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Tell Pizza Hut is an official Pizza Hut guest satisfaction survey that is available at In this case, you can start to use your recent Pizza Hut receipt which has Tell Pizza Hut survey code. And, you can complete the entire Tell Pizza Hut steps guides to get Pizza Hut coupons. For the next, you can start to gain more by joining Tell Pizza Hut sweepstakes for $1,000 Pizza Hut Gift Cards. Enjoy Tell Pizza Hut prizes and rewards!

Leaving a comment on restaurant brands is a dime a dozen. But, leaving a comment and winning $1,000 Pizza Hut gift cards is awesome! All that you need is to go to Pizza Hut, a big chained Italian American that serves the best pizza ever. Then, you can take Tell Pizza Hut Survey Sweepstakes program. You can spend $1,000 Pizza Hut gift card to buy anything you want at Pizza Hut store. it all starts with five minutes that you are going to spend to complete the survey. Awesome!

Tell Pizza Hut Survey

Covering a large number of states proves that Pizza Hut is well-liked by many people. Such name of Pizza Hut does not merely because of the great menu they have. It is also because of its loyal customers which are behind the cause of its eminence. For that reason, Pizza Hut always has Tell Pizza Hut Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes. Just like the name, Tell Pizza Hut is a place to inform Pizza Hut what is on your mind over their product. It is a satisfaction-dissatisfaction comment like over their products. Reminding the feedback is important for the company future, the company will give Tell Pizza Hut $1,000 rewards for TellPizzaHut winners.

Tell Pizza Hut Survey Sweepstakes Guide
Tell Pizza Hut

In order to have information whether customers like or dislike Pizza Hut product and service, the restaurant has Tell Pizza Hut. In the survey alone, there will be a Tell Pizza Hut sweepstakes made to reward its customer. It is cash money worth $1000. Customers need only to fulfill some questions related to the service. The survey, in this case, is accessible at

What to Prepare for Tell Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Before you go far, you should prepare things you need. They are:

  • First thing first, you have to prepare a device that you are going to use whether it is laptop, smartphone, or computer
  • Second, it is a must for you to have the best internet connection as you are about to start the online survey and online means on the internet
  • Third, you must have the capability of understanding English or Española as Tell Pizza Hut page does not provide other languages
  • And the last, you have to make sure that you do not have something to do for the next ten minutes as you must complete the survey to enter the sweepstakes

How to Participate in Tell Pizza Hut Guest Satisfaction Survey?

After understanding the whole things about Tell Pizza Hut preparation, now we are going to see the steps that you have to follow. As what you can see, completing the survey is important if you want to enter Tell Pizza Hut Sweepstakes for the sake of $1,000 gift cards. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step #1

First, turn on your PC/Smartphone connections. Be ready for your Pizza Hut newest receipt. After all well-prepared, now visit the official website of Tell Pizza Hut that has been mentioned above. Afterwards, you choose the language. There are available two languages, English or France. For information, French is one of official language in Canada.

  • Step #2

Enter the required information which portrayed on your receipt. It will be included; Store number, Date, and Time. Make certain you input it in right way. Then, click ‘next’ button.

  • Step #3

Soon as you click start button you will see an announcement that in doing this, you are having a chance to win prize draw of Pizza Hut Survey. Don’t forget also to read the terms and conditions below the page carefully. *Don’t miss to read it. After that, click ‘next’ button.

  • Step #4

There are three kinds order that you can find at Pizza Hut stores. The first is dine-in means you have your meal right on Pizza Hut. The second is delivery that means you have your order to be sent to your house. And the last is take away means you have ordered at Pizza Hut but not to have there of sorts. In this case, you have to select what your order. Then, click the button entitled next.

  • Step #5

Here, you have inquired whether the employer gives you information about the survey, Tell Pizza Hut. You may say yes or no. After that, you are asked to rate your experience at Pizza Hut you were in with range excellent to poor. Then Click ‘next’ button for further step.

  • Step #6

In this part, you are asked to choose to agree disagree statements about your meal. It will be like how the food taste, the appearance, good served or not and right as your order or not. Afterwards, click ‘next’.

  • Step #7

Same as afore step you are asked to select choices by choosing to agree or disagree. But this one is about service of the employer in serving your order. The TellPizzaHut question revolves around employer sincere and friendly greeting.

  • Step #8

This following step is required you to rate whether agree or disagree with your feeling, having satisfaction with what you have paid. The statement means whether you feel satisfied or dissatisfied spending your money for Pizza Hut product. Do you find yourself interested in Pizza Hut and sort of things?

  • Step #9

This step is asked you to choose yes or no question. The question is about the problem you might get when you order the Pizza Hut product. Click ‘next’ after that.

  • Step #10

Same as customer survey in general, Tell Pizza Hut asks you to write about, for example, your opinion, your suggestion, and your critic for the sake of Pizza Hut Company development.

  • Step #11

Once more, you are asked to select yes or no question. This one is more about the availability of Pizza Hut products whether you find you Pizza Hut product that you want.

  • Step #12

In order to be sure of, Pizza Hut Survey asks you for the second time your willingness participate the prize draw. You may choose yes or no. If you say yes, you will be automatically assumed to agree with all terms and conditions Pizza Hut prize draw. The draw here means that you are entering the Tell Pizza Hut sweepstakes. in case you do not want to get the chance to win $1,000 Pizza Hut prize, you can skip this and submit the survey.

  • Step #13

The last, you will have to provide your personal contact information. Unless, for customer research, the information will not be used for other purposes which can somehow be disadvantageous for the customer. Do not worry. This includes your completed name and your email address.

  • Step #14

Finally, you will get the Tell Pizza Hut Redemption Code or what you call as Tell Pizza Hut Validation Code. Of course, you should write down the Tell Pizza Hut coupon code on the receipt that you have. Now, all that you have to do is to wait for the lucky Tell Pizza Hut Winners announcement. You can access this announcement at the official website that is or

In case you still have some questions about the Tell Pizza Hut privacy statement, you may contact Pizza Hut Private Office at 1737 McGee, Kansas City MO, 64108.

What Are the Pizza Hut Survey Sweepstake Rules?

For American Tel Pizza Hut survey sweepstakes program, you have to be eligible to enter the sweepstakes. here the rules that you must follow, such as:

  • First, you must be a legal resident of America and you should be at least 18 years old when you enter the sweepstakes
  • Second, you do not have to pay anything to enter the sweepstakes and to win the $1,000 PizzaHut prizes
  • Third, you must own one receipt for one survey that you take and it means that the more survey sweepstakes you want to take, the more receipt you will need
  • Fourth, you cannot redeem the gift card for cash and the card has expired date that you have to use the entire balance before the date

About Pizza Hut Restaurant Profile

Pizza Hut for the first time opened in 1958. Pizza Hut is a prodigiously fast food company in the world. Its chain spreads over the worldwide e.g. Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, South Korea and many more. For about 400 branches from coast to coast, Pizza Hut Canada has two types of restaurant that is dine-in service and delivery channels. Pizza Hut Canada offers has plenty of menus. They are like signature Pan Pizza, Stuffed Crust Pizza, Tuscani Pastas and Wing Street Wings, starters, salads and desserts.

Pizza Hut Menu varies starting from Pizza Hut menu delight, Pizza Hut super supreme, Pizza Hut spaghetti, and so on. If you want to explore the menu before you visit the stores, it is best to visit the online restaurant at There will be various tasty pizzas complete with the beverages that will boost your mood. And if you can imagine, with $1,000 gift cards, you can buy anything you want to eat. Awesome!

How to Find Pizza Hut Locations?

In case you want to know the Nearest Pizza Hut stores, you can use Pizza Hut Locator to have nearest store result. First, visit the official site of Pizza Hut at Second, find the Contact Us column. Third, you can click the menu with the title of Restaurant Locator. At the page, you have to input the zip code, city, and also country that you want to visit. the results then will show the Pizza Hut Nearest Stores. in case you want to use Google, you can search Pizza Hut Near Me. You will see the Pizza Hut stores complete with the Pizza Hut hours and Pizza Hut map.

How to Contact Pizza Hut Customer Service?

Sometimes, you must have trouble with the Pizza Hut stores that you visit. in this case, you are afraid of complaining to the Pizza Hut staff member directly. Well, it is okay as other people feel the same. in case you want to talk to the Pizza Hut representatives in the field of customer care service, you can try these Pizza Hut contact details. They are:

  • Pizza Hut Order Phone Number

If you want to order some Pizza Hut menus, you can call 3010 1010. It is also a hotline for Pizza Hut order and it means, you can give complaints. It is okay to ask the status of the order, give Pizza Hut complaints, and so on.

  • Pizza Hut Official Websites

In case you want more information about Pizza Hut, you can visit at this website, you will be able to find rich information about Pizza Hut menu, Pizza Hut customer service, complete with Pizza Hut company profile.

The second official website that you can visit is that is the TellPizzaHut Survey official website. There will be rich information related to Pizza Hut survey sweepstakes that you can get from this website.

  • Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number

You can start speaking out your mind about Pizza Hut to the representative by dialing 1 866 364 0825. Before you call the hotline, it is best to pay attention to the Pizza Hut hours of operation.

  • Pizza Hut Live Chat

Pizza Hut is also available at any most used social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to get you to stay in touch with. Synergizing within the advanced of technology, below is the site you can look up to:

For Pizza Hut Twitter, you can visit In case you have Facebook, you can visit Pizza Hut Facebook at And if you want to check Pizza Hut YouTube channel, you can visit

Overall, it is the information that you have to know when you are about to take TellPizzaHut Feedback Survey. it will be such a precious chance if you want to enter Pizza Hut Sweepstakes for the sake of $1,000 gift card. So, best luck and enjoy spending the gift card to buy any Pizza Hut Menu you want!

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