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TalktoIHOP Survey is the official IHOP or International House of Pancakes customer satisfaction survey. In this case, you can use your IHOP receipt and TalktoIHOP Survey code. And, you can access to take the survey to get the chance to enter TalktoIHOP sweepstakes page. And, you can win $50, or $25 IHOP coupons. Besides, you can win the grand prize of free breakfast for 365 days in IHOP restaurants. Wow!

Do you ever just make a visit to IHOP restaurant and suddenly get free pancakes? If you never get this pleasure, you may do not know that IHOP holds a program called TalktoIHOP survey sweepstakes. So that you know, you can get free IHOP pancakes for a year if you complete filling this Talk to IHOP guest survey. Or, you can also win $25 and $50 IHOP Gift Card from IHOP. You just have to own IHOP receipt that has TalktoIHOP survey code. Can you feel the happiness that you will get if you get free pancakes from IHOP store?

About TalktoIHOP Survey

Alright, fellas! First of all, TalktoIHOP is an official IHOP guest survey program held for all IHOP customers who want to share IHOP feedback. In this case, you will get a chance to share anything you think about the IHOP restaurant you visit. And then, IHOP restaurant team will increase the quality of IHOP menu and IHOP service. Yes, IHOP team cares about IHOP customers’ satisfaction during the visit. You can say that IHOP wants to give the best experience for all customers.

TalktoIHOP Survey IHOP Sweepstakes for IHOP Coupons at
TalktoIHOP Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guide taken from

You can access TalktoIHOP survey at website. If you want to pass TalktoIHOP login portal, you have to own TalktoIHOP survey code, TalktoIHOP server ID code, and other credentials. Yes, you can find these TalktoIHOP survey credentials on a recent IHOP receipt. You can get it by doing a transaction at IHOP store. After entering TalktoIHOP portal, you have to complete TalktoIHOP survey process. And then, you will get a TalktoIHOP reward that is IHOP free pancakes for a year or $25 IHOP gift card. No doubt, it is going to be one of the best days of your life.

What to Prepare for TalktoIHOP Guest Survey?

You seem like you get interested in winning IHOP free pancakes and IHOP Gift Cards. Well, before you take the survey, you should do a preparation first. So that you know, you will need some things to get ready, such as:

  • A Device With Internet Access

First, you are going to need a computing device such as a tablet, a smartphone, a computer, or a laptop. In this case, it is your job to make sure that the device you have is capable of getting connected to the internet. Also, you have to install an internet browser on your device. It can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari Browser, UC browser, and so on. Besides, you will need internet access as you have to go online to visit The internet access you have must be reliable, fast, and stable.

  • A Basic Understanding of English or Spanish

The next, you should have a capability to understand English or Spanish language. It is so as portal does not provide other languages. And, you will need to understand one of both languages provided. It is because you will have to read TalktoIHOP survey sweepstakes rules and privacy policy. You cannot use Google Translate as the converted TalktoIHOP page will be offline. If you fill the data, the translated page will not work.

  • An IHOP Receipt

The most important stuff to prepare is a recent IHOP receipt that you can get from IHOP restaurant. Here, you have to do a transaction first in order to get the receipt. On the receipt, there will be some TalktoIHOP login credentials that you will need to pass TalktoIHOP survey portal. They are such as TalktoIHOP Survey Invitation Code, TalktoIHOP Server ID, as well as the time of your visit to IHOP restaurant. Yes, all of TalktoIHOP credentials must be unique that you never use it to enter Talk to IHOP survey before.

  • A Writing Tool

The last thing to prepare can be significant as you will need a pen or other marker. Here, at the end of TalktoIHOP survey, you will get a TalktoIHOP validation code. It is a must for you to write down TalktoIHOP code on your IHOP receipt. You can use this as IHOP coupons for free pancakes.

How to Participate in TalktoIHOP Survey Sweepstakes Step by Step Guide?

You have got the whole stuff that you are going to need at survey. And now, you can begin taking the online IHOP survey. There will be some TalktoIHOP steps that you have to walk through. They are such as:

  • Step #1: Visit Survey Portal

First, you will need to visit TalktoIHOP survey website that is In case you need a guide to do so, you just have to turn on your device. Then, launch an internet browser and at the address bar, you should type This TalktoIHOP link address then will direct you to TalktoIHOP survey page.

  • Step #2: Set the Language

And, at the second step, you should set the language that you prefer to use at website.

  • Step #3: Read TalktoIHOP Privacy Policy (Optional)

And then, if you reach TalktoIHOP homepage, you can start to read TalktoIHOP survey privacy policy. But, it is an optional step whether you can take or skip it. For the best suggestion, it is best for you to understand TalktoIHOP policy.

  • Step #4: Input TalktoIHOP Survey Code

For the next, you should enter TalktoIHOP survey code that has a 13-digit code. You should make sure that you enter TalktoIHOP code correctly. Otherwise, you have to repeat entering the survey code.

  • Step #5: Input the Time of the Visit

The next Talk to IHOP credential you should input is the details of the time visit. The details you have to input are the hours, the minutes, and the PM AM.

  • Step #6: Input TalktoIHOP Server ID

The last TalktoIHOP survey credential is IHOP Server ID. Yes, you can find the ID on your IHOP receipt. It has the 7-digit code and you must enter them correctly.

  • Step #7: Click “Start”

After that, you have to be sure that the entire data you enter is all correct. In this case, you should check the code one by one. And, if you are ready, you may begin to click the blue button entitled “Start”. This button then will direct you to TalktoIHOP survey form. If in case it does not direct you to another page, you might enter the wrong credentials.

  • Step #8: Answer TalktoIHOP Questions

Congratulation! You have passed TalktoIHOP login portal and now, you can start to answer TalktoIHOP survey questions. So that you know, TalktoIHOP questions are about your last visit to IHOP restaurant. They are such as IHOP menu, IHOP service, IHOP employees, and so on. You do not need to think hard about the answers as there will be some multiple answers in the form of ratings. You just have to click the ones that are able to describe your experience at IHOP store. Yes, you should be honest as your IHOP feedback is important for IHOP team.

  • Step #9: Type IHOP feedback

You have completed giving the answers, and now, you will face an open TalktoIHOP question. At the page, you will need to type down your IHOP feedback. In this case, you can send your IHOP compliments, IHOP complaints, IHOP suggestions, and other IHOP comments.

  • Step #10: Get TalktoIHOP Validation Code

Finally! You have completed the entire TalktoIHOP survey steps. And now, you will get TalktoIHOP validation code or TalktoIHOP coupons code. Here, it is your job to write down your IHOP coupons code on your IHOP receipt. You can use the writing utensil you prepare at the beginning of TalktoIHOP survey sweepstakes process.

  • Step #11: Enter TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes Page

And then, you can enter TalktoIHOP sweepstakes page to win $25 IHOP gift card or IHOP free breakfast for a year. At Talk to IHOP sweepstakes page, you must complete your personal information. They are like your full name, postal mailing address, phone number, email address, and so on. If you become TalktoIHOP sweepstakes winner, you will get a call or other TalktoIHOP announcement. Of course, you can check the TalktoIHOP winners list at

What are the TalktoIHOP Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules?

If you participate in TalktoIHOP survey program, you will have to follow TalktoIHOP survey rules. It is because not all IHOP customers are eligible to enter TalktoIHOP survey and get the free pancakes. Here are the rules to follow:

  • Rule #1: TalktoIHOP Survey Participants

First of all, you have to be sure that you are eligible for TalktoIHOP guest survey. In this case, you should be a legal United States resident. And also, you should be 18 years old or older when you enter TalktoIHOP survey login portal. And then, as TalktoIHOP survey program is open to all customers, you cannot participate in it if you are IHOP employees.

  • Rule #2: TalktoIHOP Survey Entrance Procedures

As you can see, TalktoIHOP is an online IHOP guest survey, and it means that you need to go online to enter and complete TalktoIHOP survey. Here, you can only visit as is no longer available. And, in the procedure of TalktoIHOP survey entrance, you have to own a recent IHOP receipt. You should use the receipt to take TellIHOP Within 3 Days. Otherwise, your TalktoIHOP survey code will be no longer valid. More to say, you must have different IHOP receipts if you are willing to take more than one IHOP survey.

Indeed, you can also take an offline TellIHOP Within 3 Days. Here, you can get Take Survey Code on the receipt and use it before it meets the due date. After the three days, TalktoIHOP survey code will be invalid. If you are willing to take an offline TalktoIHOP survey, you can dial 1 800 650 8330. You just have to follow the institution, and you will get the IHOP coupons.

  • Rule #3: TalktoIHOP Validation Code

And the last, you should save your IHOP validation code on your IHOP invoice. Of course, you are going to need it when IHOP team announces that you are the TalktoIHOP winners. Losing TalktoIHOP coupons means you no longer have a right to claim TalktoIHOP rewards. Yes, you will not be able to claim either IHOP $25 gift card or IHOP free breakfast coupons for a year. And in case you participate in TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes program, you should save the validation code. Yes, you will need it when IHOP team announces you as TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes winner for $50 or $25 IHOP gift cards.

How to Take Offline IHOP Guest Survey?

If you check your IHOP receipt, you must find that you can take the survey by dialing the TalktoIHOP phone number at 1 800 650 8330. Here, you should enter the survey within 3 days after you get the receipt. The receipt that says TellIHOP Within 3 Days means that Take Survey Code has a validation date. You will no longer use the survey code after the 3 days.

What are the TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes Prizes and Rewards?

You must know that IHOP company provides your free stack of pancakes for a year. By using TalktoIHOP Buttermilk pancake validation code, you will get your rewards. But, you can only use IHOP coupon for the next visit when you do a transaction. More to know, you cannot combine IHOP coupon for free pancakes with other IHOP promotions. Yes, you can say that the more you enter TalktoIHOP survey, the more TalktoIHOP coupons you will get. But, it does not mean that you can use all free pancakes coupons at once. For the best suggestion, you can ask your friends or family to join you. No doubt, it will be a lot of fun.

Indeed, if you join TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes program, you can win interesting prizes. They are such as:

  • TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes Grand Prize

TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes grand prize is an IHOP coupon for breakfast for a year. In this case, you will get seventy-eight $50 IHOP gift cards. And, if you are lucky, you can win TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes Approximate Retail Value of Grand Prize $3,900.

  • TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes First Prizes

The second TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes first prizes are $25 IHOP gift card. Here, you will win TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes First Prize in the form of IHOP $25 gift card. In total, you IHOP team provide $4,225 as TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes prizes for TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes winners.

How to Check TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes Winners?

If you want to check the winners, you may go to Or, you can also send a letter to IHOP CO MRM//McCann, 105 Carnegie Center, Princeton, New Jersey 08540, United States.  You can request to receive the list of the names of TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes.

What are the Smartest TalktoIHOP Survey Troubleshooting?

When taking part in TalktoIHOP survey, and you get some troubles, you must feel annoyed. In this case, you have to be positive as you can solve your problem as long as you know how to do so. And, these are the common problems occurred during TalktoIHOP survey process complete with the solution, such as:

  • Troubleshooting #1: The JavaScript is Out of Date

First, the trouble may come from the outdated JavaScript on your browser. Here, it will be much better if you update the JavaScript or the browser. You can search on Google and update the version of your browser.

  • Troubleshooting #2: You Input Incorrect TalktoIHOP Survey Login Data

As you are human, you may make mistakes in typing TalktoIHOP survey code or TalktoIHOP server ID. Here, you should not give up as you can repeat the process. You should make sure that you do not mistype the code again.

  • Troubleshooting #3: Your Cookies Disabled

Somehow, your browser cookies may disable you from accessing It will be better if you go to setting and find the setting for cookies. In case you find it disabling portal, you have to enable it. If it is necessary, you can start to restart the browser and refresh it. Or, you can also clear the cookies and history of the browser for the sake of best performance.

  • Troubleshooting #4: The Internet Connection is Interrupted

The last thing to know, your internet connection may be not reliable. In this case, you will get your TalktoIHOP survey code invalid if you enter the survey page, but the internet is interrupted. As a result, you should process TalktoIHOP survey login, and you have to use another TalktoIHOP Survey Code.

About IHOP Restaurant Profile

If you see, IHOP stands for International House Of Pancakes restaurant chain. For the first time, IHOP Restaurant opened in July 1958. One of the best things from IHOP is that IHOP restaurants open for 24 hours every day. Yes, you can enjoy IHOP menu anytime you want. In 2018, you can find more than 1,600 IHOP Restaurants spread in different 50 states of USA. Besides, you can also find IHOP Restaurant branches in Canada, Mexico, as well as Middle East Countries.

You can visit IHOP headquarter in Burbank, California. IHOP goal is to provide the best pancakes ever for the sake of customers. Of course, IHOP team will try their best to give you all the best experience at IHOP store. When you visit International House Of Pancakes restaurant, you will meet friendly International House Of Pancakes employees. No doubt, they will give you the best service and International House Of Pancakes products.

What are the Best of IHOP Menu?

You must know that International House Of Pancakes focuses on serving pancakes. In this case, you can order the best pancakes with various flavors. But, it does not mean that IHOP does not provide other menus. At IHOP restaurant, you may also request some crispy waffles, tasty toast, as well as yummy omelets. If you want more, you can order the mouthwatering sausages, French fries, and hash browns that will complete your meal or breakfast. You can imagine if you become TalktoIHOP Sweepstakes winners. You can enjoy free pancakes for a year. What a pleasure!

What are IHOP Hours of Operations?

You know that International House Of Pancakes opens for 24 hours per day. It means that you do not need to worry about the closed IHOP restaurant. Yes, you can find IHOP 24 hours anywhere, and they will be your best place for you to get the best pancakes.

How to Find IHOP Locations Near to Your Place?

If you get interests in visiting International House Of Pancakes locations, you may try the following ways. No doubt, the features will help you much to find the nearest International House Of Pancakes restaurants. You do not have to go around and instead; you can reach the International House Of Pancakes stores faster. Alright, here are the best ways to search IHOP stores:

  • Method #1: IHOP Near Me

First, you may be willing to use the International House Of Pancakes Near Me feature. Easily, you just have to go online and search IHOP Near Me. Of course, you will find the results of accurate IHOP restaurant locations that you can visit now. Besides that, you can also get International House Of Pancakes reviews. Indeed, you have some choices in using the term. They are such as International House Of Pancakes Near Me, IHOP locations Near Me, IHOP restaurants Near Me, and IHOP stores Near Me.

  • Method #2: IHOP App

The second method that you can try is IHOP application that you can get from the application store on your mobile phone. Here, you will find a menu of IHOP locator. You need to turn on the location or satellite on your phone. And, it will automatically show the best result of nearest IHOP restaurants locations.

  • Method #3: IHOP Map

The third method that you can try is to access Google Map and find IHOP Near Me. Yes, the process will be the same as IHOP Near Me feature. In this case, you will find it easy to reach IHOP store locations. You can use the GPS to get the track, and you will reach the stores faster.

  • Method #4: IHOP Store Locator

And the last, you can visit IHOP official website at Once you reach IHOP homepage, you can click the menu that says “Find an IHOP.” The system will be the same as the previous ones. But, you will need to enter the details of the city, state, street name, and so on.

On IHOP website, you will find more information such as IHOP menu, IHOP order, IHOP gift cards, IHOP eCLUB, and IHOP locations. Besides, you can also create an IHOP account and process IHOP login. If you become IHOP member, you will get some IHOP special offers. Here, you can also access IHOP careers just in case you want to be a part of IHOP team.

What are the Latest IHOP Promotions for IHOP Customers?

If you visit website, you will find the latest IHOP special offers. Yes, you can enjoy the offers and get the pleasure. No doubt, you can save your precious money if you visit IHOP stores. At the website, you can get IHOP coupons, IHOP promotions updates, as well as IHOP special offers. They are such as:

  • First, you can be a part of IHOP Pancake Revolution. If you join, you will get a free birthday meal on your birthday. But, first of all, you must be at least 13 years old.
  • Second, you can process IHOP Sign Up for the sake of IHOP Rewards. You will get IHOP free meals and extra IHOP points for your IHOP card.
  • And, you can join IHOP Survey Sweepstakes program to win $50 IHOP gift card or $25 IHOP gift card, and a year of free pancakes.

How to Contact IHOP Customer Service Team?

If you want to contact the International House Of Pancakes customer service team, you need to know IHOP contact details. Here, you can talk to IHOP representative to send IHOP customer complaints to ask for IHOP information. These are IHOP customer service contact details:

  • Contact #1: IHOP Phone Number

If you want to dial IHOP customer service number, you can do it through +1 866 444 5144. As IHOP restaurants for 24 hours, you can dial the number anytime you want.

  • Contact #2: IHOP Official Websites

Here, you can visit the International House Of Pancakes websites at if you want to dig more into IHOP careers, International House Of Pancakes menu, IHOP gift cards, and so on. If the information you want is about Talk To IHOP survey sweepstakes, you can visit At the website, you can check the list of International House Of Pancakes sweepstakes winners

  • Contact #3: IHOP Headquarter Address

And the last, you can write a letter for International House of Pancakes. The address will be LLC, 450 North Brand Boulevard Glendale, California 91203, United States.

Overall, it is the whole information that you should know about IHOP survey sweepstakes program. It is your choice whether you want to take an action to win $50 IHOP gift card, $25 IHOP gift card, and IHOP free pancakes for a year. Visit sweepstakes now and best luck!

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