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Tell Outback Survey is an official Outback Steakhouse survey held by Outback Steakhouse Ceo and sponsored by Bloomin’ Brands. Here, if you are Outback customers, you can send Outback Steakhouse Review through this Outback Stake Survey. And, at the end of Outback survey, you will get $1,000 cash for joining Outback sweepstakes. No doubt, you can use that cash to buy all Outback Steakhouse Menu in Outback Steakhouse Near Me locations. They are like Outback Steakhouse Fargo and Outback Steakhouse Orlando.

If you see, you can access Tell Outback Survey by accessing, or, or websites. Yes, you will need to own Tell Outback survey code that has 18 digits number. You should not worry because you can get the code on your Outback receipt. And if you have completed all Outback survey, you can enter Tell Outback Sweepstakes page. Yes, the page here will give you a chance to win $1,000 cash or $1,000 Outback gift card. Isn’t it nice?

Tell Outback Survey Sweepstakes Tips to Win $1,000 and $1,500
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Outback Steakhouse Survey Sweepstakes Qualifications

If you enter Outback Steakhouse survey, you must know the qualifications. They are:

  • Nationality

First, you must know that only United States legal residents who can join Tell Outback sweepstakes. Beyond the region, you may need to find other sweepstakes program available on your country. Don’t worry! You can explore this website as it provides a lot of the latest sweepstakes programs.

  • Age

About the age, you must be 18 years old at the minimum. If you are younger than this, you must ask your parents or family members to help you to join Tell Outback sweepstakes for you.

  • Status

And the last, your status here must be Outback Steakhouse customers. Yes, you cannot join Tell Outback sweepstakes if you are Outback Steakhouse employees, part of Bloomin’ Brands, the sponsors, and other committees of Tell Outback sweepstakes program.

How to Enter Tell Outback Survey Sweepstakes for $1,000 cash?

  • Step 1: Access

First thing first, you must know that you can only enter Tell Outback Survey by visiting its official website that is In this case, you will need to prepare a device that has the internet connection and the internet browser. Yes, you can use your laptop, your phone, your computer, and so on. And for the browser, you can use Mozilla Google Chrome, Safari, and so on. And then, you can launch the browser to access Tell Outback Survey at

  • Step 2: Input Tell Outback Survey Code

The second step to do is to input Tell Outback Survey code. For your information, you must have a valid Outback receipt to be able to enter the survey. In this case, Tell Outback Survey code has 18 digit codes and you must input them correctly.

  • Step 3: Click “Start”

If you are sure that the survey code you input is all correct, you can click the button with the title of “Start.” Yes, this button then will direct you to Tell Outback Survey page with the survey form to fill.

  • Step 4: Answer All Tell Outback Survey Questions

It is the time for you to answer all Tell Outback questions and you must do it honestly. So that you know, TellOutback questions here will vary about your last experience at Outback Steakhouse. Not to mention, you can start to tell about your experience when you order the food, enjoy the food, and the situation of Outback Steakhouse you visited.

  • Step 5: Send Outback Steakhouse Feedback

Now, you must send your Outback Steakhouse to Outback Steakhouse CEO or other executives. For your information, you can start to send Outback Steakhouse review, Outback Steakhouse complaints, Outback Steakhouse suggestions, and other Outback comments. No doubt, Outback Steakhouse CEO will accept your Outback Steakhouse feedback happily as they can help him increasing the quality of the restaurant.

  • Step 6: Enter Tell Outback Sweepstakes Page

For the next, you will get an option whether you want to enter Tell Outback Sweepstakes or not. Well, it will be nice if you agree to enter the page as this TellOutback sweepstakes can lead you to get your chance to win $1,000 Outback gift card or cash. The process of completing Tell Outback Sweepstakes will be easy as you need less than three minutes.

  • Step 7: Complete Your Information

So, you have entered Tell Outback Sweepstakes page, and now, you must complete your information. They are such as your complete name, mailing address, email address, as well as phone number. Beside your contacts, you will also have to complete your personal data like your age, gender, and so on.

How to Join Tell Outback Sweepstakes Without Completing Tell Outback Survey?

For you who prefer to skip entering Tell Outback Survey, you can start to join Tell Outback sweepstakes via mail. Here is the step guide:

  • Step 1:

First, prepare all things you need like an envelope, postcard, as well as a writing utensil. Yes, you will have to get everything you need ready if you want to join the offline Tell Outback Sweepstakes to win $1,000 cash.

  • Step 2:

And then, it is your time to write down your personal information. Yes, you must write your name, your email address, your mailing address, as well as your phone number. Besides, you must also write down your personal information like your age, gender, and birth date.

  • Step 3:

After that, you can send this letter to Bloomin’ Brands Customer Survey Sweepstakes. Yes, the details of the address that you can use are PMI Station that is at PO Box 3586, Southbury, Connecticut 06488-3586.

What are Tell Outback Sweepstakes Prizes?

Alright! You have joined Tell Outback Survey Sweepstakes, and now, it is your time to wait for the announcement. Indeed, Tell Outback Sweepstakes offered are $50 Outback gift cards for 80 Tell Outback sweepstakes winners. And, for the grand prize, you can win $1,000 gift card. Yes, you can use the gift card at all Outback Steakhouse locations. For the best choice, you can search Outback Steakhouse Near Me to find the nearest Outback Steakhouse locations.

How to Check Tell Outback Survey Sweepstakes Winners List?

Fellas! If it passed the end of the period of Tell Outback sweepstakes, you could start to access Tell Outback winners announcement. You will have two options to access Tell Outback winners list whether via online or maybe offline. For the online one, you can access,, or

Meanwhile, if you prefer to do it offline, you can send a request for Tell Outback sweepstakes winners list to Bloomin’ Brands Customer Survey 2018 Winner List. Yes, the address will be the same as you join the sweepstakes program. If you become one of those Tell Outback winners, you must make sure that you follow all instructions given by Outback Steakhouse team. If you are late in returning Tell Outback winner form, you may get nothing from Tell Outback prizes.

How to Ask a Help from Outback Steakhouse CEO?

Do you want to talk to Outback Steakhouse CEO or customer service? Here, you can try these Outback Steakhouse customer service contacts:

  • Outback Contact Numbers

First, you can dial Outback Contact Numbers at 877 859 4734 or 813 282 1225. Both are the officials of Outback Contact Numbers.

  • Outback Steakhouse Headquarters Address

Second, you can also write a letter to Outback Steakhouse and address it to 2202 N. West Shore Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33607.

Dear Outback Steakhouse Menu lovers! It is the entire information about Outback Steakhouse Survey and Tell Outback sweepstakes program. Since now on, you can send your Outback Steakhouse Review about Outback Steakhouse Near Me you visited. Yes, you can communicate to Outback Steakhouse CEO through TellOutback survey sweepstakes. Enjoy Tell Outback prizes that are $1,000 Outback gift cards!

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