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Sheetz Listens is the official Sheetz customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $250 Sheetz gift card. In this case, you can use your Sheetz receipt and Sheetz Listens survey code. And, you can access to take the survey. For the next, you can answer all questions and enter Sheetz Listens sweepstakes to win $250 Sheetz gift card. Best luck!

Are you looking for the best rest area? Well, you must be lucky if you find Sheetz Station. It is because you can enjoy the coffee, convenience store, fast foods, gasoline, as well as $250 Gift Card for you. Yes, you can get your chance to win $250 from Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes program. In this case, you just have to use your recent Sheetz receipt, and you can participate in Sheetz Listens survey sweepstakes. No doubt, it will be fun if you can win $250 Sheetz Gift Card. Yes, you can buy anything you want at Sheetz stores!

About Sheetz Listens

First of all, you must dig more information about the program. For information, Sheetz Listens is an official Sheetz customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes program for all Sheetz customers. In this case, you can share Sheetz feedback to Sheetz customer service team. No doubt, Sheetz Listens survey can be the best place for you to share your shopping experience at Sheetz locations you visited.

Sheetz Listens Survey Sweepstakes for $250 Sheetz gift card
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If you are willing to participate in Sheetz Listens survey, you can enter By using a valid Sheetz receipt, you can pass Sheetz Listens survey portal. And if you completed the survey, you can enter Sheetz Listens sweepstakes page that will give you twelve chances to win Sheetz Listens $250 Gift Card. It will be nice if you can win Sheetz Gift Card and use at all Sheetz stores.

How to Participate in Sheetz Listens Customer Satisfaction Survey

Alright! You are going to participate in Sheetz Listens Survey Sweepstakes program. For information, there will be a couple of methods that you can try. They are:

  • Method #1: An Offline Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes

The first way that you can take is by joining an offline Sheetz Sweepstakes via mail. Indeed, there will be some things that you need to prepare such as postcard and so on. And then, you can send it to Sheetz Incorporation Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes. The address will be at 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, New York 14610.

  • Method #2: An Online Sheetz Listens Survey Sweepstakes

The second way that you can take is by entering an online Sheetz Listens Survey sweepstakes program. In this case, you must go online and access portal.

What to Prepare for an Online Sheetz Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Let’s say you are going to participate in Sheetz Listens survey sweepstakes through online. Indeed, you will need some kinds of staff such as:

  • A Device with JavaScript

The first stuff to prepare is an electronic device that has the compatible JavaScript. Here, you can use a laptop, or computer, or maybe a tablet, as well as mobile phone. For the browser, you can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or UC browser. Indeed, it is okay to use another browser as long as it has a good performance. It is because you are going to visit and you need to find no trouble.

  • Internet Connection

The next stuff to prepare is the internet access that should be fast and also stable. Of course, you have to get the secure access if you do not want to get any trouble. For information, the unreliable connection can lead your Sheetz Listens Survey Code becomes not valid. As a result, you will need to get another SheetzListens Survey Invitation Code.

  • A Recent and Valid Sheetz Receipt

Yes, you have known before that you will need to own a recent and valid Sheetz receipt. The meaning of valid here means that the Sheetz Listens Survey Invitation Code on your receipt must be unique. It means that you never use the Sheetz Listens survey code before. Here, you can get Sheetz receipt complete with Sheetz Listens Survey Invitation Code at any Sheetz stores over a transaction.

  • A Utensil

And the last, you will need to get a utensil as you need to write down Sheetz Listens Validation Code. It is a proof that you have completed all SheetzListens survey process.

How to Enter an Online SheetzListens Survey Sweepstakes?

You have got everything you need to enter portal. Well, you will need to follow some SheetzListens steps guides that are:

  • Step #1: Visit Sheetz Listens Official Website

The first step you must take is to enter SheetzListens website. You can use your device and launch the internet browser. Here, you can go to Here, Sheetz Listens link address will direct you to Sheetz Listens survey page.

  • Step #2: Read Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes Rules (optional)

The second step to take is to read SheetzListens Sweepstakes Rules. But, this step is optional, and you can skip it if you do not want to read the rules. In case you want to read, you can click the link entitled “Sweepstakes Rules” at the bottom of the rules. You do not need to worry about losing Sheetz Listens homepage as it opens a new tab directly.

  • Step #3: Read Sheetz Listens Privacy Policy (optional)

This one is also optional whether you want to read SheetzListens Privacy Policy or not. Just in case you want to read it, you can click the link beside the rules entitled “Privacy Policy.” It will open a new tab and again, you do not need to worry to lose SheetzListens homepage.

  • Step #4: Input Sheetz Listens Survey Invitation Code

Now, it is your time to input SheetzListens survey invitation code. In this case, you can grab Sheetz receipt that you have prepared before. And then, you can check the Sheetz survey code on the bottom of the receipt. For information, Sheetz Listens survey code has seven digits.

  • Step #5: Input the Date of the Visit

Another Sheetz Listens credential to input is the date of your visit to Sheetz store. In this case, it has the detail of month, date, as well as the year.

  • Step #6: Input the Time of the Visit

And the last Sheetz Listens credential to input is the time of the visit. In this case, you can check the detail of the time besides the information of the date. It has the information about the hour, the minutes, as well as the seconds.

  • Step #7: Click “Start”

If you are sure that the entire SheetzListens credentials are all correct, you can click the orange button entitled “Start.” You should make sure that the connection is stable if you do not want to re-fill the data from the beginning.

  • Step #8: Answer Sheetz Listens Survey Questions

Now, you have passed survey portal. Now, the next thing to do is to answer all Sheetz Listens questions. The questions here will be about your last visit to Sheetz store. They can be about Sheetz menu, Sheetz gasoline station service, Sheetz coffee, as well as Sheetz employees. Yes, you must be honest in answering Sheetz survey questions. It is because Sheetz feedback means a lot to Sheetz Inc. team.

  • Step #9: Send Sheetz Feedback

And then, you can start typing down your Sheetz feedback. There will be a blank space for you to write down your Sheetz complaints, Sheetz suggestions, Sheetz critics, and other Sheetz comments. You may feel free to send Sheetz feedback about the store you visited. Your feedback here will help the company to improve the quality of the services and products.

  • Step #10: Enter Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes Page

For the next, you will earn Sheetz Listens Validation Code that you must write down on your receipt. And after that, you will get an offer to enter SheetzListens sweepstakes page. If you want to get your chance to win $250 gift card, you can enter the page.

  • Step #11: Complete Personal Information

As you entered sweepstakes, you will have to complete your personal information. They are such as your full name, age, gender, nationality, and so on. Besides, you also need to complete your contacts such as email address, phone number, mailing address, and so on.

How to Join an Offline Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes via Mail?

And if you prefer to join an offline Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes, you can start to follow these Sheetz sweepstakes steps. They are:

  • Step #1: Prepare the Utensils

First of all, you must prepare every single thing you need for the offline Sheetz sweepstakes. In this case, you will need to prepare a postcard with the size of 3 inch X 5 inch. You have to make sure that the color is not dark. Besides, you will need to get a pen or other permanent marker. And the last, you will need an envelope.

  • Step #2: Write Down Personal Information

After you get everything you need, you can continue to start the process. Here, you will need to get your postcard as well as the utensil. And then, you can write down your personal information such as your full name, age, birthdate, gender, as well as nationality. Also, you have to write down your contacts such as your phone number, email address, as well as mailing address. Here, you should write the details address like mentioning the street name, city, state, as well as the zip code.

  • Step #3: Send to Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes Address

And the last, you can grab the postcard and input it inside the envelope that you have prepared before. You will send it to Sheetz Incorporation Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes. And, the address should be at 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, New York 14610.

When is the Time Period for Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes 2018?

You have twelve chances to participate in SheetzListens Sweepstakes program to win $250 gift card. For information, SheetzListens sweepstakes opened since October 1, 2017, at 12:00:01 AM. And Sheetz Listens monthly sweepstakes will end on September 30, 2018, at 11:59:59 PM. As you have twelve months to take your twelve chances, you should not worry about losing your chances. Even if the period has ended, you still have another chance to win $250 Sheetz Gift Card by joining Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes 2019 and so on.

When is Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes Draw and Notification?

For information, SheetzListens Sweepstakes drawing will be held every 10th every month. You can earn more opportunities to be Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes winner by joining SheetzListens sweepstakes program twelve times. Yes, the more you join the more chances to be SheetzListens Sweepstakes winner.

What are SheetzListens Sweepstakes Prizes and Rewards?

For information, Sheetz Incorporation offers you to win $250 Sheetz Gift Card. In this case, you will get a chance to earn $250 gift card. You can use Sheetz Gift Card at any Sheetz stores. In total, there will be 60 SheetzListens Prizes, and you can be one of these SheetzListens winners.

How to Check the List of Sheetz Listens Sweepstakes Winners?

You have participated in SheetzListens Sweepstakes program for $250 gift card, and now, you can start to check the list of SheetzListens winners. There will be a couple of ways that you can try, such as:

  • Method #1: SheetzListens Winners via Mail

The first way to do is to send a letter with the stamped envelope. In this case, you can send your personal information to Sheetz Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes Winners List Request. You will need to address the letter to 300 State Street, Suite 402, Rochester, New York 14614 United States.

  • Method #2: SheetzListens Winners via

For the easiest way, you can start to access If SheetzListens Monthly sweepstakes period ends, you will get the SheetzListens winners announcement. You can check whether you are on the list of those SheetzListens winners’ names.

What are SheetzListens Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

For information, you will face some rules that you need to obey when you participate in SheetzListens Sweepstakes. And, these are some of the rules to follow:

  • Rule #1: SheetzListens Sweepstakes Participants

The first rule will be about SheetzListens sweepstakes participants. For information, you must be eligible if you want to join SheetzListens sweepstakes program. Here, you must be 18 years old at the minimum when you enter Besides, you must be a legal resident of United States including Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Virginia, and Columbia. If you are Sheetz employees, you cannot enter Sheetz Listens program moreover to win $250 Sheetz gift card.

  • Rule #2: SheetzListens Sweepstakes Entrance Procedures

As you can see, you have two options for entering Sheetz sweepstakes. If you enter the online one, you will need to own SheetzListens Survey Invitation Code. Meanwhile, you do not need SheetzListens Survey Code to join the offline SheetzListens sweepstakes. Indeed, you can only join once per month as it is Sheetz monthly sweepstakes program. In a year, you will get twelve chances to be Sheetz Sweepstakes winners.

About SheetzListens Survey Sweepstakes Troubleshooting and Help

In completing Sheetz survey sweepstakes program, you may face some troubles. And, these are the common troubles that you get when you join SheetzListens survey sweepstakes. They are:

  • Troubleshooting #1: Interrupted Connection

First, it can be about your internet connection that is not stable. Indeed, it is a must for you to provide the fast internet access that is stable and secure. Your slow connection will lead you to get the unfound page, SheetzListens not respond, and so on.

  • Troubleshooting #2: Invalid Sheetz Survey Invitation Code

The second trouble may come from your SheetzListens survey code that is not valid. So that you know, your code can be not valid if you used it to enter before. But, if you think it is your first time, your slow connection may make your survey code no longer valid. Here, you may have inputted SheetzListens survey code, and the connection is interrupted. As a result, SheetzListens page asks you to input the code again, and you need to input another Sheetz survey code.

  • Troubleshooting #3: Down SheetzListens Server

The third trouble may come because SheetzListens server is down. Well, you will need to contact Sheetz customer service team. No doubt, they will help you to solve your problem, and you can continue completing SheetzListens sweepstakes.

  • Troubleshooting #4: Out of Dated JavaScript

And the last, you should check your browser whether it is out of date or not. In case you find it less in the performance, you need to update it. Of course, you can find the latest version of the browser on Google. And, you can restart your browser to reaccess SheetzListens website.

About Sheetz Company Profile

For information, Sheetz Incorporation is such an American family-owned gas station and convenience stores chain. So that you know, in 1952, Bob Sheetz launched a business with the name of Sheetz Company. You can visit Sheetz Headquarter in Altoona, Pennsylvania. If you see, Sheetz has been serving the best for all Sheetz customers for 60 years. You can find Sheetz stores spread in some locations such as:

  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • and West Virginia

Nicely, you can get free Sheetz coffee on Christmas as well as on New Year’s Day. If you want to gain more information about Sheetz promotions, you can visit Not to mention, you can get information about Sheetz Locations, Sheetz Near Me, Bob Sheetz Menu, and Sheetz Hours. From Sheetz Near My Location or Sheetz Gas Station Near Me, you can find some locations such as Sheetz Greenville NC.

How to Find Sheetz Locations Near to Your Place?

Fellas! You may need to find Sheetz Near My Location, but you do not know how to do so. Well, you can start to follow these ways to find the nearest Sheetz Locations. They are:

  • Method #1: Sheetz Near Me

The first way to find Sheetz Locations is by exploring Google using the keyword of Sheetz Near Me, Sheetz Locations Near Me, or Sheetz Gas Station Locations Near Me. You can use one of the key terms, and you will find a list of the nearest Sheetz Locations. From Sheetz Near Me feature, you can also gain more information such as Sheetz hours of operation, as well as Sheetz reviews.

  • Method #2: Sheetz Store Locator

The second way to find Sheetz store locations near to your place is by visiting Sheetz official website. And then, you can use Sheetz store locator. Here, you need to enter your geological details such as zip code, street, city, and the state. And then, you will get a list of the nearest Sheetz locations. Along with the results, you can also get the information of Sheetz Hours of Operation. At, you will also find more information about Sheetz Jobz, Sheetz Community, Sheetz Cards, Sheetz Buy Stuff, Sheetz Nutrition, and so on.

  • Method #3: Sheetz App

And the last, you can gain the list of Sheetz nearest stores by downloading Sheetz application. You can get it on Google Play Store,  or Apple Store. After installing the application, you can use Sheetz Store Locator by clicking the menu of “Find A Sheetz.” Here, you do not need to enter your current place detail as you just need to turn on the satellite. For the next, you will get a list of Sheetz locations complete with Sheetz hours of operation.

How to Contact Sheetz Customer Service Team?

Somehow, you may get some trouble when you visit Sheetz store. Or, you may need help when you are processing to join Sheetz Survey Sweepstakes. Well, these are Sheetz Customer Service contact details for you:

  • Contact #1: Sheetz Phone Number

The first contact that you can try is to dial Sheetz phone number. Here, Sheetz representatives are available at 800 487 5444. If you dial the number, you have to be sure that it is within Sheetz office hours of operation.

  • Contact #2: Sheetz Email Address

The next contact is Sheetz email address that you can send to Yes, you can send Sheetz feedback to this email address. Not to mention, you can send Sheetz complaints, Sheetz suggestions, Sheetz critics, and other Sheetz comments. You just have to make it brief, easy to understand, and specific.

  • Contact #3: Sheetz Headquarter Address

Or, you may be willing to write a letter or visit Sheetz Incorporation. The address will be 5700 Sixth Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602, United States. The rules in writing this traditional letter will be the same as the previous one.

  • Contact #4: Sheetz Official Websites

And, the last contact will be Sheetz websites. If you want to know more about Sheetz Incorporation, you can access You will find some information about Bob Sheetz Locations such as Sheetz Near Me, Sheetz Near My Location, as well as Sheetz Gas Station Near Me, yet also Sheetz Greenville NC. Or, you can also gain more information about Sheetz Menu as well as Sheetz Hours. If you want to send an online Sheetz feedback, you can go to

Overall, it is all you need to know about Sheetz Incorporation and Sheetz Survey Sweepstakes at Enjoy taking the process of Sheetz survey and win $250 Sheetz gift card that will make you happier!

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