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Perkins Guest Experience Survey is the official Perkins Restaurant and Bakery customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $500 Perkins Gift Card. In this case, you just have to own the Perkins receipt with Perkins Guest Experience Survey code. And, you can access to take Perkins Guest Experience Survey. If you complete all Perkins Guest Experience Survey steps, you can enter Perkins sweepstakes to win $500 Perkins gift card. Enjoy being Perkins sweepstakes winners!

We all must love enjoying delicious foods offered by restaurant nowadays. It makes us love our life as we can choose anything we want to eat. Of course, we have to pay for the foods. If we want to eat for free, we may find that participating in Perkins Guest Experience Survey is pretty interesting. It will take less than five minutes to complete the survey and we can enter the Perkins Sweepstakes to enter Perkins $500 Gift Cards. Isn’t it awesome, delicious foods lovers?

About Perkins Guest Experience Survey

It is clear that we find the survey is awesome and we cannot wait for that moment when we can take the survey. First thing first, we have to know more about Perkins Survey. For our information, Perkins Guest Experience Survey is such an online customer satisfaction survey held by Perkins restaurant and bakery. In this case, we can access Perkins customer survey at This website plays an important role as the connector between the restaurant team and the customers.

Perkins Guest Experience Survey offers $500 Perkins Gift Card
Perkins Guest Experience Survey Steps Guides taken from

Yes, we can share our opinion about the Perkins restaurant store we visited. No doubt, the website will be the key for us to tell how satisfied or disappointed we are with the Perkins services and products. We can complain the employee, the foods, service, and so on. As the reward, we will get the chance to enter Perkins Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes to win the $500 Perkins Gift Cards. Surely, we can use this card to buy any Perkins menu that we want the most. We can enjoy it with our best family and we are going to be the happiest person on this small planet. Are we ready?

What to Prepare for Perkins Customer Experience Survey?

We have understood a brief explanation of Perkins Guest Experience Survey and now we can start to find out the kinds of staff that we have to prepare. Of course, we have to get all of these things ready before we start taking the survey. Here is the Perkins Guest Experience Survey preparation, they are:

  • Yes, we will need a set of computer or laptop or maybe our smartphone as an electronic device that is able to connect to the internet
  • Perkins Guest Experience Survey is an online survey and we have to get the best internet access ready for our electronic device
  • We should understand English or Spanish as we have no other options for the languages available
  • And the last but the most crucial one, we should own Perkins Receipt that has Perkins Guest Experience Survey Invitation Code or Perkins Survey Entry Code

How to Participate in Perkins Guest Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide?

After getting everything is ready, we can start to take the Perkins Guest Satisfaction Survey. There are some steps that we must follow in order to enter Perkins Guest Experience Sweepstakes and win $500 gift cards. Here are the steps:

  • Step #1:

At the very beginning, we must open our electronic device and launch the best internet browser that we have. There are some internet browsers that we can use like Mozilla, Chrome, or even Safari, and Opera.

  • Step #2:

Then, at the address bar of the browser, we can input the Perkins Guest Experience Survey official website that is We can also reach the survey page at this address that is No doubt, these link addresses then will direct us to the Perkins Survey Page.

  • Step #3:

Once we reach the Perkins Survey Homepage, we can start to input Perkins Survey Code. The code, in this case, is available on our Perkins receipt. It has 15 digits and we have to input the whole digits correctly. To avoid getting troubles, we should check whether we input the digits correctly.

  • Step #4:

If we are sure that the code we input is correct, we can click the button with the title “Start”. It is the only button that we can click to begin the Perkins survey. In case we get it invalid, we have to check whether the Perkins receipt is valid or not. It should not be older than three days.

  • Step #5:

And if we succeed in passing the Perkins Guest Experience Survey login portal, we can continue to input the Perkins visit details. We have to input the date and the time of our last visit to Perkins stores. Also, we must input the Perkins Store number or Perkins restaurant number. And then, we can click the button with the title “start” to continue.

  • Step #6:

Somehow, we must input the server’s name that we can find this detail printed on out Perkins receipt. Also, we have to mention whether we dine in or take away.

  • Step #7:

Then, we can set the language whether we want everything is in English or Spanish. It will be a disaster if we do not master one of those languages. But, we do not have to be sad and cry as we can ask for a help. We can ask our family or friend to help us and if we have no one, we can use Google Translate. We can convert the page into our language and we can understand what the survey asks us to do.

  • Step #8:

This is the main part of Perkins Guest Experience Survey. Yes, we will find many questions related to our last visit to Perkins Store. It is a must to answer all of these Perkins Guest Experience Survey questions. It is because our answers will be a guide for Perkins team to improve the Perkins quality of the foods and service. We should be honest in giving the answer and we do not have to be in a rush.

  • Step #9:

Then, we will see a box that provides us a place to give Perkins complaints or compliments. We do not have to worry about Perkins team as they will not be mad. We can share any positive or negative comments and they will welcome us.

  • Step #10:

Now, we have completed the survey and we automatically enter the Perkins Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes page. In this case, we should complete our personal data. They are like our full name, home and email address, phone numbers, and so on. Perkins team then will contact us once we are the Perkins Guest Experience Sweepstakes winners.

  • Step #11:

At the last step, we can submit Perkins Guest Experience Survey. As the proof that we completed the Perkins Guest Experience Survey sweepstakes, we will get Perkins Survey code. Of course, it is important to write down this Perkins Guest Experience Survey Validation Code on our receipt. If we are the Perkins sweepstakes winner, we will have to bring this receipt as the proof.

What are the Perkins Experience Survey Sweepstakes’ Rules?

Perkins Guest Experience Survey has some rules that we have to obey. These are the details of the rules. They are:

  • As usual, we have to get the valid Perkins receipt and we have to take the Perkins Guest Experience Survey within three days after we get the receipt
  • Then, we must be 18 or older when we take the Perkins Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes
  • For each customer, we only have one chance to take the survey each month
  • We cannot exchange or redeem the prizes for cash, and we cannot also reload the balance as it is in the form of Perkins MasterCard
  • It is a must to make sure whether we are the USA or Canada legal resident
  • And the last, we should not be Perkins employee or even their family members

What are the Perkins Customer Satisfaction Survey Prizes?

As we can see, Perkins Guest Experience Survey offers us to win $500 gift cards. In this case, we can use the card just like we are using the debit card. We can only use it within the valid period and we cannot reload the balance once it runs out. That is why we have to pay attention to the balance and we have to check it regularly. Once it runs out the time period, we can no longer use the gift card even if it still has the balance.

We can also win Perkins Discount Coupon that we can get at It is important to bring the coupon code to get Perkins 10% discount off that we can use for the next Perkins visit. Unfortunately, we cannot redeem the Perkins coupon code for “Baker to Go” items.

About Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Profile

We can say that we master anything about Perkins Guest Experience Survey but we do not have any idea when it is about Perkins Company. Just so we know, Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is such a casual restaurant that serves North American menu. Not to mention, we can order to buy its delicious buttermilk pancakes, yummy Mammoth Muffins, as well as the healthy salads and sandwiches.

Perkins restaurant for the first time opened in 1958 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Perkins restaurant founders are Matt and also Ivan Perkins.  Today, we can see that Perkins has over 400 restaurants that we can find spread in 33 states and 5 Canadian provinces. The number of the employees is 25,000 people and they have the same goal that is to satisfy the customers.

We can access Perkins Restaurant via online at Without a doubt, we will be able to find everything related to this restaurant. Also, we can find the Perkins Nearest Locations using Perkins Locator. The system will be the same as Perkins restaurant Near Me feature on Google. But, we have to input our zip code, as well as the city or state name. The results will show some best options for the Nearest Perkins locations complete with the map and Perkins Restaurant Hours of operation.

How to Contact Perkins Restaurant Customer Service?

Just like other companies, Perkins has customer service team that is always ready to help us to solve our problems. We can ask some questions, ask supports in technique, or even ask a guide to take the Perkins survey sweepstakes. Here are the Perkins contact details that we can try. They are:

  • Perkins Customer Service Phone Numbers

First, we can call Perkins headquarters phone number that is +44 1733 583000. And if we want to call Perkins toll-free number, we can dial 1 888 PERK ENG. When we call the Perkins corporate office number, we have to be sure that we know the Perkins hours of operation. Otherwise, we should have to call the office next time and we get a late response to our problems if the Perkins representatives are not in the hours.

  • Perkins Restaurant Official Website

As we can see, we can visit the Perkins restaurant site at There are some features that we can use based on our needs. In case we need specific information about Perkins Experience Survey, we can visit or Both link addresses are useful to visit when we are about to take the survey. And if we want to send online Perkins complaints, we can visit We will get the online form for the complaints and we have to follow the instructions.

  • Perkins Restaurant Fax

We can also send an electronic mail to Perkins fax at 1 309 578 7329.

  • Perkins Headquarter Address

If we love writing, we may need to write a letter and send it to Perkins Office Mailing address. It is at PMCI, 6075 Poplar Avenue, Suite 800, Memphis, Tennessee 38119-4709, United States. We can also try another mailing address belongs to Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Customer Care Service. Yes, the address is Perkins & Marie Callender’s, LLC, 6075 Poplar Avenue no 800, Memphis, Tennessee, United States – 38119.

So, it is all about Perkins Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes that we have to know. We should be in hurry in participating in this survey as we only get one chance per month. The more we take and enter the Perkins sweepstakes, the more chances we will get to win $500 Perkins Gift Cards. So, best luck!

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