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You know, Kroger Company offers you to take TellKroger that is the Kroger Stores official customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $100 prize. In this case, you need to use your Kroger Receipt Lookup to take the survey. Yes, you can use your receipt to access Kroger Plus survey. And then, you can join Kroger Sign In for sweepstakes program to win $100 Kroger Rewards Card. Now, you do not need to keep asking about how many gas points do I have at Kroger as you can win TellKroger prize. Enjoy!

About TellKroger

Here, TellKroger is the official Kroger Company customer satisfaction survey that will offer you $100 prize. In this case, you need to visit Kroger Stores or any Kroger Subsidiaries to have the Kroger Receipt Lookup. For the next, you need to access TellKroger official website that is And then, you have to answer all TellKroger questions and join Kroger Plus offer. Yes, it is TellKroger sweepstakes that will give you a chance to win.

TellKroger Survey & Kroger Sweepstakes for $100 Kroger Rewards Card
TellKroger Survey Sweepstakes Step by Step Guide taken from

Maybe, you used to ask about how many gas points do I have at Kroger, the process of Kroger Rewards Card Login, and so on. But, you may rarely send your Kroger feedback through Kroger Sign In or the Kroger survey. Well, it is your time to start using your Kroger receipt and take the survey. Of course, you must be happy if you can win $100 Kroger gift card as you can spend it at all Kroger stores. Are you ready to be the TellKroger winner?

What to Prepare for TellKroger?

Indeed, before you take TellKroger survey, it is necessary for you to prepare the things that you need. If you have good preparation, you can complete all the steps faster. And, the things that you need to prepare are:

  • An Electronic Device

First thing first, you need to have an electronic device such as your laptop, or a mobile phone, or a tablet, and even a set of a computer. And then, you need to have the internet browser that is the latest version. Yes, you need to make it stable and high performance when you access Tell Kroger website. The browsers that you can use are such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, UC Browser, and so on.

  • Internet Connection

Second, you need also an internet connection such as a mobile data or even tethering. Indeed, it is okay to use one of them as long as it is stable, secure, and fast. It is because you need to access the survey and to avoid some troubles.

  • A Recent Kroger Receipt

The last, you need to have a recent Kroger receipt that you can get from Kroger stores. Of course, you need to buy a Kroger product to get the receipt. But, you need to know that your Kroger receipt has the expired date and you can only use it once at Usually, your Kroger receipt will be not valid within seven days or a week since the day you get it from Kroger stores.

TellKroger Survey Sweepstakes for $100 Kroger Gift Card
TellKroger Survey and Kroger Sweepstakes Step by Step Guides

How to Participate in TellKroger Survey Sweepstakes Step by Step Guide?

Now, you can start to participate in TellKroger survey and join the Kroger sweepstakes. If you see, there will be some TellKroger steps that you need to follow, such as:

  • Step #1: Access Survey Page

First thing first, you need to access that is the official TellKroger website. Yes, you need to use your electronic device and connect it to the internet. For the next, you can launch your internet browser. At the address bar, you can write

  • Step #2: Choose the Language

And then, you also need to choose the language that you prefer. For your information, there will be two languages that you can choose. First is English and the second is the Spanish language. You can convert the Kroger survey page into the Spanish language by clicking the link entitled “Espanol” under the “Start” button.

  • Step #3: Read TellKroger Sweepstakes Rules

Well, you reach TellKroger homepage, and you can read the sweepstakes rules. Indeed, this step is optional as you can skip it or do it. If you want to read the rules, you can click the link entitled “Sweepstakes Rules” at the bottom part.

  • Step #4: Input the Date of Visit

Now, you can input the date of the visit that you can find on your Kroger receipt lookup. Yes, your recent Kroger receipt must have the detail that you need.

  • Step #5: Input the Time of Visit

And, the second data that you need to input is the time of the visit. You can find it under the date of visit.

  • Step #6: Input TellKroger Entry ID

After that, the last data that you need to input is the TellKroger Entry ID. Yes, it is the survey code that you can find on your Kroger receipt. The Kroger survey code is under the time of your visit detail.

  • Step #7: Click the “Start.”

If you have inputted all Kroger Sign in data, you can click the black button entitled “Start.” And, the button will direct you to Tell Kroger survey form.

  • Step #8: Answer TellKroger Survey Questions

Congratulation! You just passed survey portal. And now, you can answer all TellKroger questions asked at the website. Yes, they are about your overall satisfaction during your visit to Kroger stores. If you get disappointed, you can choose the answer that says “highly dissatisfied.” Meanwhile, if you get satisfied, you can click on the answer that says “highly satisfied.” Indeed, your answers will give a reflection to your overall satisfaction whether you are happy or not during the visit.

  • Step #9: Send Kroger Feedback

And then, you can send your honest Kroger feedback on the blank space. Indeed, you can write your Kroger Feedback with 1,200 characters at the maximum. Therefore, you need to make it brief, and specific. For example, you need to mention the problems or topic of your feedback. They are like Kroger service, Kroger products, Kroger cleanliness, or even Kroger employee name. For the next, Kroger team will fix the problems for the sake of Kroger customers’ happiness.

  • Step #10: Click Join Kroger Sweepstakes

Well, you have answered all TellKroger questions and send your honest Kroger feedback. Of course, the website will give you an offer whether you want to join Kroger sweepstakes or not. If you want to win $100 Kroger gift card, it is best to join as it does not cost you anything.

  • Step 11: Input Your Personal Information

And, as you join this TellKroger sweepstake, you need to input your personal information. You know, some of the information that you need to input is your complete name, home address, phone number, email address, and your age. Yes, you need to input your personal information to complete the steps.

  • Step #12: Wait for TellKroger Winners Announcement

Finally! You have completed all Kroger survey sweepstakes steps. Now, you need to wait for the announcement of the winners. Simply, you can access to check the list of $100 winners. And, if you find your name on the list, you need to follow the instruction. Not to mention, you need to complete the winner form and send it on time. Otherwise, Kroger team will find someone to replace you as the winner of $100 Kroger gift card.

What are the TellKroger Sweepstakes Rules?

Well, you already understand all about TellKroger survey sweepstakes. Now, it is important for you to know that obeying the rules is important. Even if you have followed all instruction, but you disobey the rules, you cannot win the $100 prize. And, here TellKroger rules, such as:

  • Age

At first, you need to know the minimum age required that is 18 years old. Here, you can only enter the Kroger sweepstakes page if you are 18 or above.

  • Nationality

And second, you need to be the United States legal resident. Yes, it is because Kroger stores are only available in the USA.

  • Status

The last, your status must be Kroger customers as the survey sweepstakes are for the customers. Yes, Kroger employees have their own program, and you do not need to worry about it.

About Kroger Company Profile

For your information, Kroger Company is an American retailing company held by Bernard Kroger. At first, he launched the first Kroger store in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here, you can find Kroger headquarter in Cincinnati, Ohio. Believe it or not, today, there are more than 2,778 Kroger locations spread in the United States. And, Kroger subsidiaries are various such as Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, complete with Ralphs, and King Soopers as well.

How to Find Kroger Locations?

If you need to find some Kroger locations, you can start the following ways. Yes, they are the online methods, and you need to go online. The best ways are:

  • Kroger Near Me

First, you can search Kroger Near Me on any search engine such as Google. And then, you can also use other terms like Kroger Stores Near Me, Kroger location Near Me, and other else. Yes, there will be some Kroger locations that you can visit.

  • Kroger Store Locator

Second, you can also use Kroger store locator that you can find on Kroger official website. In this case, you can access, and you can use the feature. Indeed, you need to input some details of your current location such as zip code, city, and other else.

  • Kroger App

The last, you can also download Kroger app on Google Play Store and access the locator. Indeed, you need to turn on your GPS satellite as you do not need to input your location details.

How to Contact Kroger Customer Service Team?

It seems like you are ready to win $100 Kroger survey prize. Well, if somehow you find some problems, you do not need to worry. It is because you can communicate it with Kroger team. And, here Kroger customer service contacts:

  • Kroger Headquarter Address

First of all, you can write a brief letter that contains some Kroger reviews, or Kroger feedback, or even Kroger complaints. And then, you can send it to Kroger Office or headquarter. The address that you can use is 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202-1100.

  • Kroger Customer Service Phone Numbers

Or, you can also dial Kroger customer service number that is 513 762 4000. Somehow, you can also dial another Kroger phone number that is +1 866 221 4141. If you want to get the fastest response, you need to call the Kroger numbers within Kroger hours.

  • Kroger Customer Service Social Media Accounts

Also, you can access Kroger social media such as Kroger YouTube, Kroger Pinterest, or maybe Kroger Facebook. Besides, you can also access Kroger Instagram and Kroger LinkedIn to start a live chat with Kroger team.

  • Kroger Official Website

And the last, you need to access Kroger website that is At the website, you can find some info such as Kroger Locations, Kroger Login, Kroger Pharmacy, Kroger Careers, complete with Kroger Subsidiaries. Besides, you can also find some Kroger Coupons, Kroger App, and Krogers Weekly Ad.

Well, you already understand all about TellKroger survey that you can process Kroger Rewards Card Login if you win $100 prize. Yes, you can use your Kroger Receipt Lookup that you get from Kroger Stores or Kroger Company. Now, you can access Kroger Sign In for survey sweepstakes. Enjoy the process and best luck to win $100 TellKroger sweepstakes prize!

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