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NJMCDirect is the online service that will allow us to process your traffic ticket and ticket payment in a simple way. Here, we will be able to fix our problems with ticket payment within some minutes. Yes, we just need to access www.NJMCDirect.com to process it. And, we will be able to solve our problems without having to go to the court and standing for hours to get the service. Enjoy our experience at NJMCDirect.com portal!

Good drivers! Do we ever just drive somewhere happily with our passengers? At that day, we felt like we enjoy our job being the driver. But somehow, a police came bringing a traffic ticket. Of course, it is such an annoying feeling for us as we have to pay. Well, we do not need to worry as we can use NJMCDirect. It is such a ticket payment tool that we can use when we need help. The process of the NJMCDirect Pay Ticket will be easier and we can continue our life happily.

About NJMCDirect Ticket Payment

We cannot deny that it is annoying to get the traffic ticket while we are on duty. In this case, we do not have to cry because we can use NJMCDirect. NJMCDirect Pay Ticket is an online portal that will allow us to pay the traffic ticket. Yes, the website then will be able to help us to solve our problems. NJMC here stands for New Jersey Municipal Courts. We can visit the NJMC official website at www.njcourts.judiciary.state.nj.us/njmcdirect/atswepr2/home.do. Of course, we can check the status of our traffic ticket through this online portal.

NJMCdirect information how to login
NJMCdirect login tutorial taken from NJMCDirect.com

What to Prepare for NJMCdirect.com?

We can use the feature of the payment tool by going online and visit www.NJMCdirect.com. Here is some important information that we need to prepare before accessing NJMCDirect Pay Ticket. They are:

  • First thing first, we have to get parking or traffic ticket in our hand
  • Then, we need to make sure that we remember our license plate number
  • And the last, in case we are going to use NJMCdirect, we need to give information about our credit card

How to Solve Traffic Ticket using www.NJMCDirect.com Ticket Payment?

We may have understood about the role of Pay Online Ticket using NJMCDirect. And now, we are ready to start solving our problems being the drivers. So, here are some steps that we can follow, such as:

  • Step #1:

At the very first step, it is a must for us to go online and visit the NJMC official site at www.njcourts.judiciary.state.nj.us. This address link then will direct us to the online payment form of the parking and traffic ticket

  • Step #2:

After we see the NJMC homepage, we can start to click the button with the title “continue”. This button, of course, will direct us to the page where we can input the details of our ticket.

  • Step #3:

So, here we go the page that asks us to input all detail about our ticket number. We should make sure that we input the correct NJMC ticket number.

  • Step #4:

Once we have done with the number, we can continue to input our license plate number. Again, it is important to check whether we input the correct number. For the next, we can click the button with the title “continue”.

  • Step #5:

Now, it is the time for us to input the detail information about our credit card that we are going to use for NJMC online payment. It will be a must for us to fill once we have decided that we are going to solve the traffic ticketing problems via online.

  • Step #6:

The last but also the most important, we should print out the NJMCDirect receipt. In case we do not have any printer, we can just save the page as well as write it down on a note. Somehow, we may questions why we should do this. Of course, it is because we are going to face some fees that we have to pay. Without this NJMC receipt, it will be hard for us to pay because the NJMC team needs the data.

For our information, we will have to pay less than $4 to use the services.  But, still, it all depends on the fine that we must pay. The greater the fine that we got for the traffic ticket, the greater amount of money that the fee costs. What makes NJMCDirect interesting is that we can save our energy and time. We do not have to go out, stand in a queue, and getting tired just to pay. With NJMCDirect, we can solve it faster with ease.

What Are the Advantages of Using NJMC Direct?

We know how to take the NJMC Direct procedures and now we are going to find out the advantages of using NJMC online ticket payment. We can visit NJMC official site at www.NJMCDirect.com for more information. There will be a lot of information about New Jersey Courts system. Of course, we will be able to access some location, handle the online payment and so on. Alright, here are the NJMC Direct advantages that we should know. They are:

  • Advantage #1: It is Fast

The first advantage based on the NJMCDirect review, we can get the process is easier and faster than the manual one. No doubt, NJMCDirect site will take less than five minutes to process our NJMC payment. We can find some interesting features that will help us much in this case. Not to mention, we can find that the website is readable and eye-catching. We will not get bored or even depressed visiting NJMCDirect.com. Talking about the NJMCDirect instructions, we do not have to worry as it is brief, simple, and of course, easy to understand. At the first visit, we will have a big picture of what to do next for the online traffic ticket payment.

  • Advantage #2: It is Secure

The next advantage that we will get is the security of NJMCDirect online portal. We must know that the best security technology is with NJMC official site. Yes, we can say that New Jersey really cares about the customers’ personal security. As a result, the team serves the best security to remove anxiousness among the customers. We no longer have to worry about the traffic violation information that we submit. Everything about NJMC Direct payment information will be safe. Even if someone accesses the information, it must be the staff New Jersey who will help us solve the problems.

  • Advantage #3: It is Convenient

The last but also awesome, NJMC Direct is pretty more convenient compared to driving to some courthouses.  We do not have to go to the court, write a check, and then mail it. Simply, all we have to do is to visit NJMCDirect.com and the website will do its job. In case we want to pay using Visa or maybe Master Card, we will have to pay convenience.

When is the NJMCDirect Service Available?

We know that NJMCDirect serves the best service in the term of NJMC ticket payment. Before we start accessing the website and so on, we have to know the office hours. If we ask why, it is because NJMCDirect does not run the 24 hours services. Yes, we may be able to access out traffic ticket status anytime we want. But, in the term of NJMCDirect payment, we should do it within the NJMC hours. Here are the details of the hours:

  • For Monday to Thursday, the payment will be available starting at 7:30 AM to 11:45 PM (East Standard Time)
  • On every Friday, the online payment will be available starting at 7:30 AM to 10:45 PM (East Standard Time)
  • On Saturday, it will be at 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM (East Standard Time)
  • And the last, on every Sunday, the NJMCDirect payment portal will be open from 1:00 PM to 11:45 PM (East Standard Time)

About The New Jersey Commission

Somehow, we may need to know more about NJMC. For our information, NJMC also stands for New Jersey Meadowlands Commission. It is such an agency that has the power to control zone of regional, regulator, as well as the planning works. This agency for the first time was running in 1969. We can find the NJMC headquarters in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, US.

NJMCDirect is a part of this agency. Through NJMCDirect.com, we can check some information about the courts. Simply, all that we have to do is to click the button with the title “NJ Courts”. Then, we will find some NJMC specific information that we need to know the court.

Information about NJMCDirect that We Should Know

As we are about to use the service of NJMCDirect, here we need to know more about this online traffic ticket payment portal. For our information, we can call the MC or Municipal Court to ask the details about the tickets issued. In this case, we can also try to find out the traffic ticket or NJMCDirect payment order details. Easily, all we should do is to input the Court ID, as well as the Ticket Prefix. Then, we will also have to submit our Ticket Number, complete with the License Plate Number.

Now, let us take an example of a condition we get the traffic ticket. Let’s say it is today that we get this bad luck. Then, you can check the status of this ticket at NJMCdirect.com within four days.

What Tickets are Available at NJMCdirect?

Before we access the NJMCdirect official site, we should know that we can process many kinds of tickets. Yes, we can pay those tickets via online NJMCdirect payment. But, there are some criteria that we have to fulfill in order to use the NJMCdirect service. They are:

  • First, we have to make sure that the violation belongs to the payable one. It is so as some violations do not belong to this criteria and once we get this one, we do not have to process it
  • In case an officer was raising an issue of the ticket, it does not mean that we have to process it at a court, it all depends on the condition
  • Then, we should know that there will be no warrants that we will get the ticket
  • The last, we have to check whether our ticket has the latest Time Payment Order or not, if it is yes, we should not pay after the date set

How to Contact NJMC Direct Customer Service?

We have gained much information about NJMCdirect complete with the steps on how to pay the tickets via online. In case we have troubles regarding the process of the payment, it will be best if we contact NJMCdirect customer service. Here are the NJMCdirect contact details that will connect us to the NJMC representatives. They are:

  • NJMC Office Address

First, we can try to write a formal letter to NJMC office. We can send it to Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, and 228 Chesnut Street, United States. Indeed, there are some rules that we have to follow in the process of writing. We should make it brief, specific, and of course understandable. We can also add our contact details just in case we want to get a faster response. If we want to visit the NJMC office, we can search the address through Google maps.

  • NJMC Office Hours

If we want to visit the office, first of all, we have to make an appointment. We can call the office phone number but again, we need to make sure that we are on the hotline right in the NJMC office hours. The office will be available starting from Monday through Friday. The hours start at 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

  • NJMC Corporate Office Phone Numbers

For the easiest way, we can call the NJMC phone numbers by dialing 973 284 4945. At first, we may hear a robot is talking to us. We do not have to be afraid. Instead, follow the instructions so that we can get directed to the representative we want.

  • NJMC Fax:

The letter that we have written before, we can retype it and send it to the fax at 973 284 4914.  We can send it to Joanne Cocchiola.

Yes, we have been passing a rough day by getting the traffic ticket that makes us annoyed and feels numb. We do not have to worry as NJMCdirect will be the hero. So, pay the ticket and get our wonderful day again!

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