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TellMurphyUSA is the official Murphy USA customer satisfaction survey that will reward you $100 Murphy USA gas card. In this case, you all can win $100 gas card if you enter TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes. And, if you want to enter TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes, you must complete all TellMurphyUSA survey steps. Anyway, if you want to take part in this Tell MurphyUSA survey, you will need to prepare a valid Murphy USA receipt. On the receipt, you will get TellMurphyUSA survey code that you can use to take the survey. Doesn’t it sound great to win $100 gas card from Murphy USA?

Aas we know, gas becomes one of the most important parts of our life. It can bring goodness and badness based on who the user is and how she/he uses it. But different from MurphyUSA, this company brings us good news. It is about TellMurphyUSA survey that offers us a chance to win the $100 Gas Card. If we do not love gas, we must love money then. We can try to take this opportunity to take the survey. Without a doubt, it will be awesome if we can win the gift card from We will no longer have to spend our money to buy a tank of gas for daily need in the kitchen. Our wife will be happy and will love us more!

About Murphy USA Corporation

Okay! Before we start taking the prizes from this company, it must be much better if we try to know deeper about it. For our information, Murphy Oil Corporation is such an international company that serves oil and gas. In this case, we can find that Murphy USA, in 1996, the first gas service station was at the outside part of Sam’s Club parking lot.  If we think that this company sells gas only, we are wrong. Believe it or not, Murphy USE also sells snacks, chips, complete with the drinks.  So far, we can find more than 1,100 franchises of Murphy USA in different 23 states.


Yes, we can say that this company is such a market that sells foods and beverages. Of course, we can visit the stores and buy anything we want. If we want to know the nearest Murphy USA, we can try to search for it. We will need to open the Google and type the keyword of “Murphy USA Near Me”. For the easiest way, we can visit that is the official website for Murphy USA locator. Or maybe, we can try to get the Murphy USA contacts through

About TellMurphyUSA Customer Satisfaction Survey

Talking about the prize, we must know that only the customers of Murphy USA who can take the survey. In this case, we have to make sure that we visited the stores at least once in this month. So that we know, TellMurphyUSA is such an online survey held by Murphy USA.  We can access to enter the Murphy Customer Satisfaction Survey web page. The process of finishing the survey will be less than fifteen minutes.

The goals of this TellMurphyUSA feedback survey is for the sake of evaluating the company. In this case, Murphy team wants to make sure that all customers are happy with the products and services were given. Besides, Murphy team wants to appreciate the customers through the survey that they will listen to our suggestions. And of course, the company will give us rewards as we have spent our precious time to take the TellMurphyUSA. Only those customers who have taken the survey, they are able to enter TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes here is a platform that we can get an opportunity to win the Murphy $100 Gas Card.

Somehow, we may wonder what we will see in the TellMurphyUSA experience customer’s survey. Indeed, we will find some questions related to the company, such as:

  • It can be the speed of the service given by the staff to customers
  • About the attitude of the worker whether they are friendly, helpful, and so on
  • We will see some questions about the outfit of the employees
  • Also important, some questions will be about the room whether it is clean or not
  • And the last, we have to answer the question about exterior of the stores we visited

Through the survey, the manager of the company will know whether customers love or even hate the Murphy services and products. Along with the satisfaction rates given by the customers, the company team will know what they should fix. It can be about improving the quality of the products and services, and so on.

How to take Survey Step by Step?

If we get interested in entering the TellMurphyUSA, here we can try 3 ways. We can enter this survey through online, phone call, or maybe by postal mail. In this case, all ways of taking the survey will require us to have a Murphy receipt. We need to make sure that the receipt here is not older than ten days for the sake of validity. After finishing the survey, we will need to test how lucky we are through $100 Murphy Sweepstakes. From the TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes, there will be 20 TellMurphyUSA winners who can claim $100 Murphy USA Gift Card. The draw here will be three times and as a result, we will find 60 Murphy Survey winners in total.

Alright, here are the three ways that we can take to enter TellMurphyUSA, such as:

  • Enter TellMurphyUSA Feedback Survey via Online

At the first method, we can go to It is such a Murphy official websites that we can access easily. Then, we can input the 12 digit of Murphy entry code or what we can call as TellMurphyUSA invitation survey code. We can find this number on our receipt that is not older than ten days. We have to finish the survey and we can enter TellMurphyUSA monthly sweepstakes.

  • Enter TellMurphyUSA Experience Survey By Phone

The second method we can try is by using a telephone. In this case, it is such a must to call the Murphy USA toll-free number that is 1-800-843-4298. Once we call, we will listen to a voice that offers us some menu. We can choose the menu of Murphy Survey and we have to follow the instructions given. Here, the team on the phone will ask our personal information such as our name, age, and so on. then, we can say that we agree when the instructions offer us to enter Murphy sweepstakes.

  • Enter TellMurphyUSA Survey By Mail

The third way we can try is by using the service of postal mail. We should take a note and write down our full name, our home address, as well as our active phone number. Besides, we have to add our birth date on that postcard. If we are ready, we can send the note to Murphy USA Customer Service Sweepstakes. The address is at PMI Station, PO Box 3516, Southbury, CT 06488-3516.

What are the TellMurphyUSA Survey’s Rules?

Before entering the survey, it must be good if we know the rules of the game. Indeed, we have to be eligible to enter here are some things that we should fulfill for the survey and sweepstakes, such as:

  • We have to be a legal resident of the United States as well as Columbia District
  • We cannot take the survey unless we are at least 18 years
  • The TellMurphyUSA period starts from July 1st, 2017 to September 30th, 2017, so we need to hurry up
  • The list of the items that we bought printed on the receipt does not influence whether we can win or not
  • If we want to take some surveys, we need to use different receipt and email addresses

What are the TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes’ Rules?

After understanding the rules for the survey, it is the time to know the rules for sweepstakes. They are such as:

  • We have to complete the entire process of the survey for the sake of TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes
  • We can enter the sweepstakes by using the online TellMurphyUSA survey, or phone call, as well as postal mail
  • Murphy team will announce the winner through postal mail or call
  • If we are the Murphy sweepstakes winner but we are unreachable, Murphy team will cancel our prize and reallocate it to other candidates
  • The Murphy employees and families cannot enter sweepstakes

What to Prepare for TellMurphyUSA Survey and Sweepstakes?

It seems like we are ready to take the survey as well as the sweepstakes. There is the first thing we need to do before going to the steps and guide on how to take it. Here are the things we need to prepare for the TellMurphyUSA, such as:

  • We will need a recent Murphy USA Receipt that should be valid or less than ten days old
  • Any computer or laptop or even smartphone is necessary for online survey and we will need fast internet access
  • The last, we have to own a capability of basic English or Spanish

Steps by Steps to Take Online TellMurphyUSA Survey Sweepstakes Guide

As we have known before, we can take the survey from one of the three offered ways. Here are the steps for the online survey that we can follow. They are

  • Step #1:

First, we need to open the best internet browser we have and visit

  • Step #2:

Change a language for the TellMurphyUSA survey page. In this case, we can choose one between Spanish or English.

  • Step #3:

Input the time as well as the date we visited the Murphy store. Besides, we have to input our personal data such as our full name, age, phone number, as well as TellMurphyUSA survey code.

  • Step #4:

We will see some questions that we have to answer. In this case, the questions have multiple choice answers and we have to choose one based on our experience. Once we have finished answering all questions, we can enter TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes.

  • Step #5:

The last step, we must input our personal information. In this case, the phone number, home address, as well as email and full name we give will be useful. The Murphy team will know where to contact once we are the Murphy USA sweepstakes winners.

What are the TellMurphyUSA Guest Satisfaction Survey’s Rewards?

Yes, we may a bit curious about the grand prizes that Murphy USA offers for lucky winners. Indeed, the prizes of this TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes are $100 Murphy USA Gift Card for 60 participants. If we are lucky, we can get this gas card and we can redeem it to the product of Murphy. But, we cannot exchange it for money as it is the rule. As we can see, the TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes will end on September, 30th, 2017. We have to hurry up before we get it late. Isn’t it bad to miss this precious opportunity?

How to Know the TellMurphyUSA Sweepstakes Winners?

After finishing the entire process, we may get tired. Yes, we can go eat as all we need to do is to wait. For our information, we can access the announcement of the winners on 31st October 2017. We can access it via online by visiting or maybe, we can ask Murphy team a copy of the list of the winners. We can write a letter and send it to the Murphy USA Customer Service Sweepstakes 2017 official address. It is at Q3 Winners, PMI Station. Of course, we have to add PO Box 750-W, Southbury, CT 06488-0750 at the address details on the envelope.

How to Contact Murphy USA Customer Care Service?

Murphy USA is such a company that runs internationally but still care about the customers. In this case, we can share our experience to Murphy team and they will absolutely listen to us. We can give some suggestions, even complaints, and compliments. Here is some Murphy complaints number that we can try. Along with it, we can visit the Murphy USA headquarters, as well as send an email. The Murphy contact details are such as:

  • First way, we can call the Murphy USA office phone number that is 1-800-843-4298
  • If we need to send an email, here is the Murphy email address that is
  • Third way, we can visit the Murphy USA Member Services office or maybe send a letter to PO Box 7300, El Dorado, AR 71731, US
  • For the Murphy USA official website, all information is available at

Murphy is a good company that wants to know how we feel about the services and products served. If we find those not satisfying, we can take TellMurphyUSA survey. and for the best offer, we will get a chance to enter TellMurphyUSA sweepstakes to win some prizes. We need to take both programs as soon as possible as it will end on the last day of September 2017. If we do not want to miss to be the winner for $100 gas card, we have to be fast. For the best tips, we can take the survey and sweepstakes four times each week. Of course, it will increase the chance for us to win. So, wait no longer and get the TellMurphyUSA grand prize now! Best luck, fellas!

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