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McDVoice is the official McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey that you all can access at In this case, you can start to take McDVoice survey by using your recent McDonald’s receipt. Yes, you will need the McDVoice survey code to pass survey portal. You know, you will get a Mcdonald’s coupon for some discount off. Yes, you can use that Mcdonald’s coupons when you order some McDonald’s menu at the next visit. Enjoy!

Burgers are love! French fries sound like friends! Well, you must love McDonalds with its delighting menus. It will be awesome if you hang out with friends and do nothing at McDonald’s. You can have a chit chat while exploring the internet using McDonald’s free WI-FI. Being the customers of McDonald’s can be fun if you take part in Customer Survey. It is because the survey will allow you to win the McDonalds discount coupons that you can use for the next visit.

Brief Explanation of McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey

For your information, McDVoice is a customer satisfaction survey coming from McDonald’s fast food restaurant. The survey program is in the form of online that is under Service Management Group power. The McDVoice Survey goal is to know whether the customers approve the company’s products and also the service. You can access this online survey at Through this website, the restaurant team will know that the customers are not happy. In other words, the feedback given by the customers are important for the restaurant future. login survey

The role of the Survey is important as it can be the platform for the restaurant team and customers to communicate. In this case, the customers are able to give positive and negative comments. As long as it is honest and polite, you can start to give your opinion about McDonald’s stores you visited. The feedback that you send to McDonald’s will be crucial. At first, your feedback can be the measure and tool to meet the average customers’ satisfaction level. Second, your feedback can also be the warning for the McDonalds team to keep improving the services and products.

What Will You Need For

You know that the Survey is crucial and now you are going to be a part of the customers who want to make a change. In this case, you should be proactive and vocal in expressing your opinion about McDonald’s. Here are the things you will need once you are about to take They are:

  • First, you will need a smart phone or any other device that is able to explore the internet
  • Of course, you will need the internet connection and you can use the free Wi-Fi facility at McDonalds stores
  • Then, you will have to go to McDonald’s restaurant, and buy an item for the sake of getting McDonalds Receipt that has McDVoice invitation survey code
  • The last but also crucial, you must master one of the two languages that are Spanish and English

After you make sure that you have everything you need for the McDVoice survey, you can continue to get to know the steps to enter Mcdvoice.

How to Enter Survey Step by Step?

In case you are about to take the McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey, you must follow the following steps here. They are:

  • Step 1: Enter McDVoice Official Site

First of all, it is a must for you guys to open your device and connect it to McDonalds Wi-Fi. Or, you can use your own mobile data. For the next, you have to click the address bar and visit McDVoice official site. The address is Wait for the page to load the McDVoice homepage.

  • Step 2: Set a language

Then, after you reach the McDVoice homepage, you can start to set the language you want. In case you do not understand the available languages at all, you can use the help from Google Translate. No doubt, it will direct you to the converted page using the language you want.

  • Step 3: Fill the McDVoice Survey Code

Now, you can start the survey by filling out the information needed. For instance, you will have to put the McDonalds store number, as well as the McDonalds survey code. Then, you can complete the data by filling out the time and date of your last visit at McDonalds restaurant, as well as the items you ordered on that day.

  • Step 4: Answer McDVoice Questions

For the next, you can see the questions that you need to answer honestly. You do not need to be afraid of giving negative comments. It is because the McDonalds team will put your feedback as a big help. Some of the questions here have multiple answers. You can choose the best ones and write down your comments inside the box available in McDVoice survey.

  • Step 5: Get McDVoice Validation Code

After completing the entire steps, you will get McDonald’s validation code. In this case, you should print out the code or write it down on your receipt. You have to take a note that the survey code, in this case, will not be valid within 30 days after. Once you get the McDonalds receipt, you can take the survey as soon as you can. The McDVoice entry code survey will be for once use. You cannot take another survey using the same receipt.

What are the Rules for McDVoice Survey?

As McDVoice has rewards, you need to follow the rules set by McDonald’s restaurant. Here the rules are:

  • First, you have to know that you can only take five surveys each month at the maximum
  • Also, you need to be above 15 years if you want to enter the McDonalds sweepstakes
  • The customers who want to take part, you have to make sure that you are not the McDonalds employee or even the family of them
  • You cannot take the survey without having McDonalds receipt with its McDVoice entry code
  • Once you get the McDVoice validation code, you should redeem it for discount coupons at McDonald store

When is the Period of McDVoice Survey with Discount Coupons?

It is November 2018 and you have to know that period of the McDVoice survey sweepstakes will end on December 31st 2018. That is why you should make it in a rush to take the survey. There is not enough time if you wait for tomorrow or even next month. It is because the period is about to end within less than two months. And, for McDVoice 2019, you can visit survey to get the information.

What is the Reward?

So, you are ready to take the survey. And now, you should know the rewards that you will get from McDVoice survey sweepstakes. There will be McDVoice validation code that will lead you to get McDonalds discount coupon.

Brief McDonald’s Company Profile

We have been talking about but if you are not familiar with McDonald’s, it will be in vain. For your information, McDonalds is one of the leading fast food rest aunt in the US. The restaurant started to run in 1940 and now, it has more than 68 million customers. Wait, it is the amount of the customs that you can find every day from the total of 119 places in different countries. So far, there are more than 35,000 McDonald’s stores that you can find in the whole world.

As the stores spread in many places, you can find the one that is near to your place. First, you can Google it using the term McDonalds Near Me. No doubt, you will have some choices about the nearest McDonald’s location that you can choose. Or, you can visit the McDonalds official website at There is a menu of McDonald’s locator that you can use. First thing first, you need to input the zip code or city that you want.

A Brief McDonalds Review

McDonalds has been popular among people toward the world. If you are one of those people, you must know how delicious the hamburgers and the cheeseburgers. Also, you will never miss a single visit without ordering fries and ice cream. There are many other fast food products that you can try. Not to mention, they are fried chicken, kids meal, and also breakfast sets. People also love the McDonalds menu, especially the desserts like salads and so on.

The atmosphere of McDonalds is so comfortable, moreover if you visit with family or friends. The full AC room with the most updated songs will accompany you while you enjoy the best meal. Without a doubt, you will get a quality time with the people you love. It will be an awesome day that you can spend at McDonald’s stores.

How to Get Coupons from McDonalds Application?

If you are interested in getting more coupons, you can open the Google Play Stores and find the McDonalds application. Then, you can start downloading the application. Follow the instructions such as completing your personal information and so on. start login using the data that you have input earlier. Then, the McDonalds near you will send some coupons code that you can redeem for some discounts at the stores.

How to Contact McDonalds Customer Service?

The McDonalds restaurants welcome all customers to talk with them, including you. Yes, you can talk to McDonald’s representatives through its phone numbers. Here the McDonalds contact details based in UK and USA:

Ways to Contact McDonalds UK Phone Numbers

In case you are in England, you can contact the McDonalds phone numbers based on the cities. They are:

  • For McDonald Galashiels, the team will be available at +44-1896-754450, this hotline will be available until 12:00 AM
  • In case you are about to contact McDonald Boston, it is best to call at +44-1205-361307, this hotline is always available
  • And the last, you can call McDonald Edinburgh phone number at+44-131-226-3872 that is also available 24 hours

Ways to contact McDonalds USA Phone Numbers

In case you are in the USA, you can contact the customer service numbers also based on the cities. They are:

  • For McDonald Avon, the McDonalds representative will be available at+1 317 272 6926 and this hotline is available until 12:00 AM
  • If you are in Florida, you can contact the McDonald Pinellas Park at +1 727 576 6772 that the service is 24 hours
  • The last, you can call McDonald Waveland at the hotline number that is +1 228 467 1294, this one also available 24 hours

McDonalds Headquarter Office Address

You can also write a letter to McDonald’s representatives and send it to McDonald’s Corporation. The complete address is 2111 McDonald’s Dr, Oak Brook, Illinois, 60523, United States. If you are writing a letter to the office, you should make it brief and understandable. It is because of the team who maybe busy and a simple letter will help them to handle our problems faster.

McDonalds Headquarter Phone Number

This is the international phone number of McDonalds. You can contact the office at 1 800 244 6227. They will be available everyday without a day off. For the McDonalds hours, you should make sure that you call the office after 7:00 AM and before 7:00 PM (Central Standard Time).

McDonalds Official Websites

The last contact you can try us the official websites of McDonalds. You can visit to get more information about the restaurant. At this website, there are some contact details that you can choose whether you can have a live chat and so on. And if you want to know more about the McDVoice, you can visit at in case you want to use the online complaint form, you can visit and go to the menu of contact us. You will see the online form and you have to follow the instructions.

Yes, you know that McDonalds today offers you to take McDVoice survey at It will be best if you be fast in taking part of this survey program. You can find many rewards from the survey and if you want more, you can install McDonald’s application. Keep enjoying your best time at McDonalds 24 hours and you will see how precious your life is. Isn’t it such a beautiful day if you can enjoy the best meal using the discount coupon? You can also take your friends with you to get more rewards. So, best luck, guys!

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