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Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience is the official Winn Dixie survey that will reward you $5 and $40 Winn Dixie coupons for discounts. In this case, you can use your Winn Dixie receipt with Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience survey code. And, you can access to take Winn Dixie survey. And, you can Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience and you will get $40 Winn Dixie discount coupons. Enjoy!

Are you such a sweepstakes hunter? In this case, you may have joined some survey sweepstakes program. But, you still want more as the others may get a failure in giving you happiness. Now, how about trying to take part in Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience? Yes, Winn Dixie welcomes you to have a special shopping offer. You just write down your opinion and win $5 Winn Dixie Discount off $40 on the next visit. If you try to save your money, you’ve got to check this out. Are you ready, fellas?

About Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience

Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience is a customer survey program powered by Southeastern Grocers of which is the parent of Winn Dixie company.  It is such a guest experience evaluation to investigate the company progress. To lead a successful company, Winn Dixie always prioritizes its customer needs. Having such a good record and achievement, Winn Dixie does not merely lose their attention to the customer. To maintain its good name, Winn Dixie needs to stay close to the customers.

Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience Survey for $40 Winn Dixie Coupons
Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience Survey Steps Guides taken from

One of the ways they do is by having Tell Winn Dixie. By doing that, Winn Dixie hopes to have better development of both products and services. In return, Winn Dixie will give you something as you have given your time doing the observation survey. Yes, you can get $5 off $40 will be yours on the next visit hence after joining the survey.

Now, you are going to need a couple of minutes to complete Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience survey test. Indeed, you only need to answer and rate over Winn Dixie service questions or of sorts. Here, you can go to the Winn Dixie official website for the survey at Or, you can gain further information go to the Winn Dixie official website at You know, the personal information which Winn Dixie team needs is your name and email address. Besides, you will also need TellWinnDixie Survey Code and your survey responses.

About TellWinnDixie Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

If you are Winn Dixie customer, you can start accessing to take the survey. Also, it is important for all participants to follow every step of Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience Survey Guide. Here are the steps that you must follow, such as:

  • Step #1:

At the beginning, type “TellWinnDixie” on your search engine. Yes, it will direct you to Winn Dixie official website of customer feedback survey. Meanwhile, for a direct address, you can go to Of course, it is the only official page for TellWinnDixie Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • Step #2:

For the next, you should type the Winn Dixie store number. So that you know, this code is available on your receipt. Once you are sure, you can click the button to “start”.

  • Step #3:

Then, take 5 minutes to give your Tell Winn Dixie feedback. In this step, you will rate over Winn Dixie services and products. It is whether you satisfied or dissatisfied matter. For information, your feedback is a learning tool of Winn Dixie to stay focus on what happens on the outside company. Are their product and services running well? Does it satisfy and pertaining the customer need? What is the company strength and what is the company weakness?

In general, the survey is entirely like SWOT analysis media over the company in which it is essential. Thus, it is not surprising when they give you an award if you take part in the survey. Also, if Winn Dixie asks your personal information like your age, your occupation just write it. Don’t worry! Winn Dixie will not use your personal information for its own purposes which are illegal and contrary to the law. Here, it purely deals with customer analysis survey.

  • Step #4:

Then, you will see Tell Winn Dixie Validation Code. Here, you must take note your Tell Winn Dixie redemption code. Just for reminding you, this Tell Winn Dixie discount code only uses for once redeem.

  • Step #5:

And the last, you can bring the receipt and Tell Winn Dixie Discount Code on your next visit. Then, you can show it to the Win Dixie employer to get your $5 Winn Dixie Discount off.

About Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience Survey Rules

As you are such Tell Winn Dixie loyal customers, you deserve to find out the Tell Winn Dixie Survey rules. Below are some of the Winn Dixie Coupon Policies that you should know. They are:

  • First, Winn Dixie and all the coupon party involved have the right whether to accept or maybe decline as well as limit the coupons quantity, complete with the items you buy in a day
  • And, Winn Dixie put a limitation on the redeem offer of 5 same coupons which provided some same items a day. Winn Dixie does the way to make sure the product is available for all customers
  • Also, Winn-Dixie cannot accept the fake manufacturer coupons, Winn-Dixie coupons, as well as valid internet coupons. All coupons which do not include on above list consider as not the original manufacturer coupons.
  • Besides, The mobile phone coupon which considerate as the valid coupon is Tell Winn-Dixie coupons
  • More to say, Winn Dixie does not provide any coupon cash back
  • Go to for further Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience policy description
  • Before entering the survey, don’t forget to read all the privacy policy on the page of Tell Winn Dixie. For information, TellWinnDixie provides you with two languages available those are English and Spanish

About Winn Dixie Company

You know, Winn-Dixie can be the largest retail industries in the USA, having over 490 branches spread throughout the country. Throughout centuries, Winn Dixie provides grocery stores sorts of along the USA. According to store count, Winn Dixie gets admitted to being the southeast second largest supermarket chain. The “Fresh Checked Everyday” company slogan has a big name for the 20 different flavored soft drinks. Employing for about forty thousand people, Winn Dixie affiliates with Southeastern Grocers.

Here, Winn-Dixie operates 495 grocery stores. In Florida, there are 358 stores, in Alabama, there are 60 stores, in Louisiana. Yes, there are forty-seven stores, in Georgia, there are seventeen stores, and in Mississippi, there are fourteen stores. Early history begins at 1914 where William Milton Davis and his sons, the founding fathers, bought a general store. The store named David mercantile. Seeing the big chance of self-serve business store, in 1925, Davis and his family moved to Miami and bought another store. It was Rockmoor Grocery as his big project business plan. As time went by, the company had broadened. There were four stores opened.

Winn Dixie Review

After succeeding to enlarge its number on 70 more chains, the company headquartered in Jacksonville (up to now). Soon, Davis family bought Winn and Lovett. The two companies then merged into one. Many years come. Winn and Lovett (the merger name of old Winn Dixie) continuously expanded its corporate by buying another grocery and food companies such as Ketner-Milner, City Markets, and Cincinnati-based Thriftway Food Drug.

However, Winn Dixie entered difficulty in the year 2004. But, the financial problems had solved by having company reconstruction and minimizing the number of company chain. As for March 2012, Winn Dixie has affiliated with BI-LO Holding, a supermarket chain whose recent name is Southeastern Grocers. Under the Southeastern Grocers, Winn Dixie still operates the business under the Winn-Dixie name.

Ways to Contact Winn Dixie Customer Care Service

If you visit Winn Dixie Stores, you may get problems related to the store. Here, it can be about the service that is disappointing. Or maybe, it is about the products that make you dissatisfied. Well, you do not have to be gloomy as you can express your Tell Winn Dixie Feedback. Of course, you have to say it directly to Winn Dixie representatives. Here are the Winn Dixie contacts that you can try:

  • Winn-Dixie Company Address

First, you can write a letter to Winn Dixie company address related to your problem. Then, you can send it to 5050 Edgewood Court, Jacksonville, Florida 32254. In this case, you do need to make sure that the letter you write is readable and brief enough. Therefore, it is a must to make it specifically based on the topic.

  • Winn-Dixie Corporate Phone Number

If you find business matters over Winn Dixie, you can call Winn Dixie number at 904 783 5000.

  • Customer Support Phone number

If you find something to the inquiry, you can dial this number (866) 946-6349. Winn Dixie customer call center opens from Monday to Saturday starts from 08.00 am to 07.00 pm. You can also mail a letter at Po Box B, Jacksonville, Florida 32203 0277.

What are Winn Dixie Social Media Accounts?

Winn Dixie also provides some social media accounts as their digital marketing to make you always get informed over Winn Dixie. Here are the accounts addresses:

  • Winn Dixie Help Center:
  • Winn Dixie Twitter:
  • And Winn Dixie Facebook:

What Will You Get from Winn Dixie Official Website?

Winn Dixie has an official website which has a goal to help the customers find all information they need. As it is a successful company, the website has some menus and features that you can use for free. You may visit it at and here are some of them:

  • Winn Dixie Online Shop

Yes, you can buy online Winn Dixie at There will be complete information about Winn Dixie products as well as the status of your order. You can access all information within one click at the official website.

  • Winn Dixie Locator

To help you find the nearest store, Winn Dixie makes; a store detect tool. This tool makes you possibly to go the nearby Winn Dixie store. You can also get Winn Dixie Stores locations by using Google Map. And then, you can search Winn Dixie Near Me, and you will get the Nearest Winn Dixie stores.

  • Winn-Dixie Flavor Magazine

Winn-Dixie Flavor magazine is Win Dixie monthly feature which helps you serving tasty food from delicious recommended recipes. If you want to have your cooking creativity is on Winn Dixie Flavor magazine column, lets Winn Dixie knows. Here, you can send Winn Dixie email at along with the enclosed cooking picture. Or, you can post a photo with hashtag #WinnDIxieFlavor. If you are lucky, Winn Dixie will retweet, like, and share your picture.

  • Winn Dixie Entertaining Season

Want to hold a party but do not know what is going to do? Relax, let’s hand it to Winn Dixie Entertaining Season. Win Dixie Entertaining Season is such perfect party planner. Even it is a sudden party Winn Dixie will serve you with good quality and agreeable composition. You can 24 hours before the day to schedule a pick-up order.

  • Winn Dixie Star Wash VR

The special feature you will get at Winn Dixie is you can explore the Star Wash Galaxy.  Only by downloading the VR Goggles Winn-Dixie App and showing it to the nearby Winn Dixie chain. And then, you can see Augmented Reality Star Wars characters.

  • Winn Dixie Meal Options

Being so busy with your family meal while having not much time to cook? Don’t be worry Winn Dixie will help you with a fresh meal solution or Winn Dixie meal option. Meal option will simplify your time in dinner preparation.

So why don’t you try this one? Grab your Winn Dixie receipt and join TellWinnDixie Survey now. Instead of buying same product on a disloyal company and have no special offer, I would recommend you to move and to start buying things in Winn Dixie. You get your need, and you get your prize coupon. Share this happiness with those who don’t know. Tell Winn Dixie Survey. What are you waiting for, guys?

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    1. hello Mr. Roe! If you failed in entering the survey, you may go to the wrong website. Please make sure that you go to And, you will get the official survey to fill. Enjoy!

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