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MyConverseVisit is the official Converse customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $5 Converse coupons. In this case, you can use your Converse receipt with MyConverseVisit survey code. And then, you can access in order to take MyConverseVisit survey. Yes, you must answer all MyConverseVisit questions to complete it. At the end, you will get the Converse coupons for $5 discount off. Enjoy!

Dear shoes lovers! You must love to get discounts when it comes to luxurious and expensive shoes such as Nike and Converse. Indeed, you can enter MyConverseVisit Survey Sweepstakes that will give you Converse Survey Coupon of $5. Just like MyNikevisit-NA Survey that will reward you $10 discount coupon, you will get this instant price. It will be nice as you can buy your favorite Converse shoes at a lower price. Are you ready for seeking the pleasure?

About MyConverseVisit

First of all, before you start taking the survey, you need to know more about this program. If you see, MyConverseVisit is an official Converse customer satisfaction survey for all Converse customers. Here, you just have to own a recent Converse receipt that has MyConverseVisit Survey Invitation Code. And you can take part in the survey program at The survey here will be a place for customers to share Converse feedback. And, your opinion will be necessary for the company to increase its service and products.

MyConverseVisit Survey Sweepstakes Guide
MyConverseVisit taken from

If you think it is inviting to take part in MyConverseVisit Survey, you can start to enter Here, you must complete the survey first, so, you can get a chance to enter MyConverseVisit Sweepstakes page. At the page, you will get MyConverseVisit Validation Code or Converse Survey Coupon. You can then use this Converse coupon at all Nike Stores or Converse stores to get $5 discount off. Doesn’t it sound awesome for you who get addicted to all Nike products such as Converse?

What to Prepare for MyConverseVisit Survey?

No doubt, it will be great if you start to take My Converse Visit Survey for $5 discount off. Indeed, when you are about to enter the survey, you will need some kinds of stuff such as:

  • Recent Converse Receipt

The first and the most important thing to prepare is a recent Converse receipt that you can get at Converse stores or Sports Stations. Of course, you will need to do a transaction first to get this receipt. Here, it has MyConverseVisit Survey Code that you will need to pass Survey Login Portal. Without a Converse receipt, you will not be able to join My Converse Visit survey sweepstakes.

  • Internet Connection and Electronic Device

The second thing to prepare is an internet connection as well as the electronic device such as a laptop, a personal computer, or a tablet, or mobile phone. And then, you will need to connect the device to the internet connection. Talking about the device, it should have an internet browser like Google Chrome, Safari, UC Browser, or Mozilla Firefox. You should enable at the JavaScript to be able to access the website.

  • A capability of Understanding English

The next thing to prepare is the capability of mastering Basic English or Spanish language. For information, MyConverseVisit website does not provide other languages. Therefore, you need to be able to master one of the provided languages. It will be hard for you to understand MyConverseVisit Survey Rules if you cannot master the language.

  • Writing Utensils

And the last, as you will get MyConverseVisit Validation Code or Converse Survey Coupons, you need to prepare a pen or pencil, or other utensils. It is because you need to write down the code on the back side of Converse receipt. Then, you can use the receipt as a coupon to get $5 discount off.

How to Participate in MyConverseVisit Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes?

If you are going to enter MyConverseVisit Survey page, you will need to follow these steps. Of course, you need to follow every step, unless it is the optional ones. Alright! You can start to learn the steps guide for My Converse Survey to complete it properly. They are such as:

  • Step #1: Go to

In the starting point, you will need to launch your internet browser, and at the address bar, you can type It is the official MyConverseVisit link address that will direct you to MyConverseVisit survey page.

  • Step #2: Set the Language

Once you see MyConverseVisit homepage, you can start to pick the language that you prefer at Survey. In this case, you can either choose Spanish or English. If you want to read MyConverseVisit Rules and Privacy Policy, you can click the link at the button of the page.

  • Step #3: Input Converse Store Number

For the first MyConverseVisit credential, you will have to enter Converse Store Number. Yes, you can get this detail on your Converse receipt. You can find it in the middle of the receipt. Besides, you will need to enter the date of your last visit to Converse outlet, as well as the time of the visit.

  • Step #4: Input Converse Transaction Code

After that, you also need to input MyConverseVisit transaction code as well as the purchase amount. Of course, you will also find the details on the receipt.

  • Step #5: Answer MyConverseVisit Questions

Now, you are going to answer MyConverseVisit surrey questions honestly. You do not need to write something as you just have to click the bubbles on the Converse survey page. The bubbles here will show your satisfaction level during your visit to Converse store. It is okay to give low ratings just in case you get a terrible experience. The Converse team then will take your Converse feedback as a consideration for the company to provide better service.

  • Step #6: Get MyConverseVisit Survey Discount Coupons

After completing answering MyConverseVisit questions, you can start to click the button entitled “Yes.” It is an agreement that will make you able to get MyConverseVisit survey coupons through email.

  • Step #7: Enter MyConverseVisit Sweepstakes

The next thing that you must do is to enter MyConverseVisit sweepstakes page. In this case, you will need to fill some information about yourself. Not to mention, you need to mention your age, as well as the gender.

  • Step #10: Click “Finish.”

And then, you can start to click the button entitled “Finish.” By clicking the button, it means that you have completed the survey and submitted it.

  • Step #11: Check Your Email

The last, you will need to open your email for the sake of MyConverseVisit discount coupons. You can then use this Converse survey coupon at all Nike stores and exchange it to get discounts.

What are MyConverseVisit Survey Sweepstakes Rules and Privacy Policy?

If you want to participate in My Converse Visit survey, you will have to obey MyConverseVisit rules. Here, you must be eligible for the survey program if you want to get $5 discount off. Alight! These are the main MyConverseVisit survey rules to obey, such as:

  • Rule #1: MyConverseVisit Participants

At this first rule, your nationality must be American and must also be at least 18 years old when you visit sweepstakes. Besides, you need to know that Converse employees cannot participate in Converse sweepstakes. This rule also applies to Converse employees’ family members that they cannot join the sweepstakes.

  • Rule #2: MyConverseVisit Entrance Procedures

For information, whenever you want to take MyConverseVisit survey sweepstakes, you must own a unique MyConverseVisit Survey Code. In this case, you need to own a Converse receipt to get the code.

  • Rule #3: MyConverseVisit Survey Coupons

The last, talking about My Converse Visit prizes, you will get Converse $5 discount coupons that you can use at all Converse outlets. But, you cannot redeem the coupons for cash and other items. Therefore, it will be much better if you read My Converse Visit terms and conditions. In using the discount coupon, you will have to spend at least $20 to get $5 discount.

What are My Converse Visit Sweepstakes Prizes?

After understanding every single rule and step for My Converse Visit survey, you may be curious about the prizes. Indeed, you cannot get the Converse Survey Coupons unless you complete the survey and enter My Converse Visit sweepstakes. After getting My Converse Visit coupons, you need to use it at Converse store before 60 days.

The good news is, there will be no limitation on the number of My Converse Visit Survey you take. Yes, you can take as many surveys as you want as long as you have more receipts or My Converse Visit survey entry code. You can either go to or download Converse app to take survey sweepstakes.

About Converse Company Profile

As you can see, Converse is such an American based shoe company that serves all products about athletic as well as lifestyle for footwear. For the first time, Marquis Mills Converse ran Converse company business in 1908. You can find Converse headquarter in Malden, Massachusetts, Boston. In 2003, you can see that Converse Company merged with Nike Company and both brands are internationally known. In 2018, you can find that there are more than 1.9 billion Converse outlets spread in the whole world.

What are the Best Converse Products?

If you visit Converse outlets, you may get confused to choose the ones you want to buy. Of course, it is because you find a lot of Converse shoes variants that are awesome. It looks like you want to buy all items and grab them all. Indeed, you can first find out Converse shoes products that based on the categories. They are such as:

  • Converse Shoes For Men
  • Converse Shoes Mens
  • New Converse Shoes
  • Ladies Converse Shoes
  • Converse Chuck Taylor
  • Converse Shoes for Kids
  • John Varvatos
  • And Jack Purcell

No doubt, most Converse products are popular among people in the world including a beautiful singer, Rihanna. If you want to be stylish, you may love to use Converse products. No doubt, the shoes have high quality, and you will not regret buying the shoes.

How to Find Converse Locations Near to Your Place?

You may go somewhere and get lost. Indeed, you want to visit Converse stores, but you have no idea how to do so. Well, you can try to look for Converse locations nearby using some features such Converse Shoes Near Me, you can find Converse Nearest locations. Here are the best methods to find the store such as:

  • Method #1: Converse Shoes Near Me

At the first method, you can start to launch an internet browser and connect it to the internet access. Then, at the address bar, you can type Converse Near Me, Converse Outlets Near Me, Converse Stores Near Me, or Converse Factory Stores Near Me. Yes, you can use whichever term you want a, and it will show a result of the nearest Converse locations. Along with the details of the place, you will find the information about Converse hours of operation.

  • Method #2: Converse Locator

The next method that you can try to use is Converse store locator which you can get on Converse official website. Here, you need to visit website and find Converse locator menu. And then, you can start to enter your current location details. They are such as the street name, zip code, as well as the city and the states. No doubt, you will discover the nearest Converse outlets near to your place. Yes, this website also provides you information about Converse hours of operation.

If you visit the official website, there will be some precious information that you can get at once. They are such as Converse store including Converse India, Converse USA, Converse Indonesia, and other Converse Outlet. Besides, you can also search for Converse Shoes Womens, Converse Store, Converse Chuck Taylor, Converse Factory Store, Converse Shoes For Men, Converse Shoes Mens, New Converse Shoes, and Ladies Converse Shoes.

  • Method #3: Converse App

The third method is by downloading the Converse application that you can get at either Play Store or Apple Store. Then, you can launch the application after installing it. You will find a feature of Converse locator on the application. Here, you need to turn on the GPS satellite or the location. It will show the list of Converse Nearest outlets that you can visit soon. Of course, you must pay attention to Converse hours as they are not available for 24 hours.

  • Method #4: Converse Map

The last method which you can try is by using an online map. Here, you just need to type Converse Shoes Near Me and click search. As usual, you will find the nearest Converse locations complete with Converse operating hours. Whichever the method you try, they will show you the best results for Converse Shoes Near Me.

How to Contact Converse Customer Service Team?

Dear Converse Shoes lovers! You may have an experience at Converse Shoes Near Me locations and now, you want to share it to Converse Customer Service. For information, there are some Converse contact details that you can try. They are:

  • Contact #1: Converse Email Address

At the first contact, you may need to send an electronic mail to Converse representative. In this case, you can address it to For information, the rules in writing an email will be the same as another regular email. You should mention the specific problem you have, the date and time, and the topic of the problem. It will help Converse team to understand your Converse feedback.

  • Contact #2: Converse Phone Number

The second Converse contact you may try is Converse customer service phone number that is available at 1 800 806 6453. When you are about to dial Converse number, you should know Converse office hours of operation. Here, you must understand that Converse employees do not work for 24 hours in a day. Therefore, you need to find out Converse office hours for the sake of fast response from Converse team.

  • Contact #3: Converse Live Chat

If you want another way to contact Converse, you can start to visit Converse Live Chat form at Or, you can also visit Converse Customer Help Page at Meanwhile, if you have a live chat on social media accounts, you can use them to reach Converse team. Not to mention, you can visit Converse Facebook Page at or Converse Twitter at

  • Contact #4: Converse Official Website

You can also visit Converse website at and you can try to set the language and the location based on your place. For the next, you will find rich information related to Converse products, Converse price list, Converse careers. Besides, you can also find more about Converse shoes Neat Me, Converse Store, Converse Factory Stores, and Converse Outlet. The outlets here can be Converse India, Converse USA, and Converse Indonesia.

Meanwhile, you can also find Converse products including Converse Shoes Womens, Converse Chuck Taylor, Converse Shoes For Men, Converse Shoes Mens, New Converse Shoes, as well as Ladies Converse Shoes. You can explore as many information as you want and you can participate in Converse Survey Sweepstakes for Converse $5 discount coupons. Enjoy the survey process and have the best experience at Converse shoes outlets!

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