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TalktoFoodLion is the official Food Lion customer satisfaction survey that will reward us $2,500 Food Lion gift card. In this case, we just need to have a recent Food Lion receipt that has TalktoFoodLion survey code. And, we can participate in TalktoFoodLion survey. Here, we can send our Food Lion feedback such as Food Lion complaints, Food Lion comments, and so on. And, as the reward, we can enter TalktoFoodLion sweepstakes page to win $2,500 Food Lion Gift Card. Doesn’t TalktoFoodLion survey sweepstakes attract us to join?

Who loves to shop? Of course, every single body loves shopping! We agree that shopping can release stress in our mind. It is because we catch some interesting items and it creates a feeling that we want to buy every single item we see. Well, it is normal as general people feel so. In this case, we can choose the best store to shop that provides lower prices than other stores. Yes, it is Food Lion! Today, this store offers us $500 Food Coupon Gifts that we can get by taking TalktoFoodLion Survey. We can participate in this survey, and we will get some rewards. Enjoy it!

About Food Lion Grocery Stores

Food Lion belongs to the largest Grocery Stores that we can find in Food Lion 10 Southeastern as well as Mid-Atlantic states. This store brand has been operating since 1957. Today, we can see that the Can franchises are more than 1K. If we wonder how many the employees are, this store has over 63K associates. Believe it or not, the store serves up to 10 million customers each week. Wow!


For our information, we can find the items are at the lowest prices, compared to other stores. With the various locations, we will get that shopping here is such fun and easy to reach. Besides, the service offered by the Food Lion team is professional. The stores are neat, clean, full AC, and we will get every item is easy to find. The Food Lion team has a strong commitment for the sake of customers. They want to create a store that the items are affordable, fresh, as well as high quality of service. At Food Lion, we can find the freshest foods, and of course, all of the items are at affordable prices. Without a doubt, Food Lion staff members work with their best to give the best shopping experience for all customers. We can enjoy the fresh and healthy foods with our beloved people without worry.

About TalktoFoodLion Customer Satisfaction Survey

We know that Talk to Food Lion is such an online survey that will give benefits to customers who participate. In this case, we need to know that the goal of this survey is to increase the quality of the service and products of the stores. It is so as the survey will summary the opinions from the customers. The experiences shared by the customers to the warehouse then will be useful for the Food Lion team to evaluate. They will see how professional they have been working. It is best if the customers are willing to give share their experience in shopping at this store.

Well, if we are one of those customers, we must be lucky. It is because we can get $500 free food coupon that we can redeem at this store. If we still get no interest, then we can think about the grand prize that is $2,000 check. Of course, we need to take TalktoFoodLion Survey as it is the only way to earn the reward. We can finish the online survey within ten minutes, and we can do it wherever we want.

Yes, all we need to do is to access to take the TalktoFoodLion Guest Satisfaction Survey. The result of the survey means a lot to the Food Lion team as it becomes a report of the satisfactory level gained by the customers. If customers do not speak their mind, the team will not know what lack is with the store. And this is how the TalktoFoodLion Survey works.

What to Prepare for TalktoFoodLion?

Alright! We all must know that everything comes with rules and we have to obey it if we want to get the prizes. Here are the requirements of Talk to Food Lion Customer Survey Sweepstakes, such as:

  • First, we must be a legal resident of the US
  • Second, we can take the survey once per week, at the maximum
  • Third, we need to prepare a set of computer, laptop, or smart phone
  • Fourth, it is such a must for us to have stable internet connection as we will do it online
  • Fifth, we should own Food Lion receipt and survey invitation code

How to Take TalktoFoodLion Survey?

It seems like we cannot wait any longer to take TalktoFoodLion Survey and win the prizes with $2,500 in total. First of all, we need to follow the steps to take the survey. In this case, we must ensure that we do not miss a single step. Okay, here are the steps, such as:

  • Step #1:

The first thing we should prepare is the Food Lion receipt. In this case, we can ask the survey invitation code when we get the receipt. The receipt, in this case, should not pass the period of the time or out of date. Once it happens, it will be useless, and we cannot take the survey. Get the receipt by buying something at a local Food Lion store.

  • Step #2:

When we are ready with the TalktoFoodLion receipt and invitation code, we can go online. We should make sure that we visit If it does not work, we need to check whether we spell it right or wrong.  In taking the TalktoFoodLion Customer Survey, we need to input the PIN. It is the TalktoFoodLion Invitation Code that we can find on the receipt.

  • Step #3:

For the next, we can continue by giving some ratings towards the questions. In this case, there will be some questions that provide us multiple choice answers. The answers here range from the highest level which is so satisfied with the lowest one which is disappointing. In giving the rate to the questions, we need to be honest. If we think the store is not as neat as we expect, then we can provide an average level of the ratings. And it is so in another case. We do not worry about failing to get the prizes because we give low rates. It is because the goal of the survey is to evaluate the service offered. The answer we give to the survey will not influence whether we are the winner or not.

  • Step #4:

We need to follow all instructions provided by the TalktoFoodLion survey. We can add some information once we think it is important to share. Of course, the information here should have relationships to our experience when we shopped at the store. We can put some suggestions, critics, and other feedback. Without a doubt, the Food Lion team will be glad to receive our comments.

  • Step #5:

The last step that we need to take is writing completing the TalktoFoodLion Feedback Survey. In this case, we need to make sure that we fill all of the blanks and answer all questions. For the next, TalktoFoodLion $500 gift card code will appear on our screen. It is such a must for us to write down the TalktoFoodLion rewards code on our receipt.

  • Step #6:

If we want to gain another prize that is $2,000 check, we should not log out from TalktoFoodLion portal. Here, we should enter the TalktoFoodLion Customer Survey Sweepstakes. Then, we will have to input all information about us such as our name, phone number, home address and so on. The contact details here will be useful once Food Lion announces that we are the TalktoFoodLion winner.

  • Step #7:

Redeeming time! Well, we have got the TalktoFoodLion Coupon Code, and now it is the time for us to get the rewards. Of course, we need to go to the Food Lion stores and exchange the coupon for the free foods items. Of course, the redeeming process will be available once we get a call from the Food Lion team. There will be ten people who are lucky to be the TalktoFoodLion winners. So, enjoy the survey and enjoy the free shopping!

Best Tips to Win $500 Food Lion Gift Card and Food Lion $2,000 Gift Card

If we have interest in the TalktoFoodLion, especially the prizes offered by the sponsors, first of all, we need to make sure that we are eligible for that. In this case, we should be 18 years old or older. If we want to take some surveys, we need to wait for next week. In other words, we can take the survey once per week. If we take per week, we have four surveys in a month. The more we increase the chance to join the survey, the more we increase the chance to win $2,500 cash. Of course, it will be best if we join the survey from the beginning of the time to end of the period of the promotion. Here are some tips that we need to follow, they are:

  • Tip #1:

Whenever we visit the Food Lion store, we should make sure that we get TalktoFoodLion invitation code. We can check it on our receipt and if we do not get one, we can ask the staff and tell them that we want to join the survey. For the next, we should use the invitation code within five days. Once we are ready, we need to follow the steps of taking the survey as mentioned earlier. It will be best if we take the survey every week. In other words, we need to visit the store every week. To increase the chance to win, we can ask other customers receipt that they are about to put into the trash. Well, we may feel ashamed, but if we have strong willing to win, we need to do it. We can ask help from our family, and they will shop for us.

  • Tip #2:

Another way we can take when it is about TalktoFoodLion is we can join the sweepstakes without having to take the survey. How come? It is simple! Indeed, all we need to do is to write our e-mail address. Then we can put our name, as well as mailing address. Besides, it is such a must for us to input our birth date as well as our phone number. Write those personal information details on an index card with the size 3×5. For the next, we can send it to this address: Ipsos, Inc., c/o Ipsos-Reid, 222 S Riverside Plaza, Incentives Department, 1403576801, Suite 350, Chicago, IL 60606, USA. If we want to create more chances to win, we can send some cards every month.

Those are a couple of tips that we can try. We can be one of the ten lucky winners who get $500 Food Lion Gift card and $2,000 cash. Here is the link of TalktoFoodLion Sweepstakes link address that we can access, that is

How to Contact Food Lion Customer Care Service?

Sometimes, we find troubles in taking TalktoFoodLion survey. Indeed, we do not need to worry as we can ask for help from the Food Lion team. And, here are Food Lion contact details:

  • Food Lion Headquarte Address

In case we want to write a letter, then we can send it to Delhaize America Company. It is the main group of the Food Lion, so we do not need to worry if we send it to the wrong company. The address is P.O. Box 1330, Salisbury, North Carolina, United States – 28145-1330.  Or maybe, we can send it to the department that handles the customers at Attn: Consumer Relations, P.O. Box 1330, Salisbury, NC 28145-1330.

  • Food Lion Phone Number

For the next, we can call the Food Lion Customer Support Phone Numbers. We can dial at 1 800 210 9569 that is toll-free so that we do not need to reload our phone balance.

  • Food Lion Official Website

For the online help, we can access and go to help page. If we want fast response, then we can go to the discussion page as it has some most asked questions complete with the answers. We may find that we have the same problems like other customers. We can ask how to take TalktoFoodLion and ask about the announcement. If it is necessary, we can ask some tips to win the fresh money.

What Prizes Can We Win from TalktoFoodLion Survey?

For our information, TalktoFoodLion offers us some prizes that not all customers can get. Yes, it is because the prizes are only for ten persons who are lucky. The sponsor and Food Lion team will draw the coupon number, and they will contact those people who win. The prize is a gift card that is $500 in amount for each winner. If we are the winner, we will get a phone call within 48 hours or two days after the draw. Talking about $2,000 check, we still have a chance to win. Of course, these TalktoFoodLion sweepstakes is available to access at The procedures that we need to take are the same as the last reward. We will get a phone call once we are the winner of the survey.

Who are the Sponsors of TalktoFoodLion Survey?

Knowing that the prizes are exciting, we may get curious on the sponsors who support this Food Lion Supermarkets Survey. For our information, Food Lion has more than 1,100 franchises supermarkets. Every branch of the supermarket has its sponsors and that it answers our question. offers us up to 2,500 dollars for the prizes. We can try to visit Yes, it is a website that has information related to the Gift Card Giveaways.

Overall, those are all necessary information about Food Lion Supermarkets and TalktoFoodLion Survey that we need to know. It will be nice if we enjoy our shopping and take the survey to win the prizes. We never know that we are the winner until we try. In the end, whether we win or not, it does not matter. We have given it a try and we will learn that life is like a lottery. Somehow we win, somehow we lose. But at Food Lion, we will never lose as long as we shop happily. So, keep living our life and get ready for the prizes!

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