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Dum dum dum, dum dum! I’m loving it! Yes, we all must know what the jargon is all about. Absolutely it is McDonald’s, the fast food restaurants that keep making people happy and in love eating junk foods. Today, we should know that McDonald’s have a special offer for all customers. McDvoice or McDvoice Customer Survey is the special offer that customers are free to give their opinions and critics about the restaurant. Of course, this is usual offer until the restaurant rewards us with free meals. Wow!

About McDonalds Fast Food Restaurants

Before we take McDonalds Survey, it will be much better if we know a short thing about the restaurant. For our information, McDonald’s brand was the first time appeared in front of society was in 1940. The founders are two gentle entrepreneurs, Richard and Maurice McDonald. They were in San Bernardino, California when they opened the first outlet with the name “McDonald’s Bar-B-Que.” Just like its name, at the first time, in 1948, they were selling barbeque as their main menu.


Then, by the time goes, they modify the menu into hamburgers, as well as soft drinks and potato chips for the desserts. Today, we can see that McDonald’s become the number one world’s largest food chain. As McDonald’s has spread its products towards more than 200 countries, the restaurant wants to develop their service. One of the offers is McDvoice that we can access at McDvoice.

About McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey at

Talking about the survey, we must question where the McDvoice comes from? Well, the first thing we need to know is the condition of companies’ growth today. We all must know that new companies are keep raising and growing. In other words, the competition is getting harder to predict. They have different strategies that can gain more customers each. But, the important thing that all company must know is that the voice of customers should be the number one. It is because they are the ones who know how the restaurants are growing and what is lack of the company. Yes, McDonald’s want to listen to customers’ voice. That is why the restaurant has McDvoice, or what we know as McDonald’s Voice Survey.

We should be lucky if we are willing to take part to join the survey. It is because the goal of the McDvoice Survey is to increase the quality of their products, as well as the service. McDonald’s Voice Survey will take us ten minutes to fill and moreover, we can do it at home while lying on the bad. For our information, the McDvoice survey will be online, and therefore, we need to have stable internet connection. The results of the survey will be useful for both the customers and the restaurants. If the restaurant knows what to fix, then the customers will be happier. There will be no longer half of cup ice cream, out of sauce, plain French fries, and so on. And the most important thing is that we will get rewards such as the free meal for the next McDonalds visit.

What to Prepare Before Taking McDvoice Survey?

There are some crucial things that we need to prepare before taking the online survey. First, it is the receipt of McDonald’s. We need to make sure that the receipt is not older than two weeks as it will be useless. If we think we have no the receipt, then we need to go to McDonald’s and buy an item. We will get the receipt, and we have to keep it well. It is because we will need some information printed on the receipt such as McDvoice Survey Code. For the next, we should make sure that we are 13 years old, or older, as it is the requirement. Then, we need to have laptop or smart phone with us as we will take the survey online at

What Are the Steps by Steps to Do to Take Online McDvoice Survey?

After knowing that the survey is beneficial for us to the customers, then we must be eager in taking part. Indeed, the questions asked in the survey are quite easy, but still, we need to follow all instructions. These are the steps that we can follow in taking the McDvoice survey, such as:

  • Step #1: Prepare the Necessary Things

At the very beginning, we will need a set of computer, or laptop, or smartphone as the tool to be online. Besides, we should have internet connection for the sake of accessing the website at  And the most important thing is that we need a recent McDonalds receipt.  If we do not have the receipt, then we will not be able to take the survey. In short, we can conclude that the receipt is the key to take the McDvoice survey as it has McDvoice Survey Code printed on it.

  • Step #2: Access Survey Website

When we have everything prepared for the survey, now we should go online and open our best internet browser. It can be Mozilla, Chrome, or maybe Safari. After that, we can click the link that is Of course, we need to make sure that the address we input is correct. For the next, we will need to set the language we want to use for the survey. It can be English, French, or maybe Spanish. We need to choose the best one that we think we master it.

  • Step #3: Input McDvoice Survey Code

After that, we can continue by inputting some details about the receipt. It can be about the McDvoice Survey Code¸ the date and time and so on. Besides, it is important to take a look at the store number of the restaurant we visited. Indeed, we will have to input some more details based on what we have on the receipt such as the menu we ordered complete with the money we spent.  However, we need to make sure that we are 13 years old or older; otherwise, we cannot take the survey. After

  • Step #4: Answer McDvoice Survey Questions

After inputting all the data required, we can start the McDonalds survey. Some questions need brief answers. In answering the questions, we should be honest. If we are sure with the answers, then we can continue giving a rating towards the restaurant. We can rate the employees, the food products, and so on. Once we have finished the survey, we will get McDvoice Validation Code that we can exchange to some free items at McDonald’s.

What are the Benefits of Taking the McDvoice Survey?

We may know the advantages of taking the survey briefly at the beginning. Now, we can talk about it deeper. McDvoice has a long name that is McDonald’s Voice Customer Satisfaction Survey. Yes, we can know by looking at the name, it is all about the satisfaction of the customers that McDonald wants to build better.  The restaurant wants to know how satisfied the customers with all services given. If it still cannot be able to make customers satisfied, then the manager will think hard on what to do next. The role of the survey is significant as it can show the perspective of the customers in seeing the restaurants. Of course, the internal perspective seen by the staffs will be different from the external ones.

If we take a look at the questions given in the survey, we must understand that the restaurant wants to listen to us. Here, the questions are ranging from the performance of the employees to the quality of each product served.  Besides, the survey will talk about the customer service whether it is helpful or not. In some cases, we will see a question about the room or area of McDonald’s whether they are clean and comfortable or not. If we do not like the restroom, then we can complain it through the survey. In short, we all can say that the McDvoice survey is such the only way to make customers speak.

In a clear way, we can say that the advantages of taking the survey are first to help the restaurants improve their service and food products. Second, it can help us to be happier as we will be comfortable staying at the restaurant for some hours. And the last, it is to reward the customers as we are loyal in buying their products. It is great if we can get the free meal at this restaurant, isn’t it? We can get the burger, sandwiches, or maybe the salad.

How to Redeem the McDvoice Survey Coupon at McDonald’s?

Yeah! This is the most important part that we are waiting. Once we have done all the things in the survey, we must get McDvoice Validation Code. The first thing we need to do is to write down the code on the receipt we use for the survey. If we are questioning on why we should do that, it is because we should redeem the reward. When redeeming the reward, the staff will ask the code. The rewards can be the free meal or discount off for some chosen items. But, we need to make sure that we redeem the coupon within 30 days or a month. Otherwise, it will be useless as it is not valid anymore.

Of course, it is not cool to enjoy the free foods at McDonald’s alone. If we want to hang out and enjoy the fast foods with our families, we can ask them to join. Yup, they have to own McDonald’s receipts in order to take the survey. First, we should make sure that our friends are 13 years or older. Then, they should have the receipt. Otherwise, they cannot take the McDvoice survey. When they have got the receipt, we can then lead them to take the survey and claim the McDvoice Validation Code.

What Are The Helpful Links for McDvoice Customer Satisfaction Survey?

When we question the useful links for the survey, we need to know that the survey is available on the official websites. They are and if we found other sites are offering the same thing, then, it is better to not use it. But, we can consider whether the website redirects us to those official websites or not. If the form of the survey is on a different web, then we can leave and find the real one, at

How to Contact McDonalds Customer Service?

In case, we may find some troubles that we cannot handle. Well, we do not need to worry as we will get bits of help from McDonald’s. We can ask the representatives of the restaurant regarding the food products, or service that annoy us. Here are the helpline numbers of McDonalds USA that is +1-800-244-6227. Still, it is important to pay attention to the office hours of the customer service, which is 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. CST. It is available every day without a day off. In this case, we can talk about McDvoice and the details for the sake of getting rewards.

Where are the McDonalds Offices and Headquarters?

Somehow, we may need to talk to the team for the sake of information and helps. But for some people, telling our minds can be hard compared to writing. For this reason, we may write the office a letter. Yes, we can send it to the McDonalds headquarter at McDonald’s Corporation, 1 McDonald, Oak Brook, IL 60523, United States.

When we are going to dial McDonald’s phone number, it will be best for us to make sure that we do it in McDonald’s business hours. It is because McDonald’s employees will not be available beyond that McDonald’s office hours. As a result, McDonald’s team cannot give the fastest response for us. Anyway, we can also use this McDonald’s to set the appointment with McDonald’s team.

What Are McDonlad’s Contact Numbers?

When we call the customer service, we may find that the robot is talking. Then, if we want to get connected in a direct way to the representatives, here are the contact numbers. They are:

  • +1-630-623-3000 for the McDonalds Office Phone Number
  • +1-630-623-5700, if we want to send a fax to McDonalds Office
  • If we want to send an email, it will be best if we ask the representatives as McDonald’s do not publish the email
  • For the best alternative way, we can access its Official Website at, and go to the discussion page

Overall, those are the contacts of McDonald’s fast food restaurant.  In delivering our mind, we should make it polite and not intimidate the representatives of the restaurants.  We can ask anything about the restaurants, including the online McDvoice survey.  If we are such a loyal customer of this restaurant, we should not miss a single chance to get more pleasures. We can enjoy the free meal with our friends, in a comfortable full AC room. Let McDonald’s listen to our voice, and let them increase their quality. Be happy always, pleasure seekers!

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