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TellMurphyUSA Survey is the official Murphy USA customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $100 Murphy USA gas card. In this case, you can use your Murphy USA receipt with TellMurphyUSA Survey code. And, you can access to enter TellMurphyUSA Survey. Here, you must answer all TellMurphyUSA Survey questions. And, for the next, you can enter TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes page to win $100 Murphy USA gift card. Enjoy being TellMurphyUSA winners!

Fellas! Everyone must love traveling and in this case, you may be on a journey. Somehow, you may need to visit a rest area to fill the fuel, or maybe have some drinks and foods. Well, you may start Murphy USA that offers some best services. And now, you can join TellMurphyUSA Survey sweepstakes program to get $100 Murphy USA Gift Card. You just have to use a recent Murphy USA receipt to enter survey and get a chance to win the survey. It will take about five minutes and you will find it cool to win TellMurphyUSA prizes. Are you ready for the ultimate pleasure?

About TellMurphyUSA Survey

Alright, fellas! First of all, you need to know more about the survey sweepstakes program. For information, TellMurphyUSA Survey is such an online customer satisfaction survey created by Murphy USA company. Here, you can enter TellMurphyUSA login portal by using TellMurphyUSA Survey Code. Yes, you can get this code on your MurphyUSA receipt.

TellMurphyUSA Survey Sweepstakes for $100 Murphy USA Gas Card
TellMurphyUSA Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guides taken from

So that you know, TellMurphyUSA Survey takes a role as a media for Murphy USA customers to share Murphy USA feedback to the company. Of course, if you are one of the customers, you can take part in Tell Murphy USA Survey. Your opinion for a better Murphy USA will be valuable for the company. And as the reward, you will get a TellMurphyUSA Validation Code from TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes page. And, you can win $100 MurphyUSA Gas Card that you can use at all MurphyUSA stores. Doesn’t it sound great to you?

How to Enter Murphy Express Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes?

If you are willing to enter TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes, you will have some options to do so. These are the best three of TellMurphyUSA entrance procedures, such as:

  • Method #1: Online TellMurphyUSA Murphy Express Survey

Alright! The very first method that is popular among all is TellMurphyUSA official website. In this case, you can visit survey and complete it first. For the next, you will need to enter TellMurphyUSA Survey Invitation Code that you can get on your MurphyUSA receipt.

  • Method #2: TellMurphyUSA Experience Survey via Phone

And, you can also try the second method by dialing TellMurphyUSA toll-free number. In this case, you will need to dial 1 800 843 4298. And then, you will need to follow the instructions. Here, it is a must for you to mention your personal information such as your full name, gender, age, and personal contact. Just in case you are not sure to take the sweepstakes via phone, you may dial Murphy Customer Service number to ask about it.

  • Method #3: TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes via Mail

And the last, you do not need to enter the survey if you want to get Tell Murphy USA validation code to win $100 gas card. You just have to write a letter to TellMurphyUSA or Murphy USA Customer Service Sweepstakes. Here, you will need a postcard and writing utensil to write your personal information. They are like your full name, the birth of date, email address, phone number, as well as mail address. Then, you can address the letter to PMI Station, PO Box 3516, Southbury, Connecticut 06488 3516 United States.

What Will You Need for an Online TellMurphyUSA Survey Sweepstakes?

If you are about to enter TellMurphyUSA customer satisfaction survey, you will need some kinds of stuff. They are such as:

  • Electronic Device

The first one you must prepare is an electronic device that has an internet browser. Besides, the device must support an internet connection as you will need to go online. Some of the best devices that you can use are a tablet, laptop, smartphone, or personal computer. And, your device must have the latest internet browser version. The browser can be Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, or UC browser.

  • Internet Connection

And the next, you need to own an access to the internet. It is important for TellMurphyUSA survey takers to have a stable and also fast internet access. It will prevent your TellMurphyUSA Survey Code to be invalid. Once you enter TellMurphyUSA Survey entry code and the connection lost, the page will require you to repeat the process. In this case, your current Tell Murphy USA survey code may not be able to pass portal.

  • Recent Murphy Receipt

The most important stuff that you have to prepare is the recent Murphy USA receipt. Here, you can get the receipt at Murphy USA store when you do a transaction. In this case, the receipt must have Tell MurphyUSA survey code. When you enter more than one survey, you will need to use different survey codes.

  • Capability of Understanding English or Spanish

Last, you should be able to understand one of two languages provided at You can either use English or Spanish but you cannot use the others. If you do not get any help from friends or family, you may find it helpful to use Google Translate. But, the converted TellMurphyUSA page will be offline. You cannot enter any data at the converted page.

Step by Step to Complete TellMurphyUSA Survey Sweepstakes

Fellas! You look like you are ready to face Murphy USA survey steps for the sake Murphy USA sweepstakes prizes. Well, if you cannot wait to win Murphy USA $100 gas card, you may follow TellMurphyUSA survey steps guide here. They are:

  • Step #1: Visit

At the very beginning, you will have to go to TellMurphyUSA survey websites. Here, you can open your device and then connect it to the internet access that you have prepared. And then, you may start to launch the internet browser. For the next, you can type TellMurphyUSA link address that is This link then will direct you to an online Murphy Express Survey.

  • Step #2: Set the Language

Once you reach to TellMurphyUSA homepage, you can start to set the language. In case you are comfortable with the current language set, you may skip this step. But, if you find you need to use Spanish, you can click the blue link with the title “Espanola”.

  • Step #3: Enter TellMurphyUSA Survey Code

For the next, you have to grab your Murphy USA as you will need TellMurphyUSA login credentials. The first data that you must enter is TellMurphyUSA Survey Code. You can find this code on the bottom of the receipt.

  • Step #4: Enter Time of Visit

The next TellMurphyUSA credential that you need to enter at TellMurphyUSA page is the date and the time of Murphy USA visit. Here, you can get the data on the top of the receipt. It is under Murphy Store Number and you will find it easily.

  • Step #5: Click “Start”

After entering the entire data, you can continue to click the black button with the title “Start”.

  • Step #6: Answer TellMurphyUSA Survey Questions

So, you have passed TellMurphyUSA survey login portal and now, you can start to answer Tell MurphyUSA questions. For information, the questions asked in the survey will be about Murphy USA store you visited. They are like Murphy USA products, Murphy USA services, Murphy USA cleanliness of the area, as well as Murphy USA employees.

  • Step #7: Enter TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes Page

After completing all Tell Murphy USA questions, you will get a chance to enter TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes page. Sweepstakes here will give you a chance to win MurphyUSA $100 gas card. If you think TellMurphyUSA prize is not inviting, you may skip the step and submit the survey. But, if you want to be TellMurphyUSA winners for $100, you can enter the page.

  • Step #8: Complete Personal Information

Here, you need to follow the instructions. At the page, you will need to enter your personal information. Not to mention, you should input your full name, phone number, and so on.

  • Step #9: Save TellMurphyUSA Validation Code

After that, you will get a TellMurphyUSA validation code or Murphy USA coupon. Now, you can wait for TellMurphyUSA period ends to check TellMurphyUSA winners. If you need more information, you can read TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes Rules Privacy Policy that you can find at homepage.

What are the TellMurphyUSA Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

You have mastered every TellMurphyUSA steps guide and now, you can try to understand TellMurphyUSA rules. Of course, you must obey all rules as they are crucial. So, here are some of the main rules that you need to know, such as:

  • Rule #1: TellMurphyUSA Participants

For all TellMurphyUSA survey participants, you must be a legal resident of the United States or Columbia. Also, you must be 18 years old at the minimum to enter As TellMurphyUSA survey sweepstakes are for Murphy customers, all Murphy employees and family members cannot participate in the sweepstakes.

  • Rule #2: TellMurphyUSA Entrance Procedures

Murphy Express Customer Satisfaction Survey sweepstakes program has a time period. Here, you need to check it at to find the periods. When you enter the program, you must have a receipt and valid email address. In case you want to participate in more programs, you need to own more than one receipt as well as email address.

  • Rule #3: TellMurphyUSA Prizes

The last is about TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes prizes. In this case, the reward will be in the form of a gift card. You can use it at all Murphy USA stores, but, you cannot redeem it or exchange it for cash. Of course, you will be able to grab $100 gift card home if Murphy USA team contacts you. You can check the list of Murphy USA $100 gift card winners at

What are the TellMurphyUSA Survey Questions?

Somehow, you may be curious about Murphy Express Customer Satisfaction Survey questions that you have to answer. For information, the questions asked are about the store you visited. They are such as:

  • Somehow, it is about Murphy USA service given by Murphy USA employees
  • It can also be specific to Murphy USA staff members whether they are friendly, or may be helpful
  • Also, you will face some questions about the cleanliness of Murphy USA area
  • The last, it is about the overall satisfaction you get when you visited Murphy USA gas station

In an open Murphy USA question, you will be able to write down your Murphy USA feedback. They can be about Murphy USA complaints, Murphy USA compliments, Murphy USA suggestions, and other Murphy USA comments.

What are TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes Prizes and Rewards?

Yeah! You have gained all the information about Murphy USA Customer Satisfaction Survey. Now, you can start finding the information on Murphy USA rewards. As you can see in the first place, TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes page offers you to win $100 Murphy USA Gift Card. There will be 60 TellMurphyUSA winners who will win $100 gift card for each winner. It will be awesome if you become Tell MurphyUSA winners. You can enjoy your traveling without having to worry about the gasoline or fuel.

How to Check TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes Winners?

As you can see, Murphy USA has an official website for its survey sweepstakes program. In this case, you can visit At the homepage, there will be TellMurphyUSA announcement about the participants who win $100 gas gift cards. Or, you can also write a letter and send it to Murphy USA Customer Service Sweepstakes at Q3 Winners, PMI Station, and PO Box 750-W, Southbury, Connecticut 06488 0750 United States. If you get your name is on the list of the winners, you need to check your email or your phone as TellMurphyUSA team will contact you.

About Murphy USA Company Profile

Do you know? Murphy USA is a corporation that runs internationally and the focus of the products is oil and gas. For the first time, Murphy USA opened in 1996 at the outside area of Sam’s Club. Besides gas, you can also find some Murphy USA menus such as snacks, chips, as well as beverages. No doubt, Murphy USA can be the best place for you to take a rest for a while. Today, you can find over 1,100 Murphy USA franchises spread in 23 states.

How to Find Murphy USA Locations Near to Your Place?

If you are on a journey and need to find the nearest Murphy USA station, you may start to drive around. Indeed, it will be such a waste of time if you have to drive along and go to a wrong way. Your car will run out of gasoline and your family members are starving. It will be much better if you know where to find Murphy USA nearest station. Here are some best ways to find Murphy USA locations, such as:

  • Method #1: Murphy USA App

At the first way, you can start to download Murphy USA App on your smartphone. You can go to Play Store or Apple Store and install the application. And then, you can launch the application and access the feature of Murphy USA locator. Here, you need to turn on the location and it will show the nearest Murphy USA stations locations. And, you will be able to visit the stores that you want. From Murphy USA application, you can check Murphy USA hours of operations.

Indeed, there are more features that you can get such as Murphy Express Survey Code, Murphy USA Login, Murphy USA Loyalty Program, as well as survey. Yes, the survey will be the same as at that will give you the same homepage. Also, you can gain rich information about Murphy USA Credit Card, as well as MurphyUSA hot promotions.

  • Method #2: Murphy USA Near Me

The second method that you may use is Murphy USA near me. In this case, you need to go online and access a search engine. Search the location using the keywords of Murphy USA stations near me, Murphy USA locations near me, or Murphy USA stores near me. Yes, it will show you the best results of Murphy USA nearest stations. You can also check Murphy USA operating hours that will help you find out the stores that are open. Even more, you may read Murphy USA review about the stores so that you can choose the best one to visit.

  • Method #3: Murphy USA Locator

And the last, you can visit Murphy USA official website that is At the page, you need to find a menu with the title of Murphy USA locator. For the next, you have to input the details of your location. They are such as the street, zip code, and city and the states as well. Just like Murphy USA app, it will show you some Murphy USA nearest stations. There will be Murphy USA hours of operation that you can check as well as the review.

How to Contact Murphy USA Customer Service Team?

Fellas! You know that Murphy USA is such a professional company that always gives the best services for all Murphy USA customers. In this case, the company offers some contacts for you to talk to Murphy USA representatives. And, here are Murphy USA contact details that you may try, such as:

  • Contact #1: Murphy USA Phone Number

At the first contact, you may dial Murphy USA corporate office phone number that is available at 1 800 843 4298. When you dial the number, you need to be sure that you dial the number within Murphy USA office hours. It is because Murphy USA team is not available in the office for 24 hours per day.

  • Contact #2: Murphy USA Email Address

The second contact that you can try is to send an email to Murphy USA email address. In this case, you need to make the letter brief, specific, as well as easy to understand. And then, you can send the electronic mail to Murphy USA customer care email address at

  • Contact #3: Murphy USA Headquarter Postal Mailing Address

Another best way to keep in touch with Murphy USA team is by sending a mail to Murphy USA office. Here, the rules in writing a good letter to Murphy USA are the same as the email one. Once you are ready, you may send the mail to Murphy USA Member Services office. The address should be PO Box 7300, El Dorado, Arizona 71731 United States.

  • Contact #4: Murphy USA Official Websites

The last but also the best one, you can access any information related to Murphy USA company. Here, you may go to On the website, you can access Murphy USA FAQ or Murphy USA Frequently Asked Questions that will answer your problems. Or, you can use the features of Murphy USA Near Me, Murphy USA Careers, and Murphy USA WalMart. Also, you can access all about Murphy USA Hours, Murphy USA Credit Card, Murphy Express, and Murphy USA Loyalty Program. Or, you may start to process Murphy USA Login as well as checking Murphy USA Gas Prices.

You know that Murphy USA offers all Murphy USA customers to be a part of TellMurphyUSA Survey Sweepstakes. if you want to win $100 Murphy USA gas card that you can use at all Murphy USA stations, you can start accessing Overall, best luck in being Tell Murphy USA winners!

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