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Dear all pleasures seekers! In 2017, Chick Fil A Restaurant is going to give us special offers for all customers. It is Mycfavisit, an online survey held by Chick Fil A Team. Of course, it is such good news for us who love to get free foods or discount off at this restaurant. We can take the survey many times and get the rewards each month. Somehow, it will be our best day when we can enjoy free lunch or dinner with our friends. Or maybe, we can enjoy it with our families whom we love so much.

About MyCFAVisit; a Chick Fil A Survey at

As we all have known at the beginning, MyCFAVisit is Chick-Fil-A Survey that has aims to increase the trusted quality of the fast foods products. The survey then will see from customers’ perspective on how the foods served. It can be delicious, stinky, or even not fresh. In short, we all can say that the primary goal is to evaluate the restaurant. Besides, another part that the restaurant wants to improve is the service given by the employees. The managers will see how they work through the experiences of the customers. Everything will be clearer seen by the survey, whether the staffs are lazy, not friendly, and so on. For the next, they will get warnings and guide on how to be a better employee.


For customers, we do not need to worry as we get advantages from MyChickFilAVisit Survey. First, we will get better services from the employees. There will be no longer long queue, fast service, clean room, and so on. Besides, the survey will bring us to a higher level of happiness as the restaurant will think hard about how to attract more customers. Not to mention, the managers may reflect on a new delicious menu and so on. And the last advantage, we will get free items that we can enjoy it with a smile on our happy face. Indeed, the process of taking the MyCFAVisit is about five to ten minutes. Of course, it will not waste our precious time as we can do it anywhere we want. It is an online survey that we can access at

How to Access MyCFAVisit for the Sake of Chick Fil A Survey?

Knowing that the role of the MyCFAVisit survey is necessary, we may have decided that we are going to take part. In this case, we should prepare some important things before taking the survey. They are:

  • A Chick Fil A receipt that is less than one week old after we get it
  • A set of computer or laptop or can be a smart phone
  • The stable internet connection to access online portal at
  • Capability of mastering basic understanding of English or Spanish
  • We should be older than 17 years old
  • We are a legal resident of the United States

What Are the Step by Step in Taking MyChickFilAVisit?

After we pass all requirements, now it is the time for us to take the MyCFAVisit survey. In this case, it is such a must to follow all instructions properly. Alright, here are the crucial steps that we should take:

  • Step #1:

The first, we need to go online by accessing or Both websites have the same content, so it is all up to us to choose which one. If we fail to go to the homepage of MyCFAVisit, we should make sure that we correctly spell the URL. Besides, we need to use the best internet browser that has high performance. They can be Mozilla, Chrome, or maybe Safari. It is better to avoid explorer as it is not fast as the mentioned ones.

  • Step #2:

Second, we need to set the language that we are going to use for MyCFAVisit survey. However, there are only two languages for the choices. If we are not expert in Spanish, we should choose English. But, what happens if we do not master both languages? Well, we can use the help of Google Translate or ask our friend’s a favor. Without a doubt, they will help us much in understanding what the survey is.

  • Step #3:

After choosing the language, we will need to input all information in the receipt. They are such as the restaurant number and the date and time we visited the restaurant. Besides, we will have to input the type of the visit whether it is dining in, drive-thru, or even carry out and catering. On the receipt, we will find a survey code that we should input. The MyCFAVisit survey code here will work for one take survey. If we want to take another survey, then we need to get a new receipt.

  • Step #4:

It is the time to fill out the survey that contains some easy questions. In taking this step, we should be honest in answering. If the services are not satisfying, we should say so. Vice versa, if we get the services are already good, we need to say so. It is important to elaborate our experience in words such as how the employees greet us, how they work, whether we get what we want and so on.

  • Step #5:

The next step is completing the MyCFAVisit survey and gets the MyCFAVisit Validation Code or MyCFAVisit Coupon Code. This code is important and crucial as it is the key for us to get the rewards. It will be best if we write down the code appeared on the screen to our receipt. It is because both revenue and the Chick Fil A Survey Code will be useful for the redeeming process.

  • Step #6:

The last step is pretty fun as it is about redeeming or exchanging A Free Sandwich Coupon Code with the rewards. We can show our receipt that has the validation code to the staff. Here, the staff will know what to do. Once we get the free foods, we can dine in or take away. But, before enjoying the meal, it is great to take a picture of our happy smile.

How to Give Feedback or Complains to Chick Fil A without taking MyCFAVisit?

For some people, maybe including us, we may do not get interested in taking the MyCFAVisit survey. Well, we can still give comments or share our opinions towards the restaurant. We can go to the official website of the restaurant at Here, are the steps on how to give customer feedback, such as:

  • First, we should go to
  • Second, click the menu entitled Contact Us
  • Then, click the button entitled Send Feedback
  • There are some categories, and we have to choose one
  • Write down the comments or our feedback in the box provided
  • Input our personal information such as the city we live in, the state, as well as zip code
  • In explaining our opinion, we need to make it brief and easy to understand, as well as specific so that the restaurant knows what to do after that
  • As the proof that we are the customer, we should input the Chick Fil A transaction number that we can find on our receipt

About Chick Fil A Restaurant

If it is the first time we know Chick Fil A Restaurant, it is such a fast food restaurant that has a unique concept. Yes, the best menu of this restaurant is a boneless chicken sandwich. People love this menu, and this CFA restaurant is such an expert in cooking chickens. Without a doubt, this restaurant pays attention to the quality of every single food served. And it explains everything why people go to this restaurant for boneless chicken. We can find the Chick Fil A headquarter in Georgia.  Today, we all can see that Chick Fil A keeps growing as well as expanding to the entire places of the world. This restaurant has more than 2000 restaurants franchises.

The restaurant dares to give a guarantee to all customers that the menu served will always be tasty and of course cooked with fresh yummy ingredients. If we are one of the customers of Chick Fil A, we must know that the quality of serving the foods is number one. It is different from other fast foods restaurants that focus on creating money. This restaurant wants to build happiness among the customers. One of the best offers that we can try is MyCFAVisit. It is a survey that has exciting rewards for all customers who take part. They are such as a discount off of some products, free foods, or even fresh money.

How to Contact Chick Fil A Customer Service?

Just like other fast food restaurants, Chick Fil A has customer care team that will help us when we face problems related to the restaurant. Not to mention, it can be a problem of MyCFAVisit, about the service, or maybe the products. We have learned how to give feedback through the official website, and now we can talk directly with the representatives.

  • When we need to contact the Chick Fil A restaurant phone number, we can dial at 1 866 232 1040
  • If we prefer to write a letter, it will be best if we send it to the postal mailing address at Chick Fil A Cares. It will be PO BOX 725489, Atlanta, GA 31139 – 9923
  • For those who love playing social media, we can find Chick Fil A on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

How to Build Chick Fil A Restaurant Franchises?

Do we have $10,000? If the answer is yes, then congratulations are for us! Of course, this excellent restaurant will accept our request to open a new franchise when we have the budget. Indeed, the fee to open each restaurant is affordable and reasonable. However, there are some rules that we need to obey, beyond the money. They are:

  • The store has to be closed on every Sunday to give rights to pray for employees who are Christian
  • We only have one chance to open one restaurant franchise
  • We cannot sell the property of the store as well as give it to our heirs, if we want to quit, we need to sell the entire part of the restaurants
  • There is no equity in our business
  • For the franchisor, they will provide us all equipment, and we have to rent and pay it for 15% of our unit’s sales
  • As the one owning the franchise, we will have to share 50% of our net profits (before tax) to the restaurant or the franchisor

How Much Should We Pay For Each Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Franchise?

For our information, the ranking of this restaurant is on the 16th for Franchise. The franchises start from 1967 and today; it has more than 2000 restaurants in the US. As we know, all that we have to own is $10,000 for the franchise cost. It is affordable but the system applied in the business is modern and practical to earn profits.

Anyway, if you want to know more about Chick-Fil-A restaurant, you can start to access Chick-Fil-A website. Simply, you just have to go online and access No doubt, you will get the information you need. They are like Chick-Fil-A menu, Chick-Fil-A hours, Chick-Fil-A locations, Chick-Fil-A delivery, and so on. Besides, you can also gain more about Chick-Fil-A breakfast menu, Chick-Fil-A nutrition, as well as Chick-Fil-A near me.

What Are The Advantages Of Opening A New Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Franchise?

We must question our self on what the benefits of having the franchise. Well, we will never know until we experience it. But, we do not need to worry if we fail or even go down as the restaurants have a stable system. Here are the things that we will get besides the trusted profits. They are:

  • Advantage #1:

We will learn what leadership and management are and how to apply them in our business. Without a doubt, it is such a best opportunity for us to improve our resume. We will have soft skills such as mentoring the employees, as well as other management skills.

  • Advantage #2:

It will create an opportunity for us to get a college scholarship. For our information, this restaurant has over than 36K team members that are going to college with a scholarship.  The good news is Chick-fil-A team members now have been earning $25K in scholarships. More to say, we will get tuition discounts, complete with other access to educational benefits that we can try to more than 75 schools. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Advantage #3:

We have day off every Sunday, and we can enjoy our quality time with family or friends. If we ask why we should close the restaurants every Sunday, it is because the employees deserve to be happy. With this day off, they will be able to have quality time with people they love. As a result, they will be productive on weekdays as they have enough time to relax.

  • Advantage #4:

Without a doubt, the foods served in this restaurant are delicious and delighting. Isn’t life is all about foods? We do not need to spend money to eat delicious foods as we own the restaurant. Foods are awesome!

  • Advantage #5:

Friendship! Dear all who love making friends, this business can be the best choice as we will make lifelong friendships. We can be friends with our employees, with other Chick Fil A team members, and even the customers. Our life will be full of laughter, and if we are lucky, we may find our future husband or wife.

  • Advantage #6:

Who does not know Chick Fil A Fast Food Restaurants?? Even the celebrities are familiar with this brand, and they love it. The advertisement is on television and newspaper. Isn’t it fun if we are running our business and some celebrities come to visit our store?

  • Advantage #7:

We will get a fulfilling career path that will lead us to succeed. Believe it or not, more than 60% people who succeed in restaurant owners are a part of Chick-Fil-A restaurant. So, if they can do it, why cannot we do the same?

Overall, those are everything we need to know about Chick Fil A complete with the MyCFAVisit. As customers, we should not miss a single opportunity to get the benefit. We should take the online survey at and give our experiences regarding the restaurants. Without a doubt, it will mean a lot to the restaurant owner. And we will understand it once we own the franchise. We can enjoy the free foods with our best friends, and it will completely make our day. So, have fun!

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