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LongHornSurvey is the official Long Horn customer satisfaction survey that you can access at www.LongHornSurvey .com. In order to take LongHornSurvey, you have to use a valid Long Horn receipt which you can find the LongHornSurvey code. Yes, you will pass LongHornSurvey portal and you can finished all LongHornSurvey steps. As the reward, you will get a chance to enter LongHorn sweepstakes page to win $18,000 USD Long Horn gift cards. Enjoy taking LongHornSurvey sweepstakes!

In the middle of the night, somehow you may feel hungry. This time, you start to go online and search LongHorn Steakhouse Near Me. Well, no one can deny that LongHorn Steak House Menu becomes one of the most preferred by people today. And without a doubt, we will fall in love too as we can take LongHornSurvey for Longhorn Coupons. Yes, the LongHorn customers today are able to get fresh money and discounts coupon. Of course, we can buy a super delicious steak menu at low prices. Isn’t it amazing?

About LongHornSurvey Steakhouse Customer Satisfaction Survey

Okay, we are the customers of the LongHorn SteakHouse and but still, we do not find that taking LongHorn Survey is important. Well, we may say that it has no significance to our personal life. But, do we know that we can win the total prizes of $18,000 USD? Again, it is $18,000 grand prizes that we can win from LongHorn Survey Sweepstakes. First thing first, we should know deeper about this what the article is all about.

LongHornSurvey tutorial
LongHornSurvey Steps Guides Taken from LongHornSurvey.com

For our information, LongHorn Survey is such an online customer satisfaction survey held by LongHorn Steakhouse. In this case, we can access the online survey at www.LongHornSurvey.com. The process of taking the survey will be less than five minutes. And, all that we should have is the recent LongHorn receipt that is still valid.

The goal of LongHorn Survey is to meet the customer’s expectation about the products and the service. Also, the LongHorn team will know whether the customers are not happy and disappointed. The LongHorn Survey will be the best way for the team to get alerts that the customers will stay or leave. To attract the customers, LongHorn offers us to win the total prize that is $18,000 USD. We can imagine how wonderful it is to win fresh money and discount coupons from the steakhouse.

What Will We Need for LongHorn Survey?

So, the fresh money makes us interested in participating in LongHorn Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • First, we will need a laptop or any other devices as a tool to connect us to the internet
  • Then, we will need a LongHorn Steakhouse receipt that has the LongHornSurvey invitation survey code
  • Also, it is important for us to master one of the two available languages that are English or Spanish
  • We should be a legal U.S resident and if we are not, we should be the resident of Canada, or maybe Puerto Rico
  • The last but also important, as it is about LongHornSurvey sweepstakes with total $18,000 USD prizes, we should be at least 18 years

How to Take Online LongHorn Survey Step by Step Guide?

Yup! We have checked all things that we should prepare before we start taking the LongHornSurvey. Now, we can start to take the surveys by following the steps here. They are:

  • Step #1:

The first step that we have to do is to open the laptop that we have prepared earlier. We can also use our smartphone as long as it is able to access the internet fast. Then, we can open the internet browser and start typing www.LongHornsurvey.com at the address bar. Wait for the loading

  • Step #2:

After we see the LongHornSurvey homepage, we can start to input the LongHorn Survey entry code of 13-digit number. In case we do not have any idea about this, we can check the LongHorn Steakhouse receipt. We will find the LongHornSurvey entry code that has 13 digits.

  • Step #3:

Unlike other surveys, before we complete the LongHorn Feedback Survey, we will get an offer whether we want to enter the LongHorn sweepstakes or not. The prizes vary starting from $50 prizes to $1,000 grand prize for 100 LongHorn Survey winners.

  • Step #4:

If we agree to enter, we will have to input the LongHorn ID number. It is the same as the LongHornSurvey entry number that we get printed on the receipt. Then, after passing the LongHorn Survey login portal, we will go to the survey.

  • Step #5:

There are some LongHornSurvey questions that we have to answer honestly. Indeed, we can remember the last time we visited the LongHorn steakhouse stores. We should remember whether the employees treated us well or not. And about the foods, we can recollect how the taste of the steak.

  • Step #6:

As the questions have multiple answers and the way to answer them is by using the ratings, we have to do so. We can give good rates in case we are satisfied with the last services. It will be okay if we give negative feedback as long as we are honest.

  • Step #7:

After answering the entire questions, we will have to write down the feedback about the LongHorn Stores that we visited. Inside the LongHorn comment box, we can write down the negative or positive comments. As the box limits the comments, we should make sure that we make it brief and understandable. Also, it is important to make the comment specific like mentioning the part we dislike. It is not okay if we write the steakhouse was not good and that’s all. We should mention what makes us dislike it such as the employee who did not clean the table and so on.

  • Step #8:

The last, we should input our personal information. It is one of the most important steps as the contacts we give will be useful. Once the LongHornSurvey team announces that we are the LongHorn sweepstakes winner, we will get a call, email, or mail from the team. The contact details that we should input are our complete name, recent home address complete with the zip code. Also, we should mention our age, active email address, as well as our active phone number. Then, we can click the button with the title “submit the survey” to finish the process.

How to Take LongHorn Survey via Post-Card Mail?

In case we do not have any idea about the internet, we do not have to be sad. Happily, we can take part into the LongHornSurvey Sweepstakes through the mail. Yes, we have to send a letter to the LongHorn Headquarters.

  • Step #1:

First thing first, we have to cut a paper into a card size or we can use a note that is a bit thick. The color should be white as we are going to write something on that post-card.

  • Step #2:

We can use a black pen and write down our complete name. Also, we should include our complete address as well as our email. Then, we need to write down our phone number, our birth date, and maybe our age.

  • Step #3:

Input the postcard that we have been writing something on, to an envelope. Write down the address of the Darden Restaurants Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes. We do not need to worry as this office is a father of LongHorn Steakhouse. The address is PMI Station, PO Box 3536, Southbury, Connecticut 06488-3536, United States of America.

What are the LongHorn Survey Prizes?

Okay, at the title we have understood that the total of the prize is $18,000 USD. Yes, if we win those total prizes, we will be the luckiest person on this planet. From the LongHorn Steakhouse Guest Satisfaction survey, we can win LongHorn Coupons that have various balances. Not to mention, they are starting from $50 to $1,000 for a hundred of LongHornSurvey participants.

  • The first LongHorn Coupons period, we can win 3 Grand Prize within 1 per period that is 1,000 USD check.
  • The second LongHorn Coupons period, we will get a chance to win 300 Second Prizes within 100 per period that is $50 USD check

If we count, the total LongHorn Coupons will be $18,000 USD. Don’t we feel so excited about these LongHornSteakHouse prizes?

What are the LongHorn Survey Rules?

Okay, if we want to win the prizes, we should follow the LongHornSteakhouseSurvey rules. Here they are:

  • First, we should be glad as we do not have to buy or pay for something just to enter the LongHornSurvey
  • Again, we have to be legal residents of the US, Canada, Quebec or Puerto Rico
  • We have to be 18 years or older
  • One LongHorn Survey Code can enter one survey at the maximum
  • We can send more than one letter or postcards for the sweepstakes but we have to send them separately
  • We should have read the Official Rules of Darden Restaurants Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes
When is the Period of LongHorn Survey?

Before starting to take the survey, we should know whether today is a still valid date to enter the sweepstakes or not. For our information, the LongHorn Survey Sweepstakes period starts from 28 August 2018 at 12:01 AM to 26 November 2019 at 11:59 PM. Yes, it is less than two weeks and therefore, we have to be fast.

About LongHorn Steakhouse Profile

Good customers must know the restaurants that they used to visit. In this case, if we do not have any idea about LongHorn Steakhouse, we should not worry. For our information, LongHorn Steakhouse was for the first time opened in 1981 right in Atlanta, Georgia. Without a doubt, that time becomes a sweet history for LongHorn Steakhouse to be legend nowadays. We can find more than LongHorn Steakhouse 450 locations that serve delicious steaks to fulfill customers’ satisfaction.

In case we want to visit this LongHorn Steakhouse stores, we can find the LongHorn Steakhouse Near Me on Google. Or, we can also visit the official website at www.LongHornSteakhouse.com. There will be LongHorn Steakhouse locator feature that we can use. And for the easiest way, we use the LongHorn Steakhouse application. When we visit the steakhouse, we can order the bet LongHorn Lunch Menu that will make our day. Everyone starting from kids to elderlies will love the menu. Yes, we can have our best quality with our big family.

How to Contact LongHorn Steakhouse Customer Service?

Now, we have followed all of the LongHorn Steakhouse Survey instructions but it seems like we need a bit of help. We should not cry as we can reach the representatives through LongHorn Steakhouse contact details. They are:

  • LongHorn Steakhouse’s Headquarters

We can have a visit to the headquarters. The address is 8215 Roswell Road Building 600, Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America 30350-6445. It is okay to send a letter to this office related to the problems we face about the restaurant.

  • LongHorn Steakhouse’s Office Address

Or maybe, we can visit the office of the testament at RARE Hospitality Management, Limited Liability Company, 1000 Darden Center Drive, Orlando, Florida, US 32837. Before we make a visit, we should make an appointment with the staff or even with the manager. We can make one by calling the office phone number.

  • LongHorn Steakhouse’s Customer Support Phone Numbers

Here is the phone number of the restaurant that we can try, that is +1-407-245-4000. Before we start dialing the office, we should make sure that we call the office at LongHorn Steakhouse Hours. It is like the usual office hours in general.

  • LongHorn Steakhouse’s Official Websites

The last, we can visit the online contact of the restaurant. For the official LongHorn Steakhouse website, we can click www.LongHornsteakhouse.com. in case we want to know more about the survey, we can visit www.LongHornSurvey.com. we can also visit www.LongHornSteakHouse.com Application and www.LongHornSteakHouse.com Gift Card Balance just in case we need it.

Overall, those are the whole things that we should know about LongHorn Steakhouse and the LongHornSurvey Sweepstakes. There are some days left before the period of the survey submission. We have to be fast like we are trying to marry someone that we love for seven years without he/she knows. Never give up on winning the prizes and best luck!

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