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Who does not love Subway products? Those people who come to Subway stores must know how inviting the menus are. And, if you think so, you must have visited Subway restaurant recently. Well, you can start to use the receipt you save and take Subway Survey at For the rewards, you will get free Subway sandwich and Subway cookies. And if you have MySubwayCard, you will be lucky. It is because you can redeem your points for Subway items. Enjoy exploring the good news!

About Tell Subway Survey

Alright! You may get it exciting to participate in Subway Survey, and before you start it, you would feel better if you the survey deeper. For information, Subway Survey or TellSubway is such an online guest satisfaction survey held by Subway restaurant. All Subway customers can join this survey and get Subway Survey rewards. And you can access the survey at If you completed the survey, you would get Tell Subway Survey Validation Code. You can redeem it for free Subway sandwich.

Subway Survey Steps Guide 2018
Subway Survey taken from

So that you know Tell Subway Survey has a crucial role for both Subway restaurant and Subway customers. In this case, Subway customers will find a place to send Subway feedback. And at the same time, Subway team will be able to listen to customers’ feedbacks. And as the results, Subway team knows how to increase the quality of the service and food products. If you have five to fifteen minutes free time, you can start accessing Survey to take your part.

What Will You Need for Tell Subway Guest Satisfaction Survey?

The next thing that you need to do is to find out the things that you need to prepare for Subway Survey. Here, you need to make sure that you are eligible and ready. And here are the ones you will need to take TellSubway Survey at

  • First, you will need a set of computer, a laptop, or a mobile phone
  • Second, you are going to need an internet access
  • And the most important thing is that you need to get a recent Subway receipt that has Tell Subway survey invitation code
  • The last, you need to master English as it is the only language available at Survey

How to Participate in Tell Subway Survey Step by Step Guide?

You look 100% ready for Subway Survey Sweepstakes. If you can no longer wait, here is the steps guide for Tell Subway Feedback Experience Survey.

  • Step #1: Visit

At the first step, you will have to visit Tell Subway Survey Official Site. If you do not know how to do it, you can first open your device and run the internet browser. For the next, you can type at the address bar.

  • Step #2: Enter Subway Store ID Number

Once you reach Tell Subway Survey homepage, you can continue to enter Subway store ID number. For information, you can find Subway store number printed on Subway receipt.

  • Step #3: Enter Date and Time of Visit

For the next, you can start to enter the details about the time you visited the Subway store. And the detail here you can find on n Subway receipt.

  • Step #4: Enter Tell Subway Survey Invitation Code

And this is the time when you have to enter your Tell Subway Survey Entry Code. Again, the code is available on Subway receipt that you got from Subway store. In entering the code, you should make sure that it is correct and the internet access is stable. It is because an interrupted connection will lead your Tell Subway Survey Code to be invalid.

  • Step #5: Answer Tell Subway Survey Questions

At this step, you are going to answer the entire Subway Survey questions. So that you know, the questions topic will be from the Subway store you visit. It can be about Subway menus, Subway services, Subway employees, and so on.

  • Step #6: Get Tell Subway Survey Validation Code

Finally! You can get your Subway Validation Code or Subway Coupon Code. The most crucial thing to do is to write down your code on your Subway receipt.

  • Step #7: Redeem Subway Coupon at Subway Nearest Store

Yeay! It is the time for you to go to the nearest Subway store and redeem Subway coupon for Free Subway Sandwich. You can also redeem it for Subway Free Cookies.

What Are the TellSubway Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

In taking the survey, there will be some TellSubway Survey Rules that you need to know. For information, you need to be eligible if you are going to fill the survey. Otherwise, you cannot redeem the coupon and get the free Subway sandwich. And, here are the rules:

  • At the first rule, you must be at least 18 years or can be older when you about to access Survey
  • And also, it is important for you to be a legal resident of the United States
  • Third, you are going to need a recent Subway receipt that is still valid and not older than 30 days after you get it from Subway store
  • Fourth, you must complete the whole steps of Tell Subway Customer Experience Survey at

If you want to read more about Tell Subway Survey Terms and Condition, you may access

About Subway Restaurant Profile

You know it so well that TellSubway Survey is going to give you Subway Coupon for Free Subway Sandwich. Here, you need to be sure that you know well about this super kind restaurant. So that you know, Subway is s a fast food restaurant chain that sells sandwiches, burgers, cookies, and so on. Today, in the whole world, there are over 44,000 Subway outlets that you can visit. These Subway outlets are available in 110 countries.

If you want to visit Subway headquarter, you may visit Milford, Connecticut. If you are going to visit the Nearest Subway store, you need to make sure you know the location. Besides, it is important to know Subway hours as not all stores are Subway 24 hours.  There are some best Subway menus that you can try at all Subway outlets. Some of them are:

  • Yummy Subway Donuts
  • Sweet Subway Cookies
  • Subway Muffins
  • The iconic Subway Sandwiches
  • Subway Chicken Teriyaki
  • Subway Roasted Chicken
  • As well as Subway Steak And Cheese
How to Find Subway Nearest Store Locations?

In case it is your first time visiting the store, you can try to find the nearest stores of Subway in some locations around you. Here are the best ways:

  • Method #1: Subway Near Me

The first way, you can start to run an application on Google Map. At the search bar, you can type Subway Near Me or Subway Stores Near Me. No doubt, it will show the best results. You can also check Subway Hour of Operation, as well as the guide to reach the locations. There will be also some Subway reviews that you can consider before visiting the certain Subway stores.

  • Method #2: Subway Locator at

The next step will be about visiting Subway Official Website at At the menu, you will find Subway Locator that you can use to search the nearest Subways. Easily, all that you must do is to enter the zip code as well as the city and state of your current place. And finally, you will get the list of Subway Nearest stores.

  • Method #3: Call A Friend

This one is my favorite as you can ask your friend about Subway stores location. You can also ask her/him to accompany you. Yes, it will be fun if you can enjoy the dinner or lunch with your close friends.

About Subway Free Cookie Day

For information, Subway restaurant always holds an event of Subway Free Cookie Day. In this case, you can participate in this Subway promotion. In 2018, Subway will also hold this event as it is such an annual one for the restaurant. The goal is, of course, to attract more Subway customers, as well as strengthen Subway brand awareness. For the updated information about Subway Free Cookie Day and other Subway Promotions 2018, you can visit

How to Register for My Subway Card Rewards & Claim MySubwayCard Benefits?

For information, you can also get more Subway Rewards, and you can claim it every day. They are such as free Subway menu, Subway discount, and so on. You can claim these Subway benefits if you own MySubwayCard. It will be a sign that you are a Subway member. Here are the steps for My Subway Card register:

  • At first, in the MySubwayCard Registration Process, you are going to go to Subway Nearest Store and see the staff member
  • Then, you can ask Subway Staff to register you as My Subway Card member
  • For information, at the day when you register for MySubway Rewards Card, you already get the MySubwayCard points that you can redeem for something
  • And then, you can start to use the card whenever you do transaction at Subway Stores, and the staff will add more points to your My Subway Card
  • You may redeem your My Subway Card Rewards Points for Subway sandwiches, Subway beverage, or other items
  • And the last, you can check your MySubwayCard balance at
What Can You Get from 15-100 points My Subway Card Points Redemption?

It seems like you have been collecting MySubway Card points and now, you can check MySubway Card balance. Here are the items you can get for free based on your Subway Card. They are:

  • 15 points =1 bag of Subway chips
  • 20 points = Subway fountain drink 21 oz.
  • 25 points = Subway fountain drink 30 oz.
  • 35 points = Subway free sandwich
  • 50 points = Subway Sandwiches
  • 65 points = Subway Rotisserie Style Chicken, Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Carved Turkey, Steak and Cheese, Chick and Bacon Ranch Melt, Subway Roast Beef
  • 75 points = Subway Chopped Salad, Subway Foot long Breakfast Sandwiches
  • 100 points = Subway Roast Beef, SUBWAY Club, Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt, Carved Turkey, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Steak, and Cheese, Rotisserie-Style Chicken
  • 115 points = Subway Deluxe Sandwiches.
What are the MySubwayCard Advantages for Subway Customers?

Subway restaurant offers many MySubwayCard benefits for all Subway members. And if you have or about to register to get My SubwayCard, here are the benefits that you will get, such as:

  • As you register and get your MySubwayCard, you will get 50 free points
  • Whenever you visit Subway stores and do the transaction, you will get My Subway Card extra 1 point for per dollar you spend
  • If today is your birthday, you can get Subway discount off by showing your Subway Card
  • And, you can get the latest updates for Subway 2018 promotions from Subway application and click MySubwayCard menu, you can also check your My Subway Card balance here
How to Contact Subway Customer Service?

In some cases, customers may need to reach Subway Team to talk about their problems. Here, you can also try to send your Subway Feedback to Subway Representatives. Here are Subway Contact details:

  • Subway Phone Number

First, you can start dialing Subway Customer Service Team at 203 877 4281. No doubt, this Subway support number will be available for Subway customers. For Subway Corporate Office phone number, you may dial 800 888 4848. Before you do so, you need to be sure that you call the restaurant within Subway Office hours of operation.

  • Subway Headquarters Postal Mailing Address

Second, you may be willing to write a Subway complaint letter or any other letter to Subway restaurant. You can send it to Subway Headquarter. The address should be Franchise World Headquarters 325 Subway, Milford, Connecticut 06461-3059 United States of America.

  • Subway Official Websites

And the last contact you can try is Subway Official sites. You can visit if you want to explore Subway menu, Subway promotions 2018, Subway Locator and Subway Store ID, as well as My Subway Card and MySubwayCard balance.

The next Subway website is Subway Survey site that is You can access this site and gain all information about TellSubway Customer Experience Survey Rules. OF course, you can get Subway Coupons for Free Subway Sandwich. Start to use your recent Subway receipt to get Subway coupons 2018. Best luck!

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