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Tell Popeyes Survey is the official Popeyes customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $1,000 cash or $1,500 cash. In this case, you can use your Popeyes receipt with Tell Popeyes Survey code. And, you can take Tell Popeyes Survey and complete all steps. After that, you can enter Tell Popeyes sweepstakes page to win $1,000 cash or $1,500 cash. Enjoy being Tell Popeyes Survey winners!

Hello everyone! Anyone of you loves getting prizes in any kind of form, especially cash? Then, why don’t you take Tell Popeyes Survey? It is Popeye’s survey sweepstakes program that will reward you weekly and monthly prizes. As long as you have a recent Popeye’s receipt, you will be able to access and take the survey. Isn’t it nice if you can win Tell Popeyes Survey prizes whether it is $1,000 or $1,500 cash? You can spend it at Popeye’s stores to buy any Popeye’s menus you want. Get ready, pleasure seekers!

About Tell Popeyes Survey

Fellas! For your information, Tell Popeyes Survey is such an online customer survey held by Popeye’s Restaurant for all Popeye’s customers. The goal is to find out the level of satisfaction of Popeye’s customers. If you recently visited Popeye’s restaurant, it will be nice if you join Tell Popeyes Sweepstakes. You will get Tell Popeyes Coupon Code and it will lead you to be Tell Popeyes Survey Sweepstakes winners. As the rewards, you will win either $1,000 or $1,500 cash.

Tell Popeyes Survey Sweepstakes $1,500 cash tips and tricks
Tell Popeyes Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides taken from

It will be fun if you are willing to join Tell Popeyes Sweepstakes. Here, you can visit login portal or TellPopeyes.Ca for Canadian. By using a recent receipt and Tell Popeyes Survey Invitation Code, you will be able to access the online TellPopeyes Survey. For information, there will be two types of Tell Popeyes Sweepstakes. You either join the weekly Tell Popeyes Sweepstakes or the monthly one. Both sweepstakes program will give you exciting rewards.

What Will You Need to Enter and Complete Tell Popeyes Survey Sweepstakes?

If you are ready, you can start to enter Tell Popeyes Survey. But, there will be some preparations you need to do. It will help you much in completing the survey properly. And, as the result, you will get the Tell Popeyes Survey Validation Code. And, these are the things you are going to need to enter Tell Popeyes Survey portal, such as:

  • Recent Popeyes Receipt

The very first and main property that you need to prepare is the recent receipt of Popeyes. Here, you will see a unique Tell Popeyes Survey Code that you can use to enter Tell Popeyes Survey Website. Without having TellPopeyes survey code, it will be impossible for you to enter the survey and the sweepstakes.

  • Internet Connection

The second one is the internet access that will help you in entering It is Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey official website that requires you to being online.

  • Computer or Laptop or Mobile Phone

And the last, you will also need to get an electronic device that has an internet browser on it. It is best to have the latest version of the browser for the sake of fast access.

How to Take Tell Popeyes Survey Sweepstakes Step by Step Guide?

You know that Tell Popeyes Survey prizes are awesome and you do not want to miss a single chance in being Tell Popeyes Survey winners. Well, you may start to follow the Tell Popeyes Survey step guide in entering and completing the survey. Here they are:

  • Step #1:

At your starting point, you need to visit TellPopeyes survey official website. You can use your electronic device and run the internet access. At the address bar, you may type If you are Canadian, you can visit TellPopeyes.Ca. It will show a Tell Popeyes Survey homepage that will direct you to the online survey form.

  • Step #2:

The first thing that you must do once you reach Tell Popeyes homepage is that you need to set the language. But, if you are okay with the current language, you can just skip this step and go on.

  • Step #3:

And then, you may start to input Popeye’s restaurant number. Yes, you can find the unique Popeye’s store number printed on your Popeye’s receipt. It will be Tell Popeyes Survey code that you cannot skip.

  • Step #4:

Another detail that you have to complete for Tell Popeyes Survey login website is the date and time of Popeye’s visit. Of course, you will also find the details on the receipt.

  • Step #5:

Besides, you also need to enter the total money you spend on your last visit to Popeye’s restaurant. Again, you can find the total amount detail printed on your receipt.

  • Step #6:

If you are sure that the entire details you input is all correct, you can click the button with the title “Start”. This one then will direct you to TellPopeyes questions that you have to answer.

  • Step #7:

At the next step, there are Tell Popeyes Survey questions that need your answer. Mostly, the topic will be about the Popeye’s store you visited. They are like Popeye’s menus you ordered, cleanliness of Popeye’s location, as well as Popeye’s employees and the services. You have to be honest in answering them as your Popeye’s feedback can lead the restaurant to be better. It is all for the sake of happy Popeye’s customers.

  • Step #8:

Now, you enter Tell Popeyes Sweepstakes Page where you have to input some details about you. They are like your full name, postal mailing address, phone number, as well as active email address.

  • Step #9:

After completing the required fields at TellPopeyes sweepstakes page, you will earn a unique Tell Popeyes Coupon Code. This Popeye’s coupon code then will be in a box of Popeye’s draw. The survey team then will choose the Tell Popeyes winners to win the prizes. Therefore, it is best for you to save the validation code by printing it out or writing it down on Popeye’s receipt. If you are the winner, the restaurant will contact you and you have to show the coupon code.

What are Tell Popeyes Sweepstakes Prizes and Rewards?

You have followed all Popeyes Louisiana Survey steps infractions and this time, you have to know the prizes offered for TellPopeyes winners. So that you know, Popeye’s restaurant will give you Popeye’s coupons or Tell Popeyes coupon code after entering the sweepstakes page. Happily, you will get a chance to win $1,000 or $1,500 weekly and monthly prizes. As it is cash, you can spend the money on anything you want. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

But, it is important for all www TellPopeyes com Survey participants to pay attention to the TellPopeyes rules. In this case, you can only get one of the two TellPopeyes prizes. If you win TellPopeyes $1,000 cash daily, you will not get a chance to win TellPopeyes $1,500 cash monthly prizes. Therefore, it will be best if you participate in both TellPopeyes weekly and monthly surveys. The more you take the survey and enter the sweepstakes, the more chances you will be Tell Popeye’s winners.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Survey Rules and Requirements

When you have decided that you want to take part in giving Tell Popeyes feedback at www, you should know that you are eligible. Also, there are some crucial Tell Popeyes rules that you should not underestimate. Here they are:

  • Rule #1: Tell Popeyes Participants

The first rule will be about the customers who are willing to take Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen survey. For information, you need to be a legal United States resident and 18 years old or above. And then, it is important for you to be able to understand one of the two languages available that are English and Spanish. You cannot join or enter Popeye’s sweepstakes if you are not eligible for it. As the survey is only for Popeyes customers, all Popeye’s employees and their family members have no chance to enter TellPopeyes sweepstakes.

  • Rule #2: Valid Popeye’s Receipt

And, as you can see, you will need a valid Popeye’s receipt that you can get from Popeye’s store. In this case, it will be much better if you have the valid one to avoid revisiting the store and ask another receipt. Popeye’s receipt must have Popeye’s survey code, Popeye’s store number, as well as Popeye’s date and time. Before you enter the survey, you have to check Popeye’s validation date.

  • Rule #3: Popeye’s Survey Entrance

For the next, in the process of completing Popeye’s survey, you have to use one receipt for each survey. In case you want to take more than one Tell Popeye’s Customer Satisfaction survey, you should own more receipts. And, you can take one survey within a month at the max. For the best suggestion, you can ask your family member to take part for the sake of Popeye’s $1,000 – $1,500 cash winners.

  • Rule #4: TellPopeyes Prizes Redemption

Just in case Popeye’s team announces you that you are TellPopeyes winners, you have to give the fastest response. Otherwise, the team will substitute you with another TellPopeyes winner and cancel your prize. You will also need your TellPopeyes validation code to redeem TellPopeyes $1,000 – $1,500 cash.

About Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen Restaurant Profile

You know, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is such an American restaurant chain that focuses on serving high quality of fried chicken. For the first time, Popeye’s restaurant opened in 1972 that took place in New Orleans. There are many Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen menus that you can try to order, such as:

  • Popeyes fried chicken
  • Red Beans and Rice
  • Popeyes Cajun-style gravy and Cajun rice mashed potato
  • Cajun fries
  • Popeyes chicken-and-sausage jambalaya
  • And Popeyes po’ boy sandwiches

Popeyes Fried Chicken & Biscuits restaurant has gained success and today, you can find the nearest Popeyes stores. No doubt, you will get the best service from Popeyes staff members. If you are Popeyes loyal customer, you can also register to be Popeyes member. From Popeyes membership, you will get so many benefits. No to mention, you can join “Popeyes Bonafide Krewe Program”. By using Popeyes Member Card, you will get Popeyes special offers such as discount off, free items, and so on.

How to Find Popeyes Nearest Stores?

It looks like you find it exciting to visit Popeyes store and get the receipt. There are three ways that you may try, such as:

  • Way #1: Popeyes Near Me

At first, you may try to go online and search Popeyes Near Me or Popeyes Stores Near Me. Or, you can also search Popeyes Locations and it will show the list of Nearest Popeyes stores. You can pick Popeyes review and Popeyes hours of operation as your consideration in choosing the store.

  • Way #2: Popeyes Locator

Here, you need to visit Popeyes official website that is There are so many Popeyes features you can explore and one of them is Popeyes locator. You can click the menu with the title “Find A Popeye Store”.

  • Way #3: Popeyes Application

And the last, you can download Popeyes app on PlayStore or Apple Store. The app here will allow you to access Popeyes order online. From the application, you can explore Popeyes menus, Popeyes price list, as well as Popeyes careers.

How to Contact Popeyes Customer Service Team?

Somehow, you may think that it is necessary to contact Popeyes customer service team. There are some Popeyes contact details that you can try. They are:

  • USA Popeye’s Phone Number

You can first dial Popeyes phone number at 877 767 3937. When you dial the number, you will have to press 8 to talk to Popeyes representative. It is because the one who picks the phone is a robot. And, if you dial the number beyond Popeyes office hours of operation, you will be unable to talk to Popeyes team.

  • Popeyes Official Websites

You can also access Popeyes websites that are and From the websites, you can access Popeyes menu, Popeyes review, Popeyes careers, as well as Popeyes locator. Also, you can check TellPopeyes Winners announcement and the list of Popeyes winners for $1,000 – $1,500 cash.

  • Popeyes Twitter

If you have a twitter account, you can have a live chat by visiting There will be Popeyes latest updates about hot promotions.

  • Popeyes Facebook Page

Yes, you can also have a live chat with Popeyes representative by visiting Popeyes Facebook at You may also get the latest Popeyes hot promotions such as Popeyes discount coupons and so on.

So, you know everything about Tell Popeyes Survey at You should use this precious chance to win Popeyes $1,000 weekly cash and Popeyes $1,500 monthly cash. Overall, do your best and enjoy the prizes!

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