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PapaSurvey is the official Papa Murphy customer satisfaction survey that will reward you free Papa Murphy coupons. Here, you can redeem it at any Papa Murphy restaurant to get PapaSurvey rewards. Don’t you want to know more about this interesting PapaSurvey program?

Dear all pizza lovers! We may visit Papa Murphy Stores at least once in our life. Of course, it is because the pizzas offered in this restaurant are perfectly delicious. We can order any topping we want and we can spend our quality time with family or friends. But somehow, we may get disappointed with the services of this restaurant. Indeed, we can take PapaSurvey to speak our mind about this bad experience. Without a doubt, the Papa Murphy will not get mad. Instead, the restaurant will be gladly receiving a comment that can make the restaurant better. If we get interested, we can visit

About Papa Murphy’s “Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza”

Alright, before we start taking the survey, it is best for us to know about Papa Murphy. Yes, Papa Murphy is such a pizza house that we can find in the US. The restaurant started to run the business since 1981. So that we know, this food chain has expanded its business in 38 states. Yes, we can find this awesome pizza house at US, Canada, as well as the United Arab Emirates. At the first time, in 1995, these restaurants were coming with two different names, that are Papa Aldo’s and Murphy’s Pizza. Yes, as we can see, both pizza houses got merged and here we are Papa Murphy’s!


Believe it or not, this restaurant has more than 1,400 franchises spread in the United States, Canada, as well as in the United Arab Emirates. And the more interesting part is this restaurant is on the fifth rank in the category of the largest pizza chain in the United States. Our Papa Murphy’s has won some awards related to the food products they serve. Not to mention, in 2006, Papa got a platinum award for Consumers’ First Choice. In 2014, eight years later, Papa became the winner for pizza chain that serves healthy and quality foods.

About PapaSurvey Customer Satisfaction Survey

As the restaurant has won some awards, Papa Murphy wants to offer better services and food products for all customers. In this case, if we are the customers of this restaurant, it will be best if we take PapaMurphy Survey at This Papa Murphy customer satisfaction survey is such an online survey about customer’s experiences. In this case, we can tell about our experience when we visited the restaurant. Of course, we need to be open and honest as it will help the restaurant to better.

Indeed, the process of taking the survey is from five to fifteen minutes. All that we should do is to go online and visit Papa Murphy’s page survey at But first of all, we have to own a recent receipt from this restaurant as it is the proof that we are the customers. We can complain about anything such as the services given by the staff, or maybe the pizzas and other food products delivered. If we think they are not well to eat, or maybe disappointing, it is best to share it with the Papa Murphy’s team.

What are the PapaSurvey Rules?

First of all, before we take the PapaSurvey, it must be better if we know about the rules for the survey. Alright, here is the eligibility that we have to fulfill, such as:

  • First, we need to be 18 years or maybe older as the team will consider your opinion
  • Second, we have to be a legal resident of the USA, or Canada, or the Arab Emirates
  • Third, we should not be an employee of Papa Murphy or family of the employees
  • Fourth, we need to prepare a computer set or a laptop or can be a smartphone
  • Fifth, of course, we need an internet access that will help us to go to Survey
  • The last, we need own a recent Papa Murphy receipt as we need it to log into the survey page

Papa Murphy’s Survey Steps to Follow

Yup! We all know everything we need for the survey and it is the time to take action. Of course, we need to obey some steps here as they will show us how to complete the survey. Here we go!

  • Step #1:

At the very first step, we have to open our laptop or other gadgets. Then, we can open the fastest internet browser that we have. Once we are ready, we can go to Survey.

  • Step #2:

The next step, we have to input Papa Murphy’s store number. For our information, the number here contains 5 to 6-digits. We can find it on the receipt that we have.

  • Step #3:

Once we have done with the store number, we can continue to the next box. In this section, we will see that we have to input the time and date of our last visited. Again, we can find the details on the receipt. The format of the date that we should input is MM/DD/YYYY. If we do not want to input it manually, we can use Papa Murphy’s calendar widget that is available on

  • Step #4:

In case we do not have a Papa Murphy receipt, we can click the menu entitled ‘registration by store number’. Yes, we have to press the button shaped arrow that has the color of red. Without a doubt, it will direct us to PapaSurvey Page.

  • Step #5:

The next detail will be about a zip code of Papa Murphy restaurant we visited. We can get this detail on the receipt and if we cannot find it, we can explore Google.

  • Step #6:

Now, we can start the survey by answering all questions asked. In this case, after completing the survey, we may get Papa Murphys Coupon Code. We can redeem the PapaSurvey Coupon Code here to the restaurant for the sake of getting a discount. So, after we see the PapaSurvey redemption code appears, we have to write it down on the receipt that we have. For the next, we have to give it to the staff for the next Papa Murphy visit.

What are the PapaSurvey Rewards?

In this case, we may need to know whether this PapaSurvey will give us gift cards, or cash, or maybe free foods. Indeed, the survey, in this case, will lead us to get a discount for some items. Of course, everyone loves pizza and we will get the survey useful for us. We will know how the restaurant team tries to make all customers happy. And we will know what to do when we run a business and we want to keep our customers loyal.

How to fix Papa Murphy’s Survey Troubleshooting?

In the process of the survey, sometimes we may get bad experience such as error page, failed to connect, or even the store number is not valid. Well, the very first thing we have to do is to not getting panic. In this case, it is much better if we know what causes the troubles. Then, we can analyze and find a way to solve them. Alright, here are some possible ways to fix the troubleshooting in accessing

  • Everything Looks Slow

The first possibility, the connection can be slow. In this case, it is such a must to check the speed of our internet connection. Or maybe, if we are using a Wi-Fi router, we can restart it.

  • Cookies and JavaScript are Not Available

The next trouble may come from the setting of our internet browser. To solve this problem, we can go to the setting and change the browser’s privacy section. Yes, we have to find the JavaScript and we have to turn it on. Sometimes, we do not recognize it when the JavaScript’s turns on for a certain page and it creates a trouble later.

  • Receipt Creates Troubles

For our information, every receipt that we get from Papa Murphy has a limitation on the date period. In this case, we have to make sure that the receipt is not older than 30 days. Once it is older, we cannot use it for PapaSurvey and as the result, we have to get a newer receipt.

PapaSurvey is all about customers experiences that we can share. Yes, we can say that it is such a platform where the staff and manager of the restaurant can listen to us. The survey is about the overall customer satisfaction as well as the recommendation that we offer. Then, we can give judgment towards the services given by the workers. We can say whether they are friendly or not. Or maybe, we want to give judgment whether the service is fast or not. And for the food products, it is okay if we judge based on the quality or the accuracy with the ones we order.

How to Contact Papa Murphy’s Customer Care Service?

Sometimes, it is such a must to get in touch with the manager of the restaurant, or other representatives. Here, we can try to call Papa Murphy’s complaint number at 1-844-620-2501. But still, we need to consider whether we call the office in Papa Murphy’s hours that start from 7 AM to 11 PM central time. If we want to reach the team through online, we can go to Papa Murphy’s official Website at For other Papa Murphy’s Deals, it is best to access

How to Order a Delicious Pizza at Papa Murphy’s Pizza House?

It is weekend and we are ready to go out with our close friends or beloved families. Well, it will be such a great day if we visit Papa to get the best pizzas. But, sometimes we may get confused on what to order for the best lunch and so on. Moreover, we may want to order and ask the staff to deliver it. Indeed, we can call at 600 540 440 for Papa Murphy’s Delivery phone number. Here are the steps to make it well understood by the staff we call. They are:

Step #1: we have to choose a crust whether we want the original one or maybe the one with Delite Thin Crust.

Step #2: once we are done, we can choose the best sauce we want. There are types of sauces that we can try such as traditional pizza sauce, creamy garlic sauce, or maybe olive oil.

Step #3: it is the time to choose the size of the pizza. There are four different sizes that we can try such as

  • Small, that the size is 8 inches or 6 slices
  • Medium, that the size is 10 inches or 8 slices
  • Large, that the size is 12 inches or 10 slices
  • X-Large, that the size is 14 inches or 10 slices

Step #4: we can choose the toppings that we want.

  • For the meat, we can choose whether we want pepperoni, sausage, or maybe ground beef, smoked turkey, as well as grilled chicken, and salami.
  • The choices for vegetables, we can choose some choices such as spinach, olives, zucchini, corn, mushrooms, onions, green onions, tomatoes, peppers, pineapple, and so on
  • For the cheese, there are some inviting choices such as mozzarella, Mozzarella and Cheddar Mix, or maybe Feta, and Parmesan,

After mentioning the details of our order, we can give our home address or maybe the place where we are having fun with our best people.

What Are the Best Papa Murphy’s Menus?

Being a pizza lover somehow can be hard for us. One of the hardest things that we have to face is when we get confused on what to order as we see some choices that are exciting. Well, we no need to worry about getting the pizza that we do not want to. Here is the list of pizza menus at Papa Murphy’s that we can try. They are:

  • Best menu #1: Papa Murphy’s The Herb Chicken Mediterranean

Without a doubt, if we are looking at this pizza, we will forget our diet, our illness, and even our girlfriend/ boyfriend. Seriously, this pizza is such one of the most exquisite delicacy. The ingredients of the pizza are such as olive oil, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, complete with the feta, spinach, as well as herb chicken. Besides, the zesty herbs and the crust make this pizza adorable. Once we try this menu, all that we can say is “mmmhh amazing”.

  • Best menu #2: Papa Murphy’s Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza

The next menu that we can try is Chicago Style. Yes, it is such a name of a city in Italia. Pizza is the original food from Italia. Here it is the Italia food with the original Italian delicious taste. Can we imagine how climax it will make us feel?

  • Best menu #3: Papa Murphy’s The Cowboy

The last but the best one, we can try the traditional pizza offered by Papa Murphy’s that is the cowboy. For our information, this menu comes with usual topping. Yes, it has delicious sausage, pepperoni, complete with the sliced fresh mushrooms. In addition, the olives make it perfect to eat. Without a doubt, this traditional pizza is different from other pizza restaurants offer.

Overall, those are the best menu that we can try at Papa Murphy’s Restaurant. We can enjoy the menus and if we get it disappointing, we can take PapaSurvey. No doubt, PapaSurvey program will give us a chance to speak our mind and we can send Papa Murphy’s feedback including Papa Murphy’s complaints and other Papa Murphy’s comments. Yes, we can then get Papa Murphy’s coupon for a free Papa Murphy’s pizza that we can enjoy. So, have a wonderful day, pizza lovers!

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