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TalktoFoodLion Survey is the official Food Lion customer survey held to gather all Food Lion Complaints and other Food Lion feedback from the customers. In this case, if you used to shop at Food Lion store, you must own the recent Food Lion receipt. Well, you can use that receipt to enter And then, you will get a chance to enter Food Lion Sweepstakes 2018 after completing all TalktoFoodLion questions. As the rewards, you can grab $500 Food Lion gift cards. Wow!

At Talk To Food Lion survey, you can send any Food Lion Complaints whether they are about Food Lion Locations, Food Lion Christmas Hours,  Food Lion Ad, Food Lion Delivery Food Lion Online, and so on. Even more, you can talk about interrupted Food Lion Application, Food Lion Hours in Food Lion Near Me, and of course about Food Lion $90 Coupon. Here, all you must do is to complete all TalktoFoodLion Survey and get your rewards from Food Lion Sweepstakes 2018. Enjoy TalktoFoodLion survey prizes!

TalktoFoodLion Survey Steps Guide to Win $500 Food Lion Gift Card
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What are TalktoFoodLion Survey Qualifications?

Alright, it may be the time for you to start participating in Food Lion Survey Sweepstakes 2018. First thing first, you must know that you can enter the survey if you are eligible. Here TalktoFoodLion Survey qualifications:

  • Age

First, you need to be 18 years old as it is the minimum age set by TalktoFoodLion Survey team. If you think you are below the age, it is best for you to ask help from your family members. They can be your older sister or brother, parents, and so on.

  • Nationality

The second rule that you must know is the nationality that requires you to be the legal United States residents. It is because TalktoFoodLion Survey exists only in the US. In case you are not one of the legal residents, you do not have to be sad. Well, this website provides you all information about other customers surveys and sweepstakes.

  • Status

And the last, but also crucial, you have to be Food Lion customers instead of Food Lion employees. Here, you cannot also enter TalktoFoodLion sweepstakes 2018 if you are a part of TalktoFoodLion Survey sponsors.

How to Enter and Complete TalktoFoodLion Survey?

Anyway, for you who want to join TalktoFoodLion Survey, there will be some steps that you all must follow. These are TalktoFoodLion Survey steps:

  • Step 1: Access

At the first step, you must access TalktoFoodLion Survey website that you can reach Here, you must know that the official page will not be at any other link addresses. Therefore, you must be sure that you write the link address correctly.

  • Step 2: Input TalktoFoodLion Survey PIN

The second step to try is to input TalktoFoodLion Survey PIN. If you see, you can get this TalktoFoodLion PIN by checking your Food Lion receipt. Usually, it has the 18-digit number and of course, you must input them correctly.

  • Step 3: Click the Black Button

If you have inputted the data, now, it is your time to click the black button with the arrow symbol. If the PIN you enter is all correct, you can pass survey portal. But, if you think the PIN is wrong, you will end up staying at the homepage.

  • Step 4: Answer All TalktoFoodLion Survey Questions

Congratulation! You just passed TalktoFoodLion Survey portal and now, you can start to answer TalktoFoodLion questions. For your information, some questions are about Food Lion products, Food Lion employees, Food Lion services, and so on. Yes, those questions have a goal to describe the situation of your shopping experience at the Food Lion store. Therefore, it is best to be honest because Food Lion company needs your feedback to grow.

  • Step 5: Send Food Lion Complaints

After completing all answers, you now have a place to send Food Lion complaints. So that you know, you are free to send Food Lion feedback whether it is positive or negative. Not to mention, you can start to send Food Lion complaints that you want to share with Food Lon team. It can be about the slow service, the employees, and anything about Food Lion stores.

  • Step 6: Enter TalktoFoodLion Sweepstakes 2018 Page

The next, it is your time to take the offer whether you want to take your seat to be the candidate of TalktoFoodLion Sweepstakes 2018 or not. In case you want to win $500 Food Lion cash, you must enter the sweepstakes page. Indeed, the process will be easy as you can finish it within three minutes.

  • Step 7: Complete Personal Information

And the last, it is your job to complete your personal information whether to write down your full name, age, gender, and so on. Also, you must write down your contacts such as email address, phone number, and also mailing address that is valid. Food Lion team then will contact you once you become TalktoFoodLion Survey winners for $500 Food Lion gift card.

What are the TalktoFoodLion Survey Prizes?

If you all have followed all TalktoFoodLion Survey instructions, you may deserve to know the prizes offered. So that you know, Food Lion Company offers you to win $500 gift card. Yes, it will be in the form of the debit card that you cannot reload and use before the due date. In case you still have the balance but it passes the due date, you can no longer use it as it gets expired. Therefore, it is crucial for you to check Food Lion gift card balance regularly.

If you see, there will be ten $500 Food Lion gift cards that you can win from TalktoFoodLion Survey sweepstakes. In other words, the total amount of TalktoFoodLion prizes is $5,000 gift cards. Isn’t it nice if you can win one of those Food Lion gift cards? You can shop anything at Food Lion store without having to spend your money.

How to Check TalktoFoodLion Survey Sweepstakes Winners?

Somehow, you may find that TalktoFoodLion Sweepstakes 2018 period ends. In this case, it is good to check the list of TalktoFoodLion Sweepstakes winners. First, you can give a try to check and find out the list of the winners. And when you find your name on the list of the winners, you must be sure that you follow the instructions. Not to mention, you must return the form of TalktoFoodLion Survey winner on time if you do not want to get substituted.

Another way to check the list of the winner is by sending your personal information to Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes. The complete address will be at P.O. Box 10430, Rochester, New York 14610. Through this address, you can also get the details of TalktoFoodLion Survey sweepstakes rules.

How to Ask Help from Food Lion LLC Customer Service?

So, you know that Food Lion, LLC is one of the best United States subsidiary or grocery stores. In this case, Food Lion runs under Belgian firm Delhaize Group Today; the company has more than 1,200 Food Lion grocery stores spread in the United States, especially in the Southeastern areas. Anyway, in case you need to talk to Food Lion LLC representatives, you can contact Food Lion LLC customer service team. They are:

  • Food Lion LLC Phone Number

First of all, you can get a chance to talk to Food Lion customer service by dialing 704 633 8250. But, you must be sure that you dial the number within Food Lion LLC office hours. Otherwise, the employees are out of service, and you cannot get what you want.

  • Food Lion LLC Fax

For you who prefer to send an electronic letter, you can give a try to send a fax to Food Lion LLC at 704 642 1044. Yes, the rule will be the same that you must contact the number within Food Lion LLC hours.

  • Food Lion LLC Primary Address

Or, you can also try to write a letter and send it to Post Office Box 1330, Salisbury, North Carolina 28145, US.

  • Food Lion LLC Website

And the last, you can start to visit Food Lion LLC official website that is accessible at At the website, you can gain all information you need like Food Lion Locations or Food Lion Near Me, Food Lion Application, and even Food Lion Delivery. Also, you can find more about Food Lion Christmas Hours or general Food Lion Hours, Food Lion Ad, and Food Lion Online.

Overall, it is the entire information that you need to know if you are willing to enter TalktoFoodLion survey sweepstakes 2018. As you can see, you must complete the survey like sending Food Lion Complaints before you enter Food Lion Sweepstakes 2018. And you will get your chance to be one of 10 TalktoFoodLion winners who can grab $500 gift cards. Enjoy!

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