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InformTarget is the official Target customer satisfaction survey that will grant you $1,500 Target gift card. In this case, you just need to take and complete InformTarget survey. And then, you will get a chance to enter InformTarget sweepstakes page to win $1,500 Target Gift Card. For your information, you just need to prepare a recent and valid Target receipt with InformTarget survey code. And, you can answer all InformTarget questions asked at survey sweepstakes.

If you see, you will be able to send Target feedback at InformTarget survey. Not to mention, you can feel free to write Target complaints, Target critics, as well as Target comments and Target suggestions. Yes, your Target feedback here means a lot to Target company. It is because your Target complaints can help the company to understand the minus point. And, Target will fix those problems for you. As the reward for your time, you can be InformTarget sweepstakes winner. Yes, you will grab $1,500 gift card that will make you happier. Nice offer, isn’t it?

About Target Corporation

Before we start to take this precious InformTarget survey, it is necessary to know deeper about this corporation. For our information, George Dayton for the first time was launching Target Corporation in 1902.  The Target headquarters is in Minneapolis, a city in Minnesota. Believe it or not, we can see that this company becomes the runner-up for the largest discount retailer located in the USA. Now, this company has over 1800 stores spread in the country. If we question the total number of the employees, we will get the number over than 341,000 workers. Of course, Target wants to give the best services and best high-quality products to all customers.


If we wonder what this Target Corporation sells, we can visit Target Stores that will offer us some merchandise stores. Besides, those stores have SuperTarget stores that sell some foods products. We will have more choices based on the size, colors, materials, and so on that other stores may not offer. If we want to know more about this company, we can access it online at

About InformTarget Customer Satisfaction Survey

InformTarget Survey is such an online survey held by Target Corporation. In this case, Target gives a chance to all customers to speak their mind. If we are such a customer of this store, then we can take this program. Sometimes, we may get the services or some products are not proper. Through Inform Target, we will have the same opportunities like other customers to complain, give suggestions, and so on. For the rewards, as we have spent our ten to fifteen minutes of our precious time, we will get a chance to win some prizes. We can win both $1,500 gift card as well as $25 instant cash prize.

Of course, we have to take InformTarget feedback survey to get the chance. As it is online, we can take the survey at home by accessing Informtarget.Com Survey. If we are lucky, we can be the Inform Target Winners who will win the prizes. We can imagine what we will do with those prizes. Without a doubt, it will make our day. If we think it is worthless to take the survey, we need to understand what we will get from it. Not to mention, we can learn how to create a survey for the sake of our business. InformTarget survey will give us an insight that customers mean a lot to a business. It is like the main foundation and we cannot keep it, it will ruin the business.

The same with the Target Corporation, this company wants to evaluate the business. The Target team wants to know whether the customers get satisfaction from the services and products or not. Of course, the only side who can see it is the customers. That is why the company team needs to listen to what customers want. From the survey, Target team will know what to fix and to make it better. Indeed, a happy customer is such an important asset for the company. Without being asked, they will spread their satisfaction shopping at these stores and recommend it to other people. We can say it is the power of customers’ lips.

How to take InformTarget Guest Satisfaction Survey?

The answer this question is easy. All we have to do is to access Yes, it is such an InformTarget Official Website. But first of all, we have to know every single detail needed for the survey. Not to mention, we have to be eligible to be the participants. Once we know the rules, it is important to know what to prepare for InformTarget. After that, it is the time to know the sequenced steps of taking the survey process. Alright, here are the details that we need to know, such as:

What to Prepare for InformTarget Short Survey?

Okay, first thing first, we have to know the stuff that we need to access Survey. If we want to take the survey, we have to prepare such as:

  • First: a Target receipt

We can get once we have bought an item from the store. In this case, we will find a Target Invitation Survey Code that we have to input to the survey page. For the sake of validity, we have to take the survey as soon as possible and the receipt cannot be older than three days.

  • Second: Gadget and the Internet

We have to prepare a gadget like a laptop, computer, smartphone or maybe a tablet as the tool for us to take the online form. As it is online, of course, without having to mention, we must have fast internet connection. Indeed, a low-speed connection will influence the process of the survey. Once we cannot load the page and somehow we have to go back, the InformTarget invitation survey code will be not valid and we cannot continue taking the survey.

  • Third: Precious Time

As the process of taking InformTarget, we will have to spend our precious time for about ten to twenty minutes at the max. If we are in a rush, it is much better to take it later. We can do that when it is a lunchtime, and so on. It is because we have to finish the survey at once. In other words, we cannot delay the half process later as the Target survey code will be no longer valid.

  • Fourth: Our Personal Information

If we cannot memorize our contact details, it is best to take a note. It is important when we take the survey not at home and we may forget to bring our phone. If we want to get a chance to win, we have to enter InformTarget Sweepstakes after the survey and it needs our personal contact details.

What are the InformTarget Experience Survey Rules?

The next, it is the time to understand all rules for InformTarget. Just like games, this online survey has some rules that we have to obey. They are such as:

  • First, we have to be 18 years or can be older at the time we take Inform Target Guest Experience Survey
  • Second, we have to know that only the residence of United States of America who can take the survey. Or maybe, we have to be a legal resident of Columbia District. In case we are the resident of Canada, we can access it in a different page that is
  • Third, we cannot take the survey if we are the Target employees or maybe the family
  • We cannot enter the InformTarget sweepstakes before we finish the InformTarget Guest Experience Survey

What are the InformTarget Survey Steps?

Now, we are eligible and ready to take the survey. Indeed, there are some steps that we have to follow for the sake of completing the InformTarget Survey well. After that, we can take InformTarget Sweepstakes to get a chance to win the gift cards. Alright ladies and gentlemen, here are the steps we have to take, such as:

  • First, we have to open our gadget an open the best internet browser
  • Second, we have to go to InformTarget Survey Page at
  • Third, once we reach the homepage, we have to input our username complete with the password that we can find on the Target receipt
  • Fourth, click the button entitled “Next”
  • Fifth, we will have to set a language and for the best choice, we can select English
  • Sixth, it is the section where we have to answer some questions that have the topic of customer feedback, or maybe suggestions, as well as the products and services
  • Seventh, we can continue by clicking the button entitled “Submit”
  • Eighth, we can enter the InformTarget Sweepstakes $1,500 Gift Card as we have finished the survey. but of course, we need to input our complete name, recent home address, as well as our active phone number and email address

How to Know If We Are the InformTarget Winners?

After taking the survey and sweepstakes, all we need to do is to wait for the announcement of the InformTarget Winner. Indeed, the Target team will call us, or maybe send us an email to give notification if we are the InformTarget online instant game winners. There are two possibilities whether we win $25 gift card or even win the grand prize with the total amount $1500. The team will call the winner within two days after the announcement.

How to Contact Target Corporation Customer Care Service?

Troubles exist on this planet and we cannot avoid them, somehow. Well, if we find some troubles in the process of taking the survey or sweepstakes, we can first analyze what the troublemakers are. In case we cannot find them, it will be best if we contact the Target Customer Service team. There are some Target complaints numbers that we can try to call, such as:

  • The main Target phone number is 612-304-6073
  • In case we have troubles related to Investor Relations, we can call the phone number at (612) 761-6500
  • If we want to talk about the media, it is best to call Target Hotline at (612) 696-3400
  • Somehow, we may do not know how to speak it, and then we can write a letter and send it to the Target email address at

Best Tips and Tricks to Win Target Grand Prizes $1,500 Gift Cards

There are some competitors or Target that they need to fight for the sake of gaining. And in this case, we have competitors with other customers to win the grand prizes. Alright, here are some best tips and tricks to win the prizes, such as:

  • Tip and Trick #1: Take The Survey Many Times

The more we take the survey, the more we can enter the InformTarget Sweepstakes, and the more we get a chance to win the gift cards. It is a powerful sentence that we have to keep in our mind. Indeed, the key to taking the survey here is the receipt. We can buy some items at different times. For example, we may need 5 items that we have to buy. It is best to visit the stores 5 times in a day within an hour. If we want a more efficient way, we can ask our family to go shop with us.

The receipt that they get will be useful for the survey. We can imagine if we buy 5 items per day, we will get 5 receipts each day. In other words, in a month, we will be able to take 5X30= 150 surveys. Now, how about in three months?

  • Tip and Trick #2: Be Smart In Taking the InformTarget Survey

In answering the questions, we need to be wise. Somehow, people consider giving high scores for the sake of flattering the Target team that their company is professional and so on. Indeed, the goal of the survey here is to build the company to be better. And it is our job to approve the team’s dream. We have to show which part of Target that needs to fix. The gift card here is as the appreciation that we have spent our precious time to help the company to serves better products.

  • Tip and Trick #3: InformTarget Sweepstakes Secrets

For our information, we can take the sweepstakes using our email. Indeed, it is more efficient as we will go directly to the Target sweepstakes page. But still, we need to finish the survey in order to take it.

Yeah! We have learned how to take InformTarget Survey and it will make our day if we become the Inform Target Lucky Winners. Indeed, all information is available at and all we have to do is to visit it. For the easiest way, if we get some problems, we can go to Target official website at Then, we can go to the discussion page that offers us a preview of most asked questions that have the answers from Target team. Overall, be brave in taking an opportunity and win $1,500 gift cards now!

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