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Getting special offer for free drinks by having not much effort, who on earth can ignore that?  Just by taking your time five minutes less for sitting on your PC or smartphone, you probably will jump for a joy today. I’ll get straight to the point immediately. So, what you all need to do is participating Talk To Sonic Survey. Have you ever heard about Talk To Sonic? Some of you might say yes. But in case you haven’t known, I’ll tell you a bit. For your information, Sonic invites you to be part of its customer experience survey. To improve corporate image, Sonic offers you a special offer in turn if you do that survey.

What Is Talk To Sonic?

Before you will be thrilled to bits, it’s better for you to take notice of Sonic survey program. Talk To Sonic is guest satisfaction survey from Sonic, the biggest chain drive in restaurant. It is a kind of feedback platform to level up the Sonic company credibility. To see how far their performance satisfies the customers, Sonic holds an online customer survey so that they can learn their needs to level up. Not merely a survey that takes for granted, Sonic will give you a reward for dropping your opinion.

Talk To Sonic survey information
Talk To Sonic login guides 2017

To begin with, visit the official websites of the survey. You can access both and, then choose one of them. Upon completing the survey, you will get Talk To Sonic Coupon code to redeem the Sonic Rewards. The reward itself is Route44 that will you get over your next visit.  The process of completing the survey will be less than ten minutes. Of course, Talk To Sonic

Things You Need for Talktosonic Customer Satisfaction Survey

In helping Sonic to improve your next experience you should participate Talktosonic survey. There are two matters you should notice; things you need and ways to do.

  • First, you will need an electronic device to connect to the internet, and in this case, we can use a laptop, PC, or even our smartphone
  • As it is online, of course, you must need the best internet connection to access
  • Recent Sonic receipt that has Sonic Survey Entry Code, or what we can call as Sonic Survey Code to pass the Talk To Sonic Login Portal
  • The last, you will need a pen as a tool to write on the receipt

How to Take Talktosonic Survey Step by Step Guide?

After making certain you have got all prepared, you can follow the guidelines to start Talktosonic survey. No doubt, these Talktosonic survey steps will help you much to complete Talktosonic survey at And, here they are:

  • Step #1

Firstly, Talktosonic Experience Survey page wants you to fill a box with a code. The Talk To Sonic Survey code is the ID number at the bottom of the newest receipt. You can call it as Talk To Sonic Entry Code and it should be the valid one for it is to avoid unexpected things. So, grab your receipt and type number to the available box. Make sure you put the Talktosonic Survey code right. Once you have got number mistyped, you cannot go to the next page. After inputting it, click the start button at the bottom of the page. For information, Sonic provides two languages you can choose whether it is English or Spanish.

  • Step #2

Here, Talktosonic brings you to a page where you will rate your satisfaction experience over Sonic Drive In store that you visited. You rate 5 for highly satisfied to 1 for highly dissatisfied. This will be the main part of giving Sonic complaints, or Sonic Feedback. Upon selecting one, click next.

  • Step #3

On this page, Talk To Sonic Page requires you to answer the detail question about the order you take in by selecting one of three choices. FYI, the question will be like the time you order (day, noon, or night), kinds of order places (stall, drive-thru, or counter) and kinds of orders that you have (beverage, food, or both of them). Afterwards, click next.

  • Step #4

In this step, you have to rate some statements over Sonic. Of which relates to the cleanliness, the accuracy, the temperature, the taste, and the speed of the service of your order. Then, click next to heading forward to next page. In this page, you are still continuing giving rate. This one is about the variation of the menu, the behavior of the Sonic Drive In employer and the worth value of ordering the Sonic Drive-in products.

  • Step #5

Here, Talk To Sonic Page wants you to choose yes or no whether you encounter a problem during your visit. For this period, you have reached almost half in a total of the survey process. As usual, click next.

  • Step #6

Same as above step, here you rate about whether you are likely to come back to visit Sonic and will recommend Sonic Store to others. Then, click next

  • Step #7

In this page, you are going to write your opinion about Sonic restaurant. Tell what Sonic should do to have your high satisfaction. You may say all you have such as suggestion, critic, satisfaction or dissatisfaction, all of them are welcomed. Select next button after that.

  • Step #8

In this page, select yes or no to a Talktosonic question whether the employer tells you about this survey.

  • Step #9

For the next, there is few more Talk to Sonic questions remaining. For example, associate recommendation menu, the main reason to visit sonic, ways to improve the service question, frequency of visiting sonic, number of a party in visiting Sonic, gender and age (the last two is only for classification purposes). In answering the questions, you have to be honest. It is okay if you give positive or even negative comments as long as it is polite and helpful for Sonic Restaurant.

  • Step #10

Last, Talk To Sonic would like you to provide your email address or phone number to inform you about their marketing and promotional e-mail. Soon as you click next, you will receive your validation code. Write down the code on your receipt. Bring it next time you visit and redeem it to get the special offer from Sonic! Make it sure you don’t take a long period of time to claim it. Also, don’t forget to mention about this offer in the next ordering.

*One Sonic receipt is for one Talktosonic survey and it means you can only claim one Sonic free drink. One Talktosonic redemption coupon also does not apply to other offers.

When Is The Due Date Of Talktosonic?

Remember! This survey must be taken within 14 days of purchases. Of course, we have to be in a hurry as the free Sonic 44Route is so inviting. If you want more, you can ask your family or friends to join you. Without a doubt, enjoying Sonic 44 Route with people you love will bring happiness.

About Sonic Company

Sonic Drive-In or Sonic, is one of the biggest drive-in fast-food restaurants in America. Debuted as a root beer stand, Sonic now has 3580 chain spreads in the United States. Operated for over half decade, Sonic has been as limelight. It has hit rank 10th out of the top 50 quick service brand in Oklahoma.

Compare to other similar restaurants, Sonic occupies well-known drive-in restaurant. It is a masterpiece of drinks, meals, snacks, and sides drive in. Some provided features such as Sonic Happy Hour (half-price offer for drinks and slushes from 2 PM to 4 PM -enjoy), Sunday $5 offer (Sundays chicken deal offer) and Late Night Happy Hour (Enjoy ½ off on shakes after 8 PM) makes Sonic different from another like retail.

What are the Best of Sonic Menu?

The Sonic menu divides into 4 sections; burgers, coneys and hotdog, breakfast and snack and sides. Either burger or breakfast has eight kinds. Coney and hotdog have five variants. And last, snack and sides have six choices. For your information, to value the customers, Sonic equips the menu with a nutritional brochure. This nutritional brochure is a media used as the product knowledge to the customer.

Through this, Sonic hopes customers will be wise in choosing the food so there will be any problem in future. Besides having the nutritional brochure, Sonic also provides sodium guide to help you stay within the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendations for sodium because of the number of meals they sell to you. Sonic also provides children meals. To indulge children customers, Sonic builds a strategy. The children meal is served with a toy as the fascinating tool for Sonic.

How to Use Sonic Locator Tool?

To simplify its customer finding Sonic Stores, you can use Sonic Locator Tool. The customer only has to go to the The page will bring you to the Nearest Sonic Stores over your place. There you search by city and state or zip code. You can also find the Sonic Nearest stores by searching in on Google with the keyword Sonic Stores Near Me. Yes, the result will show the Sonic map locations, Sonic hours of operation, and Sonic stores photos.

Anyway, you can also try to search Talktosonic locations by downloading Sonic app. No doubt, you will also be able to find Sonic locator. Indeed, the procedures will be similar to the first one as you can get the same accurate results for Sonic locations. Besides, you can also search on Google using the keyword of Sonic Near Me or Sonic restaurants near me, or Sonic locations near me.

How to Contact Sonic Customer Service Team?

When you visit the Sonic Drive-In restaurant, you may find that the services are not good. Somehow, you get the items that you order is not the same as what the Sonic team serves. Or maybe, you try to ask a help from the Sonic staff member and they ignore you. In case you have matters to communicate to Sonic customer service, here are some contacts you can try.

  • Sonic Headquarter Address

If you are willing to build a franchise, having business matters meeting, hiring a job, you can visit Sonic headquarters company. It is located at 300 Johnny Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73104, United States.

  • Sonic Headquarter Phone Number

If you have something to say directly, you can call Sonic headquarter phone number. It is +1 405 225 5000.

  • Sonic Fax Number

If you want to send a letter, you can fax it to +1 405 280 7696.

  • Sonic Official Website

For further information, you can browse the Sonic official website on and if you need more information about Sonic Survey, you can visit

  • Sonic Social Media Account

Now that age has been turned to digital, Sonic provides social media accounts to stay more in touch with the customers. For Sonic Instagram, you can access it at In case you have YouTube, you can visit Sonic Youtube channel at And in case you love tweeting, you can visit Sonic Twitter at

  • Sonic Wacky Application

One thing that makes Sonic is dissimilar from others drive in is they have kids application. Generally, Sonic sites and contacts as above belong to adults, but Sonic also consent to have kids channel. Sonic Wacky app, the channel name, is a place where Sonic interacts with kids online. Of course, the use of the information and content on this app is the parental guide.

So, those are overall what you need to know and do for Talk To Sonic Guest Satisfaction Survey. Don’t have much thought, share your thought straightforward and get the offer. No one knows other may step ahead. Don’t forget to read thoroughly the last page for it contains the rule of redeeming the offer. Best luck!

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