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Inform Target Survey is the official Target customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $1,500 Target gift card. In this case, you can use your Target receipt with Inform Target Survey code. And, you can access to take Inform Target Survey. For the next, if you have answered all Inform Target Survey questions, you can enter Inform Target sweepstakes page. Yes, here, you can be Inform Target winners for $1,500 Target gift card. Enjoy Inform Target Survey sweepstakes!

Nowadays, there are so many ways to shop happily! One of the best supermarkets is Target, a place where you can get all your daily needs with high quality. Starting with clothing, shoes, accessories, baby kinds of stuff, to home furniture, your life seems to be perfect. And, if you are looking for some extra, you must be glad. It is because you can win $1,500 Target Gift Card by taking an Inform Target Survey. Yes, you can share your experience in using Target as your shopping online and enjoy the Inform Target Survey Rewards. Where else you can get a gift card only by participating in a survey? You can get it only from InformTarget that you can complete within five minutes. Cool, isn’t it!

About Inform Target Survey

Target is a second largest American retailer in United State. In developing their services and products, Targets hold Inform Target Survey Program. It is an online customer experience survey that will measure the customer satisfaction when they shop at Target stores. Through Survey, the company will improve their services and product based on customer satisfaction they offer. No doubt, Target will always listen to all customers’ experience. If you are one of the customers, you can share your mind about Target products.

Inform Target Survey Sweepstakes for $1,500 Target Gift Cards
Inform Target Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides taken from

Indeed, to finish the whole process of Inform Target Customer Experience Survey is easy as you can complete it in less than ten minutes. Moreover, Target will offer you a chance to win Target $1,500 Target Gift Card. Once you finish the survey, you will get a chance to enter Inform Target Sweepstakes. Then, you will get InformTarget Validation Code. The Inform Target Draw process then will show some lucky Inform Target Survey Sweepstake winners. And if it is you, you can use the gift card to shop for anything you want for the next visit at Target Supermarkets.

What to Prepare for Inform Target Customer Satisfaction Survey?

When you find that participating in InformTarget Short Survey is interesting, you can start following the Inform Target Survey instructions. The first thing that you must pay attention to is the things that you have to prepare for the survey. It is necessary to have everything ready once you start taking the survey. It will save time, energy as you can do it faster. So, here are the things to prepare:

  • Electronic Device

Since Target become one of the largest retail shops in the world, to reach all their customers they provide their shop online. So to access their shop and follow their Target survey you will need a device that you can use online to reach Target survey website.

  • Internet Connection

Well, this one is a must for you to access all the websites. You can use the Wi-Fi area or use your own data. It is because you cannot enter the Inform Target Survey Page without the internet connection.

  • Internet Browser

This is can be in the form of Mozilla, opera, or chrome that usually welcomes you by their Google page. What you have to do is choosing one then press the icon on your smartphones or your personal computer. There you can start to access the website and then you will in Target survey homepage.

  • Capability of Understanding English or Spanish

In the InformTarget homepage, they will provide you the survey in two different languages, the first choice will be English and the second language will be Spanish. So, choose the language you will understand the most to follow the survey step.

  • Valid Inform Receipt

This is one thing that you will need in doing Target survey because your chance to win the gift card will you get only after you purchase some products in Target. Your valid register receipt will be your proof to an online system that you are the truly Target’s customer. Pay attention to the time you get your receipt because it will relate to your chances to win the gift card

  • Inform Target Survey Entry Code

At the receipt, you have to make sure that it has Inform Target Survey Invitation Code. In this case, you can find the code along with the Target store number. When you are about to enter the survey, you must pass the Inform Target Login portal using this code.

How to Take InformTarget Guest Satisfaction Survey Step by Step?

For all of the customer survey that has been received by the Target system. Only some of them which have fulfilled the Target survey requirement will get the gift card.  Their deal may be as follow:

  • Step #1:

The very first step that you must take is to enter In case you cannot reach the page, you have to check the setting in the JavaScript of the internet browser. If you find it disabled for, you must set it into enabled. Then, you can restart the browser, or maybe you can restart the electronic device if it is necessary.

  • Step #2:

Then, surely you have to pass the Target survey login by using Inform Target Survey Entry Code printed on your receipt. You cannot jump into the InformTarget sweepstakes page unless you finish completing the whole process for the survey.

  • Step #3:

Now, you are going to answer InformTarget questions. You do not have to worry as they are easy and can for all the customers. So, when the customer successfully answers Inform Target questions. The first questions section will be about how we visited the Target stores. And the second section, we will face some questions about

  • Step #4:

The next step is answering an open question. In this case, you can write anything you want about Target Company or Target store that you have visited. You can give Inform Target complaints about the service, Target products, and so on. As it has a limitation, you should make it brief and understandable. It is important if you add the specific topic, as well as the date and time of the event.

  • Step #5:

Now, you will automatically enter into Inform Target sweepstakes. At the page, you will get a chance to win from $25 InformTarget Gift Card up to $1500 Target Gift Card instantly. The InformTarget customer survey’s agent will contact the lucky winner via email, mail or phone within 48 hours. At this section, you must input your personal information as the Inform Target team will need it to contact you. Of course, you do not want to miss the InformTarget announcement that you are the Inform Target Survey Sweepstakes winners, do you?

  • Step #6:

The last, you are going to get InformTarget Validation Code or what you can also call as InformTarget Redemption Code. It is necessary for you to write down the code on the receipt. And, when the team contacts you, you can show the Inform Target Validation Code as the proof.

What Are the InformTarget Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

After knowing the step by step instructions for InformTarget Survey, now it is the time for you to know the rules. Here they are:

  • InformTarget Questions

Since this is the Target survey, so they will ask you some question in order to measure how to satisfy their customer with their product. Not only that, the customer survey will also be their way to do their promotion. Target as one of the family’s favorite shop will ask you the question and what you have to do is answer the question based on your experience when you try to buy their products.

  • Your Age

The customer who joins this survey must 18 years old, and not allowed for under 18. It is because the InformTarget will require your id. Meanwhile, the ID is for those who are at least 18 years old.

  • No Target Employees or Family Member Allowed

This survey and also the gift card only offer to all customers of Target. And, it is forbidden for employees of Target and also the family of the employee’s Target.

  • Inform Target Sweepstakes Prizes

The team will announce the winners of $1500 gift card per month. So do not worry about you who might afraid not to get the offering. In case you have won a prize, you cannot win for twice.

  • InformTarget Survey Period

The customer who takes the InformTarget Guest Satisfaction Survey must complete the survey at least 72 hours after buying Target’s products. More than 72 hours, the team will count the survey but they will not allow you to enter the InformTarget Sweepstakes.

  • InformTarget Prizes

After completing the question-answer page, then you will get more instruction to redeem the offer printed on the receipt. Moreover, Target will automatically take you into sweepstakes for winning $1,500 gift card. For information, you cannot redeem the InformTarget Gift Card for cash. And, there will be the limitation on the date. You should spend the whole balance before the date. Otherwise, the balance will get expired and you get nothing from the gift card.

About Target Company Profile is the website for doing Inform Target Experience Survey. Meanwhile, Target itself is a largest retail store that has a chain across the United State, Canada, and Australia. Target first builds in 1902 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United State by George Dayton.  Now, Target has been successfully developing. It has more than 1,000 chains store with 6000 employees only in United State. To fulfill your daily need, Target offers their products, such as:

  • Clothing And Accessories
  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Gardening Stuff
  • Beauty and Health
  • Households
  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Sporting Goods
  • Pet Stuff
  • Movies
  • Shoes
  • Games And Toys
  • Office Supplies

Target will provide many things that people need in their life with high quality and services. In order to meet and exceed their customer expectation, Target holds the Target survey. Through you can participate in the survey. No doubt, you can help Target become the best retail shop. On the other hand, you will get your best experience in buying Target products.

How to Contact Target Customer Service?

In case you have a problem with access the website or you have a problem with the product from Target. Or maybe you want to give a comment on Target. There are some Ways to contact InformTarget customer service. You can choose one that you think will be the easiest way to reach Target customer services. They are:

  • InformTarget Company Address

The Target headquarters are in Target Plaza north and Target Plaza south 1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, Minnesota, and United States. In case you have some problem or ideas about the company, you can share with them. The customer services will be glad to see you as long as you have made an appointment before. Nevertheless, there are some other companies in the different countries. They are such as Canada and Australia that you can access.

  • Target Phone Number

Need to speak to Target Customer Service is also reachable by phone. The company has provided some specific number. Of course, you can use to overcome your problem in using Target Services. Such as for general problem related to corporate information please dial 612 304 6073. You can dial 1 800 910 6874 when you have a problem or questions about Target product safety and quality. For rely on service, you can only dial 711. Usually, a different problem has different hotline numbers. And it means, different number serves different customers’ problems.

  • Target Email Address

Target hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM. In case you want to use email to share your critic or comment just sent it to Your email will directly send to guest relation agent. Or, you can access the email also through the website. This Target also available in many social media such as target Instagram, Target Facebook, and Target Twitter. All your comments and critics also will be useful for Target Company.

  • Target Official Websites

Target has provided some Official website in order to categories their program and business. As the customer, you do not have to worry and confuse to operate the website. What you need to know that the official website for a customer to buy Target product is At this website, you can access Target Locator to find the Nearest Target Stores. Simply, all that you should input is the zip code, city, and also country of the place you want to visit. You can also search Target Near Me on a search engine to find the Target Nearest Stores.

Meanwhile, if you want to participate in the survey, you can visit Without a doubt, you will get rich information about the survey. So, that is all about Inform Target Survey Sweepstakes program that you must know. Enjoy the survey and win $1,500 Inform Target Gift Cards!

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