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Good people! You will be happy as IHOP Today invites you to take TalktoIHOP survey. For your information, if you enter IHOP Customer Service Survey, you will get IHOP coupons for IHOP $4 discount off. Besides, you can also join IHOP sweepstakes after completing IHOP Reviews to IHOP Customer Service. By using your IHOP Receipt, you can enter TellIHOP Within 3 Days to get the grand prizes of IHOP Customer Satisfaction Survey. Yes, it is the IHOP coupon for a year free breakfast at IHOP restaurant. Start to go to IHOP Near Me, get IHOP receipt, and input IHOP Receipt Survey Code to take TalktoIHOP survey.

If you see, IHOP Customer Service Survey holds an important role for the International House of Pancakes. Yes, it is as the platform for all IHOP customers to share IHOP reviews about their last visit to the restaurant. Of course, you can send your IHOP complaints, IHOP suggestions, IHOP feedback or other IHOP comments. And, if you completed the whole steps, you can enter TalktoIHOP sweepstakes to enjoy the free pancakes for a year. Isn’t it interesting to get your full year with IHOP free pancakes coupons?

TallktoIHOP Survey Sweepstakes for IHOP Free Pancakes in A Year
TallktoIHOP Survey Sweepstakes taken from

What are TalktoIHOP Survey Qualifications?

Well, first thing first, you all need to know that this Talk to IHOP survey has some qualifications for all participants. Of course, you must follow those qualifications if you want to complete Talk to IHOP survey and enter TalktoIHOP sweepstakes. They are:

  • Age

First, you must be eligible for this survey by being old enough to enter survey. Indeed, you must be 18 years old or older when you access survey sweepstakes.

  • Nationality

The next, you can start to make sure that you are a legal resident of the United States or not. In case you are not, you have to make sure that your country has IHOP stores. And if you cannot find any, you do not have to worry or sad. It is because you can explore this website to find other survey sweepstakes with inviting prizes.

  • Status

And the last, it is about your status that should be IHOP customers instead of IHOP employees. You know, all IHOP employees and IHOP sponsors have no permission in entering TalktoIHOP survey sweepstakes. It is because the program is only for IHOP customers.

How to Enter and Complete TalktoIHOP Survey?

If you are eligible, you can start to take TalktoIHOP survey by following these steps. They are:

  • Step 1: Access TalktoIHOP Survey Website

At the first step, you need to access TalktoIHOP website and of course, you can do this by going online. In this case, you can start to get your device ready and search No doubt, TalktoIHOP link address will direct you to the official Talk To IHOP survey.

  • Step 2: Input TalktoIHOP Survey Code

Now, it is your time to input TalktoIHOP Survey Code. For your information, you can get TalktoIHOP survey code by having an IHOP receipt. And then, you can check the receipt and you will see the 13-digit code at the bottom of the receipt.

  • Step 3: Input Time of Visit

After that, you can input the time of the visit that you can get at the top of the IHOP receipt. If you see, there will be three boxes to describe the time of the visit. And, you must fill the blanks correctly based on what you get at the receipt.

  • Step 4: Input IHOP Server ID

If you have done with that, you can go on inputting the server ID. So that you know, this server ID has 7 digit-code and you will get it at the top of the receipt.

  • Step 5: Click “Start”

In case you have inputted all data, you now can click the link that says “Start”. Yes, this button will direct you to the official Talk to IHOP survey form.

  • Step 6: Answer TalktoIHOP Questions

Now, you must face some Talk to IHOP questions that you must answer honestly. You know, this Talk to IHOP survey questions will talk about your current visit. Not to mention, they are about IHOP employees, IHOP services, IHOP menu, IHOP locations, and so on. Yes, in short, you can say that IHOP company wants to know your last experience whether you have the good one or bad one.

  • Step 7: Send TalktoIHOP Feedback

At this moment, you are going to send IHOP feedback and you may send IHOP suggestions, IHOP critics, IHOP complaints, IHOP comments, and so on. Of course, you can help IHOP increase its quality in the service and products by sending the honest feedback.

  • Step 8: Get TalktoIHOP Validation Code

Now, it is your chance to get TalktoIHOP validation code that also means you get the IHOP coupons for the IHOP free pancakes. No doubt, it will be fun as you can enjoy the IHOP free pancakes after completing TalktoIHOP survey. And, you will also get the coupon for $4 IHOP discount off.

  • Step 9: Enter TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes Page

Anyway, do you want to get more from IHOP restaurant? In this case, you will get a chance to enter TalktoIHOP sweepstakes program. Believe it or not, TalktoIHOP prizes are the IHOP free pancakes for a year coupon that you can win. Of course, it is such a pleasing offer that you can take part.

  • Step 10: Fill Your Data

And the last, if you want to enter TalktoIHOP sweepstakes, you must fill your data required by the page. They are like your email address, zip code, and so on.

What are the TalktoIHOP Prizes?

Alright! As you can see, TalktoIHOP prizes are the free breakfast at IHOP for a year. It means that you can enjoy IHOP free pancakes every day within a year. No doubt, the prize is inviting, and you should not miss this precious chance. The more you enter TalktoIHOP survey sweepstakes, the more you can be TalktoIHOP winner for IHOP coupons. Best luck!

How to Check TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes Winners?

Let’s say it is the end of Talk to IHOP sweepstakes period. Now, you can try to check the list of Talk to IHOP winners. Here, you must access website and find your name in the name list. If you find yours, you must follow the instructions well if you do not want to lose TalktoIHOP prizes.

How to Ask Help from IHOP Customer Service?

Alright! You have gained all information about TalktoIHOP survey sweepstakes. Now, you are ready to be the next winner. But, somehow, if you get troubles, you do not need to get panic. Instead, you can try to solve them or ask help from IHOP customer service. And, these are IHOP customer service contacts:

  • IHOP Phone Number

First, you can try to dial IHOP customer service number that is available at 818 240 6055. Of course, you can feel free to dial this number as long as you do it within IHOP office hours. Anyway, you can also dial 866 444 5144 if you want to talk to IHOP Guest Relations team.

  • IHOP Headquarter Address

Second, you can also try to write a mail and then address it to 450 North Brand Boulevard Glendale, 91203 California. Or, you can also go to IHOP office to this address, but first of all, you must know that making the appointment is a must.

  • IHOP Office Hours

The next, you also need to know that IHOP has the office hours. In this case, IHOP office hours start from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.

  • IHOP Website

And the last, it will be fun to gain more information about IHOP by accessing its official website at

So, it is what you need to know when it is about IHOP Customer Satisfaction Survey. By using IHOP Receipt, you can start inputting IHOP Receipt Survey Code to take TellIHOP Within 3 Days. You can enjoy sending IHOP Reviews or what you think about IHOP Today to IHOP Customer Service. Enjoy IHOP Customer Service Survey and enjoy $4 IHOP discount off and IHOP free pancakes for a year!

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