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Guest Obsessed Survey is an official Checker’s and Rally’s guest satisfaction survey that is available at In this case, you can start to use your valid Checker’s and Rally’s receipt which has Guest Obsessed Survey code. And, you can start to go to Guest Obsessed Survey website to complete Checker’s and Rally’s survey form. In the end of Guest Obsessed Survey, you must get Checker’s and Rally’s coupon for the Checker’s and Rally’s free sandwich. Enjoy!

If you recently visited Checker and Rally’s restaurant, you will have a precious chance to get a Checker and Rally’s free sandwich. Indeed, what you need to do is very simple. You just have to spend your 5 minutes to take Guest Obsessed Survey and answer the entire Checker and Rally’s survey questions. You do not have to worry because the questions will be easy. And I can make sure you can answer Guest Obsessed Survey questions quickly. You can imagine how cool it will be if you can get Checker and Rally’s Coupons for free sandwiches, every day! Wow!

About Guest Obsessed Survey

Guest Obsessed is a customer survey from Checker and Rally’s that has the goal to measure the customers level of satisfaction. Surely these sites will be used to enhance all the quality that offers to the customer in order to gain more profits for the company. On the other hand, all customers can get free products to replace their time in participating in the survey. And the company can understand and measure how far their products can be consumed by all people. The survey is also about how the customer feels toward their products.

Checker's and Rally's Guest Obsessed Survey for Checker's and Rally's free sandwich
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Yes, you can say that Checker and Rally Survey as a win-win solution. It is so as both sides whether customers can enjoy their free meals. Meanwhile, Checker and Rally through can gain their measurement of customer satisfaction. Without a doubt, it is worthy to spend our precious five minutes to get the free sandwich. If you want more pleasing one, you can ask your friends join you. It will be great to have fun with friends while enjoying free delicious sandwiches.

What are the Checker and Rally Guest Obsessed Survey Questions?

No need to worry about the question that you have to answer in the survey because all questions related to your experience. It can be about Checker and RallysRally’scts. Here are some topics asked in Guest Obsessed Survey:

  • Guest Obsessed Survey Question #1: Quality Of The Food

The question in the survey will discuss about the quality of the foods. It can be the questions that need your explanation and your opinion. For example, it is such as how good is the quality of the food or meal that you received. You can share your experience and your thought through the survey honestly. All your input information will be evaluated by the management. So, that they can give you better quality as you need.

  • Guest Obsessed Survey Question #2: Cleanliness Of The Store

The other question also will discuss the cleanliness of the store or outlet that you have been visited. Actually, the cleanliness is a part of the quality yet the store cleanliness is a part of service quality provide for all the customer so that everybody can have a clean and hygiene place for eat.

  • Guest Obsessed Survey Question #3: Services Provided To You

You also can share your experience about the service that you get. If you think the management need to improve their services you may explain it clearly in the survey.

  • Guest Obsessed Survey Question #4: Comfort and Atmosphere

In order to sell their product and keep the customer satisfaction in their pocket, Checker and Rally team pay attention to their atmosphere and comfort place. So the question about how comfortable the place for you may consider as the question that needs the customer perspective.

  • Guest Obsessed Survey Question #5: Friendliness of Employee

The success of one outlet or store will be influence the achievement of the company. For that reason, all the staff and employee of Checker and Rally should be as friendly as they can. At this point, you can also give your comment on how friendly the employee that serves you at your last visit.

  • Guest Obsessed Survey Question #6: Overall Satisfaction Level of the Customer

For all the questions asked the other point that is not less important is about your satisfaction. In the overall section of the management, they will measure the level of customers happiness through Guest Obsessed Survey.

What to Prepare for Checker and Rally’s Survey / Guest Obsessed Survey?

Before you start taking the survey, there are some things that you will need. Therefore, you have to get everything prepared before you start. Here they are:

  • First, you are going to need the most an electronic device such as laptop, computer, or maybe the smartphone
  • Second, you must have an internet connection as you are going to take the online Guest Obsessed Survey
  • Third, you should have Checker and Rally receipt that has Checker and Rally On Go Survey Codes or what you can call as Checker and Rally Survey Entry Code
  • Fourth, you should free your time for about five to ten minutes to complete it
  • Fifth, it is important to have a pen as you must write the Checker and Rally free sandwich coupon on the receipt

How to Participate in Guest Obsessed Step by Step Guide?

It looks like you are so excited about participating in Guest Obsessed Survey program. Indeed, in order to get the GuestObsessed Rewards, you have to complete the survey first. Then, you will be able to enter the GuestObsessed Sweepstakes and get the GuestObsessed redemption code. Without making it any longer, here are Guest Obsessed Survey steps to follow:

  • Step #1:

To participate in the survey surely you need to connect your device to internet connection because Guest Obsessed Survey will simply access through an online website.

  • Step #2:

Then, you need to open your browser and enter in the toolbar and click search.

  • Step #3:

In the homepage of Guest Obsessed you need to enter some information from your Checker and Rally obsessed receipt. The first is Guest Obsessed Survey Entry Code that consists of Checker and Rally 4-digit survey code. Then, you will have to input the date and time you have visited the outlet or store. and the last, you should input Checker and Rally Store Number to verify the location of the store you last visited.

  • Step #4:

After that, you just need to click start and answer all Guest Obsessed survey questionnaires based on your own experience.

  • Step #5:

In the end of Guest Obsessed Survey, there will be other pages that supposed to be filled up with your personal data information, consist of name, address, phone number, age and much other general information. The information you have given is needed for company data and for makes sure that you are the one who deserves the rewards.

  • Step #6:

Later you have finished all the survey, you will get Guest Obsessed redemption code. You can also call this as Guest Obsessed Validation Code that you can only get at

  • Step #7:

Next, you can visit one of the Checkers and Rally’s restaurants. And here, you should show your last receipt along with Guest Obsessed Coupon Code to the staff. No doubt, they will serve you well and you can get and enjoy you free Checker and Rally sandwich.

About Checker and Rally Restaurant

Checker and Rally is one of the most well-known restaurants that have been built by Jim Mattei. He opened the first restaurant entitled Rally’s  in 1985. Then, he opened the second chain a year letter with the name of  Checker’s precisely in 1986. His concept of improving his double drive-thru restaurant has successfully achieved. However, since 1991 Checker and Rally runs under sentinel capital partners management.

Now Checker and Rally operated in 28 different countries with 784 store chains. Their products of burger, hot dogs, chicken, fish, hot wings and many other expected can satisfy all fast food lovers all around the world. If you want to make a visit, you can start accessing the official website at At the site, you can use the Checker and Rally’s locator to find the Nearest Checker and Rally locations. You can also use Google by using the term Checker and Rally Near Me.

Ways to Contact Checker and Rallys Customer Service

In case you have problems with Checker and Rally product or service. Or, you may need such a media to share your critics. Or you may have an issue you think we need to listen you can check our officially account below:

  • Checker and Rally Headquarter Address

Checker and Rally chain all around the world operated under control of the central company in the Tampa, Florida, united states. in case you want to walk in or sent a letter to them, their complete address is on checker Drive-in Restaurants, Inc. 4300 west Cypress St Suite 600, Tampa, and Florida 33606. If you think your location is near and prefer to walk-in to share your thought all the staff will serve you with warmhearted.

  • Checker and Rally Phone Number

You also can reach the management or store of Checker and Rally by contacting their number in 1 800 800 8072. This number also available for you who want to ask about survey question, store survey, menu, store location and much other information related to the Checker and Rally restaurant.  In using contact number you need to pay attention to the time you are taking the call because there will be working hours for the call center staff that may be available to answer your phone call.

  • Checker and Rally Live Chats

To create such a close relationship between Checker and Rally management with their customer they also provide some social media account. Among some social media that is available they are:

Checker and Rally Facebook: You can check their Facebook account in @checkersrallys and like their homepage to give you more information. You can access Checkers and Rallys hot promotions. This account also will answer your question and reply your comment nicely.

Checker and Rally Instagram: This account media is usually used to attract people to try their products. Because, the official accounts usually share the picture or delicious burger and many other foods that they sell. By following Checker and Rally Instagram on @checkersrallys, you can update their best menu.

Checker and Rally Twitter: This account is provided for you who might exist in using Twitter to communicate. Some people may also share their video or photo and mention to Checker and Rally twitter account. And as the reward, the company will also share their promotional products with you.

  • Checker and Rally Official Websites

Form more detail information you probably need just visit and. You will find any information starting from Checker and Rally menu and special offers. You can find the nearest Checker and Rally restaurant from your location. Usually, you can detect the location by entering the zip code of your area or enter the name of your city. The results will show Checker and Rally Nearest Stores complete with the Checker and Rally hours. Of course, you can follow the Checker and Rally map to reach the stores you want.

And for you who want to get free sandwich and join the survey can access the official website for the survey in The management provides only two official websites for different purposes. One is for online order and restaurant information. And the second is the customer survey. Usually, the website provides more detail information than the other media. Yet for you who wants to ask for more information, you may use some other media account. They are like Facebook, Instag, am and Twitter.

So, it is all about Guest Obsessed Survey Sweepstakes Program that you have to know. This awesome program will be cool if you are willing to participate in. not all Checker and Rally customers are aware of the prizes and even the promotions. So, get the Checker and Rally coupon and happy enjoying the free sandwich!

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