,000 Gift Card tips
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And then, if you have completed the whole GiantEagleListens survey process, you can continue to take the offer of entering GEPharmacyListens sweepstakes page. At the page, you can use your chance to win $2,000 Giant Eagle Gift Card. For information, you can join these GiantEagleListens monthly sweepstakes every month. It will increase your chance to be GiantEagleListens winners. It will only spend your five minutes to complete Giant Supermarket Survey Sweepstakes. Are you ready?

How to Participate in GiantEagleListens Survey Sweepstakes for $2,000 Gift Card?

Alright! You may be willing to join GEPharmacyListens Sweepstakes to win $2,000 gift card. And these are some ways that you can take such as:

  • Method #1: An Online GiantEagleListens Survey Sweepstakes

The first way to win $2,000 gift card is by entering online GiantEagleListens sweepstakes. Here, you will need to prepare a recent Giant Eagle receipt that has GiantEagleListens Survey Code.

  • Method #2: An Offline GiantEagleListens Sweepstakes

And, the second way to enter GEPharmacyListens Sweepstakes program is by joining the offline one. Here, you will need to use the service or post office as you need to send a letter to  Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction 2018 Sweepstakes. You must address the letter to 300 State St. Suite 402, Rochester, New York 14614.

What to Prepare for GiantEagleListens Customer Satisfaction Survey?

And if you are going to enter Giant Eagle Supermarket Survey, you will need to prepare some stuff. They are such as:

  • A Device with JavaScript

The first thing to prepare is the electronic device such as a laptop, or computer, or mobile phone. In this case, you need to make sure that you have the last version of internet browser. Here, you can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, yet UC Browser.

  • Internet Access

The second thing to prepare is the internet access that you must provide. Of course, you need to get reliable internet access that is fast, secure, as well as stable. It is because you are going to take an online or survey.

  • A Recent Valid Giant Eagle Receipt

The next and the most important thing to prepare is a recent and valid Giant Eagle receipt. Here, you can get Giant Eagle receipt if you do a transaction at Giant Eagle supermarket. On the receipt, you will find a unique GiantEagleListens Survey Invitation Code. Without GiantEagleListens Survey Code, you cannot pass survey portal.

How to Enter an Online GiantEagleListens Survey Sweepstakes Step by Step Guide?

Well, the first way to enter an online Giant Eagle Listens sweepstakes is by preparing the items you will need. After you get everything you need, you can start to follow these GiantEagleListens survey sweepstakes steps. They are:

  • Step #1: Visit Website

The first step that you need to take is to enter portal. Here, you can start to grab the device that you have connected to the internet. For the next, you can launch your browser and start to click the address bar. Here, you can type or Yes, these GiantEagleListens link address will direct you to GiantEagleListens survey page.

  • Step #2: Read GiantEagleListens Sweepstakes Rules (optional)

For the next, once you reach to GEPharmacyListens homepage, you can start to click the link entitled “Sweepstakes Rules.” You can find it at the bottom of the page, and it is optional. SO, it will be okay if you skip this step.

  • Step #3: Read GiantEagleListens Privacy Policy (optional)

The next step will also be optional for you. If you think it is necessary for you, you can read GEPharmacyListens privacy policy. Easily, you just find a link entitled “Privacy Policy.” Yes, you can find the link beside the rules, and it will open a new tab for you.

  • Step #4: Input GiantEagleListens Survey Code

After that, you will have to input the only GiantEagleListens survey credential that is GiantEagleListens Survey Code. As you have prepared Giant Eagle receipt, you can check the code. You need to make sure that you input the correct code if you do not want to repeat the process.

  • Step #5: Click “Start.”

If you are sure about the code you input, you can click the black button entitled “Start.” This button then will direct you to the main GiantEagleListens survey page.

  • Step #6: Answer GiantEagleListens Survey Questions

And then, you will find some GiantEagleListens questions that you must answer honestly. Here, you need to provide the best answers that can describe your shopping experience at Giant Eagle Supermarket.  Not to mention, you may need to face the questions about Giant Eagle employees, Giant Eagle Store cleanliness, Giant Eagle products, and so on.

  • Step #7: Send Giant Eagle Feedback

After completing the answers, you will face an open GiantEagleListens question. Here, you will get a chance to give Giant Eagle feedback. They are such as Giant Eagle complaints, Giant Eagle suggestions, Giant Eagle critics, and other Giant Eagle comments. No doubt, your GiantEagleListens feedback means a lot to Giant Eagle team.

  • Step #8: Enter GiantEagleListens Sweepstakes Page

For the next, after you complete all GEPharmacyListens survey process, you will get an offer to enter GiantEagleListens sweepstakes page. Here, you can either agree or not to join the program that will bring you to $2,000 richer.

  • Step #9: Complete Your Personal Information

If you agree, you can enter Giant Eagle Listens sweepstakes program. In this case, you will have to complete your personal information. They are like your full name, age, gender, and other information. Besides, you will need to complete your contacts such as email address, phone number, as well as postal mailing address. If you become a GiantEagleListens winner, you will get a mail or call from GiantEagleListens team.

How to Join an Offline GiantEagleListens Sweepstakes via Mail?

Another best way to take part in GiantEagleListens sweepstakes is by joining the offline one. Of course, you will need to follow some Giant Eagle Listens steps, such as:

  • Step #1: Prepare Utensils

First, you are going to need a postcard with the size of 3-inch x 5-inch that has a bright color. And then, you also need a pen or other permanent utensil that you can use to write something. And also, you will need an envelope as you must send it via post office.

  • Step #2: Write Your Personal Information

If you have got everything ready, you can start to write your personal information. They are such as your phone number, email address, as well as postal mailing address.

  • Step #3: Send to GiantEagleListens Address

And then, you can start to input the self-addressed letter into an envelope. You can then begin to send it to Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction 2018 Sweepstakes. The proper address will be 300 State Street Suite 402, Rochester, New York 14614 United States.

What are the Official GiantEagleListens Sweepstakes Rules?

When you participate in GEPharmacyListens sweepstakes, you need to obey some rules. And, the rules are such as:

  • Rule #1: GiantEagleListens Sweepstakes Participants

The first rule that you need to know is the eligibility of the participants. In this case, it is a must for you to be 18 or older. Besides, you must be a legal United States resident. More to know, you must not be Giant Eagle employees as they cannot participate in GiantEagleListens sweepstakes. It means all Giant Eagle employees have no chance to win $2,000 GiantEagle gift card.

  • Rule #2: Giant Eagle Listens Survey Entrance Procedures

The second rule to follow will be about Giant Eagle Listens entrance. As you can see, there are two ways in participating Giant Supermarket survey sweepstakes. You can either enter the online or the offline Giant Eagle supermarket sweepstakes. For the online one, you will need to own GiantEagleListens survey code. And, there will be a limitation for your participation. You can join one Giant Eagle Listens sweepstakes in a month, and you can take other sweepstakes in every month. In total, there will be twelve chances for you to be GiantEagleListens $2,000 winners.

  • Rule #3: GiantEagleListens Sweepstakes Winners

The last rule will be about Giant Eagle Listens winners. If you have participated in Giant Eagle Listens sweepstakes, you will need to keep updates with Giant Eagle Listens winners’ announcement. For the next, you will have to make sure that your name is on the list of Giant Eagle Listens winners at or In case you find it, you will get a call or mail from Giant Eagle Listens team. It will be nice if you give your fastest response. It is because GEPharmacyListens team has a right to substitute you with other winners.

What are the GiantEagleListens Survey Sweepstakes Prizes and Rewards?

For information, Giant Eagle Incorporation offers you to win $2,000 Giant Eagle Gift Card. In this case, there will be nine GEPharmacyListens Prizes for nine Giant Eagle sweepstakes winners.  In total, GiantEagleListens prizes are $18,000 Giant Eagle gift cards. Wow! If you want to maximize your chance to be Giant Eagle survey winners, you must take your twelve chances to join the sweepstakes.

How to Check GiantEagleListens Sweepstakes Winners?

Indeed, there are a couple of ways that you can do in order to check the list of Giant Eagle survey winners. They are:

  • Method #1: An Online GiantEagleListens Winners Announcement

The first way to try is to access GEPharmacyListens official website that is or Here, you will get a list of Giant Eagle Listens winners’ name.

  • Method #2: An Offline Giant Eagle Listens Winners List Request

Or, you can also start to write a self-addressed letter to Giant Eagle Listens team. You can send it to Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018 Sweepstakes Winners List Request. In this case, the address will be at 300 State Street, Suite 402, Rochester, New York 14614 United States.

About GiantEagleListens Survey Sweepstakes Troubleshooting and Help

In the process of completing an online Giant Eagle Listens survey sweepstakes, you may get some troubles. Indeed, you do not need to worry as you can solve the troubles. These are some troubleshooting at portal, such as:

  • Troubleshooting #1: Internet Access Is Interrupted

First, you need to check your internet access as the unreliable connection can lead you to face some troubles. Not to mention, it can make your Giant Eagle Listens survey code becomes no longer valid. The slow connection here will make you need to find another Giant Eagle Listens survey code.

  • Troubleshooting #2: JavaScript is Out of Dated

The next trouble may come because you have an out of dated JavaScript or browser. You will make it better if you check on Google the latest version of your browser. After getting the updated one, you can restart the browser, and re-access Giant Eagle Listens website at or

  • Troubleshooting #3: Giant Eagle Listens Server is Down

And, the last Giant Eagle Listens troublemaker may come from the server that is done. If you see, you will need to contact Giant Eagle customer service team in order to fix this trouble. It is so as you cannot solve it as you are not the admin. Indeed, it will need longer time in recovering the server.

About Giant Eagle Company Profile

You have known a lot about Giant Eagle Listens Survey Sweepstakes program, and now, you can gain more information about the company. For your information, Giant Eagle is such an American Supermarket Chain that provides fuel station as well as convenience stores. For the first time, Giant Eagle company opened in March 1933. It took place in O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania where the first store opened,

Today, in 2018, you can find more than 150 Giant Eagle Stores spread in the United States. You can find Giant Eagle locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, yet West Virginia, as well as Maryland. Yes, you can say that Giant Eagle becomes one of the 50 largest supermarkets according to Forbes. If you want to know more, you can visit There will be rich info that you can get such as Giant Eagle Savings, Giant Eagle Products & Services, Giant Eagle Recipes & Planning, Giant Eagle Online Ordering, Giant Eagle Pharmacy & Wellness, as well as Giant Eagle Gift Cards.

What are Giant Eagle Supermarket Products?

For information, you can find many things at Giant Eagle store locations. No doubt, the stores will be one of the best places for you to shop your daily needs. They are such as:

  • Giant Eagle Bakery
  • Cheese Shop
  • Giant Eagle Deli
  • Frozen Foods
  • Giant Eagle Grocery Aisles
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Giant Eagle Health and Home
  • Giant Eagle Baby Care
  • Contact Lenses
  • Giant Eagle Floral
  • Greeting Cards
  • Giant Eagle Health and Wellness Products
  • Household Needs
  • Giant Eagle Personal Care and Beauty
  • Pet Care
  • Giant Eagle Pharmacy Services
  • Equipment Rental
  • Giant Eagle Banking Service
  • Giant Eagle Café Service
  • Dietitian Service
  • Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning Service
  • Eagle’s Nest Child Care Service
  • Photos Services
  • Giant Eagle Port Authority ConnectCard Service
  • And Giant Eagle Western Union Service

How to Find Giant Eagle Locations?

Somehow, you may need to find the nearest Giant Eagle Store Locations. Indeed, you have some best ways that you can try, such as:

  • Method #1: Giant Eagle Near Me

The first method you can try is to explore Google and you can search Giant Eagle Near Me. Or, you can also search using other terms like Giant Eagle Stores Near Me,  Giant Eagle Locations Near Me, as well as Giant Eagle Supermarkets Near Me. The results here will show you the list of nearest Giant Eagle locations. You can also find out Giant Eagle hours of operation that help you much to find the store you want. Besides, you can check Giant Eagle review just in case you need more information.

  • Method #2: Giant Eagle Store Locator

The second way to find Giant Eagle locations is by visiting Giant Eagle official website. You can start to go online and access And then, you will find a menu of Giant Eagle Store Locator. At the menu, you need to enter some geological details like the zip code, city, as well the states. And then, you will get a list of Giant Eagle stores locations. Along with them, you can also get the information of Giant Eagle hours of operation and Giant Eagle reviews.

At the website, you will get more information about Giant Eagle Contest, Giant Supermarket Survey, Giant Eagle App, as well as Giant Eagle HR Phone Number. Besides, you can also get more about Giant Eagle Bakery, Giant Eagle Pharmacy, Giant Eagle Near Me, Giant Eagle Holiday Hours, complete with Giant Eagle Deli and Giant Eagle Ad. Yes, you can get all information available at

  • Method #3: Giant Eagle App

And the last, you can start to find Giant Eagle stores locations by downloading Giant Eagle application at Google Play Store or Apple Store. On the application, you will find Giant Eagle Store Locator. Easily, you just have to turn on the location and it will automatically search the nearest Giant Eagle stores.

How to Contact Giant Eagle Customer Service Team?

So, you may be in need to get in touch with Giant Eagle representatives. In this case, it will be nice if you start to reach Giant Eagle customer service. And, Giant Eagle contacts details are:

  • Giant Eagle Headquarter Address

The first Giant Eagle contact that you can try is Giant Eagle mailing address. in this case, you can start to write a letter and send it to Giant Eagle headquarters. The address will be at 101 Kappa Dr. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15238 United States.

  • Giant Eagle Phone Numbers

Or, you can also start to dial Giant Eagle customer service phone number at 1 800 553 2324. And, for Giant Eagle Indianapolis Customers phone number, you can dial 1 866 620 0216.

  • Giant Eagle Office Hours

Talking about Giant Eagle work hours, you need to know that you can dial Giant Eagle customer service starting from Monday to Friday. Giant Eagle customer service representatives are available at 9 AM to 9 PM.

  • Giant Eagle Official Websites

And the last, you can reach Giant Eagle representatives by visiting Giant Eagle websites First, you can go to to find the information about Giant Eagle Contest, Giant Eagle App, Giant Eagle HR Phone Number and Giant Eagle Pharmacy. Besides, you can also get more about Giant Eagle Bakery, Giant Eagle Locations as well as Giant Eagle Near Me. In addition, you can gain more about Giant Eagle App, Giant Eagle Holiday Hours, as well as Giant Eagle Deli, and Giant Eagle Ad.

Or, you can also access survey or just in case you want to participate in Giant Supermarket Survey that is also known as Giant Eagle Market District Listens or Giant Eagle Express Listens. You can win $2,000 Giant Eagle Gift Card from GEPharmacyListens sweepstakes. Overall, enjoy your Giant Eagle Pharmacy Sweepstakes process and win $2,000 gift card!

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