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Tell Winn Dixie is the official Winn Dixie survey that will reward us $5 and $450 Winn Dixie Gift Cards. Of course, we can take Tell Winn Dixie survey if we have a recent Winn Dixie receipt that has Tell Winn Dixie survey code. And, we can access survey and complete all Tell Winn Dixie steps. At the end of Tell Winn Dixie survey, we will get a Winn Dixie coupon code that we can redeem for $5 discount off. If we want to get $450 Winn Dixie gift cards, we can enter Tell Winn Dixie sweepstakes page. Enjoy being the lucky Tell Winn Dixie winners!

Everybody loves shopping and it is a true fact that we cannot deny. Yes, starting from babies to grandmother, shopping becomes an exciting hobby. If we think so, we must know Winn Dixie. Yes, this supermarket provides us a single stuff we need. Winn Dixie now offers us Tell Winn Dixie Survey that will reward us $5 discount off. Without a doubt, it is such best news for all women in the USA. We can visit to take part and get this awesome reward. Isn’t it great to have another Tell Winn Dixie Shopping Experience?

About Winn Dixie Company Profile

So, we are ready to get the $5 discount off but we still do not know how to do so. First of all, it will be nice if we let this company introduce itself. For our information, Winn Dixie Stores Incorporation is such an American supermarket chain that serves all products we need for life. If we want to know the Winn Dixie headquarters, we can find it in Jacksonville, Florida. We can visit the online Winn Dixie stores at

Tell Winn Dixie

Believe it or not, Winn-Dixie supermarket chain is in the rank of 24th and it belongs to North American Top 75 food retailers. As Winn Dixie has more than 500 franchises stores in different places, we can search it by online. We can explore the search engine using “Winn Dixie Near Me” keyword. The results then will show the nearest Winn Dixie locations that will help us to find the stores faster. There are some best menus in the field of foods that we can buy, such as Grocery, Bakery, or even Dairy and Deli. Besides, we can buy our favorite Frozen Food, Merchandise and so on. yes, we can find all items at one place, Winn Dixie stores.

About Tell Winn Dixie Survey

Tell Winn Dixie is such an online survey held by Winn Dixie supermarket that has a goal to enhance the quality of the services and products. In this case, we can take this Winn Dixie Survey at the survey will work for all Winn Dixie customers and we can finish it in less than ten minutes. We will get Tell Winn Dixie coupon code that we can redeem for some discounted items. Besides that reward, we will get other benefits at TellWinnDixie such as how to make a survey. We can learn some important things about running a business that we have to prioritize the customers.

What Are the Tell Winn Dixie Rewards?

we have been talking much about Tell Winn Dixie survey and it will be useless if we do not know the Tell Winn Dixie grand prizes. For our information, Winn Dixie offers us two types of the rewards. They are:

  • The first Tell Winn Dixie reward is a $5 discount coupon with that will work once we buy $40 at the minimum
  • The second Tell Winn Dixie prizes is the monthly Tell Winn Dixie sweepstakes that will grand us $450 Gift Card

Knowing the prizes are awesome, we must find the Tell Winn Dixie survey is interesting. Then, we can start to open Tell Winn Dixie official website. Here, we will get Tell Winn Dixie validation code that will lead us to the grand prizes. Therefore, completing the survey is the key for all of these rewards. If we want to know the details about this survey, it is best to read the Tell Winn Dixie privacy and policy. We can go to and find all information we need.

When is the Tell Winn Dixie Entry Period in 2018?

For our information, Tell Winn Dixie survey period is open in the entire year of 2018. Yes, we can take the survey anytime and for the WinnDixie sweepstakes, we can start it between January 1st, 2018 and December 31st, 2018. For the best tips, we can take the survey and sweepstakes many times. for instance, we may take them every month, or even every week. The goal is, of course, to increase the possibility to be the Tell Winn Dixie winners for $450 gift card.

How to take Tell Winn Dixie Customer Satisfaction Survey?

It seems like we have agreed to take the survey. It is because the rewards or grand prizes offered to us are awesome.  Of course, it is forbidden to miss this precious chance to win the prizes as all we need to sacrifice is our ten minutes. Yes, the survey will take less than ten minutes if we follow the Tell Winn Dixie survey guide.

If we see, the Tell Winn Dixie shopping experience survey is all about our overall satisfaction as the customers. Here, we will have a place to share our shopping experience at Winn Dixie stores. Not to mention, we can give rates for the products whether they are fresh or not. Or maybe, we can give the rates for the employees whether they give the best service or not.

What to Prepare for TellWinnDixie Survey?

Before we take the survey, it is a must to know the Tell Winn Dixie rules as well as the things we should prepare. First, here are the preparations we need to take. They are:

  • First, it is a must to own a recent Winn Dixie receipt that we will use for entering the survey as it has Tell Winn Dixie entry code
  • Second, we will need a device that can connect us to the official website that is com
  • Of course, we will have to get a stable internet connection for our device
  • The last, it is necessary to be able to understand English or maybe Spanish as the Tell Winn Dixie survey only provides these two languages

What Are the Tell Winn Dixie Guest Satisfaction Rules?

After we know the whole things we should prepare, it is the time for us to know the rules. For our information, our participation will not be valid once we are not eligible for Tell Winn Dixie survey. so, it is important to keep in our mind that obeying the rules is a must. Here are the rules that we need to follow, such as:

  • First, we have to be the customer of Winn Dixie supermarket and the proof of this rule is that we have the Winn Dixie receipt
  • Second, we must be a US legal resident and if we are not, we need to make sure that we are the legal resident of Columbia or maybe Puerto Rico
  • Third, we should be sure that we are 21 years old or we can be older than 21 when we enter Tell Winn Dixie Customer Experience Survey
  • We should not be the Winn-Dixie employees or even a family of the employees if we want to take the Tell Winn Dixie sweepstakes

Step by Step to Take Tell Winn Dixie Customer Satisfaction Survey

We now are ready to take the steps for Tell Winn Dixie Customer Shopping Experience Survey. so, without making it any longer, these are the steps, such as:

  • Step #1:

First of all, we will need to connect our device to the internet. Then, we can start opening our browser and click the address bar. We can type or Both websites are the link for Tell Winn-DixieSurvey.

  • Step #2:

Once we see the Tell Winn Dixie homepage, we can start to fill the date. Yes, we will need to check our receipt and input the Tell Winn Dixie 18 digit invitation survey code. It will be the key for us to pass the Tell Winn Dixie login portal.

  • Step #3:

Once we have entered the survey page, we can set the language we want to use. If we are comfortable using English, we can go to the next step. But, if we aren’t, we can change it into Spanish. We can directly clickñol to make the changes.

  • Step #4:

Now, we are at the survey and the first Tell Winn Dixie questions are about our visit details. We can answer the questions honestly as it has no benefit for us to lie.

  • Step #5:

Now, we will have to give some ratings towards the Winn Dixie stores aspects. They are such as the cleanliness of the market area, or maybe the friendliness of the Winn Dixie employees. we can continue giving rates to the quality of the products and so on.

  • Step #6:

Then, we will face other Tell Winn Dixie survey questions that we have to answer all. Otherwise, we cannot finish the survey and we are unable to enter Tell Winn Dixie sweepstakes.

  • Step #7:

Once we have done with the survey, we will see a question asking our self whether we want to get a chance to win Winn Dixie $450 monthly sweepstakes prizes or not. If we agree, we can enter the sweepstakes then complete our personal information.

  • Step #8:

The last, we will get the survey page shows our Tell Winn Dixie $5 discount coupon. There will be a question asking whether we want to download the Tell Winn Dixie discount coupon or not. For the best choice, we can click the button entitled “yes” to download it. Then, we can print the coupon for the next visit at Winn Dixie supermarket. If we do not want to print the Tell Winn Dixie coupon code, we can write manually on our receipt. Both proofs are valid and we can carry them for the next visit. Show it to the Winn Dixie team and we can redeem our coupon for some discounts.

How to Solve Troubles at

Once we face some troubles, we do not have to worry because we can solve them. First, we can check the connection, the link address we input, as well as the browser setting. For the last mentioned one, we can go to the setting and find JavaScript. We should enable these links on the cookies that are as well as Then, we can recheck the Tell Winn Dixie entry code whether it is correct or not. It is better to check three times as it has 18 digits and somehow we may input it wrong. There will be no longer problems once we do so. But, if we still find some difficulties, we should not hesitate to contact the Winn Dixie customer care service.

How to Contact Winn Dixie Customer Service?

In most cases, we may do not know how to overcome Tell Winn Dixie troubles. Not only in this case, it may happen when we experience shopping at Winn Dixie stores. We may face some annoying problems that ruin our shopping experience. For instance, we may find out that the staff does not want to serve us. Or maybe, the stock of the products always empty and so on. So, without waiting for our heart to get broken, here are the Winn Dixie contact details. They are:

  • Winn Dixie Customer Support Center

It is best to call the Tell Winn Dixie phone number at 866 946 6349 and we can talk our problems to the representatives. If we have problems with our Winn Dixie PlentiCard, we can call 1-855-753-6841. We can ask how to check the Winn Dixie Plenti Card points, redemptions, and so on.

But, the Winn Dixie office hours will be between Monday and Friday. We have to be sure that we call on those days after 8:00 AM and before 7:00 PM East Standard Time. If we want to call the Winn Dixie office on Saturday, we should do it before 4:00 PM East Standard Time. The office will close on every Sunday and every July 4th. Also, the office will close on other holidays such as Memorial Days, New Year’s Eve, and Labor Day. This day-off also works on Thanksgiving Eve, as well as Christmas Eve.

  • Winn Dixie Postal Mailing Address

In case we want to send the Winn Dixie representatives a letter, we can send it to Winn Dixie Headquarters. The address is at PO Box B Jacksonville, Florida 32203-0297. We need to be polite in writing as the staffs are human even if they make mistakes. We can mention the specific aspects of the supermarket that makes us disappointed. Also important, it is best to add our personal contacts in case the team wants to talk to us.

  • Winn Dixie Official Websites

The last Winn Dixie contacts details that we can try is the official websites. We can go to online Winn Dixie supermarket at for Winn Dixie Survey websites, we can click or and if it is about Winn Dixie Plenti Card, we can visit or

So, are we ready to get Winn Dixie $450 gift card? If it is yes, we can go to take the Tell Winn Dixie survey now as well as its sweepstakes. Enjoy our best experience in shopping and get the awesome prizes!

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