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Smoothie King Survey is the official Smoothie King customer satisfaction survey program that will reward you $1,500 or $1,000 Smoothie King gift cards. In this case, you just have to get the Smoothie King receipt with Smoothie King Survey code. And, you can access to take Smoothie King Survey. If you complete the Smoothie King Survey process, you will be able to enter Smoothie King Sweepstakes. Yes, you can win $1,000 Smoothie King gift card or $1,500 Smoothie King gift card. Enjoy being Smoothie King sweepstakes winners!

Having a beautiful body posture must be a dream of every single person on this planet. Here, most people are trying extreme ways to get their ideal body. Indeed, all you need to do is to visit Smoothie King Stores. And, you can consume their healthy products every day. And do you know that this café offers you to participate in Smoothie King Survey? The rewards offered by the stores are awesome. You can get $1,000 to $1,500 Smoothie King Gift Cards. You can use the card to buy any items you want at Smoothie King Cafeteria.

About Smoothie King Survey

Before you get drowned because of your imagination getting the prizes, first, you should know more about the survey program. For your information, Smoothie King Survey is an online customer satisfaction survey from Smoothie King Company.  As usual, the role of this SmoothieKingSurvey is a tool for the company to find out the satisfaction among the customers. Here, this Smoothie King online portal can be the best place for the company to care about its customers. As customers, you will get a chance to give positive and negative comments about the stores.

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The process of taking Smoothie King Survey will be easy and will not waste your time. It is so as you can complete the whole process of SmoothieKing Survey within five minutes. The online Smoothie King Feedback is accessible at Yes, it is the SmoothieKingFeedback official website that will direct you to survey page. After completing the survey, you will get a chance to enter Smoothie King Sweepstakes. It will reward you a chance to win $1,000 and 1$1,500 Smoothie King Rewards.

What to Prepare for Smoothie King Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Before you start to participate in Smoothie King Feedback, there are some things that you should prepare. It is a must to make sure that you get everything ready as you will need a single kind of stuff mentioned. So, here are the things for the preparation. They are:

  • Just like customer satisfaction survey in general, you need to own a recent Smoothie King receipt that has Smoothie King Invitation Survey Code
  • As Smoothie King Feedback Survey is in the form of online, you need to get a laptop or smartphone and the internet connection ready
  • Then, you need to be able to master English as it is the only language available at Smoothie King Feedback
  • And the last, you should free your ten minutes as Smoothie King Feedback survey sweepstakes need the process

How to Participate in Smoothie King Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Okay! You have been preparing the whole things that you are going to need the most for Smoothie King Survey Sweepstakes. Here are Smoothie King Survey steps:

  • Step #1:

Once you are ready, you can start turning on your electronic device and connect it to the internet. Here, you can use free Wi-Fi or your own mobile data. There are no problem as long as the connection is strong. It is important as once you get the page loading failed; you have to repeat the process from the beginning. And even worse, your Smoothie King Entry Code may no longer valid as you have used it and get failed.

  • Step #2:

Here, you need to launch the internet browser such as Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and so on. Then, you should type at the browser’s address bar. This link address then will direct you to the SmoothieKing Feedback Survey Online Portal.

  • Step #3:

When you can see Smoothie King Survey homepage, you will have to read the entire Smoothie King Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes rules and policy. You can click the button that says you can enter the survey.

  • Step #4:

After that, you will have to input Smoothie King Store Numbers that you visited. You can find these details on your Smoothie King receipt. Besides the store number, you need to full in Smoothie King Transaction number. Also, you should complete the date and time of your last visit at SmoothieKing stores. There will be another requirement that you have to type the total amount of the money that you spent at Smoothie King.

  • Step #5:

The next step, you can click the button with the title “Enter”. It will direct you to the main part of Smoothie King Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • Step #6:

At the main page, you will have to answer the whole Smoothie King Survey questions. Here, it is very important to be honest. The questions here will have multiple answers. You can choose the one that reflects your experience of your last visit at Smoothie King.

  • Step #7:

After completing the survey, you can continue entering Smoothie King Sweepstakes. In this section, you have to share a bit of your personal information. They are your full name, home and email address. Also, you have to type your phone number as those data is important. Smoothie King Feedback Survey team will contact Smoothie King Sweepstakes winners.

  • Step #8:

Once you have finished the whole steps, you will get Smoothie King Survey Validation Code. It is good to print out that code or write it down on your receipt. Smoothie King Coupon Code here will be the proof that you have completed the entire steps well. For the next, you should wait for the announcement whether you win Smoothie King Survey rewards or not. You need to be sure that your contacts are active as the team will call you any time after the drawing.

What Are Smoothie King Survey Sweepstakes Prizes?

Smoothie King wants to make its customers healthy. One of the strategies that lead to a win-win solution is by holding Smoothie King Feedback Survey. There are some prizes offered to the participants. First, you can get the chance to win daily prizes with the balance $1,000. Yes, three will be some winners every day that win this Smoothie King $1,000 rewards. And second, you can get the chance to win Smoothie King Survey weekly prizes with the balance $1,500.

You can imagine how many opportunities that can bring you to be the winners. The more receipt you get, the more chance you are able to enter the survey sweepstakes. And also, the more chances you can get to win Smoothie King daily $1,000 and weekly $1,500. Doesn’t this trick blow your mind?

When does Smoothie King Survey Promotion Period End?

It is normal if you are eager to participate in this survey sweepstakes program that can make you rich temporarily. The latest date that you should submit the survey, as well as the KingSmothie sweepstakes, is before December 31st, 2019. Of course, you have to be fast as other people may have been a step ahead.

About Smoothie King Company Profile

After learning a lot about Smoothie King Survey, you can dig more information about Smoothie King Company. For information, Smoothie King is such a leading chain of smoothie retail that you can find in the United States. The smoothie makes a perfect blend of the healthy fruit drinks. Smoothie King CEO is Steve Kuhnau who has been running the business since 1973. You can find Smoothie King HQ in Kenner, Louisiana, United States.

So far, there are more than Smoothie King 650 locations spread over three continents. Smoothie King Company has a wise dream to make people healthy through its nutritious and delicious products. And believe it or not, Smoothie King has been appearing in Entrepreneur Magazine twenty times since 1989 as the best franchise. Isn’t it awesome?

What Are the Smoothie King Menu?

In case it is your first time visiting Smoothie King, you do not have to get confused on what you should order. It is because all menus are healthy and full of nutrition. You can also request what you want by consulting it to Smoothie King team. For instance, you can share your target that you want to be slim within six months. Then, the team will give the best Smoothie King product to consume. Also, they will give you the advice to help your dreams come true. Some of the best products that you can order are The Hulk, Strawberry X-Treme, and The Gladiator, and the Caribbean Way. Also, Power Punch Plus is a must to try for your healthy menu.

This café is different compared to others as Smoothie King understands each customer who comes to make a visit. The owner cares about each dream of the customers. He also understands what the customers expect in the stores. You can request some additional ingredients to the items you order and they will be glad to do so. Through the unique names of Smoothie King items, you will know how to be healthy is cool and fun. It is just as fun as watching your favorite movies!

How to Find Smoothie King Locations?

As Smoothie King Stores has more than 800 locations spread all over the world, you must be curious to visit. To save your time, you can use Smoothie King locator that you can find at Smoothie King official site.  You can access and input your current zip code or city or states. Then, it will appear the results for the Nearest Smoothie King stores. Or maybe, you can use Google search with the keyword Smoothie King Near Me. There will be some results of the nearest stores that you can choose.

What are Smoothie King Hours?

Before you visit this King stores, it will be much better if you know Smoothie King hours of operation. Smoothie King Franchises have various hours of operations. Some of them open starting at 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM on Mondays – Fridays. And the others may open starting at 9: 00 AM – 9:00 PM on Saturdays. on Sundays, the stores mostly open starting at 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM. To get the valid Smoothie King hours, you have to use the feature of Smoothie King Near Me. The results will cover the address, the hours of operation, and the map that you can use to visit.

Ways to Contact Smoothie King Customer Service

In some cases, you must get problems when you visited Smoothie King stores. Here, you do not have to get disappointed and leave as you can talk about your problem to Smoothie King Representatives. Here are Smoothie King Contacts that you can make a note and try. They are:

  • Smoothie King Headquarter Address

You can visit the office or write a letter to the Smoothie King Franchises, Inc address. Of course, the representatives will be glad as long as you have made an appointment through the phone. And if you want to write a letter, you must send it to the office which address is 3900 North Causeway Blvd., OLW, Suite 1300, Metairie, LA 70002, US.

  • Smoothie King Corporate Phone Numbers

If you want to get a direct call, you can dial Smoothie King phone number of 1-800-577-4200. And if you want to talk a specific thing about Gift Card, you should dial the Smoothie King hotline on 1-888-529-6578.

  • Smoothie King Email Address

You can also write an electronic letter and send it to the address of The format of writing is the same as writing a non-electronic letter.

  • Smoothie King Official Website

For more information, you can visit for Smoothie King official website. And for Smoothie King Survey site, you should visit

  • Smoothie King Live Chat

The fastest way to make a conversation with Smoothie King team is by having a live chat through social media accounts. For Smoothie King Facebook, you can visit For Smoothie King Twitter, it is available at In case you have Pinterest, you may get interested to visit Smoothie King Pinterest at

You can also visit Smoothie King Instagram at Instagram/smoothieking. Smoothie King Google Plus at, and Smoothie King YouTube at

Yes, those are the whole things that you need to understand for Smoothie King Survey. Start sending your feedback to the restaurant and win Smoothie King rewards. The daily prizes $1,000 and weekly prizes $1,500 are waiting for us. So, best luck!

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