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MyWawaVisit Survey is the official Wawa customer satisfaction survey that you can access at In this case, you just have to own the recent Wawa receipt with MyWawaVisit Survey code. And, you can access and answer all MyWawaVisit Survey questions. For the next, you will get a chance to enter MyWawaVisit sweepstakes page to win $100 Wawa gift card or $250 Wawa rewards. Enjoy completing MyWawaVisit Survey and best luck to be MyWawaVisit sweepstakes winner!

Do we ever on a journey when we feel hungry, our car needs gasoline, and we do not have cash at the same time? Well, Wawa can be the best answer for our problem. This company serves the all of we need and today, we can participate in its MyWawaVisit Survey program. For our information, we can win $100 & $250 Wawa Rewards from the survey. And what makes it interesting is that not all Wawa customers know this precious promotion program. Why don’t we grab it fast then?

About MyWawaVisit Survey

We all know that Wawa is a good company that cares about all customers. And in this case, MyWawaVisit Survey is such an online customer satisfaction program held by Wawa Company. The goal is, of course, to make sure that the company has served the best services and products for all of its customers. And if we are one of them, we must be lucky as we know this good news. Yes, My Wawa Visit Survey can be the best platform for all customers to share their Wawa Shopping Experience.

MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes for $100 and $250 Wawa Rewards
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Through MyWawaVisit Experience Survey, Wawa team will know whether we are happy with our Wawa visit or not. And also, we can give a big picture of what’s going on with Wawa and the products as well as the employees. The survey is accessible at The process of finishing Wawa survey will be less than ten minutes. And as the rewards, we can enter the MyWawaVisit Sweepstakes and win $100 or $250 Wawa Gift Cards. At this platform, we can also talk about Wawa Nutrition Survey. It is because the survey will cover the overall Wawa customers’ satisfaction review.

What to Prepare for MyWawaVisit Customer Satisfaction Survey?

We have been being a loyal customer of Wawa and it is our time to take advantage of it. Just so we know, we cannot go directly to Survey login portal before we know what we have to prepare. These are the details of the kinds of stuff that we are going to need. They are:

  • First, we must have a recent Wawa receipt and it should be valid
  • On the receipt, we must make sure that we get the MyWawaVisit Survey Invitation Code or what we can call as MyWawaVisit Survey Entry Code
  • Second, we are going to need our smartphone, or our laptop, or maybe a set of computer
  • Third, we will need the internet access the most and therefore, we have to make sure that it is fast and stable
  • Fourth, it is important if we have the capability of understanding English or Spanish as the MyWawaVisit Survey page does not provide other languages
  • And the last, we should have an active and valid email address complete with our phone number as the data to input for My Wawa Sweepstakes

How to Participate in MyWawaVisit Survey Step by Step Guide?

Alright! We have been preparing the whole things for Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey. And now, it seems like we are ready to find out the steps to take. Here are the best MyWawaVisit Survey Instructions that we can follow. They are:

  • Step #1:

So, the first step, we are going to turn on the electronic device that we have. Then, we can start to connect it to the internet access whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  • Step #2:

Once we are ready, we can click the address bar. At this bar, we should type Yes, it is the MyWawaVisit Survey official website that we have to visit. We may find the website through the search engine but it will take longer time. Moreover, some websites create fake MyWawaVisit Survey and we have to be careful.

  • Step #3:

Once we reach the MyWawaVisit Survey homepage, we can continue to set the page language. As there are only two options available, we have to choose between English and Spanish. And in case we do not master at all, we can ask for a help from our friends or family. If it is worse, we do not have anyone, we can use the help from Google translate. Open the page, then, we can copy and paste This smart page then will translate the entire words into the language we want.

  • Step #4:

Now, we have to pass the MyWawaVisit Survey login portal. Simply, we have to input My Wawa Visit Survey Entry Code. And also, we will have to input the Wawa Store Number that we visited. All of these codes are available on our Wawa receipt.

  • Step #5:

For the next, still, we have to complete the details of our Wawa last visit. In this case, we should mention the date and time of when we visited the store. We also need to make it clear whether we visit Wawa Gas Station, Wawa ATM, and or Wawa Food Store.

  • Step #6:

At the sixth step, we are going to answer the MyWawaVisit Survey questions. In this case, MyWawaVisit questions will be about Wawa products, service, as well as the employees. In case we get no satisfaction, we can give bad ratings to the restaurant. Simply, our answer will give a big picture of whether we are happy or not with our Wawa shopping experience. After completing the whole questions, we will get a chance to write down our opinion. Here, we can feel free to send our Wawa complaints, Wawa feedback, Wawa compliments, and so on.

  • Step #7:

After that, we can submit the MyWawaVisit Survey and we can enter MyWawaVisit Sweepstakes. In MyWawaVisit sweepstakes section, we are going to input our personal data. They are like our full name, phone number, as well as email address.

  • Step #8:

Finally, we will receive MyWawaVisit Survey Validation Code. Of course, we have to save this MyWawaVisit Redemption Code. And the best way to do so is by writing down the code on our receipt. Once Wawa team contacts us and announces that we are the MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes winners, we will get the prizes. That is why we have to impute the valid data of our self.

What Are the MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes’ Rules?

And after understanding the whole process of MyWawaVisit Survey, it will be better if we also understand the rules. There are some rules that we cannot underestimate. They are:

  • First, when we are about to take the survey sweepstakes, we have to be 18 or older, and we must be a United States legal resident
  • Second, the Wawa receipt must be valid that is less than five days old and if it is older, we have to get the new receipt
  • Third, there is no purchase necessary to win MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes program
  • For those who participate in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes program, the rewards will be $250 Wawa Gift Cards
  • And for the customers who participate in Florida MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes program, the prizes will be $100 Wawa Gift Cards
  • Each customer only gets one prize per MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes program entry period
  • One Wawa receipt and MyWawaVisit Survey Code is for one MyWawaVisit Survey and it will be no longer valid for another survey once we have used it

What Are the MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes’ Prizes?

From what we can conclude here, MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes’ prizes are $100 and $250 Wawa Gift Cards. The form of the prizes will be like a debit card that we cannot reload the balance. Of course, we can use the gift cards at all Wawa stores. Once we are the My Wawa Visit Sweepstakes’ winners, we cannot redeem the prizes for cash. All that we can do is to spend it at Wawa stores and buy anything we want.

For our information, the gift card has the expired date and we have to pay attention to this one. We should use the balance before the validation date ends. It is so as we can no longer use the card when it is out of date, even if the balance is full. We can also check the MyWawaVisit gift cards balance at And we can read the complete MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes rules at this website.

About Wawa Company Profile

If we have mastered anything about MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes, it will be best if we dig more information about Wawa. For our information, Wawa is such a company that serves fresh foods, free ATM services, complete with the fuel services. We can find Wawa headquarter in Chester Heights, Pennsylvania. Wawa for the first time was opened in 1803. And it was Grahame Wood who established Wawa gas station in 1964 in Folsom.

Today, Wawa has more than 645 Wawa retail stores that have complex facilities like fresh food, free ATMs, as well as fuel services. If we want to visit one of the stores, we can use the feature of Wawa Near Me or Wawa gas station Near Me. in case we want an alternative way, we can visit Wawa official website at Without a doubt, we can use the Wawa locators and we can find the Nearest Wawa stores.

Wawa can be the best place for us to take a rest after the long journey. We can have the best quality time with our family. Not to mention, we can take some cash from Wawa ATM. Then, we can have a nice lunch at Wawa restaurant. And if we want more, we can refresh our body enjoying some cold drinks or maybe hot coffee. Our car can also take a rest as we can fill the fuel. Isn’t having happy trip our dream?

How to Contact Wawa Customer Service?

We may have visited Wawa stores and somehow, we get problems. For instance, it can be our first time visiting the store. And here, we find that the employees do not serve us well. For example, we may order hot coffee and what we get is ice cream. We can first give Wawa complaints through the employee. And if they do not give the positive response, we can contact Wawa customer service. No doubt, Wawa team will help us much to solve the problems and answer all questions we have. Here are Wawa contact details!

  • Wawa Customer Support Number

At first, we may find it interesting to contact Wawa corporate office phone number. Simply, we can call +1-800-444-9292. It is the number for Wawa Call Center and when we call the office, we need to make sure that it is in Wawa hours of operation.

  • Wawa Headquarter Address

And the next contact of Wawa is the office address. Of course, the team will welcome us if we are willing to write a letter. It can be Wawa complaint letter, Wawa compliment letter, or even Wawa business letter. We can share anything we want including about MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes program. Then, we can send it to Wawa, Incorporation official mailing address. It is 260 West Baltimore Pike, Wawa, Pennsylvania, United States – 19063-5699.

  • Wawa Official Websites

The last, we can reach Wawa representatives through its official websites. First, we can visit Wawa company official website at At this website, we can find a lot of information that we may need. They are such as Wawa Complaints, MyWawa Employee Sign In, Wawa Employee Login Link, and Wawa Rewards Login. Of course, if we need more information about Wawa Goosebumps Points, Mywawa.Wawa.Com Login, and My Wawa Careers, we can stay at that website.

For the next, we can gain more information about MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes and MyWawaVisit Nutrition Survey. The address is There will be rich information about Wawa Guest Satisfaction Survey. Without a doubt, we can gain more tips on how to win $100 and $250 Wawa Prizes.

Overall, the information about Wawa Company as well as MyWawaVisit Survey Sweepstakes can be useful for us as long as we want to give it a try. Some customers may not realize this good news. Meanwhile, some of them are at one step ahead of us. Take the survey now and win the prizes. Best luck!

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