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TellPizzaHut is the official Pizza Hut customer satisfaction program that will reward us $1,000 check. In this case, we can use our recent Pizza Hut that has TellPizzaHut survey code to participate in TellPizzaHut survey. And, we just need to answer all TellPizzaHut questions based on our experience during our visit. As the reward, we will get a chance to enter TellPizzaHut sweepstakes program to win $1,000 check. Don’t we think TellPizzaHut offers the best prize?

What is the first brand we mention when we mention pizza? Pizza Hut! Of course, this brand is famous and everyone seems like popular with the brand. When we graduate from school, we invite our family to visit this restaurant. When we have a birthday, it is best to celebrate in this restraint. We can say this Pizza Hut is the best place to spend our time and special moment with beloved people. Today, the restaurant offers us TellPizzaHut. We can join this Pizza Hut Survey and get some rewards. Believe it or not, we can win $1,000 check from this survey. Awesome, isn’t it?

About Pizza Hut Restaurant

Knowing that this restaurant is famous towards the entire world, we may get curious on the history of this restaurant. For our information, Pizza Hut has been serving the best pizzas since 1958. So that we know, Pizza Hut is such the largest American chain of Pizza in the world. Believe it or not, we can see that this brand has more than 16,000 franchise restaurants. We can find them in more than 100 countries. Besides, this food chain brand has more than 350K Pizza Hut team members. In this case, Iraq became the first country that opens Pizza Hut restaurant.


We can order some delicious menus that we can enjoy with our family or friends. We can use Pizza Hut application and access it at home. Of course, the best thing we can do when we are lazy at home is using Pizza Hut delivery. If we want to visit the nearest Pizza Hut, we can access Pizza Hut Store Number at Google. With one click, the nearest location will appear at the top of the search. Without a doubt, this Nearby Pizza Hut is useful to use as we do not need to spend our time exploring the roads to find the restaurant.

About Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey at

Now, Pizza Hut is famous towards the world. This restaurant has been growing fast by the time goes. But, it seems like PizzaHut wants to increase the quality of the products and service by holding Tell Pizza Hut Survey. The restaurant needs our comments, and suggestions related to the stores. From our opinions, the Pizza Hut team will know what they should do for the next. It can be making a new menu, add live music and so on. If we ever heard about expired ingredients cooked by Pizza Hut, we can share our thought about this to TellPizzaHut Feedback Survey.

What to Prepare for Tell Pizza Hut Survey?

When we are about to take TellPizzaHut at, there are some aspects that we need to prepare. They are such as:

  • First, we need a laptop or computer or smart phone
  • Second, of course, we need stable internet access
  • Third, we need the capability to understand one of two languages that are Spanish and English
  • Fourth, Pizza Hut receipt that has TellPizzaHut Invitation Survey Code on it

What are the TellPizzaHut Rules or Eligibility?

The survey is for all customers but limited in some aspects. Not to mention, we need to be at certain years old so that we can take the survey. For our information, different country has different rules for the customers who want to take TellPizzaHut Survey. Here are some rules that we must fulfill before taking the survey, such as:

  • Buy something at Pizza Hut Restaurant
  • Get the Pizza Hut Receipt with Invitation Code on it
  • We have to use a postal mail if we take TellPizzaHut sweepstakes without taking the survey
  • For Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada, we should be at the age of maturity
  • If we are a legal resident of United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany, or Denmark, we should be older than 18 years to take the TellPizzaHut
  • When we are the resident of Korea, we should be older than 20 years
  • If we are a part of the sponsor, staffs, and Pizza Hut team, we cannot join this promotion and it is so with our family
  • If we are the Pizza Hut Winners, we cannot ask the team to transfer the prizes to our bank account
  • In case we win, we should pay all of the prize taxes and Pizza Hut does not take responsibility for that
  • We will get the prizes if we win, within 60 days after TellPizzaHut Sweepstakes drawing

What are the Steps in Taking TellPizzaHut Survey?

In taking the TellPizzaHut Guest Satisfaction Survey, we must follow all steps. Of course, the steps offered here will avoid us from some troubles found such as error page and valid-becomes-not-valid-receipt. Here the steps we have to take, such as:

  • Step #1:

At the first step, we have to go online and visit the TellPizzaHut official website at In this case, it is important to make sure that we input the link address correctly. For the easiest way, we can click the address and it will open an internet browser in an automatic way.

  • Step #2:

For the next, we can choose the best language to use. But, in this case, we can choose between Spanish or English. Once we choose, the entire text in the TellPizzaHut website will use that language.

  • Step #3:

Now, it is the time for us to input the Pizza Hut digit store number. We can find the number printed on the receipt. For the next, we should input Pizza Hut Invitation Survey Code. Once we pass this step, we need to make sure that we do not make mistakes for the next step. It is because when we reload or go back, our Pizza Hut survey code will be not valid and we cannot continue the survey. As a result, we have to get a new Pizza Hut receipt and repeat the process from the beginning.

  • Step #4:

Then, we have to input some details printed on the receipt. They are such as date and time of our visit at Pizza Hut restaurant. For the next, we will have to answer all questions in the TellPizzaHut Survey.

  • Step #5:

The next step is to answer the questions in the survey. There will be some questions related to Pizza Hut. If we want to take another survey, we can use our email. We will get some emails contain some information about Pizza Hut promotions. Then, we can click next to continue the step.

  • Step #6:

After completing the survey, we can continue to take TellPizzaHut Sweepstakes using our email address. The sweepstakes have the limitation that we can join twice for each household within seven days. So, in a month, we can join eight times at the maximum.

  • Step #7:

The last step, we should wait for the announcement of the PizzaHut Winners. We will get a phone call once we are that lucky winner and we will get $1,000 cash daily. And if we take the chance, we can win other exciting prizes with the amount $1,500 each week.

What are the Pizza Hut Prizes for TellPizzaHut?

From the survey, we all can see that Pizza Hut team wants to know whether the Pizza delicious. Or maybe, they want to know whether items are the same like the pictures on the menu or not. And also, the team wants to know whether the restaurant is clean and the staffs are friendly. Yes, Pizza Hut team members want to know whether we have the best experience in having lunch or dinner at Pizza Hut. We can share our Pizza Hut Feedback through TellPizzaHut Survey. We can access it at

After understanding the role of the survey, we must want to know what we are going to get for the rewards. For our information, we can get some prizes in the form of cash or check, such as:

  • USD$1,000
  • £1,000
  • CAD$1,000
  • €1,000
  • DKK 8000

There are two types of the prizes that we can gain from Pizza Hut Survey. The first is TellPizzaHut daily survey, and the second is the TellPizzaHut weekly survey. We can take both TellPizzaHut Customer Satisfaction Surveys by accessing at

How to Contact Pizza Hut Customer Care Service?

A good company is when the customer service cares about the customers who need help. In this case, Pizza Hut has the team that will understand us when we have problems related to TellPizzaHut. Of course, we can ask anything about the restaurant. We can ask how to do the survey, how to win the prizes, and so on. Anyway, here are some Pizza Hut contacts to try:

  • Pizza Hut Phone Number

For the next, we can contact Pizza Hut Complaints number when we need to share our bad experiences about the restaurant. We can contact the Pizza Hut phone number at 1-502-874-8300. At first, we will listen a robot is talking. We need to listen to the instruction and we can press the number that we think it is relevant to our problems. The robot then will connect us to the managers or other Pizza Hut representatives.

  • Pizza Hut Headquarter Address

In case we prefer to write the company a letter, we can send it to Yum! Brands attn. The address of the Pizza Hut Headquarters is at 1900 Colonel Sanders Ln, Louisville, KY 40213. Of course, we will spend money to pay for the mailing postal fee.

  • Pizza Hut Email Address

If we want to send a letter without fee, we can send it to Pizza Hut email address at In expressing our opinions about the restaurant, we need to be polite and honest. It cannot be true if we hyperbole the situation so it can create the worst image for Pizza Hut. As long as the problem is solvable, we should not make it like Pizza Hut has nothing good to offer. Besides, we should be specific in mentioning the topic of the problem so that the staffs know where to direct us based on the department.

  • Pizza Hut Official Website

For online Pizza Hut support, we can check the official website of this restaurant. We can access its website at At the page of contact us, we can find the contact details of Pizza Hut. If we have specific problems with TellPizzaHut, we can check the official website at We can read the policy and terms on the website if we want to know deeper about the survey.

How to Enter TellPizzaHut Sweepstakes without Taking the Survey?

In some cases, we may be a busy person who does not want to miss a chance to win cash from Pizza Hut promotion. Well, we can still join the sweepstakes even if we do not take the TellPizzaHut survey. Here are some ways we can take:

Step #1:

The first way we can take is by writing on a paper about our personal information. It can be like we are writing a request to join TellPizzaHut Empathic Daily Sweepstakes for the sake of Daily Prize. Then, we can put our personal information such as:

  • Our First name
  • Our Last name
  • The phone number that is still active
  • We should write our home address or mailing address, without PO BOX
  • It will be best if we mention our email address

Step #2:

The second way we can take is by using the phone number. We can call the Pizza Hut phone number at 1-502-874-8300. For the alternative phone number, we can use the Pizza Hut toll-free number that we can find at Pizza Hut invitation receipt. Then, we will have to respond the voice prompts or the robot that is talking. We should answer all questions and somehow all we need to do is to press a number to answer it. We can listen to the instruction and follow it.

Step #3:

The last step we can do is by sending a short message or SMS. We can send a message to the phone number that we can see the Pizza Hut invitation survey receipt. We will have to follow the instruction on the receipt.

How do the Pizza Hut Winners Get Notifications?

We may get curious on how TellPizzaHut participation knows that they are the winner or not. Well, for our information, if we are the winner, we will get a phone call or email within 10 days after the draw.  Of course, we should answer or respond the call within 10 days of the initial contact. In 10 days, we have to finish everything such as returning the signed declaration complete with the release of liability, as well as the skill test.

What Should the Winners Do After the Announcement of the TellPizzaHut Winners?

  • We should be able to contact within 10 days after the draw, otherwise, the Pizza Hut team will remove us
  • If we do not return the signed declaration complete with the release of liability, we will get dismissed from the list of the winners
  • For the next, it is important to answer the skill questions test correctly
  • It is best to use our legal name that we put in the survey, as well as in the consent, other forms such as a declaration
  • The last but not least, we have to obey all rules of the TellPizzaHut Daily Sweepstakes

Yeah! That’s all the information that we need to know about TellPizzaHut Survey. It is such a worthy opportunity for us that we should not miss. It is because the prizes are so inviting and exciting. If we are smart, we will go to Pizza Hut now, get the invitation code and take the survey while enjoying the free Wi-Fi. So, best luck to win TellPizzaHut prizes!

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