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MyWawaVisit is the official Wawa customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes that will reward you $500 Wawa gift card and $75 Wawa merchandise. In this case, you can use your Wawa receipt with MyWawaVisit survey code. And, you can access to take MyWawaVisit survey. After finishing all MyWawaVisit survey steps, you can enter MyWawaVisit sweepstakes page to win $575 Wawa prizes. Enjoy being the lucky MyWawaVisit sweepstakes winners!

Everyone loves driving their beloved cars but not all people love to take care of their cars. In this case, if you travel to a remote area, you should not miss visiting a gas station to refill the gasoline and take a rest for a while. Here, Wawa Gas Station can be the best place you can visit when you are on a long journey. And if you recently visited Wawa station, you can use Wawa receipt to enter MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes. Just so you know, you can win Wawa $100 Gift Cards or Wawa $250 Gift Cards. You only need to spend your free three minutes at and get a chance to be MyWawaVisit winners!

About MyWawaVisit

Alright! Before you start to go too far, it will be much better if you know more about the survey sweepstakes program. For information, MyWawa or MyWawaVisit is an online customer feedback experience held by Wawa company. Wawa Gas Station Company has a dream to fulfill all Wawa customers’ needs. Through MyWawaVisit Survey, you will be able to share your Wawa complaints or Wawa feedback. As the reward, you will get a chance to win $250 Wawa gift cards.

MyWawaVisit Survey and Wawa Sweepstakes for $500 Wawa Gift Cards
MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides taken from

You can access the online MyWawa survey sweepstakes at Wawa Survey process will not spend more than five minutes, but of course, it all depends on how fast you answer MyWawa questions. After completing MyWawaVisit Survey, you will get a chance to enter MyWawa sweepstakes page. At the page, you will get MyWawa Validation Code that can lead you to be MyWawaVisit Winners.

What Will You Need for My Wawa Visit Customer Satisfaction Survey?

And it seems like you are pretty ready to participate in MyWawaVisit Feedback Experience Survey. Before you start accessing, it will be nice if you know and prepare what you are going to need. Here they are:

  • Electronic Device

The first thing that you have to prepare is the electronic device such as a laptop, PC, or maybe Android or iOS mobile phone. For the best suggestion, it is crucial to make sure that you already installed an internet browser. For example, you can install Mozilla Firefox, Browser, Google Chrome, or maybe Safari browser. You also need to make sure that you get the latest version for the sake of efficiency.

  • Internet Connectivity

And the next point, you have to own an internet access. In this case, you have to make sure that it is stable and fast. It is because the interrupted connection will make the process of MyWawaVisit survey in trouble. And as a result, your MyWawaVisit Survey Code may be no longer valid. Once it happens, you will need to use another My Wawa Visit Survey code. isn’t it a waste of time, energy, and money?

  • Recent Wawa Receipt

The last, but also the most important one, you have to own a recent My Wawa receipt. On the receipt, you need to make sure that it has MyWawaVisit Survey Invitation Code. it will be MyWawa Survey Credentials that you have to input to pass MyWawa Survey Login Portal.

What are My Wawa Visit Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

You have got everything you need for MyWawaVisit Customer Satisfaction Survey. And, once you are about to take the survey and enter the sweepstakes, you should know the rules. Here are MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules you need to know, such as:

  • The first rule, you need to own the latest Wawa Receipt, and if you get the invalid one or the one meets the due date, you can no longer use the receipt and MyWawa Survey Code
  • Second, you do not need to buy anything at Wawa Gas Station for the sake of being MyWawa Sweepstakes winners
  • Third, this MyWawa Survey Sweepstakes is open to all United States residents and Columbia Districts
  • Fourth, you must be at least 18 years of age or must be older at the time you access official website
  • Fifth, Wawa prizes vary based on Wawa locations. In NJ, PA, VA, DE and MD, My Wawa Visit prizes are $250 Wawa Gift Cards
  • Meanwhile, in different Wawa locations such as in Florida, MyWawaVisit Prizes will be $100 Wawa Gift Cards
  • Sixth, you will only get one chance to take the survey for each receipt or MyWawa  Survey Code, and if you want to get more chances in taking the survey, you have to own more receipts
  • Seventh, you can only be My Wawa Sweepstakes winner once per MyWawaVisit entry period
  • And the last, you have to understand the entire MyWawa  Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules and MyWawa privacy policy based on Wawa Locations you participate in
About MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes Prizes & Rewards

When you join MyWawa Sweepstakes Drawing, you have to know that there will be only one MyWawa winner for each Wawa locations in the different state. In this case, Wawa team then will draw and pick one winner at Wawa locations in every nation. And about the rewards, you will get a chance to win $100 Wawa Gift Cards or $250 Wawa Gift Cards.

For information, Wawa prizes vary based on the states of Wawa locations you participate. For example, if you are the residents of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia, you will be able to win $250 Wawa Gift Card. Meanwhile, if you are Florida residents, you can win $100 Wawa Gift Cards.

How to Enter My Wawa Visit Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide?

Alright! You are Wawa customers and you are going to take MyWawaVisit customer satisfaction survey. Here is the step by step for MyWawa Survey:

  • Step #1: Visit Survey

At the first step, you will need to access MyWawa official website. Here, you can open your electronic device. And then, you have to connect it to the internet as it is the online survey. Once you run the browser, at the address bar, you must type MyWawaVisit link address. If you reach MyWawaVisit homepage, you can continue to set the language. But, if you find it comfortable using the recent language, you do not need to change it. at, there will be two languages available. They are English and also Spanish.

  • Step #2: Enter Wawa Survey Invitation Code

The next step that you need to take is to input MyWawa Survey Code. You can find the survey code printed on your Wawa receipt. without MyWawaVisit invitation code, you will not be able to enter the survey.

  • Step #3: Enter Wawa Store Number

After that, you will need to enter Wawa store number that you visited last time. You do not need to try your best to remember the number as you can get the detail printed on your Wawa receipt.

  • Step #4: Enter Wawa Date Visit

The last details that you have to enter are the date and also the time of your last visit to Wawa gas station or Wawa Store. For information, most Wawa stores open for 24 hours. There are some choices that you can pick from Wawa hours of operation. They are such as 12:00 PM to 5:00 AM, 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Or, you can also pick one from Wawa operating hours whether it is 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, or 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, as well as 5:00 PM to 12 PM.

  • Step #5: Answer MyWawaVisit Questions

Congratulation! You have passed MyWawa login portal for customer survey, and now, you have to answer all MyWawa Survey questions. The main topic of the questions will be about Wawa store or Wawa Gas Station you visited. The questions will have relation to Wawa service, Wawa food, as well as Wawa location. Through this survey, you will be able to share your Wawa feedback, as well as Wawa complaints.

  • Step #6: Enter MyWawa Sweepstakes

You have completed the whole MyWawaVisit steps, you can continue to enter MyWawa sweepstakes page. indeed, you have an option whether you want to join the draw or not. In case you are willing to take part, you need to be sure that you are eligible and read MyWawa Sweepstakes rules.

  • Step #7: Fill Your Personal Information at MyWawa Sweepstakes Page

For the next, you have to complete the blank with your personal data. They can be your full name, phone number, as well as your active email address. besides, you will need to complete your postal mailing address such as the zip code, state, as well as the city. After that, you can continue to click the button entitled “Submit”.

  • Step #8: Save Your MyWawa Validation Code

Finally, you will receive a unique MyWawa Validation Code and you have to write it down on the back side of Wawa receipt. Then, Wawa survey team will draw the validation codes and chose one My Wawa sweepstakes winner. In case the team contacts you, you have to give your fastest response. Otherwise, they may substitute yourself with another MyWawa winner. It will be disappointing seeing you miss getting $100 or $250 Wawa gift card.

About Wawa Gas Station Company Profile

You know that MyWawa Customer Satisfaction Survey is crucial for both Wawa team and Wawa customers. Now, you can gain more about the company that holds this survey program. So that you know, Wawa Corporation is a company that provides gas station, fresh foods, as well as free ATM services for all customers. Here, you can say that Wawa can be the best place for you to take a rest on your long journey. For the first time, Grahame Wood opened the business in 1803. Now, you can visit Wawa headquarter in Chester Heights, Pennsylvania, United States.

In 2018, there are more than 650 Wawa stores spread in the United States. If you want to visit Wawa stores, you can find Wawa Near Me. Open the online search engine and you can type Wawa Stores Near Me.  There will be a list of the nearest Wawa stores. You can also check Wawa hours of operation if you hesitate whether Wawa store is open or not. Or, you can directly search Wawa 24 hours stores at the search engine.

How to Contact Wawa Customer Service?

If you want to contact Wawa customer service and talk to Wawa representatives, you can try these Wawa contact details. Starting from Wawa phone numbers, Wawa office, address, and Wawa live chat, you can get in touch with Wawa team. And, here are the contact details:

  • Contact #1: Wawa Official Website

The first contact is Wawa websites that you can visit at there will be rich information about My Wawa Login, Wawa Employee Benefits, My Wawa Careers, Wawa Complaints, as well as MyWawa Employee Sign In. Besides, you can also find information about Wawa Payroll, My Wawa Goosebumps Points, and Wawa Rewards Login. At the website, you can use Wawa Locator to find nearest Wawa Gas Stations. All you have to do is to enter your current location details, such as zip code, city, and states.

If you want to check your Wawa Card Balance, you can go to At the website, you must input your Wawa PIN. For the next, you can check your Wawa card balance anytime you want. If you want to gain more about Wawa survey, you need to visit There will be MyWawaVisit winners announcement, MyWawaVisit survey sweepstakes rules, and so on. in case you want to find out Wawa email address, you can vest At the website, you can also send your online Wawa Feedback.

  • Contact #2: Wawa Phone Number

The next, you can dial Wawa corporate office phone number at 1 877 217 5366. At this hotline, you will be able to ask anything about Wawa card balance. Or, you can dial Wawa Client Service or Wawa customer service team at 800 444 9292. Here, you need to be sure that you dial the office phone within Wawa office hours of operation. Otherwise, they may not give any response as they are not available. For Wawa headquarters phone number, you can dial 1 610 358 8000 and talk to Wawa manager.

  • Contact #3: Wawa Headquarter Postal Mailing Address

You can also visit or send a mail to Wawa Address that is 260 W Baltimore Pike Wawa, PA 19063, United States. In writing the letter, you have to make it brief and easy to understand.

  • Contact #4: Wawa Live Chats

And the last, you can use your social media accounts to search for  Wawa Twitter, Wawa Facebook, as well as Wawa LinkedIn.

You look good after understanding about My Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey  Sweepstakes for $500 Wawa Gift Card. You can then start to take part and win your Wawa $575 gift card to shop at Wawa stores. Best of luck!

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