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TalktoAppleBees is the official Applebee’s customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $1,000 Applebee’s gift card. In this case, you can use your Applebee’s receipt with TalktoAppleBees survey code. And, you can access to take TalktoAppleBees survey. Yes, there are some TalktoAppleBees questions to answer in order to join TalktoAppleBees sweepstakes. Enjoy winning $1,ooo Applebee’s gift card!

Having a special dinner with the people you love must be pleasing moreover for you who are busy to make a living. In this case, you may visit Applebee’s restaurant as it offers the best meats and TalktoAppleBees survey program. So that you know, you can win $1,000 Applebee’s gift card from the restaurant. You just need to enter and complete TalktoAppleBees Guest Experience Survey and you will get TalktoAppleBees validation code. If you become TalktoAppleBees winner, you will be the happiest person on the earth. Of course, you can have the special dinner every single night!

About TalktoAppleBees

It is such a great feeling to win $1,000 gift card but first of all, you need to find more info about this survey program. For information, TalktoAppleBees is an online Applebee’s customer satisfaction survey held for all Applebee’s customers. Here, you can share Applebee’s feedback or even Applebee’s complaints through this survey program. If you want to be a part of the survey, you can visit website. But, you will need to input TalktoAppleBees Survey Invitation Code that you can get on an Applebee’s receipt.

TalktoApplebees Survey and Applebee's Sweepstakes for $1,000 Applebee's Gift Card
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The role of TalktoAppleBees survey is to connect the Applebee’s customers to Applebee’s team. In this case, your feedback will be important for the restaurant team in developing the quality of Applebee’s menu as well as the service. As a reward for your participation, you can enter TalktoAppleBees sweepstakes to win $1,000 Applebee’s gift card. You will get a unique TalktoAppleBees validation code and it will be in a TalktoAppleBees lottery.

What to Prepare to Enter TalktoAppleBees Survey Sweepstakes Page?

Alright! You may want to enter TalktoAppleBees survey sweepstakes but, there is something you need to know. In order to enter Talk to Applebee’s Survey, you must prepare some stuff that you will need. They are such as:

  • Internet Connection

The first stuff you need is a modem or phone that is able to share the connectivity of the internet. In this case, you must check the connection whether it is fast and stable as well. If you have the unstable and slow one, it may lead to an interrupted connection and you will have to reenter Talk to Applebee’s survey code. Of course, you cannot use the survey code that you just entered. You need to get another TalktoAppleBees survey code on another Applebee’s receipt.

  • Electronic Device

The second staff is a device that has connectivity to the internet connection. In this case, you are free to use a laptop, smartphone, or even tablet. Also, you should have an internet browser like Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, or UC Browser. If you do not want to waste your time, it is best to have the latest version as the out of dated one may have less performance.

  • Applebee’s Receipt

The next and the most must-have stuff is a recent Applebee’s receipt that you can get at Applebee’s store. Here, the receipt has some details of TalktoAppleBees login credentials that you need the most. Not to mention, you need the TalktoAppleBees survey code, as well as the details of the time of Applebee’s visit. Somehow, the receipt may do not provide any TalktoAppleBees survey entry code. In this case, you may pass login portal using Applebee’s store number. Of course, you can get this number on your receipt.

  • A capability of Understanding English or Spanish

And the last, you should be able to master a Basic English or Spanish. It is because portal does not provide other languages for TalktoAppleBees survey takers. If you cannot understand one of the two languages, you will find it hard to read TalktoAppleBees Sweepstakes rules and privacy policy. Indeed, you can ask help from Google Translate but, the converted page will be offline. You still need to enter all TalktoAppleBees credentials on the official website.

How to Enter TalktoAppleBees Survey Sweepstakes Step by Step Guide?

When you are about to participate in the survey sweepstakes program, there will be some sequenced TalktoAppleBees steps to follow. You have to make sure that you follow each step unless it is optional. And, here are the TalktoAppleBees survey steps to follow to win $1,000 gift card, such as:

  • Step #1: Visit

At the starting, you will need to grab your device and connect it the internet access. Once you have done with that, you can continue to launch the browser. Right at the address bar, you should type TalktoAppleBees link address that is Just in case you cannot reach the page, you may check the connection or the JavaScript setting. Enable the browser to access and you will not face any trouble related to Talk to Applebee’s page.

  • Step #2: Set the Language

After that, you can start to set the language that you prefer to use at And then, you can click the blue link entitled “Espanola” to change the language into Spanish. But, if you prefer to use English, you can just skip this step and continue to the next.

  • Step #3: Read Talk to Applebee’s Sweepstakes Rules

This step is also optional as you may be willing to read Talk to Applebee’s survey rules and privacy policy. If you think it is necessary, you can click the white link at the bottom entitled “Sweepstakes Rules”.

  • Step #4: Enter Talk to Applebee’s Survey Code

After understanding the Talk to Applebee’s rules, you may go to TalktoAppleBees homepage and enter TalktoAppleBees survey code. As you can see, the receipt provides this code that you can find at the bottom of the invoice. Talk to Applebee’s survey code has 13 digits code and you need to input them correctly.

  • Step #5: Enter Time of Visit

For the next, you can input the details of the time of your visit. As you can see from the picture, you can find it at the top of Applebee’s invoice.

  • Step #6: Enter Applebee’s Server Name

The last Talk to Applebee’s credential you must enter is the server name. You do not have to visit Applebee’s store just to ask the Applebee’s employee’s name. Instead, you can find her or his name on the receipt.

  • Step #7: Click “I have a Different Receipt”

Now, how if your Applebee’s receipt does not provide the same informing as mentioned earlier. Indeed, you do not need to worry as you can click the blue link at the bottom that says “I have a different receipt”. If you have no problem with the receipt, you may skip this step.

  • Step #8: Click “Start”

Once you are sure that the entire TalktoAppleBees data you enter is all correct, you can click the red button that says “Start”. This button then will lead you to Talk to Applebee’s survey page. If you cannot reach the page, you may enter the wrong data. Or, you may have used TalktoAppleBees survey invitation code. If it is so, you need to find another receipt that is still valid.

  • Step #9: Answer All TalktoAppleBees Questions

After passing TalktoAppleBees login portal, you can start to answer all TalktoAppleBees survey questions. Here, the questions must have relation to the restaurant you visited. They can be about the employees, the cleanliness, as well as Applebee’s menu.

  • Step #10: Enter TalktoAppleBees Sweepstakes Page

You have completed TalktoAppleBees questions and now, you will have two choices whether you want to enter Talk to Applebee’s sweepstakes page or not. If you think winning $1,000 Applebee’s gift card is not inviting, you may submit the survey. You will get TalktoAppleBees Validation Code that you have to write down on the receipt. And if you think it is interesting, you can start to follow the instructions.

  • Step #11: Complete Your Personal Information

The last, you have to complete the Talk to Applebee’s sweepstakes steps. You just have to enter your personal information. They can be about your age, nationality, full name, phone number, email address, and so on. When you enter your personal information, you should make sure that they are all valid. It is because Talk to Applebee’s team will contact you if you become Talk to Applebee’s winner for $1,000 gift card. You can check TalktoAppleBees announcement at

How to Complete TalktoAppleBees Survey via Phone?

Do you know that you can take the survey via TalktoAppleBees phone number? If you check the receipt, you will find information on the phone number that is 1 800 535 4932. It is upper the survey code and you will find it easily. Of course, you just have to dial the number and you need to follow the instructions. In this case, you need to mention your name, email address, and other information. Also, Talk to Applebee’s team on the phone will ask your preference about participating in Talk to Applebee’s sweepstakes.

Still, you need to have a recent Applebee’s receipt if you want to join the sweepstakes program. You are going to enter TalktoAppleBees survey code verbally. Somehow, it can be a robot talking to you asking you to press some numbers. You need to be sure that you enter the correct number.

How to Complete TalktoAppleBees Guest Satisfaction Survey via Mail?

If you prefer to take the survey through mail, you may just do it. In this case, you do not need to own a recent receipt to take part in the survey. First of all, you need to prepare a postcard at the size of 3-inch x 5-inch. You should make sure that the color of the postcard is not too dark as you have to write something on the card.

And then, you can write your personal information on the card. They are like your complete name, valid mailing address, as well as a valid email address. Besides, you also need to enter your birth date on the postcard. If you are ready, you can send the postcard to Applebee’s Survey Sweepstakes. Here, the address is PO Box 6047, Department 39638, and Douglas, Arizona 85655 United States.

What are TalktoAppleBees Sweepstakes Prizes and Rewards?

If you have completed the survey, you must get a chance to enter Talk to Apple Bees sweepstakes program. For information, if you become TalktoAppleBees winners, you can take home $100 gift card. Each 39 weeks, there will be one TalktoAppleBees winner who can get $100 in the form of a check. As the grand prize, there will be one winner for $1,000 every nine months.

So that you know, there will be 10 TalktoAppleBees $1,000 winners and 44 TalktoAppleBees $100 winners. If you want to be one of the winners, you need to enter more sweepstakes. And once you become the winner, you cannot win again. In short, you can say that there are 54 different winners in this Talk to Applebee’s sweepstakes program.

What are TalktoAppleBees Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

If you are willing to enter Talk to Applebee’s sweepstakes, you need to follow some rules. If you are not eligible, you will not be able to be Talk to Applebee’s winner. And, here are some of the rules that you need to follow:

  • Rule #1: TalktoAppleBees Participants

At first, it is about the participants who must be legal residents of the United States. Or, you must be the legal residents of Washington or Columbia. If you are not the legal resident, you may ask your family member to take part for you. And also, it is a must for all participants to be 18 years old at the minimum. As TalktoAppleBees is only for Applebee’s customers, all Applebee’s employees and the family members cannot join.

  • Rule #2: TalktoAppleBees Entrance Procedures

As you can see, there are three ways to enter the survey. First, you can enter or dial 1 800 535 4932, or send it to PO Box 6047, Department 39638 Douglas, Arizona 85655, United States. Whichever method you take, you will get the same possibilities to win TalktoAppleBees prizes.

About Applebee’s Inc Restaurant Profile

After mastering the whole information about TalktoAppleBees survey, you now can gain more about the company. So that you know, Applebee’s Inc. is an American restaurant chain that started the business in 1980. Today, you can visit more than 2,000 Applebee’s restaurants branches. You can find Applebee’s stores in Puerto Rico, as well as in other 15 other countries in the whole world.

You can find Applebee’s headquarter in 450 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA 91203. Of course, you may feel free to visit Applebee’s office, but, you need to make an appointment. So that you know, Applebee’s becomes one of the best restaurants you may visit when you want to enjoy traditional fast-foods. The atmosphere created is so homey and you will find it comfortable to spend time with your beloved people.

What are Applebee’s Menus?

You may rarely or even never visit Applebee’s restaurant and now, you need some recommendations about Applebee’s menu. Indeed, there are some best choices that you can pick based on your mood. For example, you can order Applebee’s grilled meats, Applebee’s lunch combos, as well as Applebee’s appetizers. Here are some of Applebee’s menus to try, such as:

  • Applebee’s Pasta
  • Seafood
  • Applebee’s Sandwiches
  • Burgers
  • Applebee’s Grilled Steaks
  • Applebee’s Tacos
  • Lunch Combos
  • Applebee’s Chicken
  • Salads
  • Applebee’s Desserts
  • And Beverages

If you want to know the details of Applebee’s menus, you can check Applebee’s website at There will be a menu with the title of “Menu and Order”. At this menu, you can check the list of the best Applebee’s menu as well as order online feature. Yes, you do not need to go outside to order the menu. Here, you just need to stay at home and Applebee’s delivery will send the menu to you.

How to Find Applebee’s Near Me?

Fellas! When you are about to visit Applebee’s restaurant, it will be best if you find Applebee’s near me. In this case, you do not need to go around looking for the nearest Applebee’s locations. There are three best ways that you can try to look for Applebee’s nearest stores. They are such as:

  • Method #1: Applebee’s Near Me

First, you must go online and search for Applebee’s Near Me on a search engine. Indeed, you may also use other terms like Applebee’s restaurant near me, Applebee’s location near me, or Applebee’s store near me. No doubt, you will find the results you want about Applebee’s locations. Besides, you can also get the info about Applebee’s hours of operation. And if you need more considerations to visit which stores, you can check the Applebee’s reviews.

  • Method #2: Applebee’s Store Locator

The second way that you can also try is to visit Applebee’s official website at On this website, you can access some information about Applebee’s careers, Applebee’s menu, Applebee’s price list, as well as Applebee’s gift cards. Besides, you can also try the feature of Applebee’s locator. If you enter the menu, you will be able to find the nearest Applebee’s stores. Here, you just need to enter the details of your recent place. They can be the street name, zip code, as well as the city. And it will show you results of the nearest Applebee’s restaurants from your place. Here, you can also see the Applebee’s operating hours,

  • Method #3: Applebee’s App

And the last, you may download Applebee’s app on your smartphone. There will be some best information on Hot Promotions, Applebee’s menu, as well as Applebee’s near me or Applebee’s locator. You can click the locator and turn on the location to search for Applebee’s near me.  It will show you the same results and you can choose the stores you want to visit. Of course, you need to pay attention to Applebee’s hours as they open in different hours.

There are other Applebee’s features that you can access. Not to mention, you can get $5 discount off for your first $25 order. By using the application, you can input Applebee’s discount coupon code that is “5OFF25”. If you need more, you can check the information about Applebee’s Customer Service, Applebee’s Inc, as well as Applebee’s Guest Experience Survey.

How to Contact Applebee’s Customer Service Team?

Applebee’s is a good company that gives the best service for all Applebee’s customers. In this case, you may need to talk to Applebee’s representatives. Indeed, the restaurant team provides you Applebee’s customer service contacts. You may get in touch with Applebee’s team just in case you need help. And, here are Applebee’s contact details for you:

  • Contact #1: Applebee’s Customer Service Phone Number

At the first contact, you may try to dial Applebee’s phone number at 1 888 592 7753. Before you dial the number, it is best to check Applebee’s office hours of operation. It is because Applebee’s employees do not work for 24 hours.

  • Contact #2: Applebee’s Headquarter

If you want to make a visit to Applebee’s office, you can go to 450 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale, California 91203. You can also send an Applebee’s complaint letter to Applebee’s office. But, you have to be sure that it is brief, easy to understand, and specific. Here, you should mention the topic of the problems, as well as the date of the event, happened.

  • Contact #3: Applebee’s Live Chats

If you want to have a live chat, you may start to use your social media accounts. Not to mention, you can visit Applebee’s Facebook page at Or, you may visit Applebee’s Twitter account at And, you can visit Applebee’s Instagram at

  • Contact #3: Applebee’s Official Website

And the last, you may be willing to visit Applebee’s website at There is some information about Applebee’s Manu and Order, Applebee’s Locations & Applebee’s Near Me, as well as Applebee’s Gift Cards. Besides, you can also become Applebee’s member by processing Applebee’s Login & Applebee’s Sign Up. You will be able to check your Applebee’s Gift Card Balance. And even if you have troubles, you can go to Applebee’s Gift Cards FAQs page. When you look for information of Applebee’s Allergens, Applebee’s Nutrition, as well as Applebee’s Contact Us, you can get it at

Overall, it is the valuable information of Applebee’s company that offers you to win $1,000 Applebee’s gift card. You can enter Talk to Applebee’s Sweepstakes and become Applebee’s winners. So, best luck!

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