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We all must agree that enjoying fast food is much better than tasting our cooks. In this case, it is because first, we should not be busy shopping the raw materials. Then, we do not need to keep watching YouTube on cooking channels. Of course, we do not have to cook and taste the terrible meal that may kill us. Well, one of the most popular junk food restaurants is Sonic Drive-In. For our information, this restaurant now offers us TalktoSonic, a survey that will give us rewards. Here, if we are such a loyal customer of this restaurant, we will be able to take the survey. Isn’t it rare to get free foods in this annoying 2017?

About Online TalktoSonic Survey at

As we have talked about the survey before, Sonic now tries to build more trust among the customers. Yes, through TalktoSonic, the restaurant wants to develop the trust by asking the customers whether they are satisfied getting the service. If we are such a customer of this restaurant, it will be best if we take the online TalktoSonic survey. Without a doubt, the survey taking process is about ten minutes but can bring significant impacts. First, the restaurant will know what to fix about their food products and service. Second, we will get the better atmosphere and higher happiness level for the next visits to Sonic Restaurants.


In general, we can take the survey within two weeks after we order an item at Sonic. In other words, we will need the Sonic receipt as the requirement for us to take the survey. The survey is easy to answer as it has easy questions that all customers are familiar with them. Not to mention, it will be on the menu, service, as well as our opinions related to the recent visit to Sonic. Besides, we can take the survey at home as it is using online portal. TalktoSonic will be the best way for us who are eager to enjoy the free meal. On the same line, Talk to Sonic Survey will be a way out for the restaurant to fix all problems related to the customers.

When we have answered all questions asked by the survey, we will get a Sonic coupon for a free meal. The card will be useful for us when we visit Sonic, but we do not bring money. Yes, we can ask the staff to process redeeming the coupon, and we can enjoy that yummy free lunch or dinner. Interesting, isn’t it?

What Are the Things We Need to Prepare Before Taking TalktoSonic Survey?

In taking the Sonic Survey, there are important things that we need to have. Of course, we should make sure that everything is with us unless we will not be able to take Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey. Alright, here they are:

  • We should have a computer set, or laptop, or smartphone as the tool to take the survey
  • Then, we need to find free Wi-Fi or other devices which can connect us to the internet as we will do it online
  • The most important thing, we should have a Sonic Drive-In receipt that we get before two weeks ago
  • The last thing, we should master one of the languages of English, Spanish, or French, as we will use it for the survey

What Are Steps by Steps to Take Talk to Sonic Survey at

If we are ready, we can start to take TalktoSonic survey that is at Indeed, we will have to take some steps in order to complete the entire TalktoSonic survey. And, it will be best for us if we follow this TalktoSonic survey step by step guide. They are:

  • Step 1:

First, we need to make sure that we have the Sonic receipt before 14 days after the purchase. If the date of the receipt shows that it was 15 days ago or more, then we need to visit the Sonic restaurant and order an item for the sake of new receipt. Again, we need to take the survey as soon as possible before it gets expired, within two weeks. Second, we should pass the online portal of TalktoSonic that is after we get directed to the home page, we will have to input the ID number of the Sonic Drive-In receipt. After that, we can click the button entitled “Start.”

  • Step 2:

Second, it is the time for us to start the survey. As we can see, there will be some questions that need brief answers. In this case, we need to mention where we know the information about TalktoSonic comes. If it is from the restaurant, then we need to say it. Even if it is from non-official contacts of the restaurant, such as website, Google, Instagram and so on, we still have to mention it.

  • Step 3:

Third, we should give rating towards the food products and service of the Sonic restaurant. In this case, we need to be honest and tell it based on the experience we get from our visit. To make it excellent, we can try to give opinions or critics on how the restaurant should be. It can be about the items that should always be warm and fresh. Or it can be about the room that should always be clean and smells good. Also, we can elaborate every single thing we hope we will get regarding our next visit to Sonic Drive-In Fast Food Restaurants.

After completing the TalktoSonic survey, we will get the rewards in the form of coupon code that we have to redeem at Sonic. As it is the proof that we have taken the survey and deserve the free meal, we need to keep the coupon well. And of course, we should redeem it before it gets expired.

What Are Some Useful Links About TalktoSonic?

In case we get troubles with the official website of TalktoSonic, here we can try some other links that serve the same thing. They are:

  • for the official website of Sonic Drive-In Restaurant
  • for the online survey
  • For the rules about the survey

If we still wondering what the TalktoSonic coupon is, then we need to understand more what the study is all about. Alright, if we are enjoying our meals at Sonic now, then we need to go ahead and take our time. Once we have finished the whole thing, except the plates and the cup, we need to go to The goal is of course to take Sonic Route 44 coupon. For the alternative ways, we can access or download the application on our smartphone. There are some fast food items that Sonic provides for the customers, such as French fries, corn dogs, complete with the drinks and yummy desserts. Of course, we can order the items online through Uber and other online transportation.

How to Avoid Troubles When Completing TalktoSonic Survey?

Somehow, we may be in a hurry and be careless in following the instruction of the website. Of course, it will create negative impacts towards the survey such as error page, miss a step, and other troubles that lead us to confuse. Still, we need to take a look at the things we need to prepare for the survey. If we think we do not have problems with this step, then the troubles may come when we enter the login portal. Not to mention, we may get it wrong in spelling the website URL and inputting the digit of the receipt. Or even more fatal mistake, we may do not answer the questions yet, and we get confused how to get the previous page back. Well, for the sake of the survey, here are the points we need to follow, such as:

To complete the TalktoSonic survey, please follow the following steps:

  • Get the receipt on our hand
  • Set our device online
  • Go to
  • Input the ID number printed on the receipt to the website
  • Answer all questions by honest and make it brief and easy to understand
  • Give comments about the restaurant whether it is positive or negative, we have to deliver it in a polite way
  • Redeem the survey within 60 days, unless it will get expired and we cannot use it forever
  • Enjoy the free meal

How to Contact Sonic Customer Service for TalktoSonic Survey?

In getting connected to the representative of Sonic, we may get it hard as some website gives inactive contacts. It is because there are so many franchises of the restaurants complete with different connections that will make us confused. Well, without making it further due, here are the contacts of the customer service of Sonic Restaurants, such as:

  • If we want to share our experience regarding our recent visit to Sonic restaurant, then we can do it through phone at 866-657-6642
  • In a case, we want to contact the Sonic Corporate Office, here is the phone number: 405-225-5000
  • Somehow, we are better in writing than speaking our mind. Then, it will be best if we write the company a letter that we can send to Sonic, 300 Johnny Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73104
  • For the alternative contacts, we can go to the official website of Sonic at and find write “Locations” at the top of the home page
  • The last but not the least, we can reach the restaurant by accessing the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as YouTube

How much Should We Have to Buy a Sonic Drive-In Franchise?

After knowing the brand awareness of Sonic Drive-In Restaurants, we may start to think about building a franchise that will make us rich. Of course, money should not be the only goal here as we need to make all customers happy and satisfied. Talking about the financial, the initial investment that we should pay for a new franchise is around $1,023K to $1,765K. For another fee like a net-worth requirement, we will need starting from $1,000K to $2,000K. Well, it is not the total amount of money that we need to prepare as we will need the budget for liquid cash requirement that is ranging from $500K to $2,000K.

Overall, we can say that the ongoing fees that include the initial franchise fee are starting from $45K. For the current royalty payment, it will be around 5% and 3.25-5% of the advertisement royalty fee.

About Sonic Drive-In Fast Food Restaurants

As we know, Sonic is such a fast food restaurant that has the center in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The first time this brand launched is in 1953. Today, this restaurant has more than 3,5K restaurants spread in all over the world. Believe it or not, 3 million customers are keep coming every day as the restaurant serve the best menu and service. Like the other fast food restaurant, Sonic serves French fries, hamburgers, complete with other carnival items. Yes, they are such as chili dogs, connections, as well as onion rings. If we are looking for special items, then we can order cheddar peppers or maybe toaster sandwiches for yummy breakfast.

Talking about the name, Sonic is not all about the drive-in. instead, this restaurant also provides the service of the drive thru, as well as catering. One of the most demanded types by youngsters is the patio seating that can create an excellent atmosphere.

What Are The Best Sonic Drive-In Menu?

In having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we must choose different foods to eat. Like it or not, we used to prefer to junk foods as our choice as it is quite practical and simple. Here, all that we should do is to go outside and visit Sonic. If we are too busy, then we can use the service of online transaction. But, we need to know that different time deserves a different kind of foods. If we do not make it different, then our stomach may get hurt. For example, we should eat soup, coffee, and sandwich for breakfast. If we want to have lunch, we can eat big fresh burger complete with large French fries and ice creams. Meanwhile, our dinner will be best if we enjoy hot dogs with the flavor of cheese and chili.

Well, we do not need to worry as when we visit Sonic restaurants, we can ask the staff to order us a package of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Without a doubt, the team will help us to choose the best menu. By enjoying the best areas at Sonic, we can try a new concept that is American foods. Yes, they are such as toast, onion rings, complete with fountain drinks. After enjoying the meal, we can try to fill TalktoSonic to get another meal for free. Isn’t it such the best day if we can enjoy two burgers and pay one?

Final Words of TalktoSonic

Overall, we can say that Sonic Drive-In restaurants are one of the best restaurants that have a mission to satisfy all customers. If we are one of the customers, then we need to be glad as Sonic cares about us. For the best response, we can take the online TalktoSonic survey at now. Yes, it is the Sonic Guest Satisfaction Survey that may change everything to be more delicious. Life is all about food, and we know it. So, if we are ready to enjoy the free meal, take the survey now and make changes! Have fun, fellas!

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  1. I am a Sonic addict and frequenttly receive the survey receipts. I take the time to fill them out with honest feedback. 99% of the time it is good feedback. The last 2 times I have used the coupon, I have seen the worker throw it in the trash and another time crumpled it up and stuck it in her pocket as she was walking back to go inside. Do people actually look at these surveys? I’m just wondering why I take the time to fill them out if nobody even looks at them.

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