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Junk food or what people call fast food becomes the most popular trend to satisfy hungry stomachs. In this case, thousands of different restaurants serve junk foods with different menus such as burger, French fries, cola, as well as fried chicken. Of course, talking about these menus, we must know KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken. If we see, this restaurant now offers MyKFCExperience to all customers as MyKFCExperience Survey. The goal is to evaluate the quality given by this food chain, as well as the services provided by the employees. As a result, the restaurants then will be able to improve their services and products to satisfy the customers. For the rewards, the customers who have taken the survey will get free menu available at KFC or even $1,000. Interesting, isn’t it?

About KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken

If we used to have lunch with our friends at KFC, then we need to know who the founder of this restaurant is. Yes, it is Colonel Harland who took the initiative to be an entrepreneur. Believe it or not, he sold his product door to door, and all restaurants rejected to have a partnership with him. As he kept trying and never gave up, later in 1952, he built his very first franchise of KFC located in Utah. Eight years later, in 1960, Colonel successfully proved to all people in the world that his KFC was the only fast food restaurant that distributed the products internationally. They are such as in Mexico, in Jamaica, in Canada, and of course in the United Kingdom.


About The MyKFCExperience Survey and KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey

After knowing deeper about KFC, now it is the time for us to get a free meal from MyKFCExperience. Indeed, we need to prepare some things for the survey. They are such as:

First, we need to have a recent KFC receipt. Of course, we need to order a menu at KFC for the sake of getting the revenue. That is why the MyKFCExperience survey is for customers only. Then, we need to master English or Spanish as both languages will be useful for the review. Third, it is such a must for us to prepare the gadgets as well as the internet connection as we will do it online. The gadgets can be a smart phone, PC, laptop, or maybe a tablet.

What are the Rules before Taking KFC Online MyKFCExperience Survey?

Alright, we all must agree that taking KFC Customer Feedback Survey needs some rules to obey for the sake of rewards. There are some things that we need to keep in our mind. They are:

  • First, we need to own a KFC receipt as it is the gate to access online MyKFCExperience
  • We have to make sure that we are 18 years or older to take the survey
  • It is necessary to take a note that the online MyKFCExperience is only available at
  • Then, we have to check whether we have the stable internet connection and high performance of gadget. Otherwise, we will get troubles
  • Talking about the KFC receipt, we should take the survey as soon as possible as it will get expired in 7 days

There are some things that we need to take a note after taking the online MyKFCExperience. In this case, we should pay attention to some important stuff, such as:

  • We will get a coupon code for free lunch or fresh money that will get expired in 30 days
  • We cannot take MyKFCExperience more than once as it has a limitation for each customer to get rewards
  • For our information, we can take the surveys many times, but we only have one chance to take KFC sweepstakes for the sake of $1000 cash for the rewards
  • In case we want to take another survey, it means that we need another KFC receipt as one receipt is for one survey
  • When we have filled the survey, we can take a note of the redemption code right on our KFC receipt; then we can bring it to KFC restaurant to get free foods

What are the Rules for Online KFC Sweepstakes?

For our information, there are two types of MyKFCExperience, the first is the reward of a free meal, and the second is with the valuable $1,000 fresh money. If we love money, then we can try the second one, but, still, we need to follow the rules, such as:

  • We should be 18 years or can be older at age
  • It is different from the first survey that we can only take Sweepstakes survey once each year
  • What are the Steps to Take MyKFCExperience and Get Free KFC Coupons and $1,000 Cash?
  • Well, without making it further due, here are some steps we need to follow, such as:
  • We have to open an internet browser and visit for KFC Customer Feedback Survey
  • Then, we can input the 17-digit code printed on our KFC receipt
  • In case we cannot find the  survey code, we may try an alternative way by inputting the KFC restaurant code, complete with the date and time we order KFC as well as the ticket number
  • In giving the answers, we need to be honest
  • Once we have finished answering the survey, we can enter KFC sweepstakes and get a chance to win the fresh money of $1,000
  • After that, we will get KFC coupon code that we can redeem once we visit KFC restaurants or redeem it through KFC Go Cups
  • It is necessary to save the coupon code and bring it to KFC to get free yummy meal

What are the questions Asked in online MyKFCExperience Survey?

After understanding the step by step of how to take the survey, now it is the time for us to know the questions mostly asked in MyKFCExperience Survey.

  • Question #1:

From the scale 1 to 5, we will have to give rating towards the KFC restaurants. We can give one if we are disappointed and five if we are satisfied.

  • Question #2:

The next, we will have to answer which one is our favorite whether it is Take away, Dine-in, or maybe Carry out and catering.

  • Question #3:

We will have to rate our satisfaction on each aspect that KFC has, such as the cleanliness of the KFC restaurant, the speed of the service like when we are queuing. Besides, we need to rate the quality of the food such as the Sunday ice cream that is less than a half of the cup and so on. Or maybe, we need to evaluate the employees whether they are friendly or not. And the last, we need to rate the accuracy of our order whether the staffs forgot our menu or not and we have to repeat it.

  • Question #4:

Be sure whether we ever face a problem when we visited the KFC stores or not. If there was a problem, we could explain it in this MyKFCExperience survey.

  • Question #5:

After that, we will have to answer whether we recommend it to someone else within 30 days.

Question #6: now, we need to explain how satisfied we are regarding the service given by KFC, in 1,2K words.

  • Question #7:

The next question is on the menu we ordered whether it was available or not.

  • Question #8:

Next, we should recollect about the employees as we will rate the quality of the staffs whether they are friendly or not.

  • Question #9:

Now, we have to answer the question about the frequency of the times we visit KFC restaurant.

  • Question #10:

For the sake of validity, we will need to input our personal information.

Alright, those are the ten questions most asked in online MyKFCExperience Survey.  If we have answered all ten questions, then it means we have done the survey. After the survey, we will get a coupon code that we can redeem to get free lunch for KFC next visit.

How if We Have Troubles in Taking the MyKFCExperience Survey?

We do not need to worry as we can reach the representatives of Kentucky Fried Chicken in some ways. Not to mention, we can call at +1 800-225-5532 and ask the staff to solve the troubles. Or maybe, we may write them a letter by sending it at 1441 Gardiner Lane Louisville, Kentucky, U.S

Indeed, when we dial KFC phone number, we have to do it in KFC business hours. Otherwise, TeamKFC may be not available as they are not in the office. Through the contacts, we can ask help from TeamKFC and they will gladly help us. Not to mention, we can ask any questions, send KFC feedback, and also KFC complaints.

How to Contact the KFC Headquarters for MyKFCExperience?

In some cases, we may need to contact the headquarters of KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Indeed, it is a bit confusing as there are thousands of franchises towards the world, including in China. Today, we can see that KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants won the runner up of the largest supply chain in the world. Awesome, isn’t it? Alright, if we want to contact the offices, then we can take a look at the contact list here, such as:

Contact #1: Kentucky Fried Chicken in the UK

  • If we want to talk to the head of KFC, we can communicate with the Corporate Office at +44 1483-717000
  • In a case we want to contact the KFC Chicken Restaurant, we can call Derby at +44 845-753-2532
  • If we want to communicate with the KFC Chicken of Restaurant Gretna, we should dial at +44 1461-337567

Contact #2: Kentucky Fried Chicken USA

  • For the USA, we can contact the Customer Care of KFC Service Louisville at +1 800-266-7883
  • If we want to contact the Fast Food KFC of Restaurant Coffeyville, it will be best if we dial +1 620-251-1934

How to Complain to KFC Managers?

Since KFC becomes internationally known as a famous brand, we may sometimes get disappointed with the services. Well, we should not get down as we can tell the manager regarding the problems. For the easiest way, we can contact the customer service through phone. The phone number is available in the UK at 0345 753 2532. If we are beyond of UK, then we can check the customer service of each local place by accessing it online at

Still, for UK citizens, we can try to write a letter and send it to the office. In this case, we say anything about the experience we have at KFC. Indeed, it does not matter whether they are critics, complain, or opinions. The manager of KFC will be glad to listen to us and will solve it as soon as possible.  Besides, we can tell the representatives whether we get dissatisfaction with staffs’ service. Or maybe, we can critics the quality of the food products by attaching the pictures. We can send it by mail at Kentucky Fried Chicken (Great Britain) Limited, Orion Gate, Guildford Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 7NJ, United Kingdom).

For an alternative way, we can reach the representatives through online. We can access or social media such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and so on. Also, if we try to take an online MyKFCExperience survey, and we find some problems, we do not need to have a hesitation to give comments. We can ask some questions that we think we need to know the answer, but of course, it should be on the topic of MyKFCExperience. For the easiest way, we can visit to get the direct help for the official support.

Final Words of MyKFCExperience

So, MyKFCExperience survey is such the best choice for us who love to have lunch at KFC. We all must know that the atmosphere given by this restaurant is comfortable for all people of all ages. It is first because there is no smoking area, featured by kids’ area to play, as well as the room full of AC. People come every day with a hope that they get satisfaction from the hot burgers, crunchy fried chickens, and sweet ice creams. KFC is trying to give all customers happiness by offering KFC’s Customers Satisfaction Survey. When they take participation to it, they will get rewards and will go home with the happiest smiles.

KFC, a beautiful place with yummy foods inside today becomes the world’s largest fast-food chain. Believe it or not, KFC now has more than 19K outlets that we can find towards the whole world. If we want to keep enjoying being there, then we need to help the restaurants to improve their services. Isn’t it nice if we get more delicious burgers, cheesy fried chickens? Or maybe, we can choose the tasty French fries and bigger cups of sundaes ice cream? Without a doubt, it will be the happiest day for us. Now, we do not need to get confused finding a better place to hang out with friends.

Overall, all that KFC wants is that we join online MyKFCExperience Customer Survey. Believe it or not, our feedback will be essential for the restaurants to know their lacks and fix them. If it is necessary, we may need to mention one of the most comfortable restaurants. The restaurants should be on the same field with KFC for the sake of comparison. Without a doubt, we will get appreciated as they care about their customers. So, enjoy the survey and enjoy the meal while winning $1,000 cash!

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