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Wendys becomes one of the best choices for all people who are suffering from hunger. With the best menu offered such as crunchy fried chickens, hamburgers, ice creams, and other snacks, these fast food restaurants are popular among people.  As this brand is trying to strengthen the brand awareness, Wendy’s Wants To Know whether the service and the food products are satisfying or not. That is the reason why they create TalkToWendys survey as a way to evaluate everything based on customers’ opinions. The restaurants hope that we as customers take participation in answering the questions in the survey. For the appreciation, we will get free delicious lunch that we can enjoy anytime we want. Wow, did we say free?

About Wendys Fast Food Restaurants

Believe it or not, in the category of burger chains, Wendy’s is in a third place after the famous McDonald’s and Burger King. We can see it based on the number of the locations that each brand has. If we used to enjoy the fast foods at Wendy’s, we might get curious who the founder is.  It is Dave Thomas who launched the brand of Wendy’s in 1969. Historically, Thomas was working in some restaurants since he was a child; it was at the age of 12 years old. He was working at Korean War restaurants with full of passion for being a lucky person. Then, he became a head chef at Hobby House restaurant. Yes, it is the first brand before it turns into KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken.


The owner of KFC franchise who is Harland Sanders then became friends with Thomas. Not so much time after, Fort Wayne franchise’s owners asked Thomas to take over the four failing KFCs in Ohio. From these four locations, then Thomas built stores of fast foods. As his eight-year-old daughter was Melinda Lou, and he used to call her Wenda, Thomas then put her name on the brand of his fast food stores. Here we go; we know it as Wendy’s the restaurants of junk foods. The very first location of Wendy’s is in Columbus. Now, we all can see that this brand has more than 6,5K Wendy’s locations spread in the world. Of course, 85% of those stores are the franchises.

However, as some other brands are growing too fast and gain strong brand awareness, Wendy’s do not want to be left. As Wendy’s competitors keep raising new menu for their fast foods, Wendy’s also tries the same strategy, but in a different way. Yes, this brand launched a product of square-patty burger and people love it. Without a doubt, this unique burger is popular among youngsters. As Wendy’s wants to improve the quality of the products as well as the service, it launches a Wendys Survey that is available at In this case, it is such the best way to know what customers want, and Wendy’s wants to know it from Talk to Wendys.

About TalkToWendys, the Customers Satisfaction Wendys Survey

Wendy’s is trying to create a new way to get close to customers. Without a doubt, it is such the best way for Wendy’s to understand what all clients think about restaurant chain. Through the customer satisfaction survey, this restaurant offers us a unique service called TalkToWendys. For our information, the survey will contain some questions that are easy to answer as long as we are the customer of Wendy’s.  In most cases, the questions will be about the fast food products complete with the service we get. Of course, Wendy’s surveys are necessary for this restaurant as it can help the company to improve their quality. It can be of the stock of the products whether it is available when we order, or it is still warm when we get the foods.

Besides, the questions about the service will be about the condition of the room whether it is clean or not, fast service or not and so on. As customers, we must feel glad if our wish about the products and service become true. We will no longer get disappointed, feel annoyed, or maybe feel uncomfortable because of the goods and service. As a result, the customers then will be loyal, and they keep coming because we the customers love it when our opinion is useful. And when it comes for us to look for a place to hang out with friends, we can immediately go to Wendy’s.

What are the TalkToWendys Survey Rewards?

Like other surveys, this restaurant also offers us some rewards that we can redeem after taking the online survey. The survey is accessible via online, and of course, we need to have the internet connection to open the portal. We can click and go to the survey questions. Through the survey, we can share our opinion related to the restaurants, we can help them to improve the service, and we can share our hopes for the next visit. In improving the quality of the food products, Wendy’s will need the experiences from customers after visiting the restaurants. Somehow, they will ask other brands of restaurants that we used to visit. Well, we must enjoy the survey as it is easy.

There will be rewards for us as customers who take the opportunity to speak about the restaurant. We will get a coupon code after filling out the TalkToWendys survey, and we can exchange it with a free meal. But still, we need to make sure that we use the coupon within the date. In the usual way, the coupon will get expired in a week. So we need to mark the date and free our time visiting the restaurant to get the rewards.

What are the Things to Prepare before Taking TalkToWendys survey?

As the survey is for the customers only, here we need to prepare the proof that we are the customers. Of course, it is the receipt of the payment of a food product we ordered. We need to make sure that Wendy’s receipt is not older than two days as it will get expired and useless. Then, we will need a stable internet connection as well as gadgets such as a computer, laptop, or smart phone. When we are ready, we can go to, the official website for Wendy’s survey.

What are the Steps by Steps in Taking Online TalkToWendys Survey?

It seems like we are ready to take the TalkToWendys survey. If it is yes, then here are some steps to do to take the survey and redeem the rewards. They are:

  • Step #1: Access Survey

As mentioned before, we need to visit the official page of TalkToWendys at Here, we should take our Wendy’s receipt as we will need it a lot for the survey. In short, no receipt, no survey!

  • Step #2: Set a Language

The next, we should choose the language we want to use for the survey. There are some choices for us that we can choose one whether it is English, Spanish, or maybe French. To set the language we want, we have to click the language, and then click the button entitled “Next.”

  • Step #3: Input TalkToWendys Survey Code

The third is the receipt. In this case, we need to look at every detail printed on the receipt. Yes, we will need to input TalkToWendys survey code that consists of 8 digits. This TalkToWendys Survey code is for one survey and it means that one receipt is for one survey.

  • Step #4: Click “Next”

Then, we will need to input other details related to the receipt such as the date or time, the menu we ordered and so on. Besides, the survey will ask us to mention whether we dine in or take away, or even catering. If we have done with every detail, we can click the button entitled “Next.”

  • Step #5: Answer All TalkToWendys Questions

There will be some natural TalkToWendys questions that we need to answer. Not to mention, we will have to share our experience when visiting the restaurant. This information will be beneficial for Wendy’s managers to understand what customers think about the restaurants. It is because the internal perspective will be different from the external view that from the customers.

  • Step #6: Enter TalkToWendys Sweepstakes Page

Before we end the survey, there will be a choice whether we want to take a lottery or not. If we take it, then we need to input more information about us. The lottery is about winning fresh money with a certain amount. In a usual way, Wendy’s will give us $1,000 if we win. The restaurant side then will contact us through the contact information that we input into the TalkToWendys survey.

How to Redeem the Coupon from Talk to Wendys survey?

After finishing the survey, we will get a coupon for a free meal that we can exchange on the next visit to Wendy’s. Here, we will get $2 discount off for a delicious giant sandwich. Or maybe, we can exchange it to a full-size salad that is healthy for us. Without a doubt, the staffs will serve us well without making us wait too long to redeem the coupon. But still, we need to make sure that the coupon is still in the period as in general, the coupon has limitation at the date. In the usual way, Wendy’s coupon will get expired within two weeks. So, we need to be careful and mark the date. Of course, we should bring the coupon when we are going to redeem it.

In case we get problems, we can contact the customer service of Wendy’s by dialing at 1-888-624-8140. For the alternative way, we can complain or as for bits of help via online by visiting the official website that is Somehow, Wendy’s may change the regulation of the survey that we need to take the survey within 48 hours or two days after getting Wendy’s receipt. For our information, the validation code that we get from the survey. This code then will be the key for us to get the discount or free meal at Wendy’s restaurants.

In redeeming the coupon, we need to take a note that it will get expired in two weeks or 14 days after the survey. We can choose whether the discount coupon is for a yummy large sandwich or maybe for our favorite full-size salad. If our friends want to join the survey, we need to tell them that the TalkToWendys survey is for customers only. It means that our friends need to order something first at the restaurant for the sake of receipt.

About Wendy’s Receipt Coupon Details

There are some things that we need to understand more about TalkToWendys reward coupons. For information, we can get Wendy’s coupons by completing TalkToWendys survey. In this case, we all must know how to use our TalkToWendys coupons. And, here is what we need to know abuot the coupons, such as:

  • Every customer will only have once chance to redeem one coupon, if we want to get another, then we have to wait for the next 30 days to take another survey
  • We can use the coupon or discounts, and it means that we have to choose one
  • If we are a part of Wendy’s such as we are the employees or their family, then we cannot take part in the survey
  • If we do not want to redeem the coupon for $2 discount off for a large sandwich or maybe for a full-size salad, we can take a part of the lottery to win fresh money

What are the Strategies of Wendy’s to Keep Growing?

We all know that 2017, people are going to fast food restaurants. In this case, we can mention one by one the fast food restaurants such as McDonald, KFC, including Wendy’s. If we want to know the marketing strategies owned by Wendys, then here they are:

  • Strategy #1: Market Penetration

For our information, the first plan becomes the primary focus for Wendy’s to improve their brand awareness. If we do not know what the penetration means, it is the strategy where Wendy’s creates more sales for the sake of gaining more consumers. Of course, every outlet has this strategy, and as a result, the brand is getting popular among society. Besides the quantity of the customers that this restaurant wants to gain, Wendy’s also thinks about the quality. Through its mission and vision, this restaurant boosts the quality of the products and services given to all customers.

  • Strategy #2: Market Development

The second strategy is about maintaining what Wendy’s restaurant has gained at the first time. The goal of this strategy is to create more markets places.  If we take our logic, when a company expands the brands internationally, they will be widely known. Not to mention, if Wendy’s enters a new country and create some franchises, then the country will get familiar with this junk food restaurant. But still, the second strategy belongs to a secondary intensive growth. It is because the progress is slower compared to the first strategy.

  • Strategy #3: Product Development

The third strategy owned by Wendy’s is to improve the quality of the goods. In this case, it can be about creating a new menu, modifying the list, or maybe offering something special like TalkToWendys survey. One of the examples that Wendy’s has done is that the creation of salad bar in 1979. The goal is to attract more people and avoid the customers to get bored with the same menus for years. Like other restaurants, Wendy’s is trying to satisfy the customers and make them loyal. That is the main reason on why some menus are new at Wendy’s.

Overall, those are all about Wendy’s the junk food restaurant as well as the TalkToWendys survey. By taking a part of the survey, it means that we help the restaurant to improve their quality to make us happier every day. In short, Wendy’s is trying to do their best to fulfill our satisfaction as the customers. So, enjoy the lunch and enjoy taking the survey for the free meal!

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