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TellMarcos is the official Marcos Pizza customer satisfaction survey that will reward you free Marcos coupon codes. In this case, you can use your Marcos Pizza receipt with TellMarcos survey code. And, you can access and answer all TellMarcos survey questions. For the next, you will need to write your Marcos Pizza feedback to get Marcos coupons. Enjoy the Marcos coupons for the free Marco’s Pizza menu!

It’s time for pizza!! Well, for you who love pizza so much, you can start to visit Marcos pizza store. and guess what? You can earn Marcos Coupons by participating in TellMarcos Survey. You can enter the survey and complete it within five minutes. All you need to do is to visit and you will be able to access TellMarcos survey sweepstakes program. Get ready!

About TellMarcos Survey

Before you start entering the survey, you will need to know more about the survey program. So that you know, TellMarcos is such an official online customer satisfaction survey held by Marcos restaurant. Marcos survey sweepstakes page is accessible at When you are going to take the survey, you will need to have a recent Marcos receipt.

TellMarcos Survey for Marcos Coupons for Marcos Pizza Menu for free!
TellMarcos Survey Steps Guides taken from

For your information, TellMarcos has a role to measure the progress and the quality of Marcos menus and service. Marcos survey is open to all Marcos customers. Through Tell Marcos survey page, you can send Marcos feedback. No doubt, Marcos team will welcome your feedback for the sake of better Marcos restaurant. And if you want to be a part of this survey, you will get an instant reward from Marcos restaurant. Yes, you will earn TellMarcos Validation Code that you can treat as Marco’s coupons. You can redeem it at Marcos store to get the discount off for the items you buy. Cool!

What to Prepare for TellMarcos Guest  Feedback Survey?

Just like Vito’s Pizza, Pizza Hut Survey, Garud Commando Force, and Jack Butorac, Marcos also has the survey program. You can start to take TellMarcos survey and here are the things you need to prepare for the survey. They are:

  • Recent Marcos Receipt

The first thing that you have to prepare is the recent receipt that you can get from Marcos restaurant. In this case, you must visit Marcos store and do a transaction. When you receive Marcos invoice, you can then check TellMarcos Survey Invitation Code. it will be the key for you to enter TellMarcos survey. and without this TellMarcos survey code, it will be hard for you to participate in the survey, moreover get the coupons as well.

  • Internet Access

The second thing that you are going to need the most at is the internet access. As you can see, Tell Marcos survey is the online survey. It means that you cannot enter the survey without the internet.

  • Electronic Device

You have got the internet connectivity, and then, you will need to prepare a device that you can connect to the internet. Here, you may either use a laptop, computer or can be a smartphone. Whatever the device is, you have to be sure that it has an internet browser. They can be Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, and so on.

How to Participate in TellMarcos Customer Satisfaction Survey Step by Step Guide?

You have all kinds of staff ready for TellMarcos survey and you are ready to enter the survey program. It will be much better if you start to follow TellMarcos step guides. Here you go:

  • Step #1:

At the first step, you are going to access TellMarcos official website. Here, you need to open your electronic device and run the internet browser. And then, at the address bar, you can start to type This Tell Marcos link address then will direct you to the online survey.

  • Step #2:

When you reach TellMarcos homepage, the first thing that you need to do is to check whether the current language set is comfortable. In case you cannot understand English, you may use Spanish by clicking the blue link entitled “Española”. And if you find it comfortable, you can just go on.

  • Step #3:

The next step that you must take is to enter TellMarcos Survey Code. As you know, you can get the code printed on Marcos receipt. Before you start the survey, it is best for you to check whether the code you input is all correct. And then, you will need to enter the date and also the time of your visit to Marcos store.

  • Step #4:

For the next, you will face some TellMarcos questions that you have to answer based on your experience visiting Marcos store. and also, it is important for you to be honest in giving the answers as your Marcos feedback means a lot to the restaurant.

  • Step #5:

After that, you will get a TellMarcos Validation Code. Yes, you will need to save the code on the back side of your Marcos receipt. And then, you can start to visit Marcos Pizza Nearest Locations. When you visit the store, you can show your Marcos coupon code to Marcos staff member.

What are TellMarcos Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

When you participate in Tell Marcos Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will follow some rules. Here, you should be sure that you are eligible for Marcos survey. And, here the rules are:

  • Rule #1: TellMarcos Participants

At the first rule, you must be a legal resident of the United States. And also, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in the survey. Besides, you have to make sure that you are not Marcos employees. It is because the survey program is for Marcos customers only.

  • Rule #2: TellMarcos Entry

And the next, about TellMarcos survey entry, you should own a recent Marcos receipt that is still valid. On the invoice, you will be able to check the due date of the validity. It will be best if you take the survey before it meets the due date. Otherwise, you will have to revisit Marcos pizza store to get another receipt. Also, TellMarcos Survey Code is only for once use at You should own more receipts if you want to take more than one surveys.

  • Rule #3: TellMarcos Redemption

The last, but also important, you should save your TellMarcos redemption code. For information, without the coupon code, you will not be able to get TellMarcos prizes or rewards. And, you can use the code at all Marcos store.

About Marco’s Pizza Restaurant Profile

You know everything about Marco’s survey, and now you can start to find more about the restaurant. So that you know, Marco’s Pizza is such an American pizza restaurant chain that serves various pizzas. For the first time, Marco’s Pizza opened in 1978. You know, you can find a plenty of Marco’s menu of pizzas that will make your day. No doubt, Marco’s Pizza can be the best place for you and your beloved people to hang out.

Today, you can find more than 500 Marco’s pizza stores spread in the United States. Marco’s Pizza CEO is Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco. He is such a native Italian who created an authentic Italian Pizza. You do not have to worry as all pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients

What is the Best Marco’s Menu?

Some of you may do not visit Marco’s Pizza restaurant yet. Here, you can start to find out the best Marco’s menu that you can try to boost your mood. And, they are:

  • Marco’s Menu #1: Marco’s Pizzas

The first Marco’s menu is the tasty pizzas that will spoil your tongue. Some of the best Marco’s Menu’s pizzas are such as Meat Supremo, Chicken Florentine, and Roma Meat. If you want other ones, you can order Deluxe Uno, BBQ Chicken, as well as Chicken Fresco. Besides, Garden, Hawaiian, White Cheezy, and Pepperoni Magnifico also become the best Marco’s menu.

  • Marco’s Menu #2: Marco’s Subs

The next Marco’s menu that you may try is the subs. In this case, some of the best subs are like Italiano Sub, Veggie Fresco Sub, and Chicken Tuscano Sub. Or, you may also find it interesting to order Steak Bruno Sub, Meatball Fabio Sub, and Ham Leonardo Sub.

  • Marco’s Menu #3: Marco’s Wings

And, you can also give a try to order Marco’s wings that will be your best lunch. You can order either Wings or maybe Chicken Dippers.

  • Marco’s Menu #4: Marco’s Salads

If you prefer healthier Marco’s menu, you can start to order Chicken Caesar, Garden, or maybe Greek Small and Large, and Antipasto as well.

  • Marco’s Menu #5: Marco’s Bread & Bakes

If you want some snacks, you may order Marco’s Cheezy Bread and Marco’s Meatball Bake. Both Marco’s menus are just awesome to try.

  • Marco’s Menu #6: Marco’s Dessert

Do you want some desserts? Then, why don’t you just order Cinna Squares, Double Chocolate Brownie, and S’Mores Brownie? Without a doubt, they can be the best desserts you ever try.

  • Marco’s Menu #7: Marco’s Sides and Dressing

For your information, Marco’s Pizza restaurant also provides you some dressings and sides. They are like Ranch Cup, Pizza Sauce Cup,  Garlic Cup, and Bleu Cheese Cup. Just in case you want the others, you can buy Banana Pepper, Jalapeno, as well as Hot Sauce.

So that you know, you can also get other tasty dressing by adding Jalapeno Ranch, Sweet Chili Pep, Icing Packet, or Greek Vinaigrette to your pizzas. Overall, my favorite one is Italian Dressing and Caesar Dressing.

  • Marco’s Menu #8: Marco’s Beverages

The last, you can make your meal complete by ordering the best Marco’s beverages. There are three types of the beverages that are Soda 20 oz., Soda 2 Liters, and also Aquafina Water.

How to Find Marcos Locations Near Me?

Buddies! It can be your first time visiting Marco’s Pizza Restaurant. In this case, you can try some smart ways to access Marco’s Locations. Here they are:

  • Method #1: Marcos Near Me

The first way you can try is to search Marco’s Near Me on a search engine. In this case, you can try other terms such as Marco’s Pizza Near Me, Marco’s Stores Near Me, or even Marco’s Locations Near Me. You can use whichever you prefer and it will show you a list of the nearest Marco’s Pizza locations. besides, you can check Marco’s review and Marco’s operating hours.

  • Method #2: Marcos Locator

And, you can also try the second way that is Marco’s Store Locator. Of course, you can find the menu on Marco’s official website that is Click the locator menu and you can enter the zip code, state, as well as the city. The results will be similar to the first one and you can also check Marco’s hours of operation.

  • Method #3: Marco’s App

The last, but can be the best one, you may start downloading Marco’s application on GoogleStore or AppleStore. Then, you may run the application and there will be some best features you can find. Here, you can open Marco’s Locations and you should turn on your location. The results will be the same as Marco’s Near Me that you can find some Marco’s Locations near to your place. At this Marcos application, you can also get Marco’s Coupon.

What are Marco’s Hours of Operations?

If you want to make a visit to Marco’s Pizza stores, you will need to pay attention to Marco’s operating hours. Starting from Monday to Thursday, they will open at 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.  On Friday and Saturday, it opens at 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM. And on Sunday, Marco’s stores open at 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

How to Contact Marcos Customer Service Team?

Now, you can talk to Marco’s customer service team. There will be some ways that you can try based on your need and preference. Here, you are welcomed to send Marco’s feedback or even Marco’s complaints. Alright! Marco’s contact details are:

  • Marcos Pizza Franchise Phone Number

First, just in case you need to talk about Marco’s pizza franchise, you can dial 419 614 0219. And in this case, you have to pay attention to Marco’s office hours of operation.

  • Marcos Pizzas Customer Service Inquiries Phone Number

The next Marco’s Phone number is 419 885 7000 that will serve you well. Here, you can talk about some issues you find related to the restaurant, or even TellMarcos survey.

  • Marcos Pizza Online Order

If you love to order online, you may dial Marcos Pizza at 309 689 6633.

  • Marcos Pizza Headquarter Postal Mailing Address

Another best way to contact Marcos customer service is by writing a letter to Marcos Pizza. The address will be 5252 Monroe Street, Toledo, Ohio  43623, United States. Or, you can send it to 708 West Glen Avenue, Peoria, Illinois 61614, United States.

  • Marco’s Official Websites

And the last, you can access Marcos websites at and From the websites, you will be able to find all information about Marco’s Menu, Marco’s Coupon, Marco’s Near Me as well as Marco’s Locations. Besides, you can also get information about Marcos careers.

Yes, it is the whole things that you need to know when you are going to participate in Tell Marcos Customer Satisfaction Survey. Start to take the survey and get the instant Marcos coupon code. Enjoy it!

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