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Safeway Survey Net is the official Safeway customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes that will reward you $100 Safeway gift card. In this case, you can use your Safeway receipt with Safeway Survey code. And, you can access www.SafewaySurvey.Net to take Safeway Survey. After that, you can enter Safeway sweepstakes page to win $100 Safeway gift card. Enjoy using Safeway Survey Net prizes at all Safeway stores!

Fellas! Do you love shopping at Safeway Grocery Stores? Here, you must own a recent Safeway receipt. Now, please take a look at the receipt and you will find the Safeway Survey Invitation Code. believe it or not, you can use it to take Safeway Survey Net and get Safeway $100 gift card. Yes, you can use the gift card to buy anything you want at Safeway stores. Within four minutes, you can get Safeway Survey Net Validation Code to join the draw. Isn’t it cool if you become Safeway Survey Net winner for $100 Safeway Gift Card?

About Safeway Survey Net

You know that Safeway Survey sweepstakes will reward you Safeway $100 Gift Cards. it will be nice if you participate in the survey program. for information, Safeway Survey Net is an online login portal for Safeway Survey and, you can visit www.SafewaySurvey.Net. It is Safeway Survey Net official website that will direct you to Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey page. Yes, all Safeway customers are able to enter the login portal and complete the survey.

Safeway Survey Net Survey Sweepstakes for $100 Safeway Gift Cards
Safeway Survey Net Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guide taken from SafewaySurvey.Net

If you think it is interesting to be Safeway Survey winners, you may start to access SafewaySurvey.Net. So that you know, you will face some Safeway Survey Net questions that you have to answer. And, the topic will be about the Safeway store you visited. After completing the entire Safeway Survey Net steps, you will get a chance to enter Safeway Sweepstakes. here, you will earn a unique Safeway Survey Validation Code. This code then will lead you whether you win $100 Safeway Gift Card or not.

What Will You Need for Safeway Survey Net Guest Satisfaction Survey?

You may be ready to start participating in Safeway Survey now, and of course, you need to know what you are going to need. And, here they are:

  • Internet Connection

First, as Safeway Survey Net is an online survey, you need to own an internet access. It is best to make sure that the internet connection is stable and also fast. Otherwise, you will find an interrupted connection and lead your Safeway Survey Coupon becomes invalid.

  • Electronic Device

The next thing you have to prepare is your best gadget whether it is your laptop or even smartphone. As long as you can connect it to the internet and has a browser, you can use the gadget. Yes, you will need to visit www.SafewaySurvey.Net.

  • Recent Safeway Receipt

And the last, this one is the most important one. You cannot enter Safeway Sopping Experience Survey unless you own Safeway Survey Net Code. And, you can find the code printed on your Safeway receipt.

What are Safeway Feedback Experience Survey Step by Step Guides?

When you are about to take Safeway Survey Net, you must follow the entire instructions. Yes, you need to complete the survey first before you get directed to Safeway Sweepstakes page. And, here are some Safeway steps to follow:

  • Step #1:

First of all, it will be nice if you access  Safeway Survey Net official website. You should run the internet browser installed on your laptop or smartphone. And then, you can type Safeway Survey link address that is SafewaySurvey.Net. The page then will direct you to an online Safeway Survey form.

  • Step #2:

If you reach to SafewaySurvey Homepage, you may start to enter all required data. And, for information, you can find the details you need on your Safeway receipt. Not to mention, they are such as Safeway Store number, Safeway Survey code, as well as Safeway date and time of the visit.

  • Step #3:

If you input all Safeway Survey credentials correctly, you will be able to pass Safeway Survey login portal. For the next, you can answer Safeway questions. The first question is about your overall satisfaction during Safeway grocery store visit.

  • Step #4:

The next Safeway question, you will need to answer whether you redeem Safeway “Just for U” special offers when you visited the store. Here, it will be wise if you answer the question honestly.

  • Step #5:

Overall, you will have to give ratings to Safeway questions. There are multiple choices that you can pick one based on your experience. if you are happy with the service and Safeway products, you should give high rates. And in contrast, if you find it disappointing, you may give low rates. You do not have to worry as Safeway team will put your Safeway feedback as a bridge for them to be better.

  • Step #6:

And then, you will have a chance to write anything about Safeway store that you visited. There is a limitation in the characters you type inside the Safeway feedback form.

  • Step #7:

If you have done answering an open Safeway question, you may continue to add some s Safeway suggestions. You do not need to worry about your chance of being Safeway winner as your opinions are welcomed. Yes, whether it is positive or negative.

  • Step #8:

Now, you reach to Safeway Sweepstakes page. At this section, you can continue to fill your personal information. They are like your full name, phone number, email address, and so on. Here, it is necessary for you to be sure that the information you input is all correct and valid. If you are Safeway Survey Sweepstakes winners, the team will contact you through this data.

What are Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules?

When you are going to take Safeway Survey, there must be some rules that you have to obey. And here they are:

  • Rule #1:

First, when you take Safeway Survey, you do not need to buy or purchase anything to become Safeway Survey winners. Therefore, when someone says the more you purchase things at Safeway stores, the more chances you will win, you shod not believe it.

  • Rule #2:

All Safeway customers who are willing to take Safeway Survey must be a legal 50 United States citizens. Or, you may be citizens of District of Columbia, you will be able to join the survey.

  • Rule #3:

And then, you should be at least 18 years old when you enter Safeway Survey  Sweepstakes page.

  • Rule #4:

As Safeway Survey is for Safeway customers, all Safeway employees and family members cannot participate in the sweepstakes program.

  • Rule #5:

For the next, you can take as many Safeway Surveys sweepstakes as you can. The more survey and sweepstakes you enter, the more chances you get to be Safeway Survey winners. But still, you need to own a recent Safeway receipt for each survey you take.

  • Rule #6:

The last, you should make sure that Safeway Survey code is still valid. Usually, Safeway Survey Invitation Code is no longer valid within a month or 30 days. therefore, you need to check your Safeway receipt validity.

How to Enter Safeway Sweepstakes without Taking Safeway Survey?

Alright! You may find less interest in participating in Safeway Guest Satisfaction Survey. it will be best if you join Safeway Sweepstakes to win $100 Safeway gift card. Easily, all you need to do is to join offline Safeway sweepstakes. Here is the offline Safeway Sweepstakes steps guide:

  • Step #1:

At the first step, you must prepare a post-card at the size of 3 inch X 5 inch. You have to be sure that the card is not dark as you need to write something on it.

  • Step #2:

At the second step, you can continue to write your personal information. Here, you have to write down your full name, postal mailing address, as well as your birth date and email address. At the mail address, you need to include the zip code, city, as well as the state. As it is an offline Safeway Sweepstakes via mail, you need to make sure that your handwriting is readable.

  • Step #3:

The last, if you are United States residents, you can address it to Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes. The address will be 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, and Rochester, New York 14625-2437. And in case you are Canadian residents, you can send it to 17-7000 McLeod Road, Unit 135, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 7K.

What are Safeway Survey Net Prizes and Rewards?

If you join Safeway Sweepstakes, you will get a SafewaySurey Validation Code. Here, you need to collect the validation codes and save them. When Safeway team announces you as Safeway winner, you will get a notification. It can be a call or mail sent to your house. You will receive a Safeway $100 Gift Card that you can use at all Safeway stores. Yes, you can buy any item using the gift card.

But, you need to know that the gift card is in the form of a debit card but you cannot reload it. And also, you need to pay attention to Safeway due date. If you still have Safeway Card balance, but it has met the due date, you will no longer be able to use it. Therefore, you need to spend Safeway gift card balance before the due date.

About Safeway Company Profile

You may get used to spending your time shopping at Safeway grocery stores. For information, Safeway is such a United States supermarket chain that serves anything you need. For example, you can find Safeway pharmacy and nutrition services, Safeway gas station, Safeway food and beverages, and so on.

You can find Safeway headquarter in Pleasanton, California, United States. In 2019, you will be able to find over 2,200 Safeway locations. You can use Safeway locator at to find the nearest Safeway stores. if you have Safeway member card, you will be able to join Safeway Reward Points Program. just so you know, you will get some Safeway pints for each $1 you spend at Safeway store.

How to Find Safeway Nearest Locations?

It seems like you cannot wait to go to Safeway stores and here, you can start to find Safeway nearest locations. First, you may try to visit Safeway official website at And then, you can find Safeway Locator at the homepage. For the next, you can input your current location details such as zip code, city, state, and so on. Second, you can search Safeway Near Me on a search engine. No doubt, the result will show a list of Safeway Nearest stores. You can also check Safeway hours of operation.

How to Get Rewards from Safeway Company?

If you are such Safeway loyal customers, you may expect something from the company. Here, you can be Safeway member to get Safeway special offers. For example, you will get extra 200 Safeway points and Safeway reward is you can visit Safeway gas station for free 20¢ fuel. If your Safeway card balance is 500 points, you will get free 50¢ fuel at Safeway gas station. Even more, if your points are 1000, you will be able to visit Safeway gas station and buy the fuel with a special prize of $1 per gallon.

How to Contact Safeway Customer Service Team?

Somehow, you may need to keep in touch with Safeway Customer Service Center. In this case, it will be much better if you know where to go, or where to call. And, here is Safeway contact detail that you can save. They are:

What are Safeway Phone Numbers?

If you are willing to dial Safeway customer service phone numbers, you need to know Safeway office hours of operation. Just so you know, if you dial the office beyond Safeway operating hours, the team may not respond you. therefore, you need to pay attention to the hours. And, here are Safeway phone numbers:

  • Safeway Retail Store/Corporate phone number: 1 877 723 3929
  • Safeway Grocery Delivery phone number: 1 877 505 4040
  • And, Safeway Press and Disabled Services Issues phone number: 1 877 723 3929

What is Safeway Headquarter Postal Mailing Address?

  • Just in case you need to contact Safeway representatives via mailing, you can send your Safeway feedback to Safeway Customer Support Center. The address will be M.S. 10501 P.O. Box 29093, Phoenix, AZ 85038, and United States.
  • And if you want to send a letter to Safeway Press/Media team, you can address your letter to Safeway Public Affairs Department. The address is 250 E, Zarkcenter Boulevard, Boise, ID 83706, United States.

What are Safeway Online Contacts?

You can also visit Safeway official websites to gain information about the grocery. Here they are:

  • Safeway Comments & Questions:
  • Safeway Grocery Delivery:
  • Or, Safeway Employment:
  • Safeway Investor Relations:
  • Safeway Host Website:
  • And, Safeway Marketing Support: marketforce

If you want to know more about Safeway company, you can visit There will be some precious information you will get. They are such as Safeway Customer Service contacts, Www Safeway Com Careers, Safeway Complaint, as well as Safeway Survey Winners. And, it is the entire information that will be useful once you decide that you are going to take Safeway Feedback Experience Survey Sweepstakes Net. You should not miss the chance to win Safeway $100 Gift Card. Best luck and enjoy your shopping day!

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