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TellGameStop is the official GameStop customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $100 GameStop gift card. In this case, you just need to have the GameStop receipt with TellGameStop survey code. And, you can go to survey portal to take this GameStop survey. For the next, you can get a chance to enter TellGameStop sweepstakes page. Yes, you will get a chance to win $100 GameStop gift card that you can use at all GameStop stores. Enjoy!

Dear people outside there! We must love playing games whatever ages we are at. If it is yes, we must know a little bit about GameStop. Yes, it is one of the best places that we can shop for anything about the video games and so on. Now, do we know that we can win $100 gift card from TellGameStop Survey? If we are such a customer of this game station, we must be lucky as we get a precious chance to win the gift card. We can use the card to buy GameStop games software and hardware we want. Awesome!

About TellGameStop Customer Satisfaction Surrey

Alright, for those who are eager to play a game every day, it will be great if we can take part in TellGameStop. For our information, TellGameStop is an online customer survey held by GameStop Game Center. The goal is first, of course, to measure the level of the satisfaction of the customers. Then, another goal is to be a place for the customers to give feedback whether it is positive or negative. The last, once the company gets feedback; the GameStop team then will improve their services and game products.

TellGameStop login
TellGameStop Steps Guides taken from

We do not have to worry about wasting our time taking the survey. It is because the process will be less than ten minutes. To motivate the customers, GameStop offers us some precious chance to win 25 $100 gift cards that we can get every month. Yes, we can use the card once we visit the GameStop stores again. In case we find this thing is awesome, we can visit If we are a good person, we can share this good news to our friends. We can ask them to join the survey and get a chance to win. Isn’t it awesome to win the gift cards and spend them with our close friends?

What to Prepare for Tell GameStop Survey Sweepstakes?

Alright! It seems like our passion for gaming is getting stronger once we know that we can win the precious gift cards. But, before we take the survey, it will be nice if we know what to prepare. They are:

  • First thing first, as it is an online survey, we have to get a laptop or smartphone ready complete with the internet browser
  • Then, we have to own a fast and stable access to the internet
  • Also, we have to make sure that we are 18 years old or older as the survey will offer us to enter the sweepstakes to get a chance to win the prizes
  • The last but the most important one, we have to own a GameStop receipt that has the TellGameStop Invitation Survey Code

How to take TellGameStop Shopping Experience Survey?

We know that we need to prepare the mentioned kind of stuff and we have to make sure that we are eligible for the survey. After we checked everything that we need, now we can follow the TellGameStop Survey Guides here. They are:

  • Step #1:

So, the first step, we have to get our device whether it is our smartphone or laptop ready. Then, we can start to turn it on and open the internet browser. At the address link, we can click or type the address link of It is the official website for the GameStop Survey. Or, we can visit as the alternative website for the survey.

  • Step #2:

The next step, we will see the TellGameStop homepage. We do not have to get panic when the page asks us to input some code that we do not understand. Simply, all we have to do is to check our GameStop Receipt and we will find the TellGameStop entry code. Before starting the survey, we should once again check whether the code we input is correct or not.

  • Step #3:

This step is at the same level at the second step. In case we do not have any TellGameStop survey code, we can click the option of store number. Yes, we can take a look at the receipt and we should input the GameStop store number. Now, we can begin the survey after passing the TellGameStop login portal.

  • Step #4:

At this page, we will find the links to Sweepstakes Rules as well as the Regulations. We can call this link as GameStop Privacy Policy. It is better to click the link and read the TellGameStop instructions first before taking the survey. If we are too lazy, we can just go to the survey by clicking the button with the title “start”.

  • Step #5:

Now, we have to answer all TellGameStop questions. In this case, it is very important, to be honest as it means a lot to the company. We do not have to hide our negative feedback as we want to win the prizes. It is because the feedback and ratings we give to the company will not influence the result of the winners. We can try to remember the last time we visit GameStop station store and recollect how we got the services. If it was all good, we can give high ratings. And it is vice versa!

  • Step #7:

At the next page, we will see a box that will save our comments about the store we visited. We can write something inside the box or skip the step by clicking the button with the title “next”.

  • Step #8:

The last step, we will see a TellGameStop Validation Code. It is a very crucial code and we have to print the code or write it down on the receipt we have. Somehow, the GameStop Sweepstakes page asks us to input our personal information. We can just fill them out based on our real data.

How to Take the GameStop Sweepstakes without Taking the Survey?

It is a serious question and we do not have to worry to keep it in our mind. Just so we know, we can just visit the GameStop official site at and click the link with the title Sweepstakes. For the alternative way, we can visit and follow the same instruction.

How to Take the TellGameStop Sweepstakes via Mail?

We are good at playing GameStop Video Games. But, we do not have any idea when it comes about the internet and online survey. Alright! It is okay as we can try an alternative way to take the sweepstakes. Here are the steps that we can try:

  • Step #1:

At this beginning step, we have to cut a paper or get a mini postcard. It will be best if the color is white as we are about to write something on the card.

  • Step #2:

Get our best pen ready and make sure that we can write with a good handwriting. In case we have a poor handwriting, we can ask a kindergarten kid to write for us. They will be glad to help us, really!

  • Step #3:

Then, write our personal information clearly. We have to write our full name, a complete home and email address, as well as our phone number. It is also important to write our birthdate as it will be the proof that we are 18 years old or maybe older.

  • Step #4:

Then, we can send the postcard to Sweepstakes Entry. It is best to keep the postcard inside an envelope as we have to write the company address. It is at 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100 Rochester, New York 14625-2437, in the United States.

When is the Tell GameStop Promotion Period?

Today is 2018 June and we still have enough time to take the survey. It is because the program starts from April 1st, 2018 to March 31st, 2019. Yes, we still have a half of a year and we can take advantage of it. There are 25 prizes and we can give our best try to win all prizes. The more we take the survey and sweepstakes, the more chance we will get to win. For our information, the promotions are for legal residents of the United States, Columbia as well as Puerto Rico. Despite the last day of the program, we need to make it hurry as there is a limitation for the GameStop Sweepstakes Participants.

What are the TellGameStop Sweepstakes Prizes?

For our information, there are 300 prizes in total that each prize has $100 gift card. Each month, there will be 25 GameStop winners to win the prizes. Until the end of the program, there will be 25 winners every month. This is a good reason for us to not stop trying to win the prizes. We must get something as we are the loyal customer of GameStop Video Game Station. Even if it is impossible to win the whole prizes, at least our friends are with us. We can have fun playing the most awesome game together with our close friends.

What Are the TellGameStop Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

  • We do not have to pay anything to participate in the survey and the sweepstakes
  • Every customer can take part in this program many times but we can only win one prize
  • Prizes are in the form of the gift card and it is like a debit card, we cannot transfer the and reload the balance as it is for once use
  • The GameStop Survey Code is for once use and if we want to take more, we have to own more receipts

About GameStop Profile

So, we used to visit the GameStop stores to play their best video games. In this case, we need to know more about the company. For our information, GameStop is one of the largest retailers of multichannel video games in the world. In 2017, we can find more than 6000 GameStop stores spread in 20 different countries. In case we travel around the world, we can use the feature of GameStop Near Me. No doubt, we will find the GameStop Nearest Locations to our place.

If we love playing the games so hard, we can register to be a GameStop member. Easily, we can visit the store and ask the staff member to register us for GameStop PowerUp. Yes, three will be a plenty of GameStop PowerUp rewards that we can get from being the member. Also, we will get more benefits unlike other customers in general.

GameStop for the first time run in 1984. There are awesome GameStop Video Games that we can try such as MovieStop, EB Games, and Micromania, complete with Planet X. Yes, we can also find the FuncoLand and other best GameStop games. Without a doubt, anyone who dislikes playing games will find a way to how awesome it is to have fun playing some.

How to Contact GameStop Customer Service?

Yeah! We know everything about GameStop but it seems like we cannot stay far away from the company. We do not have to worry as we can contact the GameStop representatives. Not to mention, we can ask some questions, complaint, give compliments, or even just to ask the GameStop hours. The team will be glad to help the customers. Here are the GameStop Contact Details:

  • GameStop Headquarter Address

In case we want to visit or even write a letter to the company, we can send it to GameStop, Incorporation. The format of the letter will be the same as the formal letter in general. We can send it to 625 Westport Parkway, Grapevine, Texas, United States 76051,

  • GameStop Customer Support Phone Numbers

We can also contact the company through its office phone number at +1 817 424 2000. If somehow we do not get a response, we need to check whether we call the company at GameStop hours or not. It is okay to delay it for the next day once the office is closed.

  • GameStop Official Websites

The last, we can visit the official website at we will get rich information about the company. In case we want the specific information about the GameStop Guest Satisfaction Survey, we can visit

Dear GameStop lovers! It is our time to play our real game at TellGameStop Survey Sweepstakes with the real prizes. Take the opportunity from this program before it is too late. Best luck gamers!

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