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MyBKExperience is the official Burger King customer satisfaction survey that will reward us free Burger King Whopper. Here, we just have to own a recent Burger King receipt that has MyBKExperience survey code. And then, we can enter MyBKExperience survey and complete all steps to get the Burger King free Whopper coupon code. Yes, it is the instant reward that all customers who have completed MyBKExperience survey will get the reward. Doesn’t it sound yummy to you?

A burger is a love! A burger is a true love for us! If we agree, we must have a good life as we can enjoy burgers whenever we want. Of course, we do not have to cook to make one. We can go to Burger King, a restaurant that is famous for its delicious burgers. The atmosphere offered by this restaurant is so inviting. If we are one of the loyal customers of this restaurant, we may have interest in taking MyBKExperience Survey. For our information, this 2017 promotion is worthy to take as it offers some exciting prizes. We will get free burgers and we can join the MyBKExperience Sweepstakes for fresh money. So exciting, isn’t it?

About Burger King Fast Food Restaurants

Burger King is such the largest brand of food that serves best burgers with love for all people at all ages. Starting from kids to grandpa, everyone seems to love the burgers product at Burger King. Here, we need to know that Burger King is a fast food restaurant that serves hamburgers, French fries, complete with the desserts as well as drinks. One of the most popular items in this store is WHOOPER burgers. Believe it or not, over than 11 million people keep visiting BK restaurants for the sake of this burger, every day. We find this restaurant franchises in 80countries with the total franchises 13K. The brand has been serving love in burger since 1954. Burger King knows that the key to increasing the business is by creating happiness towards all customers so that they keep coming back every day.


From the vision and mission owned by this restaurant, we can see that Burger King is always trying to give the best family dining experiences. With the high-quality signature recipes, this restaurant becomes the second largest brand for the fast food chain in the world. If we know that new menu keeps appearing in this restaurant, it is because the Burger King team wants to keep the customers loyal. They want to treat the customers like they are treating people they love. One of the smart ways used by Burger King is MyBKExperience.

About MyBKExperience Survey

Burger King Survey is an online survey held by Burger King that we can access at  MyBKExperience Guest Satisfaction Survey is a platform that all customers can share their experiences about visiting the restaurant. If we are one of those customers, then we can access the survey at in this online portal, we need to pass the MyBKExperience login by using the receipt that we get from Burger King. We can elaborate what we are thinking when we order the meal when we eat the burgers, and so on. Besides, we can share our thought about the service given by the Burger King staffs. Without a doubt, the process of taking My BK Experience is quite simple because we need ten minutes to complete everything.

The most exciting part of the survey is that we will get rewards in the form of discount off or free burgers. Besides, we can join the sweepstakes and win cash. We will get MyBKExperience Coupon Code once we completed the survey. And we will need to redeem it to the restaurant. Yes, we can say that the survey’s goals are for customers and for restaurants. First, the customers will get rewards from this service. Once the survey results appear, the restaurant will increase their quality of products and service. For the restaurant, the manager will be happy as customers keep coming every day because they get satisfaction from the restaurant. We can say that the MyBKExperience Survey will create benefits for both restaurant team and customers.

How to Take MyBKExperience Burger King Customer Satisfaction Survey?

It seems like we get interested in taking BKExperience Survey and here we need to follow some procedures if we want to do it right. There are some things that we need to prepare for the survey, such as:

  • First, we will need a computer, a laptop, or maybe a smartphone
  • Then, we should have stable internet connection as we have to take online MyBKExperience Survey Free Whopper
  • The last, we must have Burger King receipt that has Burger King survey invitation code on it

What are the Steps to Take MyBKExperience?

If we want to get rewards from the survey, we need to follow all instructions. Of course, we should not miss a single step. Otherwise, we will get it failed and as the result, we will not get the MyBKExperience Validation Code. Alright, here are some steps that we must follow.

  • Step #1:

The first step we need to do is to make our gadget like smartphone or laptop online. Of course, we need the internet connection. We can connect it to free Wi-Fi or using our phone balance. If we do not have that access, we can ask our friend for the sake of tethering. Then, we should go to the official website that is If the page does not direct us to the home page of MyBKExperience, we need to check whether we write the link address correctly.

  • Step #2:

Set the language if we think we cannot understand the form of the survey. In this case, we can use English as the standard language for international use. If none of the languages is understandable, we can ask help from Google Translate. We can copy and paste the sentences and we can do the same when answering the questions. For the best help, we can take the survey with our family who are more expert.

  • Step #3:

After that, we will reach the homepage of the survey and we will see some boxes that we need to fill with the invitation code. In this case, we need to look at the Burger King receipt and check the 20-digit survey code. We can find the code at the bottom. Once we find it, we can input it to the page as shown on the screen.

  • Step #4:

This step is about answering the questions in the survey. All we need to do is being honest and choose the best choice. The answers will be in the form of ratings. We can give the best rate if we get the highest level of satisfaction. If we get disappointment, we can choose the lowest one. We do not need to be afraid of giving low rates as we will still get the rewards. And even if we join the sweepstakes, the burger king will not consider the bad ratings that we give.

  • Step #5:

After completing the MyBKExperience, we will get the validation code. It is a must for us to write down the code on our Burger King receipt. But we need to make that we write it in the blank space so that the receipt is still readable. For the next, we can show it to the Burger King team and they will give us the free meal.

What are the Rules that We Need to Obey for MyBKExperience?

Everything comes with the rules and so with this survey. There are some regulations that we need to know so that we will not end up with disappointment. Without making it further due, here are some rules that we need to obey. They are:

  • First, we should know that the receipt we get is not out of date. In this case, the period of the time is 30 days or a month. If the receipt is older than 30 days, then it is no longer valid and we cannot use it for the MyBKExperience survey
  • Second, we need to keep in our mind that one survey needs one receipt. In other words, if we want to take more than one survey, we need to have more receipts. In short, we cannot use one receipt for two or more surveys
  • Third, when we find troubles while in the process of taking the survey, we cannot go back with the same receipt. That is why it is important to make sure that the internet connection is stable to avoid some troubles happen

What are the Best Tips to Get Free Whopper and Win Cash?

Who does not want to get rewards from Burger King 24 hours? Well, we must be glad if we get free whopper that we can enjoy while having lunch. The best way to take the survey is by following the steps mentioned earlier. For the next, we can repeat the process for the sake of other surveys. We can do it every day as it does not need personal information. We can ask our family to join but we need to make sure that they are 18 years old or older. To win the cash, we need to join MyBKExperience Sweepstakes after taking the survey. In this case, we have one chance to join as it needs our personal information. During the process, all we need to do is to input our name, phone number, home address, and so on.

How to Avoid and Fix Troubles in MyBKExperience Survey?

In accessing online Burger King Customer Satisfaction Survey, we need to make sure that everything is okay. We need to make sure that we do not press f5 or reload as well as backward. Again, it is because the step back will cause the MyBKExperience invitation survey code not valid. As a result, we will have to find a new receipt and repeat all process from the beginning. We need to keep in our mind that the back switch is a tool to reset the survey.

When we get problems and get confused, we can try to visit the official website of the survey at In this case, we can go to the discussion page that provides us with some information. We will see some questions from some people that the Burger King team answered. It is possible that we have the same questions like them. We do not need to waste our time and find the answers in a faster way.

How to Contact Burger King Customer Care Service?

Somehow, it is important for us to contact the Burger King Customer Service. In this case, we can try to find the contact from the official website. It is available on the menu of “Contact Us”.  Anyway, here are Burger King contact details:

  • Burger King Phone Numbers

In case we need to talk to Burger King Representatives, we can call the Burger King Phone number at 1-866-394-2493. We need to make sure we call within the office hours.

  • Burger King Office Hours

For our information, the Burger King Office hours start from Monday to Sunday. Yes, it has no day off and we can call between 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

  • Burger King Headquarter Address

If we prefer to write a letter, we can send it to Burger King Headquarters. The address is 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr. Miami, FL 33126. In this case, we should write in a proper way. It is important to mention the specific object that we want to explain. We should not worry about giving Burger King Feedback as the team needs our comments for the sake of evaluation.

  • Burger King Customer Support Number

There is an alternative Burger King Customer Support Phone Number that we can try that is +1-866-394-54-23. At first, we may listen to a robot is talking. All we should do is to follow the instructions given by the robot. Then, we can press the number that the robot mentions to get directed to the representatives. Every time we feel like having troubles, we can contact the Burger King Complaints number.

  • Burger King Offical Website

We can ask for bits of help from online support by accessing Burger King’s Official Website at This website provides us rich information about MyBKExperience. We can find all information related to the restaurant and survey. Besides, we can access some menu items and we can order it online. It will be a lot of fun as we do not have to spend our energy going out to the restaurant.

Overall, those are the precious information about Burger King Fast Food Restaurants that we need to know. We can take the MyBKExperience Survey now and we will get the MyBKExperience Redemption Code. It is important to set in our mind that the validation code may be out of date if we do not redeem it as soon as we can. The period of the time is available on the screen at the same time when the Burger King Free Whopper code appears. There are some best menus that we can enjoy when we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Burger King is such the best place for us to enjoy our life. So, wait no longer and visit this restaurant. Take the survey, get the rewards, and enjoy our free whopper burger! Life is awesome, isn’t it?

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