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MyNikeVisit-NA is the official Nike survey that will reward you some Nike Coupons for discount off. In this case, you just have to own the Nike receipt with MyNikeVisit-NA survey code. And, you can access to enter MyNikeVisit-NA survey. If you finish all MyNikeVisit-NA survey steps, you will get Nike coupons. Enjoy redeeming your Nike coupons at Nike shoe stores!

When we talk about the best shoes of the year, we must mention Nike Products. Here, we cannot deny that Nike brand has been spreading all over the world. And now, this awesome company offers us MyNikeVisit-NA Survey. Believe it or not, we can win $5 and $10 Nike Gift Cards, as well as 40% Nike Discount. It will be a great day if we can win all of the prizes while everyone keeps staring at Nike stores’ shoe products. We can use the prizes and get discounts off on the items that we want the most. Cannot wait?

About MyNikeVisit-NA Survey

So, before we start to take the first step to participate in the survey, we have to know more about it. For our information, MyNikeVisit-NA is an online customer satisfaction survey held by Nike Company. Here, the online survey is accessible at Yes, it is the My Nike Visit NA official website that is able to direct us to the survey page.

MyNikeVisit-NA Nike Survey for Nike Discount Coupons
MyNikeVisit-NA Survey Steps Guides taken from

Participating in the MyNikeVisit-NA feedback survey means that we agree to give comments to Nike whether it is negative or positive. In case we have a bad experience, we do not have to be afraid of sharing it through the survey. And in case the Nike store that we visit gives the best service, we can share those positive comments. Without a doubt, Nike company will appreciate us as we want to help them grow. Without customers, Nike will be nothing. And My NikeVisit NA plays one of the most important roles in keeping the company to improve.

At MyNikeVisit-NA, we can share our overall satisfaction about the Nike shoes products whether they are Nike sports Shoes, Nike Men Shoes, Nike Kids Shoes, and so on. Through this MyNikeVisit-NA online portal, we can share our shopping experience. We can mention whether the staff members are friendly or not. And as the appreciation, we will get the chance to enter MyNikeVisit-NA Sweepstakes. At this online portal, we will get the MyNikeVisit-NA Validation Code to win $10 Nike Gift Cards, as well as 20% Nike Discount.

What to Prepare for MyNikeVisit-NA Shopping Experience Survey?

Nike Survey brings advantages to customers and the company. And also, the Nike survey prizes are just awesome. We can use the rewards at all Nike stores in the world as long as it is still valid. If we cannot wait to get this beautiful chance, first thing first, here are the things that we have to prepare. Here they are:

  • At first, we need to make sure that we own a recent Nike Store receipt that has My Nike Survey Code or My Nike Entry Code, or My Nike Survey Invitation Code
  • Then, we will need a set of PC or laptop, or smartphone that will be the electronic device to help us explore the internet
  • Absolutely, we will need an internet connection that we can gain from Wi-Fi or mobile internet
  • It is important to own an active email address to complete the My Nike Visit NA Sweepstakes process and win the Gift Card

What Are MyNikeVisit-NA Survey’s Rules?

After preparing the whole things, there are still more things to pay attention. Not to mention, we have to follow the My Nike Visit rules. Here are the rules:

  • First of all, we should make sure that the Nike receipt is still valid and it should be less than seven days old after we get it from Nike stores
  • Second, we have to be 13 or older if we want to enter the Nike Sweepstakes
  • As the Nike online survey provides English, Spanish, Chinese, and French, we have to master one of those languages
  • Of course, we should be a legal United States residents
  • If we are Non US residents, we have to participate the Nike survey sweepstakes held by our country and access it on the official websites, for example, we can visit if we are a legal UK resident
  • Nike gift card has expired date and we have to use it before 60 days after we get the prizes
  • Nike Gift Cards are in the form of debit card and we can use it once, we cannot reload it, and we cannot redeem it for cash
  • All MyNikeVisit participants will get Nike rewards within 8 to 11 business days after we complete the survey sweepstakes

How to Participate in MyNikeVisit-NA Survey Step by Step Guide?

Alright, after learning everything about My Nike visit preparation, now it is the time for us to know the MyNikeVisit steps.  Here are the steps in details to follow, such as:

  • Step #1:

At the first step, we have to launch an internet browser on our electronic device. Then, at the address bar, we can input the link address that is Or, we can visit the website using the address of In case we are UK residents, we can visit And if we are Canada residents, we have to visit Canada MyNikeVisit at

  • Step #2:

At the second step, we should set a language that we are going to use for the My Nike Visit survey. In case we are hopeless as we do not understand English, Espanol, Francais and even Chinese at all, we should not cry. We have to keep calm and visit the Google Translate. Copy and paste the link address and we can read the survey page using our language in the form of offline. As we cannot use the survey page from the translated one, we have to open two tabs. One is for translating the language, and the other is for the online survey and the place we fill in the data.

  • Step #3:

Once we have set the survey page language, we can continue to input MyNikeVisit Survey Code that has 15 to 20 digits. And after rechecking whether the digits we input is correct, we can click the button with the title of “Next”. While we input the survey code, we have to make sure that we do not input any spaces or even hyphens.

  • Step #4:

Once we have passed the MyNikeVisit login portal, we can see the My Nike Visit survey rules and policy that we have to read. Of course, we should understand the whole things before we start filling in the survey. If we have agreed with the policy, we can go on.

  • Step #5:

At the main section, we are going to give ratings toward Nike sports products as well as the services. We have to answer them based on our experience when we visited the Nike Store. Of course, we must be honest like we always being honest with our lovers.

  • Step #6:

The sixth step, we can answer the My Nike Survey Questions that ask about Nike Stores we visited. There will be specific MyNikeVisit questions that have multiple answers. Again, we need to choose the best answers that reflect our shopping experience at Nike store.

  • Step #7:

After answering the entire questions, we can go on to give Nike complaints or compliments. There will be a box as the place for us to share our opinion about the overall Nike products and services. In case we want to complain, we have to mention the specific problems. For instance, we can mention the products that have less quality, the employee who does not serve well, and so on.

  • Step #8:

After that, we will have to input our email address and as the reward, we will get My Nike Visit Validation Code. It is the code that will decide whether we get $5 or $10 gift cards. It will be much better if we write the Nike Coupon Code on the receipt that we have.

  • Step #9:

Now, all that we should have to do is to wait for the MyNikeVisit Prizes Announcement. We will get the notification via email within 8 to 11 days. If we get the email, we can follow the instructions.

What Are the MyNikeVisit-NA Survey Sweepstakes Prizes?

By participating MyNikeVisit survey, we will get precious chances to get $5 and $10 Nike gift cards. We have to remember that the prizes are in the form of MasterCard or debit card. We can use this card at all Nike stores. Again, we have to be sure that we use the card before the balance gets expired. For our information, the card will be expired within two months or 60 days. If we are too late to realize this, we may not able to redeem the Nike gift cards. And as a result, we get nothing from the MyNikeVisit survey sweepstakes.

What Are the Nike Hottest Promotions?

We may still look for other Nike hot promotions. In this case, we can try to visit the Nike official website at Without a doubt, there will be a lot of information that we need. Not to mention, we can gain information about Nike Coupons & Discount Offers, Nike Nearest Stores locations. Believe it or not, Nike offers us 20% to 40% discount off.

How to Use Nike Promo Code?

Now, we can imagine how amazing it will be if we visit the Nike stores and we get 40% discount off on the sports shoes that we eager to get. We spend less money and it will create our day as we can use the rest money for other things. There are some items that are available for these promotions. Starting from Nike male shoes, Nike women shoes, Nike sports shoes, as well as Nike Kids shoes, all Nike shoes products are awesome.

We can also use the gift cards and the discount to buy some Nike accessories. They are such as the kids clothing, shoes, gear, as well as hats, and socks. All that we have to do is to follow the instructions given by Nike official websites. Then, we will get the Nike promo code. Once we get this code, we can visit and find the link with the title “Do you have a promo code?” Click the link and we can input the coupon code.

About Nike Company Profile

Do we know? Nike is such an American Multinational company that at the first time opened in January, 1964. The founder of this company is Bill Bowerman and his best friend Phil Knight. If we want to visit the Nike headquarter, we can go to Beaverton, Oregon, Portland. Nike today becomes the largest athletic shoes and apparel, supplier.

Believe it or not, Nike has been gaining over $31.000 billion. So far, there are over 931 Nike retail stores spread internationally. If we want to visit Nike stores, we can find it online. Easily, we can go to and find the Nike locator. We should input the country, city, as well as zip code. In case we want an easier way, we can search Nike Stores Near Me. Without a doubt, we will see some results with the address, phone number, as well as Nike hours of operation.

How to Buy Nike Products Online?

In case we do not have enough time to go shopping at Nike stores, we can go online and shop some items. Easily, we can visit Nike in-Store or Nike Online Store official website. This is the address that we have to visit: And if we have Nike coupon codes or Nike discounts code, we can input it in this official site.

How to Contact Nike Customer Service?

In case we need to get in touch with the Nike representatives, we can contact them. Here the Nike contacts details that we can try. They are:

  • Nike Headquarter Mailing Address

We can visit or write a non-electronic mail to One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, OR 97005, United States.

  • Nike Email Addresses

And if we prefer to send the electronic mail, we can send it to Nike email address. We can send to Nike US & global email address at if we want to send it to Nike UK & Europe email address, we can send it to and the last, if we want to send it to Nike Africa, we can send it to

  • Nike Corporate Office Phone Numbers

There are some Nike phone numbers that we can try. In case we want to talk about Nike products, we can call 1 800 806 6453. After that, we may need to know our Nike order status and here; we can call 1 800 806 6453. Meanwhile, if we have questions about Nike, it is best to dial 1 866 633 6453. If we are US and global residents, we can call Nike US global phone number at 1 212 367 4447. The last, if we are UK &Europe residents, we can call Nike at +44 0 207 578 0560 or +44 207 578 0560.

Yes, we have learned everything about Nike and MyNikeVisit-NA survey. If we never take the opportunity to participate in Nike promotions, we will never know how it feels to get $5 and $10 Nike Gift Cards, as well as 40% Nike Discount. So, best luck!

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