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Tell TJMaxx Survey is the official TJMaxx Retails Market customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $500 TJMaxx gift card. Here, you can use your TJMaxx receipt with Tell TJMaxx Survey code to access And, if you complete all Tell TJMaxx Survey steps, you can enter Tell TJMaxx Sweepstakes to win $500 TJMaxx gift cards. Enjoy Tell TJMaxx Survey sweepstakes!

Shopping for our daily needs can be tiring but pleasing. In this case, we get our happiness when we are on a precious journey shopping what we want. And we get tired when it comes the time we have to pay for everything we have taken. Well, it will not happen if we participate in Tell TJMaxx Survey. Believe it or not, you can complete the survey and enter Tell TJMaxx Sweepstakes. As the rewards, you will get a chance to win $500 TJMaxx Gift Cards. You can use the gift card to shop for anything you want for free! Pretty awesome!

About Tell TJMaxx Survey

Before we go too far, first of all, we should know deeper about the survey. For information, Tell TJMaxx Survey is such an online customer satisfaction survey held by TJMaxx Retails Market. Here, the survey is accessible at Survey. If we want to enter the survey, we should own a recent TJMaxx receipt that has Tell TJMaxx Survey Invitation Code. As it is a simple survey, we can complete it in less than ten minutes.

Tell TJMaxx Survey Sweepstakes for $500 TJMaxx Gift Cards
Tell TJMaxx Survey Sweepstakes Steps guides Accessed from

We can imagine how awesome it will be if you can enjoy shopping at T.J. Maxx stores for free. Yes, it will feel like you find $500 cash and you are free to spend it to buy everything at TJMaxx stores. Tell TJMaxx Customer Satisfaction is a tool for the company to communicate with TJMaxx customers. In this case, TJMaxx team wants to listen to customers’ onion related to TJMaxx products and services.

What to Prepare for TellTJMaxx Feedback Survey?

For information, Tell TJMaxx Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes has some sequences of steps that we must know. And to get everything ready, we have to prepare the whole things that we are going to need the most when we take the survey. They are such as:

  • First, we need a set of computer or other electronic devices such as laptop, smartphone, tab, and so on
  • Second, we will need an internet browser that we can access on our electronic device
  • Third, as it is an online Tell TJMaxx Survey, we have to own an internet access that we can get from Wi-Fi or mobile data
  • Fourth, it is a must for us to have a recent and valid T.J.Maxx receipt
  • Fifth, on the receipt, we should have Tell TJMaxx Survey Entry Code or Tell TJMaxx Survey Invitation Code

How to Participate In Tell TJMaxx Feedback Experience Survey?

If you think TJMaxx $500 Gift Cards are worthy to get by spending your precious ten minutes, then you are smart! But, before you start accessing the Tell TJMaxx Survey online website, you have to know that you can choose the method. There will be two ways that you can do in order to enter Tell TJMaxx Guest Feedback Survey Sweepstakes. They are:

  • Method #1: Tell TJMaxx Survey Online

At the first method, you can take the online survey that is accessible at In this case, we have to input Tell TJMaxx Survey Code. Then, we will need to input the date and time of our last visit to T.J.Maxx Store. That is why we need a recent T.J.Maxx receipt to enter the survey. At the main point, we will have to answer all Tell TJMaxx Survey questions.

Once we have completed the survey, we can enter TellTJMaxx Sweepstakes to get Tell TJMaxx Survey Validation Code. Before it happens, it is a must for us to complete our personal information. They are such as our full name, home address, phone number, and so on.

  • Method #2: Tell TJMaxx Survey Mail-in

Another method that we can take is by sending a Tell TJMaxx Sweepstakes card to 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, New York 14610. Yes, it is the T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes official postal mailing address. If we take this way, we do not have to complete the survey. Instead, we can directly enter the sweepstakes to get the chance to win $500 gift cards.

Easily, all that we have to do is to take a postcard and write our personal data on the paper. They are such as our full name, address that covers the city, state, and ZIP code. Also, we will have to add our phone number complete with an email address on the postcard. When we get everything is ready, we can put the postcard in an envelope and send it.

Ways to Enter Tell TJMaxx Survey Step by Step Guide via Online

Compared to mail in, we may agree that taking the online Tell TJMaxx Survey is the easiest one. It is because we do not have to pay for the post office man service. In other words, we can stay at home and take the survey as many as we can. We can imagine how much it will cost if we take more than five offline surveys. Of course, we have to pay five times for each Tell TJMaxx Sweepstakes post card we send. Alright, here are the Tell TJMaxx Feedback Survey Instructions that we can follow. They are:

  • Step #1:

At the first one, we have to launch an internet browser whether it is Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome, and so on. Then, at the address bard, we can type Tell TJMaxx Survey official site that is Indeed, we can also just type as it is the same. Wait the browser to load the page. In case we cannot reach the homepage, we should check the internet connection. Or, we can go to JavaScript setting on the browser. Enable the application to access and we will get no more problem.

  • Step #2:

Once we reach the TJMaxxFeedback page, we can see some blank boxes. In this case, it is a must for us to pass the TJMaxxFeedback login portal. Easily, all that we have to do is to enter the TJMaxxFeedback survey number. Also, we will have to set the date and time of our last visit at TJMaxx Market. We can find all of these data on TJMaxx receipt.

  • Step #3:

We have passed the TJMaxx Feedback Survey login portal. And now, we can start giving rates on our overall experience of the visit. For example, we are satisfied with TJMaxx products and the service. We can give good rates at the survey. And, vice versa!

  • Step #4:

At the next step, we will see some Tell TJMaxx Feedback questions. Yes, the questions will be about how we felt about our last visit to T.J.Maxx Market. We should answer Tell TJMaxx Feedback Survey questions honestly. Our answers and overall opinion about the store will be important for TJMaxx team. They will improve the quality and products for the sake of customers.

  • Step #5:

Now, we have completed the survey and we can enter TJMaxxFeedback Sweepstakes. Here, we can enter Monthly T.J.Maxx Sweepstakes that will reward us TJMaxxFeedback Validation Code or TJMaxxFeedback Coupon Code. The team then will draw the code and decide the TJMaxxFeedback Sweepstakes Winners. But, before all, we should complete our personal data. They are such as our full name, phone number, address, as well as the email address.

  • Step #6:

Now, when we see the TJMaxxFeedback Survey Validation Code, we can write it down at the back of the receipt. Of course, we have to save it as when the team contact us and announce us as the TJMaxxFeedback winners, we need to show the code.

What Are the Tell TJMaxx Survey Sweepstakes Prizes?

Well, it is agreeable if we are curious about the prizes offered by Tell TJMaxx Survey. For information, we will get a chance to win 12 Prizes which each prize is $500 T.J.Maxx Gift Card. There will be one Tell TJMaxx Sweepstake winner per month. The survey sweepstake program will run within 12 months or one year. It starts from January 2018 to December 2018. And for the next period, Tell TJMaxx Survey starts from January 2019 to December 2019.

If we want to increase the chance to be the Tell TJMaxx Survey winners, we must ask our beloved ones to join us. They can be our best friends, our family, or even our coworkers. We cannot imagine how climax we may feel at our happiness when we can shop up to $500 using the gift card. Alright, we can start figuring out the items sold at TJMaxx store. We can shop the latest version of fashion 2018 nowadays. And no doubt, we will not find it in other stores that generally sell same items without variations. We can grab anything we want and we can bring them home without having to pay. Isn’t it awesome?

Tell TJMaxx Feedback Survey Sweepstakes Rules

When we play a game, we must follow the rules. And it also happens here, we should obey all rules set by Tell TJMaxx Survey team. For information, there are some points that we should understand before and after taking the survey. Here they are:

  • First, we should own a recent valid TJMaxx receipt and it has to own the Tell TJMaxx Survey Code if we want to participate in the online survey
  • Second, we can only take the offline Tell TJMaxx Survey if we do not have any TJMaxx transaction number receipt
  • Third, all Tell TJMaxx Survey participants must be older than 21 years of age
  • Fourth, we must be a legal US resident if we want to take part whether it is an online or offline survey
  • Fifth, we can only get one $500 gift card or win Tell TJMaxx Sweepstakes once
  • Sixth, we cannot redeem the Tell TJMaxx Survey prizes for cash
  • Seventh, the $500 gift card has the expired date and certain balance that we have to use it before the due date
  • Eighth, the gift card will be available to use at all TJMaxx Stores

About T.J. Maxx Company Profile

We have gained all information about Tell TJMaxx Survey and now it is the time for us to know deeper about the company. For information, T.J.Maxx is such a retail store that sells famous brands in fashion. Here, we will get various items at the stores such as TJMaxx men fashion, TJMaxx women fashion, as well as TJMaxx kids’ fashion. Believe it or not, TJMaxx is internationally famous. In 2018, it has more than 2,900 TJMaxx stores. And it will shock us as TJMaxx is about to build up to 4,500 stores spread in the whole world.

We can visit the Nearest TJMaxx Stores locations by using Google Map application. Easily, all that we have to do is to search TJMaxx Near Me or TJMaxx Stores Near Me. No doubt, the results will show various TJMaxx nearest stores complete with the TJMaxx Hours of Operation. Besides, we can see some TJMaxx Stores reviews given by TJMaxx customers. If it is our first time, we can follow the map and it will lead us to the nearest TJMaxx stores locations.

How to Contact T.J. Maxx Customer Service Team?

When we need to contact the TJMaxx customer care service, we do not have to worry or get confused. There are some TJMaxx contact details that we can try. They are:

  • J. Maxx Headquarters

The first contact we can try is to dial TJMaxx Corporate phone number that is 1 508 390 1000. Or, we can also make a visit or write a letter to T.J. Maxx East Campus at 770 Cochituate Road, Framingham, MA 01701. For T.J. Maxx West Campus, we can send the letter to 300 400 Value Way, Marlborough, MA 01752.

  • TJMaxx Customer Service Center Phone Numbers

TJMaxx representatives will be able to help us at 1 800 926 6299. We can also contact the TJMaxx Home goods phone number that is 1 800 888 0776. In case we need to talk to TJMaxx Home sense, it will be available at 1 855 660 4663. For TJMaxx Marshalls, we can dial 1 888 627 7425. For TJMaxx Sierra Trading Post, it is available at 1 800 713 4534. And the last, we can call TJMaxx Media Relations by dialing 1 508 390 2323.

How to Contact T.J. Maxx Investor Relations?

TJMaxx investors can ask information by dialing:

  • 1 866 606 8365
  • 1 800 231 5469
  • Or at 1 201 680 6578 if we are outside the US area
  • In case we have questions, it will be best if we call TJMaxx Global Communications at the hotline of 1 508 390 232

How to Contact T.J. Maxx Supplier Diversity?

For information, we can gain everything we want to know by sending an email to

What are the TJMaxx Official Websites?

TJMaxx has some websites that will help all customers to find out everything they need related to the company. First, we can visit T.J.Maxx website at At this website, we will be able to use TJMaxx locator that will show us a list of TJMaxx Nearest Stores locations. Second, we can visit TJMaxx Survey website at Of course, this website is the place where we can access TJMaxx Sweepstakes Winners 2019.

Overall, it all that we have to know about Tell TJMaxx Survey Sweepstakes $500 Gift Card Program. We will never know how precious it is to win the prize and shop for free. if we are ready, we can start entering the survey sweepstakes to enjoy our days happily. So, best luck!

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